#UnlockMockingjay Madness

So remember when we posted on Tuesday about the Mockingjay Mosaic campaign and how we felt better about something like that than social media campaigns that make fans work toward media the studio was ultimately going to give fans anyway?

Things got WAY uncomfortable about 18 hours later when Lionsgate released a social media campaign exactly matching that criteria. Whoops! WE HAD NO IDEA, LG! WE’RE NOT MIND READERS! WE SWEAR!

First came the bait! Retweet #UnlockMockingjay enough and you’ll get this shiny new preview!


And oh man, did we want that shiny new preview. WANT!

Through the act of being wicked smaht (as we like to say in New England), someone somewhere– we honestly don’t know who because it was already common knowledge by the time we tuned in– realized that the algorithm involved would require 50k tweets to unlock the video. The hashtag challenge launched at 12pm EST. By the time I finished my lunch around 1pm EST, the buzz was firmly built, the fan tweets were rolling out, and the tweet-o-meter thingamabob was already at 60%.

Smooooooth sailing, right? WRONG!

4pm rolls around and it feels like victory (or as much victory as you can get out of a Wednesday afternoon.) WORK DAY DONE! COMFY SWEATPANTS ON! MOCKINGJAY-O-METER… BACK DOWN TO 44% PERCENT?

Apparently, at some point in there, Lionsgate remembered that Hunger Games fans are ravenous beasts who considered new Mockingjay previews their very lifeblood. 50k tweets probably took about 2 hours to complete and obviously, they were hoping NOT to release things that early. The re-calibration experts in the fandom looked into it and realized the new magic number was 360k tweets.

And that is when the hilarious, quote-filled fandom madness really took off, thanks to the brilliance of turning it into a bit of a game:

At a couple points, the widget jumped. Word on the streets of Twitter was that we only needed 261.5k tweets, then 260k. Baffled by the odd numbers but still wanting our Mockingjay preview, things started to get real cray cray:

Throughout this, we get a couple of pre-teaser teasers in the form of new stills. But it just wasn’t enough to satiated the NEEEEEED! Seriously. We make those zombies on The Walking Dead look tame. The frustration kicked in:

Even though we certainly felt that frustration, we were also starting to feel a little bad. Because this “unlocking” campaign despite its problems and the later-realized factoid that it was rigged to release at 7pm no matter how many tweets, we realized we were having a lot of fun. Not that Lionsgate necessarily planned it would turn into a quote-ridden meme fest, but other fans and fansites turned it into a really witty game and we really enjoyed getting involved.

Not to pat this fandom on the collective back too much, but WOW, WE ARE CLEVER AND HILARIOUS AND WONDERFUL! And #UnlockMockingjay kinda ended up bringing out the best in us.

Of course, we also got this spectacular sneak peek out of it:

But that deserves its own post, don’t you think?

It Was A Pleasure Being Ridiculous With You,
The Girl With The Pearl

Our Leader the Mockingjay

Over the last two days the internet has been inundated with photos featuring the hashtag #OLTM, an acronym for Our Leader the Mockingjay. The photos have been spread, and shared all over social media, from Tumblr, to Twitter, to Facebook, and of course Instagram. The photos them selves started out pretty broad, pretty scenes from famous locations across the globe, places like the Great Wall of China, Times Square in New York City. And then they started to get less predictable in location, or– they became photos featuring indiscernible buildings, and landscapes that lacked mundane clues to their specific locations. Corrogated steel sided buildings, graffiti covered walls.

The photos have been steadily streaming in over the last day, and they’ve been diligently collected by most, or all prominent Hunger Games fan sites. Every time a new photo was shared by a fan site or sometimes a seemingly random Hunger Games fan usually known through Twitter, all the fan sites like Welcome to District Twelve for example, would latch on to it, and post it for the masses to gobble up, and spit out. This morning, to be honest, I was starting to wonder when Victors Village would be sent an email containing our stock photo, decaled with the now almost infamous hashtag, and phrase. It showed up though, and I honestly don’t know where the photo was taken, or what it’s of. But who cares! We got one! Yaaaay!!


Perhaps the most important detail has yet to be addressed however? There’s a series of number, a date actually, that has accompanied all of these photos– 21.08.14. Also known as August 21st, 2014– tomorrow to be precise. The question on everyone’s finger tips, and lips, and brains is this though–

What’s happening tomorrow? Also, why did Liam Hemsworth decide to wear a Ninja Turtle costume when he accepted, and did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Them There Eyes

Sam Claflin Gladly Is Not a Cartoon

Just to prove once again that we here at Victor’s Village have accepted, like, and genuinely think that Sam Claflin is, and was a great casting choice for Finnick Odair, I’m going to take it upon myself to gratuitously promote all his other projects, yes– that includes when he takes to le Twitter and does sporadic (points if you think of the same hit ’90s film when you see or hear that word!), and planned Q & A’s. They do happen on occasion, less than they do on other cast members Twitters’, like say– um, what’s his name again, he’s on that really violent series, he’s blond, tall, what’s his name!? Oh yeah, Alexander Ludwig! Anyway, Sam’s Q & A’s are always pleasant, always a little bit cheeky, and always a little bit self-deprecating. Poor man, someone needs to bolster his confidence! I’ll leave that job to his wife however.

The Internet is a great place sometimes, allowing us little’uns to have a modicum of a connection to famous-y people like in this instance, Sam Claflin. And this past evening Mr. Claflin did not disappoint, although I was slightly disappointed because last night I was out celebrating my birthday by watching Grand Budapest Hotel, and thus missed the amazing,Sam-Claflin stupendous, Q & A put on by Digital Spy that he participated in! You can read the highlights here, and bathe in the funny, and sweet, and the dogged. However, here’s the gist, or my highlights!

He’s still shocked that he got the role of Finnick, because at the time he looked nothing like the fan-art he made the terrible, horrible very bad mistake of Googling before he auditioned. Sam, love you– but even I hated pretty much all the Finnick fan-art out there before people started taking it seriously and using real people as models. And even then they still were rather amateurish and crude. It’s no wonder his confidence was seemingly shot before he went in to those initial auditions, but he rallied. Which brings us to the second highlight for me from the Q & A session, he read the trilogy in five days! Ah, this means one thing to me– he’s a crazy-ass fan too, which should make all of us very happy.

Thinning out the highlights though, I have to ignore the anecdotes he’s already shared, like dropping Lynn Cohen in the frigid water– you know the drill. However, highlight number three for me is this tasty morsel of taste– he wishes that he could work with Tom Hardy in the future. More so than that he added that he’d also like to work with Christian Bale, as well as Bradley Cooper. Johnny Depp was also mentioned. So there you have it my fair folks, Sam’s our Finnick, Sam’s a funny chap, and Sam’s also got good taste in hopeful scene partners.

To bolster his confidence, because we really can’t leave it all to his wife– go see his new film The Quiet Ones. Comes out April the 1st!

Them There Eyes

Jammy Time: How to Marathon The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD/ Blu-Ray

Friday the DVD and Blu-ray editions of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are being released in the US and Canada, which means a lot of us are not leaving the confines of our homes this weekend. Why? Because we’ll be glued to our respective television sets, absorbing what we’ve all hopefully already viewed a cfdvd1handful of times in movie theatres. Me? I’ll be like everyone else probably, inconsolable and re-watching Peeta and Katniss’ last scene together until he attempts to choke her to death in Mockingjay: Part 1. It’s going to be an emotional weekend, and just for kicks and giggles, I’ve come up with a list of things we should all do, or have on hand whilst partaking of the emotional roller coaster that is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

First off I highly recommend getting comfortable. That means if you’re a lady person, lose the bra, and put on some pajama pants, perhaps some ridiculously comfy socks, and forget about washing your hair– who cares, no one can see you anyway! And if anybody can see you, they should already know that The Hunger Games is not something they’re allowed to judge you on, therefore clean hair isn’t something for them to get their panties into a twist about, ‘kay? You may want to continue to wear deodorant though, just to keep the yelling at bay.

You're not goin' anywhere, don't need this!

You’re not goin’ anywhere, don’t need this!

Stock up on tissues, I think two boxes will suffice unless of course you’re the type who cries during diaper commercials. And, yep– because you’ll be crying so much, and using all those tissues you’re going to get dehydrated therefore you must have a hydration station at the ready. Stock your fridge with water, I’m going to go buy a bunch of mineral water and lemons for myself, and just go to town crying my ass off, and drinking bubbles and tartness that I know won’t add any weight to my ass at all. However if you’re like every other person in North America you’ll probably stock up on less healthful carbonated beverages. I beg of you though that you drink more than soda this weekend, I hate for your dentists to look in your mouths weeks or months from now and proclaim that you’ve got cavities in all your teeth.

For the legal adults in the audience I’m now going to suggest other beverages to have on hand. If you’re not obligated to be anywhere, i.e. you have no where to drive to– by all means have a glass of wine or two! Don’t go over the top though, I don’t want to read about some poor Hunger Games t-shirt clad, braless, jammy pants wearing, body of a woman that was found in a pool of their own vomit after bingeing on Stella, or three bottles of wine. ‘Kay just don’t!

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

Munchies! I mean did you really think I would forget munchies!? Wrong! I suggest an array of salty meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Uh huh, think antipasti platter, only if you hate olives, go with pickled whatever you like, or here’s a thought, sliced fresh veggies! My, green olives stuffed with garlic sounds mighty tasty right about now, also fresh cucumbers, and red, yellow, or orange Bell Pepper, the green ones have no flavor. Cheese, if you’re feeling low-brow, and like American Cheese in all its artificial orange, salty glory, by all means have some! But even Effie Trinket would make faces at you, so try something a bit more um– real, I mean not even Katniss has access to that stuff. So imagine Peeta using American Cheese in his cheese buns, and then gag with me! Or, perhaps you’re not up for all the work of arranging food stuffs semi artfully on a plate, in that case order pizza and call it a successful weekend. Food snobbery done, moving on!

Have your Smart Phone at the ready, perhaps a laptop, or iPad. Why? Because live tweeting on Twitter, and live blogging your marathoning on Tumblr whilst watching all the extras and bonus features, along with finally rewatching the film– well, it’s going to happen, so may as well have everything fully charged so you can share all the feels with the Internets, and you’re friends, maybe you’re mom. Just do it, you know you want to.

Take breaks y’all, remember you can hit pause now and go to the bathroom without missing a damn thing!

Them There Eyes

Bring on the Tweetnical Difficulties

It seems that there has been a weakening in the Capitol’s communication systems of late. The Hunger Games UK twitter account has been suffering lots of security breaches for the past month by some troublesome rebels.

The end result is that we get a frequent switch between messages from the rebellion looking for signs of support (show us your three-finger salutes, Tributes!)

Mixed with “official communications” from The Capitol threatening to bring down those awful hackers of the revolution.

The hacking of the Hunger Games UK Twitter is just a warm up for this guy.

The hacking of the Hunger Games UK Twitter is just a warm up for this guy.

I’m glad to see that Plutarch and Beetee have been staying busy.  And it’s a pretty sweet strategy that they’re employing.  Distract the Capitol by repeatedly attacking an outpost. Make them divert more resources protecting the Hunger Games UK account… and then bam, go after the big target @TheHungerGames with its 1 million or so “citizens” awaiting inspiration.  And voila Mockingjay propos for all of Panem to see!  (Rest assured no one in The Capitol can see this post thanks to Beetee’s technical assistance as well. Don’t worry, we would never undermine the rebellion).

Ok, back to the real world of 2014. I have a lot of doubts that what’s been happening with the UK account has any larger tie-in to the global marketing campaign for Mockingjay Part 1. So probably no propos just yet. But the tweets are a fun little diversion and I appreciate them. And if the account is telling the truth, then soon (DVD release?) the Hunger Games UK account will be “hacked” again and something will be released. Maybe an image compilation showing the many faces of fans who submitted photos. So if you want to take part in this stage of the rebellion, send those salutes with #HopeReturns and let’s see what happens.

Keep working away Beetee. I prefer your hacking to the weapon-making.


Liam and His Team

Ladies and gentlemen of Twitter, HEMSY IS IN THE HOUSE! …Sort of.

Nobody sees the fine print, anyway!

Nobody sees the fine print, anyway!

We briefly mentioned in another post that Liam Hemsworth has joined the 21st century as far as young celebrity staples go by getting himself a Twitter account, @LiamHemsworth. The man himself has tweeted twice since opening the account, once to introduce himself to this new-fangled form of communication and the other to thank everyone for rabidly following his account while simultaneously attacking him with tweets.

But there’s another player in this game. A team of them, even! They call themselves “Team Liam”, aka the gaggle of PR reps that are actually responsible for running the account. We’re sure Hemsy will get his tweet on every now and then, but it’s going to be simple and career-based and pretty lame. No talks of favorite foods or pictures of pets or corny jokes. Right now, half of his four tweets reveal what the account is actually going for: Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement.

We actually have to tip our hats to Team Liam for their honesty. Many celebrities have their account run by PR reps posing as the celebrity, giving false impressions that the celebrity is totally absorbed in their carefully mapped out career with ZERO personality. There are cases where that is the actual celebrity and they’re just that sad, but usually it’s a PR team. Kudos to Team Liam for having the courtesy NOT to pose as the man himself.

A Gift to the Teens from the PR gods!

A Gift to the Teens from the PR gods!

The PR-Celebrity Twitter collab does have its perks: For one, Hemsy gets to “connect” with fans on Twitter without actually having to give a damn about Twitter. ICYMI, he’s made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to share his personal life. He can tweet about loving his job or being thankful for this or that and be done. He doesn’t have to feel compelled to read all his @replies and retweet to prove that he loves whatever country said “Superfan” is from. And though we DO NOT see him as this type, having a monitor hold his Twitter hand keeps him from going on the Internet and doing something really fucking stupid. Think Alexander Ludwig joking about having sex with pre-teen fans… and that’s only scratching the surface compared to some celebrity shenanigans.

Liam’s upcoming film, Paranoia, is getting the attention it needs from his young, possibly action-oriented fanbase via magical Internet portal, as will his future projects! He’ll occasionally acknowledge that he’s proud of his work and thankful for his fans that way too! He’ll get more love all around and more people may go see his films! Truly, it’s a sweet setup. Some fans think the deserve this semi-personal online relationship with celebrities, as if a retweet or reply means they’re OMG LYKE TOTALLY BIFFLES! But in reality, they’re not either way, so keeping it simple sure can’t hurt.

We Have Yet To Tweet Him Saying “HEMMMMMSSSSSSYYYY” Like A Loony! …It Will Happen.
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. I secretly hope someone else was silly enough to stick the non-existent extra syllable in the title like I did: Li-am and his Te-am! *cough* To make amends for that, here’s the Paranoia trailer:

New Gigs, and Social Networking

Jennifer+Lawrence+Jimmy+P+Photo+Call+Cannes+_K52zkzlmPgxI don’t know if Jennifer Lawrence ever thought she’d have producer tacked onto her name just shy of 23 years-old, but apparently that’s what’s happening in the ladies life in the very near future. Yep, our Mockingjay (she’ll never not be the Mockingjay, I hope she knows that by now), it was announced today that she’ll be teaming up for the second time with her friend, I’m assuming they’re friends by now, I mean they certainly like to work together, so I assume friendship is part of their personal equation–Susanne Bier, as both actress and producer. Bier, if you’re drawing a blank, is the director of Jennifer’s forthcoming film Serena, y’know the second film that Jen co-starred in with Bradley Cooper. Also, if my memory serves me right, Jen’s the one who suggested Bradley to Bier in the first place, way to go, right? All right, here’s the skinny on this new film, which is titled The Rules of Inheritance, which is based on a memoir of the same title by Claire Bidwell Smith. It’s another deep character driven story, where dysfunctional people learn to cope, and thrive, at least that’s the gist of what I’m getting from what I’ve seen briefly written about it.

I’m not much of a non-fiction reader myself, so this one quite simply slipped my notice. I

Jen and Bradley in Serena

Jen and Bradley in Serena

have to say I’m a little bit vicariously proud of Jennifer for taking this leap, some I think were worried that she’d suffer the post Oscar win curse, but that’s simply not happening. She’s working just as much as she was before she won that statuette, more quite possibly. And the caliber of the projects she’s taking on are by no stretch of the imagination, more, well– better. C’mon, a couple of years ago she was doing House at the End of the Street, which is not exactly the best suspense/horror film ever to be made– nope the king of suspense title goes to Hitchcock, and horror– I have no clue, I don’t watch horror films. Wait, was House at the End of the Street even a horror film? This just proves how much I know about the genre! I should take a bow for my ignorance, just imagine I’m curtseying right now, ‘kay?

Now for the social networking news bits! A Star Squad 451 team member has deemed Twitter his new playground, or more like– his new tool for releasing news and trailer links. Liam Hemsworth joined Twitter! Yep, he did this while I was at Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a milk frother, and checking sheet sets for thread count. Again I’ll use the phrase, way to go– but this time it’s directed at Liam. Way to go, boy-o, you’ve just joined the 21st century!

Let’s all hope that Liam learns to be as adept at Twitter as his fellow Hunger Games constituents have, like Sam, Bruno, and Alan

Them There Eyes

They’ve Been Facebooked!

There’s a lot to be said about social media, “it’s a fad,” “it’s totally necessary,” “it’s a waste of time,” “no one cares what you had for breakfast, stop tweeting!” Yep, all of that and a few other choice phrases have probably been thrown out where it comes to that big bad thing called social media. Me though, I think it’s great, but today is not about me, nope not at all, today is about several people who just happen to be part of The Hunger Games family, who have either just joined a new aspect of the social media phenomena, or have stepped up and reaffirmed their apparent affection for it. First up, I cannot believe she finally caved, but it is our own Mockingjay her self, Jennifer Lawrence! That’s right, around the same time that HungerGamesExplorer officially launched, Jennifer launched an official Facebook page, and according to the page the lady’s been on Facebook since 2008. Not even kidding, scroll down on her page, and you’ll see it plain as the nose on my face, she’s

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

had a Facebook since 2008, just like the rest of us! I find this telling, especially since she’s said in interviews that she finds social media to be kind of ridiculous, which I can agree with on some level, and disagree with on an entirely different one. social media is simply something that cannot be ignored in this day and age, connectedness is just something we do now, and those who are in the public sphere who embrace this, let’s face it, not new development tend to be liked more by the public. Okay, unless you’re Chris Brown, or Kanye West. In Jennifer’s case though, she’s barely dipped her toes into the water, because her Facebook is kind of empty at this point, and in desperate need of some TLC where it comes to Inter-web-y interaction. Perhaps her team will pick up on this need in a few weeks, until this imagined revelation though expect it to remain pretty sparse.

Now, Ms. Lawrence isn’t the only top billing cast member who has embraced the social media draw, and succumbed to its power, because Josh Hutcherson even has a Facebook dedicated specifically to all things a fan of his needs to know! Or wants to know? I’m not exactly sure on this, but I think Josh might be the person in charge of this page, because all posts seems to be written from his P.O.V, which I think is awesome– because it gives it a more personal touch. Josh is clearly no stranger to the need for using social media, and he seems to have picked a favorite tool, which is Facebook. True, he has a Twitter, but he uses it sparingly, which I can respect, but still not so secretly wish he used it a tiny bit more– ’cause honing your Twitter skills is almost becoming an art form in and of its self.

Not surprising in the least, many other members of The Hunger Games family have Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, most recently however two members of the Catching Fire cast launched official Facebook pages. Bruno Gunn launched his in the last 559045_190552361093648_84713779_nweek or so, and he’s planning to use it much like Josh Hutcherson uses his Facebook, in other words to post on current and up coming career projects, I’d also wholly expect some Catching Fire behind the scenes photos to pop up once the film is released. Bruno previously had an other Facebook page, and if you followed that one, you know he’s pretty deft with the social media interaction, sadly that account has been put to bed, and the new one will in time take its place in a more actively professional capacity. However, If you’re hankering for more social media Inter-web-y action from Bruno, he also launched a WhoSay account recently, and he’s been using it frequently lately, so go follow him there if you so will, and as always he’s an active Twitter and Instagram user.  Last but not least Stephanie Leigh Schlund, AKA our volatile, and sexy Cashmere launched an official Facebook just this week as well.

Have at it y’all, it’s a veritable feast of social media goodness out there! And also, if you didn’t know it already, Victor’s Village has a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Pinterest, and of course a Tumblr.

Them There Eyes

Cut It Out

Jennifer at the GLAAD Media Awards

Jennifer at the GLAAD Media Awards

Sometimes it’s beyond me what passes for “news” on some websites.

Here, let’s have an exercise.


Jennifer Lawrence cutting her hair? Yes, I’d say that’s news to us. Aside from the haircut being freaking cute on her, it signaled the end of filming for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as much as Francis Lawrence saying it at CinemaCon did. She won’t need to be Katniss again for at least several months (September, if rumors are to be believed — which we always urge to use caution when doing so by the way!) so she doesn’t have quite the restriction on her hair. That and X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently filming, so it could possibly be for that.

Not News:

Miley Cyrus tweeted that she liked Jennifer Lawrence’s new hair. One of the most annoying effects of the prevalence of Twitter is that celebrity tweets=news these days. And not the “hey I have an announcement” kind, more like the “this is my opinion on something mundane” kind.

Yes, Miley is somewhat tied to The Hunger Games since her fiance (according to Snoop Lion, ex-fiance?) plays a major character in the franchise. And apparently there were “rumors” that Miley and Jennifer are feuding (here we go again) for [insert made-up reason here], so the tweet was a shocker for everyone that cares, i.e. NO ONE.

So yes, this tweet sparked more than one article longer than a paragraph in length made up of mostly garbage. We like Jen’s hair, what do we care if X-celeb does too? It was nice, but it’s not news.

I want a tweet of Josh saying he likes Liam’s beard and have it be news

The Power of the Compliment

The Twitter shakedown The Girl with the Pearl wrote so eloquently about some weeks ago, is still in effect (for a refresher click here, and get your learning on). So, now that you’re all knowledgeable and stuff, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? It’s still happening, and sadly it’s happening more, and it will probably continue to happen until the end of time, or when Twitter loses all appeal, and we’re able to send text messages directly into people’s brains (or something), won’t that be fun? We all know the drill, unless of course you’re one of those alien hold-outs who does not have a Twitter account (c’mon, people– it’s been around since 2006!), and you still don’t know the reason people use the number sign/ pound sign / pound key, and call it something else entirely. Aside from ultimately changing what we call symbols that have been around a lot longer than Twitter, it’s changed the way we communicate with people, friends, enemies, crushes, and oddly enough celebrities, actors, politicians, heads of state, writers, directors, and grandma.

Twitter has given people unprecedented access to all of these people, and maybe I’m old school, but I remember when writing a fan-letter was the only way to communicate with so-and-so from my favorite TV show. Note: I never actually sent any of those fan-letters I drafted, even though my friends told me “Rebekah, you’re a really good letter writer, you should so totally send it!” Yeah– no, that would have cost postage, and dignity I clearly didn’t want to let go of at the tender age of 13. Fan-letters now though have changed mightily,because if you haven’t noticed– they’re no longer private. Fan-letters have been

Just buy this already!

replaced with semi incomprehensible, 140 character messages that pretty much everyone with the ability to type @ can access, and most of these messages are either veiled demands for acknowledgement, or all out demands for acknowledgement. The Girl with the Pearl covered this though, so what’s the big deal? Um, well there isn’t one, it’s just that the acknowledgement demands have become somewhat excessive, and they’re starting to crowd our Twitter feeds, because if you didn’t already know this– the cast of The Hunger Games franchise is made up of nice individuals who are rather accommodating, and are embracing the sometimes new affect of being part of this project.

Look, flattery can get you pretty damn far in this world, and so can giving a smile and a nod to the multitude of crazies we all encounter at one time or another, but there comes a time when even we have to take a step back, cock our heads to the side like a Newsie, and hope the demands for shout-outs for Canada, Brazil, or… take out an atlas and play Point-At-the-Nation, as well as messages of undying love and devotion to someone who is essentially a stranger, will cease. Better yet, kind of hoping they’ll go the way of simply being favorited, replied to in the person’s own personal @Mentions, filed away, and thus acknowledged in a much less public, and frankly irritating manner. So, fans and also cast members please read below.

The favorite button, and the non-retweet reply, use them, love them– embrace them, and be satisfied.

Them There Eyes