Trish Summerville

The Costume Boys

I just watched Ricky Martin douse himself with water, and it was for a good cause! And that cause would be, being well-informed on the brand spankin’, newly confirmed, costume designing team of Kurt & Bart heading the costume department for Mockingjay: Part 1, and probably because of the logistics of the simultaneous film shoots of both films, Mockingjay: Part 2 as well! Gather ’round everyone, ’cause it’s time to relish in the amazing that is Kurt & Bart, AKA Bart Mueller and Kurt Swanson!

So, I said I watched Ricky Martin douse himself with water, but I forgot to add that I then I also watched him shake his bon-bon, but where did I watch this?! Why it was in the now considered classic music video for “She Bangs”, ’cause– hi there, Kurt & Bart were the costume stylists for that particular gem of the late 1990s! Let’s just hope they weren’t the ones responsible for Martin embracing the frosted tips he sported in said music video, (probably not). All right, speaking of the late ’90s, it’s time to break the news to everyone, Kurt & Bart  were slaves 4 Britney (Brit-Brit) Spears at the tail end, and into the early 2000s. That’s right y’all, they were the stylists responsible for Spears gyrating, swishing, and waving her arms about in all those midriff baring, barely there tops, as well as skin-tight, and I mean tight, bottoms in a handful or more of her music videos. Basically they shaped the girl’s (not yet a woman’s) career trajectory by lacing her up in many, many of the get-ups that we now consider synonymous with her image. In fact those costumes are probably some of the pictographs that run through our minds when we think of her. So, thank you Kurt & Bart, you helped fuel many a masturbatory fantasy for countless people. Couldn’t be helped, really.

Kurt & Bart are no slouches where it comes to styling and designing, I hope that that’s clear, because you have to give a hand to them for all the image branding styling they did for Spears. Because despite the trepidation I personally have towards the sexual objectification of a teenage girl to the point of distraction for almost 3/4 of the world, the clothes they clad their client in were gritty, and interesting, and they did they’re job damn well. Let’s move on from Brit-Brit though, because that was only one of their clients, and they also had a hand in more than one music video mavens career, or perhaps maven is the wrong word. If you go to their website you can watch a compilation video that includes clips of all the music videos they styled, and along with Spears they styled for such majorly popular songs as Dave Matthews band “Crash Into Me”.

You remember Dave Matthews Band, right? They were the precursors to The Lumineers, and Mumford and Sons, also the answer and/or the alternative to Phish, or Grateful Dead cover bands. And “Crash Into Me” was pretty much the best song to do naughty things to in the mid-late ’90s. Or, just do your homework to, y’know… whatever floats your duck. The costumes in it are great though, including Boyd Tinsley sporting a skirt (perhaps a kilt), made out of violin pieces, ’cause der he’s the band’s violinist, as well as pretty girls running around a meadow in 18th century frocks. Anyway, I dare you to watch the music video video on their site and not think, “yeah, they’re kind of perfect.” I mean, if Trish Summerville is no longer available, they’re kind of the best alternative to her as far as I can tell. Actually, I encourage everyone to educate your selves and peruse all the images and moving images available on their site, including their commercial reel– you’ll grow to appreciate them more and more, and more.

To quote a good friend of mine, “the Capitol will be on a whole other level, and Katniss’ propo battle outfits will be badass!” They sure will my friend, they sure will.

Them There Eyes

Awards and Money

Booya y’all! I mean, didn’t you hear, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has officially, and I mean officially made an ass ton of money, and yes m’dears… we are in part to, well, um blame for that? Perhaps blame is the wrong word to use, but I’m gonna use it, ’cause I think it makes this post sound punchy! It’s true though, even I can attest to having seen Catching Fire in a theatre more than once, and two of those times I paid with cold hard cash money, or my debit card, whatever, and the other time I paid in tears, ALL THE TEARS, I’m talking about going to the LA premiere people! Anyway, it was made official this week that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire not only made an ass ton of money, but it is to date the highest grossing film of the fiscal year.

So, what do we do with that knowledge? Do we throw a party, buy a cheap bottle of Champagne, which is actually Brut, because real Champagne only comes from Champagne, France– or perhaps it’s actually Prosecco, which gets you tipsy just as quicker anyway! Oh, yeah what are we doing again? Ah yes, throwing a The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, for Catching Fire doing exactly what a whole bunch of us said it would do more than a year ago, and that is make tons and tons, and tons of money! I feel like I should be tossing hundred-dollar bills in the air, doing my best Jordan Belfort as interpreted by Leo DiCaprio and Marty Scorsese, and possibly objectifying some women, and doing so much blow that I crash a helicopter and don’t even care! Alas, I cannot do that, because I really don’t want to, and all I’d rather do is have Catching Fire do more than make money, and what is is that I wish it would do? Well, win awards, yo!

What kind of awards though? Well, as covered by The Girl With The Pearl The Magical Internet Pony awards are likely in the bag for the franchise. We do have a rather large fandom, and I’ll bet money that any number of them would gladly sit around clicking “vote! vote! vote” for probably all of those pony giving out awards shows. However, because I’m sadly living in the dark ages, and I am secretly an old white man, I wish Catching Fire would get nominated for, and win awards at such serious non-pony related awards shows like, the big one, the Academy Awards. But I think we all know that that’s not going to happen, at least not in the categories that your average citizen cares all that much about. Me, I’ll be hell-a proud if the sound editors, and the sound mixers, the visual affects team, Trish Summerville and Ve Neill and co get nominated, perhaps Coldplay will get recognized for Atlas, or maybe just maybe Jo Willems will be nominated for his work as the director of photography. All of the above would make me happy, but will it happen? I unfortunately doubt it.

Oscar nominations will be announced Thursday the 16th, so stay frosty! Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes for the technical awards! And who the hell knows, maybe Mockingjay Part One and Two will be like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? Saving the best for last so to speak, and finally getting the recognition for the series that it wholly deserves.

Them There Eyes

Costume Design and Stealth Marketing

It’s no great revelation when I say, for probably the gazillionth time that I think Trish Summerville is the Cat’s Pajamas. Okay, I’ve never said that particular phrase in reference to her before, at least I don’t recall using it, but there’s gotta be a first time for everything, however the sentiment is nothing near being new coming from the likes of moi. Well, yesterday an interview with the lovely lady herself was released in Grazia Magazine, and the lady does not disappoint, at least not from where I’m sitting. Trish just seems like a solid person, and of course she did the interview with the ulterior purpose of promoting the up coming release of Catching Fire as well as the tie-in clothing line that

Trish Summerville AKA Cat's Pajamas lady

Trish Summerville AKA Cat’s Pajamas lady

will be available for purchase through Net-A-Porter (Porter is pronounced Portay by the way, ’cause it’s French, and the site deals in clothes, AKA couture).

I think I’m in the minority when I say, that I personally think that the Net-A-Porter partnership is a marketing coup. I’m not a tie-in-merchadise person in the traditional sense, I don’t buy t-shirts with slogans from films on them, or action figures, or adorn my home with posters sporting Mockingjays, or Superman, or pick a huge franchise/pop culture phenomena, which is why I’m more than keen on tasteful, well made, and down right stealth clothing being used as a marketing tool for this beloved franchise I’ve found myself neck-deep in for the last several years. See, I’m a big ass fan of quality, and from what I’m discerning from the interviews, excerpts, snip-its, tweets, and what not about this forthcoming clothing line, is that it’s all being put out with taste, quality, and of course with the better interest of the franchise in mind.

I’ve heard too many of my friends say how disappointed they are with the merchandise for this franchise, most tend to go on Hot Topic runs and end up leaving with nothing, or something so small that they probably would have been better off making their own Hunger Games themed t-shirt or jewelry at home. This quote says it all for me, “it’s a great marriage because the collection introduces The Hunger Games’ fanbase to the site and vice versa. My goal is that the Net-A-Porter customer who doesn’t know the series will see the clothes and want to check out the film. I also hope that people who watch the film will then check out the collection on Net-a-Porter.” Trish Summerville’s Capitol Couture line might be the answer for the few who don’t want to sport man-sized t-shirts with fire emblazoned on them, or cheaply fashioned earrings, nope– the line might be for the few who would prefer to quietly, and privately know that the jacket, or dress they’re wearing is really Hunger Games merchandise.

That my dear friends would be me!

Them There Eyes

Peeta Pics

Well, if you’re one of the combative few who were recently up in arms, and also notably giving the rest of us fodder for us to quirk our heads to the side and say “what?!”, perhaps today’s most recent Peeta pics quelled your special breed of crazy. What am I talking about, of course they didn’t, ’cause you’ll find fault with anything that doesn’t fit your specific ideals, as unattainable as they are in reality, and lalalalala! I kid, or do I?

Right, so today was the day that the fated and much-anticipated Catching Fire Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly finally reached newsstands. And. The. Crowd. Went. Wild! Didn’t it? I sure hope it did, I wouldn’t know, because I was kind of busy working, also oddly enough there are no newsstands in the neighborhood where I live, so… yeah I haven’t actually seen the issue in real life. I know, I know I’m a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad human, and I should be put to a thousand and one deaths involving something akin to Temple Doom style vivisection, right? Right! I have seen scans though. So, am I redeemed? God, I hope so, ’cause vivisection scares the pants off of me. Feel free to imagine me without pants right now, it’s okay ’cause I’m the one who brought it up in the first place.

Back to the Peeta Pics released today via The Hunger Games Peru’s Facebook page , because they’re way more interesting than my apparent pantless-ness. Ugh, got to love ’em, or at least appreciate them. What can I say? I’m a Peeta fan, and I like looking at pictures of Josh Hutcherson embodying him. Know what I love even more though? I bet you can guess. Fine, it’s seeing another angled shot of Josh in that amazing, stupendous, totally stylin’ white

Digging the tux

Digging the tux

Juun.J tuxedo! I will forever bow down to Trish Summerville for stepping up the crazy, outlandish fashion in this franchise, it’s just simply what I personally envisioned in my head all those years ago when I first cracked my head open and let The Hunger Games trilogy inside, and well– it’s more than nice seeing her take the initiative and fill those wardrobe trailers with avant garde-ness. Hats off to her a million billion times. I don’t think I need to go in depth about what we’re seeing in the tuxedo clad shot of Josh and Stanley Tucci, do I? Caesar’s hair still reminds me of My Little Pony toys I had as a little girl, and his jacket is midnight blue and sparkles like the night sky. Peeta’s golden, molded, metal pocket square is edgy and fashionable, and his matching gold cuff bracelets make me think Metaphorical Prisoner of Circumstance, but that’s not going in depth at all, that’s just me running at the mouth in sheer exults involving slight sleep deprivation! Oh, and then there’s the shot of Peeta and Katniss at the entrance of the Training Center, but hot damn, all I’d end up saying about that is that Josh’s arms look good, and then feel sort of weird about it.

Oh dear god, is it November 21st yet?!

Them There Eyes

Fifty Years Ago Today

Fifty years ago today, the 28th of August, 1963 something momentous and historical happened in the United States of America. It was The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the grand march that took place in Washington, D.C. the capital of the United States. The event is synonymous with the very popular, and commonly heard only in sound-bites, speech that Mister Martin Luther King Jr. made on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The speech known as the “I Have a Dream” speech called for racial equality amongst his fellow Americans, especially where it came to education.

On this 50th Anniversary of that day though, I’m struck with the similarities between many aspects of the Civil Rights Movement in the US of the 1960s, and the rebellion depicted in both Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great speaker, you’d have to be deaf and blind to not know that, he’d studied and honed his craft of speaking in front hgcf002of small and large groups of people for most of his life as a church leader, and by the time he made that speech on those steps, in front of those thousands of people, he was at the top of his game, a master. Katniss Everdeen though unlike King Jr. has no background in speech making, to put it bluntly, she’s a fumbling, bumbling, inattentive, traumatized mess, or she’s just a girl put in impossible circumstances who somehow rises to the occasion, because of sheer will, and the need to save the people she holds most dear.

Are Martin Luther King Jr. and Katniss Everdeen similar though? Well, yes and no? Katniss is a girl from a dystopian future, who lives in a ghetto, has little opportunities, to no opportunities to rise above the socioeconomic station she was born into. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in urban Atlanta, Georgia a stronghold of the racially segregated southern United States (District 11), to a family heavily involved in the Baptist church, as his father was a reverend. As the son of a leader in his community, King Jr. was probably afforded a bit more respect and upward mobility in his immediate world, unlike Katniss. However, I think that if we get away from childhood comparisons, we’ll start to see more similarities than differences.

Both people, although one is fictional, but we’re going to pretend she’s real for right now, were leaders in highly publicized, fraught, and dangerous movements that were focused on the betterment of their country’s functionality as a civil, equal, and productive societies. Both made great speeches in front mass amounts of people, both came from dissimilar but still humble beginnings, and both were wounded, or in the unfortunate case of Mr. King Jr. assassinated in the process of participating in his cause. The Civil Rights Movement was a

Gloria Richardson should be an inspiration to Katniss Everdeen

Gloria Richardson should be an inspiration to Katniss Everdeen

bloody, violent, and dangerous time in United States’ history, and the violence more often than not was perpetrated by people in authority, the police in many cases, and in other cases, over zealous, bigoted, brainwashed, private citizens who were sometimes, but not always members of the KKK or other organizations. I don’t even have to reach that far with this one, but has anyone ever noticed that members of KKK wear white costumes when they’re doing their dirty work, much like the Peacekeepers of Panem? I doubt that’s an accident, although pointy hoods, and masks are kind of more scary if you’ve never seen full body armor that resembles the exoskeleton of an enormous insect as per Trish Summerville’s has designed for Catching Fire’s film adaptation. 

Scariness comparisons aside, the gung-ho and almost automaton-esque fervor in which white community members of the segregated south, reacted to the frankly innocent confrontation tactics civil rights movement participants took at times (sitting in the white sections of department stores luncheonettes, and asking to be served, that’s innocent by my standards), the citizens of the Capitol were ignorant, dumb struck puppies in their reactions though, or non reactions to the rebellion happening in their country. Thankfully in that sense Katniss never had to contest very hard with the Capitol citizens to get them on her side, frankly they were kept in the dark on most things, and were probably more confused by her costume change than her getting involved in something political. Although once they stopped being able to get soap, they probably blamed Katniss a whole hell of a lot.

Anyway, if you’re at all ignorant on the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s in the United States, I suggest you remedy that as soon as possible. Starting with the speech mentioned above.

Katniss would probably even be impressed.

Them There Eyes

Tributes, Tributes Everywhere!

the-hunger-games-catching-fire-posterCouple of days ago a blurry shot of Katniss and Caesar Flickerman on a stage together was leaked over the Internets. And then The Hunger Games fandom went crazy, or if you prefer, the fandom went apoplectic, and then spent an exorbitant amount of time squinting at their iPhone screens, computer screens, or digital pad’s screens, and not necessarily to get a glimpse of Katniss and Caesar. Nope, it was to feast their eyes upon the myriad of Tributes standing in the background of said blurry photo. It was quite literally a scramble of putting the blurry image through photo editing software as to get a better look, or going it old school, and getting out a real magnifying glass. I think the common phrase being uttered during those first few hours was, “I see Tributes, I see Tributes!” Face it, we’re all kind of starved for Hunger Games: Catching Fire news that’s more tangible than a blurb in an entertainment news blog, or a flip 140 or less answer in a Twitter Q & A put on by a cast member. A picture though, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and also shows us pretty much every Tribute in all their blurry, hair, makeup, and costumed glory.

Today Entertainment Weekly, the magazine gifted the joy of releasing the fully fledged digitalized higher quality version of the photo, finally graced us with said high quality version. And, you guessed it– the crowd went wild. Or, the crowd let out a proverbial sigh, snicker, or woop of joy. For me, it was the latter, because if you’re a regular reader of ours here at Victor’s Village, you know how much I take costume design seriously. And, woo-boy, this new version of the photo is boosting the previous vote of confidence I had where it came to Trish Summerville, the head costume designer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. First off, you should take a gander at the new version of the photo-still, and then come back and read this. I don’t want you to read about what you can simply look at with your own eyes, okay? All right, hopefully you’ve laid your eyes upon the still by now, so I can continue without much of a fuss. Okay, I’ll fuss maybe a little bit!

Here’s what I noticed first: Katniss is the only female Tribute wearing a skirt, other than Cashmere on the far left hand-side, who appears to be wearing what look to be mile high plat-form heels, and a mini-dress. Oh wait, technically Finnick is wearing a skirt as well! But, still– Katniss, for all intents and purposes, is the only female Tribute adorned in an elegantly fashioned feminine gown, all others are in rather androgynous looking suits, tunics, jackets, and fitted trousers to match. Please don’t get me wrong, because I think the looks are working really well. Now for the men: Um, guys– I think Brutus might be wearing a belly-shirt? That or someone with either a pink pointy-ish head, or a monstrous head-piece is standing right in front of him. Belly-shirt, half-shirt, shirt with an oddly shaped swath missing, whatever– we all know by now that Bruno Gunn (Brutus), takes good care of him self, so if anyone in that lot of people is going to go around with half their top missing, let it be him– I doubt anyone Victors-600x376will kick up a fuss. What else about the men? Well, like their female counter parts, I see copious amounts of leather, shiny fabric, and a lot of carefully chosen suit combinations. I see Gloss next to his sister, and he’s wearing the shiniest slate gray coat I have ever seen in all my years, and his hair looks like it’s got a little lift to it thanks to some generously applied hair product. Beetee is towards the center of the group, and he’s in his Capitol Portrait suit, the one that us fan-sites were allowed to debut for you all. There’s one male Tribute who’s missing however, and that’s Peeta. Where’s Peeta? I’m just going to say it now, so it’s out of the way– I think “Where’s Peeta?” should be a slogan for the up coming Mockingjay films. Peeta’s there I have no doubt about that, but I bet he’s just off-stage waiting for Caesar to call him up. Yes, to stand next to his fake fiancee. As for the others that my eyes are getting trapped on, I think Johanna is to the right, clad in leather, and looking mighty tough. I approve, I approve ten times over. To quote one of my favorite films of all time where it comes to the costume designs of this film, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Damn straight, Dorothy! Damn straight.

Patiently awaiting anything else they want to lay on us that features the Tributes.

Them There Eyes

The Costume Upgrade

tumblr_mdsvb26Hn81rbpy85o1_1280There are several things that are apparent when you compare The Hunger Games film adaptation to everything we’ve seen, and heard on or about the adaptation of Catching Fire, and one of those things is this– holy mother of god the costumes are a million trillion times better, and for me at least more like how I pictured Panem styles to look than what was seen previously. By the way that last few bits, yeah– you should read that as if I wasn’t breathing at all, running the words together, and basically being a flail-y costume enthusiast. What can I say, but ever since I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to be a theater major, and having to sit through a term long seminar on every aspect of the theater department at my then tiny university, and finding only the presentation on the costume department interesting, I’ve

This is Charlie Chaplin in costume as his signature character The Tramp

This is Charlie Chaplin in costume as his signature character, The Tramp

become a little bit fixated on, well– costumes. I may not have a stack of reference books on the subject, but I know that the feeling I get when I see a film costumed extremely well is very important.  I’ve written before about set design, or the background on furniture choices made in Catching Fire, so when I say set design, or the choices of furniture, art, and other set dressings help tell a characters story, to me it is on par, or the same as costuming, I hope you believe me. This is my point of view, set dressing, and the physical dressings of characters when you really think about it are one and the same, extensions of the story, tools that tell you sometimes everything you’ll ever know about a character, or a place that had up until that moment had only lived in people’s minds. Like this guy to the right, this guy never said a word out loud– but everything you need to know about him is right there in his costume, and his expression. Or that magical moment when Dorothy Gale stepped out of her bleak wind-swept house and into Oz for the first time.

This time around with Catching Fire there’s no doubt in my mind that the costume, and the set designing department has had a major upgrade, or cash injection. And, I’m sure the vote of confidence came about because of the success of The Hunger Games, and I’ve also heard through the grape-vine that the budget was doubled for Catching Fire possibly because of its success. To that I say, hell fucking yeah! And I say that for more than one reason, one of them being this– Alexander McQueen! And this– Junn.J! And this– Rick Owens! And this– Tex Saverio! If you’re at all like me, or even just a little like me you squealed with delight at seeing not just Effie (My Name Is Never Said Out Loud In The First Film), Trinket costumed in character, or costumed in pieces inspired more by the original source material, but other characters as well, then we’re on the same proverbial page. About other characters costumes, I think the costumes that are surprisingly intriguing me the most are Peeta’s. I know, you’d think they would be Katniss’, but there’s just something about Josh Hutcherson dressed head to toe in black leather for the Capitol Gala, or even his Capitol Portrait costume, with his chunky Rick Owens boots, his Junn.J white tuxedo jacket, slim fit

Altered to be more Tuxedo-y, of course.

Altered to be more Tuxedo-y, of course.

white trousers, and also amazingly styled gold metal collar, pocket square, and cuff bracelets also by Junn.J, that are keeping my eyes on him, and getting excited to see what else they’re going to put him in. I’ve become so intrigued by Peeta’s costuming that I’ve even made the conceded effort to try to find that black leather costume, and have come to this educated conclusion: The coat is looking like it’s by Junn.J, just like his portrait costume, only I’m strongly starting to believe that it’s custom-made for the film, however inspired by pieces that were in Junn.J’s 2012-2013 Fall-Winter collection. Fall-Winter collections tend to be showcased well before those actual seasons commence, so I’m thinking Trish Summerville got friendly, and asked to have a piece altered for the film. She literally put Peeta nearly head to toe in their clothing for the Capitol Portrait, and that includes the accessories, so– hey, if I were a designer and a Hollywood costume designer pulled that many of my pieces for a potential blockbuster film– and potentially asked for an other piece to be altered, I’d alter the thing myself! The trousers, I’m actually thinking they’re by Rick Owens, who’s a total leather master worker, and the boots, yep– those are Rick Owens’ as well. And it simply must be said, damn Peeta looks like a bad-ass in black leather!

Still on the search for Katniss’ Gala costume, for now it’s Versac-Balenci-something to me! It’s like searching for Spock, only way less cheesy. 

Them There Eyes

The Designer Details

The Capitol Portrait campaign concluded today, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a bit of a hang-over from all the excitement, and then the lulls, and then the finger tapping whilst waiting, and then EXCITEMENT! Well, all that’s good and all, and so is a bottle of ibuprofen at the ready, or a glass of red– whichever, but the let down (not that kind of let down), of it being over is still a little hard to adjust to. Yesterday my fellow Victor’s Village residents and myself did a little chat break down of the portraits revealed to us up to Finnick. However sadly, if you think I’m going to go into the nitty-gritty, the pulp, and sinew of the President Snow’s portrait which was revealed to us today, I’m going to have to let you down easy, or hard. Not going to do it, unless you want me to talk about his chair!? It’s Victorian, with motifs from the Jacobean era or Charles I, William and Mary, and Queen Anne. There, that makes me happy.

Okay, okay, I’m a little disappointed with Snow’s portrait, not because of the way it was executed, because just like the others it’s impeccable. I’m disappointed, because the costume was ruined and/or spoiled for me, and many others by the paparazzi last summer, or summer in the Northern Hemisphere if you happen to be a “Southerner”. With “the paps” taking those photos, and selling them to the highest bidder, and us unlucky few who happened to still be frequenting Tumblr a few months ago, the cat got out of the bag, or better yet, the fur shrug, and the white rose in the tiny vase, got out of the bag– way, way, way too early. Can’t un-see it now, but I was hoping that Snow would be presented to us in something that the shit-heads with flashbulbs, and no sense for boundaries hadn’t gotten their grubby hands on. Oh well, best focus on the good, which is what I will commence to do in five, four, three, two, one.

I like fashion, all kinds of fashion, hand-made fashion, off the rack, designer, vintage, hard, soft, crazy, and traditional. What I like more at this moment though is knowing that Trish Summerville the illustrious costume designer for The Hungerst fashion Games: Catching Fire, went a totally different route from Judianna (the designer for The Hunger Games), because Trish has gathered pieces from established and up-and-coming fashion designers to be featured on the cast. Starting of course with the discovery I made myself minutes after her portrait was released, and also with the help of my friend Joan– Alexander McQueen is the brain who came up with Effie’s poofy portrait costume. It was literally a mad scramble, much like when casting announcements were released, but in this case it was Joan and I screaming at each other via Twitter, saying things like “I think Effie’s in Alexander McQueen! That looks like McQueen!” to “I’m googling the shit out of this!” less than a few minutes later we had the runway shots, and the look-book photo of the exact same dress and shoes Elizabeth Banks is adorned in in her portrait. If only we got paid for this ability to google things? I’m a McQueen fan, which I said in the break down piece yesterday, and I was hoping so very much that Trish 104814717-718x1024would see his work and think the same thing as me, which is “Capitol“. Well, turns out we think somewhat alike, and I’m tickled, tickled a fuchsia color, with red accents. I actually get the feeling that Trish talked to Elizabeth about what she liked most about her costumes from the first film, and I’m only guessing here– but I think she said she liked her shoes, and her hair. Which are the only elements that have apparently stayed, because McQueen designed Effie’s shoes, and she’s still sporting a pink French Neo-Classic era wig. Or maybe those are the only things that Trish liked from the Effie side of the costume trailer, who the hell knows? We also know now that Effie will sport more McQueen creations, thanks to this article. In fact, if my googling skills are still up to snuff, Effie’s going to be pursing her painted lips whilst wearing this lovely avant-garde piece to the right, and to the left, along with these fancy things.

More details have surfaced however, and they made me spend an exorbitant amount of time googling stuff again. It is the information that Katniss’ gown in the Capitol Portrait

Tex Saverio

Tex Saverio

was designed by an innovative designer from Indonesia called none other than Tex Saverio. He’s pictured to the right with a very similar gown to the one he was charged with designing for Katniss, and I think he’s a little bit on the adorable, and sexy side– but that’s just me. Anyway, Tex’s designs mesmerized me for a good part of the afternoon I have to say, especially his bridal collection, because his ability to layer fabrics together to make these full, and textured skirts is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Seriously, if you’re curious go and google “Tex Saverio bridal”, and marvel at his skills. Which brings us to the next name revealed to us this fine day– Rick Owens. Unbeknownst to me I’ve been a fan of his work for years, I just didn’t know his name. Owens is a designer whose gift seems to mostly lie with leather, and me– well, I’m always on the look out for the perfect leather jacket, with the right mix of the classic bomber jacket of the ’40s, and the classic biker jacket of the



’50s. He’s made several versions of both, and I’ve been drooling over them virtually for much too long, only problem is is that his price points are a bit rich for a post-grad who writes for a Hunger Games humor blog. Beside the point, Owens is the fine mind who designed not only Peeta’s boots in his portrait, but also Cinna’s, and possibly Beetee’s, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he also designed Finnick’s– but my eyes are ready to pop out if I do anymore pouring over digital images. Speaking of Peeta, we now also know who designed not only his boots, but his white tuxedo look. His name is Juunj, they’re out of South Korea, and to the left is the a runway model wearing the jacket (possibly a capri-pant version of the trousers as well), that Josh is so artfully posed in in his portrait. Are you fashioned out yet? I’m not– no, really. Truth be told these 11 portraits have only wet my appetite for what Trish Summerville has in store for us next November.

To that I say, bring it on, baby. Bring it on– my googling skills are only getting warmed up. 

Them There Eyes

Ruffles, So Many Ruffles

o-CATCHING-FIRE-JOHANNA-PORTRAIT-900I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but ruffles are really in style, especially in Panem. And what do I think of this trend? Well, hot damn– I think it’s the Cat’s Pajamas! All right, so if you’ve been Rip Van Winkle-ing it up for the past week, we got our selves a sizable dose of Catching Fire promotional material dropped into a virtual laps this week. Yep, and we were also part of the unveiling of one finely detailed, impeccably styled, and so far so good– well cast Beetee. Check it out if you’ve been binge drinking in Mexico, lost your phone in some guy’s hotel room, and forgot your Facebook password! Also, if you fit that description, might want to do a cleanse, or a home pregnancy test, your pick! Back to the ruffles, because ruffles are important!

See, when I was a little girl there were two things I wanted, and sadly never got. A pink

It's pink and poofy, and it's not fairy floss!

It’s pink and poofy, and it’s not fairy floss!

tutu, and a pair of red sparkly shoes reminiscent of Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Slippers immortalized in The MGM classic, The Wizard of Oz. But, like I said I never got either, and to this very day I still want them both– yes even the pink tutu. There’s no logical place to wear a pink tutu though, especially when I’m very much so an adult, not a ballerina, and not really into 80s style dancing (think early Madonna), however just because I personally have no place to wear a tutu, or anything resembling one– I’m still allowed to admire fashion versions of them that grace the pages of magazines, or in my case the Women’s Fashion section on my crack fix, AKA Pinterest. Which brings me to this wonderful week in time, when my love of stereotypically girlie and frilly stuff has been utilized oh so tastefully in the costuming of my favorite book to film franchise. And the world rejoiced, or at least I did– because, oh my god so fluffy!

I’ll probably say it a million times until the film finally hits my retinas next November, but the costume designs and the styling so far where it comes to this film, is finally meeting the visions I’ve had running around my head since I caved in and finally read The Hunger Games four years ago. So, please remember their Anna+Karenina++Race+Dress+2names, because I’m making a bold statement in a couple of words. Trish Summerville, Ve Neil, and Linda D. Flowers are Oscar worthy judging purely on the styling of the handful of photos that have been released recently. I honestly put the gowns that Jena Malone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Elizabeth Banks (her costume, including the shoes are Alexander McQueen), have warn, up there with the costume designs of Jacqueline Durran, whom won for best costume design just this past month at The Oscars. There it is, bold statement– but I said that Jacqueline would win when I saw her work in Anna Karenina last December, and it happened, and I’m rarely wrong about this category, so… that’s that, cross your fingers, eyes, toes, and legs that I’m a little bit right this time as well!

Congratulations mom and dad, you raised a girlie girl! Where the hell are my Ruby Slippers?!

Them There Eyes

Hail the Conquering Victors!

ACATCHING FIRE VICTORY TOUR POSTERbout an hour + ago we got one of the first tastes of the wonders yet to come, other wise known as we got a shiny, glossy, new, fabulous, highly styled, pretty-pretty, white rose laden, poster featuring our beloved Peeta, and our treasured Katniss promoting their Victory Tour! And the world wept, rejoiced, fan-fared, other stuff. No, really, everyone, guys, girls, whatever you identify your selves as– this may be short and sweet, but if this poster is signs of things yet to come? Visually speaking The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will surpass Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, and quite possibly eat it for breakfast, with maybe a little salt and pepper on top?

Personally, I love the look, it’s polished, as in they look like they’ve been through a body polish a la The Capitol, it’s also streamlined, and the lighting is fantastic, and god knows I love me some good lighting (photographer, I’ve literally left locations because the light sucked), and of course the pièce de résistance— the costuming. Katniss’ dress is gorgeous, a sort of throw-back to the 1930’s with its pleated top, and of course it is white symbolising the image that the Capitol likes to project of her– that’s she’s pure. And then there’s Peeta, looking handsome as ever, also in 1930s style garb– check out the trousers, they have metal tabs instead of him wearing a belt– that’s a throw-back to old school styles right there (yes, I study fashion as well, sue me). I like that Trish Summerville has decided to keep continuity by using the 1930s styles Judianna established in the Districts, I think it falls in nicely as the 1930s was hard-times for most everyone, and also a booming time for Art Deco architecture, jewelry and clothing– which is reflected mostly in the avant garde styles in The Capitol. The way I like to think of it is, the Districts are stuck in the Depression, the Capitol is fully embracing the Victory Rolls, the shoulder pads, and mad fashions seen later in the 1940s, it’s all there if you’re paying attention, promise.

Be forewarned, this is just the beginning– because more is to come, we have months on end of nibbles that’ll hopefully only wet our appetites for the main event, and personally I cannot wait to see what they unfurl at us.

Them There Eyes