Hunger Games Halloween, Catching Fire Style

It’s only a few short weeks from Halloween! If you’re going as a Catching Fire character, now is the time to prep! We all know looking your best isn’t always an easy thing, but here’s some tips to help you out!

First off, let’s talk the Catching Fire Arena look. Arena and training gear is the CLASSIC representation of the series, so those who know the series will definitely know what you’re going for!

Depending on your comfort level with spandex, there’s a couple different options here!

First, the more comfy, unisex pants and t-shirt combo:
Catching Fire Hunger Games Cosplay RimThis one also comes with a sweater option for children, which is nice if you’ve ever experienced Halloween in a region where autumn happens (ICYMI– it’s usually effing freezing.) You can also grab just the shirt.

For the less weary, there’s also the “Hunter Jumpsuit”, as the company trying not to break copyright laws refers to it:


From there, you can customize your character with their weapon of choice!

And if your hair is too short to be hers, there’s always that lovely Katniss “Arena Girl” Wig. Yup, still around!

Want that “burning up the atmosphere” look?


There’s also Cosplay Katniss and Peeta shirts that can be dressed up with some dark pants, though it’s not quite the same effect (and hilariously, the female model is WEARING IT BACKWARDS.)

catching fire hunger games katniss on fire cosplaycatching fire hunger games peeta on fire cosplay

Unfortunately, there’s one main element to all these things: They’re kinda, sorta, REALLY EXPENSIVE. Which may be fine with you, if you’re big into cosplay or Halloween in general.

For the rest of us.. Believe it or not, it might be easier to be a Capitol citizen. Elizabeth Banks may be in Alexander McQueen, but a big part of Capitol style is that there is no continuity and you can basically make it whatever you want. Go all thrift shop on Halloween’s ass! Get yourself some fabric butterflies and a lavender wig, if you’re crafty! Guys, find yourself an outrageous suit, tack on that glitter fabric paint, grab a blue wig and call yourself Caesar Flickerman!

Really, the possibilities are endless! If you like dressing up for Halloween, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Chins up, smiles on!

May The Sizes Be Ever in Your Favor!
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Halloween, Part 1: The Tributes

Okay, now we’re talking about those types of costumes!

Too early, you say? FALSE. We’ve found that a good costume requires time and careful planning! A penchant toward showiness is welcome but not required, because it’s Halloween, when grown adults eat candy and drink at a friend’s house IN COSTUME!

There are A LOT of options for Hunger Games costumes out there. To be fair to them all, we’ll be covering them bit by bit, starting off with the most obvious option:


Let’s start with Training Outfits, shall we?

Step One: NECA, who has an official license to all things Hunger Games, sells a movie replica District 12 training shirt:

It’s a great shirt, but therein lies two problems. One – The shirt is specifically for D12, so if you’re dressing as one of the other tributes, you’re mislabeled. Two – It runs between $49.99 and $163.99, depending on your size. Possible solution:
The Hunger Games District 12 Training Shirt at Hot Topic is only $36.

The movie tributes have matching pants, but as far as our research has told us, they do not exist on the Internet! So…

Step Two: Bust out those black Dickies, skinny jeans, or if you’re really adventurous, spandex pants! Also, a pair of kickass, shiny black boots!

On to Arena Outfits!

There’s a little more flexibility here because everyone wears the same thing.

Step One: Black or dark green t-shirt (depending on your preference to either the movie or book). Khaki cargo pants. Available in pretty much any store in existence.

Step Two: Arena Jacket!

The Arena Jacket also has the “official merchandise” problem: It runs between $68.99 and $119.99. The jacket has pretty positive reviews, so it’s totally cool if you’re willing to invest the cash! We just know that some people aren’t that dedicated the Halloween (and then a really freaking awesome autumn jacket!) There’s not any other option out there for jacket replicas, unless you have a black, hooded nylon jacket you’re willing to play with… or, ya know… going without the jacket.

Want to represent your District of choice while in arena garb AND have a nifty place to sneak all that booze into your friend’s dorm keep your stuff? Snag a nylon District bag like this one, available for every district:

Note on these: District 12 bags are MORE THAN DOUBLE the cost of any other district! Yikes!

What if being a tribute isn’t enough? What if you need to be KATNISS FREAKING EVERDEEN?! We got you covered for that too!

Step One: Assuming you don’t have easily braid-able dark flowing locks of hair, there’s a wig for that! Of course, it’s not officially license by Lionsgate and is thus only known (somewhat hilariously) as the “Arena Girl” wig!

Step Two: Get yourself a Mockingjay pin! Otherwise, you’re just some random tribute with braided brown hair!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Step Three: Pick up a (fake!) bow!

Yes, there is indeed an official replica of Katniss’ hunting bow from the beginning of the film:

The Hunger Games Katniss Hunting Bow

And it’ll only set you back $80! *cough* … Or you could just cheat across fandoms and snag a Adult Legolas Bow and Arrow Set for $15! If your friends notice the difference, we applaud your friends!

Step Four: Swap your booze stuff from those nylon bags to THE ORANGE BACKPACK!

Or its mini-equivalents for 1/4 the price!

That’s all for this round, but we’ll be back with more Hunger Games related costume designs soon!

We Are Masters of Disguise (Which is Why Everyone Knows Our Real Names, Obviously!),
The Girl With The Pearl

What The Hunger Games Movie Could Have Been

Everyone has their complaints about The Hunger Games movie, most of them being silly grudges surrounding the fact that it isn’t an exact replica of the book.

Now Kevin Tancharoen, another director who was considered for The Hunger Games before Gary Ross got the job, has released his pitch for the film… and hopefully, we all now realize how much worse it could have been.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a pitch film is pretty much a fan vid made by directors. They splice together ideas and actors from films they would use for inspiration to create an original trailer for the series.

Here’s Kevin Tracharoen’s pitch for The Hunger Games:

Considering that directing Mortal Kombat is his claim to fame, it isn’t much of a surprise that he was basically looking to turn The Hunger Games into your stereotypical futuristic fight film!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

District 12 – There’s only a few shots of what Kevin envisioned for the district, but it involves SEEDY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Because if you’re poor, that essentially makes to a creeper, especially if you trade at The Hob.

The Capitol – Dark and spooky fortress. These people are the pinnacle of power and class, but apparently they don’t believe in lights?

Capitol Citizens – Only in one shot of “Effie” do we see any color or signs of wealth. Other than that, it appears that The Capitol has been overrun by a highly organized prison gang.

“Can you believe that guy?!”

Tributes – Most of the clips feature adults, which isn’t surprising given the lack of “children killing children” movies, but no real signs of The Careers. Just a bunch of people hiding and crying on national television, which Katniss notes as a quick way to become an easy target.

Voiceover – The ultimate “telling the story with good acting and solid direction” copout!

Appealing to Young Adults – Apparently, if you include clips from Harry Potter and Twilight that really don’t have any place in the storyline, every young person in the world will love it?

Casting – Kevin said these were just his basic ideas, but besides that amazing moment when we said “OMG HE HAD AMANDLA STENBERG FOR RUE TOO!”, the rest was all fan service, fan service, fan service. Seriously, dude? ZAC EFRON? You can fancast any young actor in the world! At least pick someone who can act!

So next time you want to complain about Gary Ross and his vision of The Hunger Games, kiddos… Remember: It could have been WAY WORSE.

He Even Used The “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?” From Gladiator…
The Girl With The Pearl

The Con Circuit Conundrum

The Hunger Games trilogy is barely off the ground and we’re already biting our nails on behalf of some hot young stars.

Fiction 2 Film Hunger Games Convention Creation Entertainment

In all fairness, we heard this was awesome.

No, not Jennifer, Josh, and Liam! We’re talking about the true newbies, mainly the tributes. See, there’s something that comes with small roles in epic series like The Hunger Games. It’s a temptation to join a dark, dangerous world.

That’s right: The never-ending, all-encompassing Con Circuit.

San Diego Comic Con is not the only Con that allows fans access to their favorite stars (and their more obscure co-stars who don’t actually have a line or more than a few seconds screen time, but fans love them anyway because they’re that obsessed.) There are cons all over the world at all times of year, toting celeb and not-so-celeb favorites for all tastes, allowing them to be praised by adoring fans.

But this Con Circuit is a dangerous, almost mythical place: Some obscure stars enter, never to return to real show business.

Right now, The Hunger Games is still new enough that the tributes are acceptable members of the Con community. Recently, cast members have attended Florida Supercon, OZ Comic Con, and Fiction 2 Film, with San Diego Comic Con and likely Dragon*Con in the near future. Every time we see stars, especially the ones without previous career experience at a convention, part of us smiles while the other part screams “RUN, BITCH, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

Hunger Games Cosplay barbra Comic Con Fanboy Comics

Also, cosplay happens!

Maybe it’s the money or the praise or the really fun atmosphere that comes with cons, but it baffles us how many actors are willing to basically give up their chances at real careers to travel the Con Circuit for way. too. long., as if it were an eternal summer. Like we said, this doesn’t really apply to the Hunger Games cast this early on, but there’s always potential that it could. Imagine District 8 girl or District 3 boy sitting at little tables signing autographs forever. FOR-EV-ER.

Every time we see that one of the newer actors has landed a new role, we fall to our knees and thank the almighty Cornucopia that there is still hope for them yet. We nearly shed tears of joy when we heard about Jackie Emerson’s new project, Son of South or Dayo Okeniyi’s upcoming television role. Because the actors we love deserve to be more than signing machines at our local Con. They deserve long, diverse careers. And after a while, that will mean moving on from The Hunger Games.

So let’s enjoy our time with The Hunger Games stars on the Con Circuit while we can.. then let’s hope they get the hell out of there, eventually.

Though We Will Still Find A Way To Leg Hitch Jackie Emerson,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Creep Factor


Turns out you get not one but TWO posts inspired by the tweet to your left. Twiffidy had a fun take on it yesterday, but mine is a lady more cynical. This lady. I want to slap some dignity into her.

We don’t care about your sexual preference, marital status, nationality, religion, age or background. There is one universal truth among all of us: When someone is attractive, you notice it.

It’s not our fault! We’re only human. You follow someone on Twitter and they make you smile, so you think “This person has charisma.” You see a picture of somebody good-looking and you think “Oh hey, that’s a pretty attractive photo.”

As long as you don’t venture into the land of crazy ass fangirl and decide you need to hit on this person constantly and stalk them until they eventually agree to have babies with you (or more likely, get your ass thrown in the brig), then there’s really no problem. You’re just noticing that this person is attractive. Simple. Innocent. Harmless.

Then why do I feel like such a creep?

For instance, the new photos of Jack Quaid from Interview Magazine. They are really good photos. I’m pretty sure everyone has noticed that he looks attractive in them and 99.9% of us do not feel the sudden urge to stalk Jack Quaid (sorry about the .1%, Jack!)

Jack Quaid Interview Magazine Potrait by Sebastian Kim

Damn you, stylized photoshoots!

There’s nothing revealing about the photos. Jack is of legal age, so we’re not pedophiles-in-training. Hell, I was born within 5 years of him (and most of the other male tributes), which doesn’t even make me finding him attractive pervy… though it would be like sneaking glances at my friend’s little brother. Maybe that’s why it feels so wrong?

We have no idea how to handle this. On most subjects, we have NO SHAME and this isn’t something most people feel shameful about. We’ve heard plenty of people older than us announce that they found Josh Hutcherson or Alexander Ludwig attractive.

We even tried to create a graph explaining the creep factor based on age difference. We couldn’t even create something logical.

Personally, I blame past experiences. I’m a massive fan of Harry Potter and back in the day when LiveJournal was relevant to me, I looked into a lot of LJ communities. And A LOT of them we dedicated to perving over Harry Potter stars. Not your typical fangirling. STRAIGHT UP PERVING. There was one community in particular that was basically a place for 40+ year old women to get together and discuss how much they wanted to have sex with Rupert Grint, who played Ron. He was about 16 at the time. I was mortified for these people. Where was their dignity?!

I pledged very early on in my fandom-loving years NEVER to become one of those women. Every time I smile at a photo of Jack or Alexander or Josh, I feel a momentary flash of panic that I will become a creep.

I have zero intentions of leaving my fiance to try my luck with any member of The Hunger Games cast. In fact, I KNOW I shouldn’t even feel guilty for finding any of them attractive, because my fiance’s phone background is Michelle Tratchenburg.

Is it just us?! Is it okay to find anyone attractive (as long as they’re not a child)? Where do you draw the line?

I call it stalking, you call it love
The Girl With The Pearl

REACTION: The Hunger Games Trailer!

It’s our favorite type of post EVER: Reaction time! Twiffidy couldn’t make it to this one, but since she got to talk about her trailer experience before we even knew WTF the trailer looked like, we’ll cut her some slack! It’s took us a good long chat to react to everything properly, therefore most of this post is behind the cut!


Them There Eyes: Okay, the color palette. It seemed like people were wary of it for some reason. The color choices were clearly chosen to illustrate that The Districts are a more organic place, browns, greens, blues, grays, neutrals.
The Girl With The Pearl: I think it’s nice that every scene has a distinct look and it differs in the changing environments. The color isn’t the same from regular D12 to the reaping to the training room to the interview. They all have their own feel.
Them There Eyes: Exactly. And everything just becomes sharper once they get to The Capitol. Like BAM! Jewel tones! It literally has a Dorothy coming out of her house into Oz feel.


The Girl With The Pearl: Ridiculous or ridiculous: the number of people upset that Katniss’ hunting jacket fits her well, because that means it probably wasn’t her father’s. Unless her father was a very tiny man.
Them There Eyes: I dunno, I don’t think it matters in the long run.. she’s got his bow, that’s enough for me. That or she washed that thing and it shrunk. Leather shrinks in water.
The Girl With The Pearl: It was a laundry mishap, people!
Them There Eyes: I am getting so irritated with the people saying she looks too clean!
TGWTP: She’s poor, but she’s not homeless! She doesn’t roll around in dirt and not bathe all day!
Them There Eyes: I literally saw a comment on the IMDB Facebook under the bow and arrow photo released last week, where they said ‘she’s too clean!’ and last I looked it was ‘liked’ 8 times.
TGWTP: *facepalm*

Gale Prim The Reaping Liam Hemsworth Willow Shields



TGWTP: I may not hate Liam Hemsworth in this movie. I thought I would, but he’s kind of winning me over
Them There Eyes: I may not hate him either, he’s earnest and actually kind of sweet.
TGWTP: Turns out he CAN act. It’s just easier when not based off a Nicholas Sparks book.
Them There Eyes: We completely understand that he cares deeply about her, but I do not get a romance vibe… it’s very brotherly.
TGWTP: Exactly. He wasn’t all sexy voiced, as if he were really saying “I will sweep you off your feet and care for you forever!”
Them There Eyes: No, it was pep talk voice. Reassurance before romance. He’s losing his best friend. Oh wow… I stopped the video right at the still point we’ve seen forever, Gale At the Reaping.
TGWTP: It’s so great to have that still IN CONTEXT. When he picked up Prim at the reaping.. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE.
Them There Eyes: Oh, and Effie’s shoes are Epic.
TGWTP: YES. Though I don’t buy a lot of movie products, I would not object to those being sold in stores.
Them There Eyes: I cannot wait to see that in full, I think a film that can make you cry within the first 20 minutes is a good film. That means An American Tail is a really good film.
TGWTP: Indeed it is!

Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark Sensitive Baker Problems


Them There Eyes: Okay, it has to be said, even though it’s been said a million times before… Josh’s face. He says what… one line in the whole trailer, but he says so much just with his facial expressions alone that he doesn’t need to open his mouth and use his voice.
TGWTP: Josh and Jennifer both have this natural ability to say so much with just a glance. When they both were up on the stage looking at each other after being reaped? MINDPLOSION!
Them There Eyes: She’s all stoic, and he’s just losing it. It’s fucking fantastic.
TGWTP: Am I creepy for having the hots for someone who could easily be my little brother?
Them There Eyes: I know! I’m in the same boat. He’s a really cute guy, and I feel like a total cradle robber thinking he’s attractive.


Jackie Emerson Appreciation Day!

We’re not gonna lie. We’ve got some biases when it comes to The Hunger Games cast. We love them all! We just love some more than others! We’ve kind of got a list going on in our heads and you know you’ve got one too.

Today we’re going to talk about Jackie Emerson, who very high on our list.

“Why?” You ask. We’ve never even seen Jackie act! How could we like her so much?

Because Jackie is the type that has conversations with fans on Twitter, who hosts TWO AND A HALF HOUR streaming chats with them, who always has the widest smile in every photo that’s ever hit the internet. She’s got tons of friendly charm without seeming self-serving or cheesy.

Last week, Jackie released her first music video for the song “Peter Pan”. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, here you go:

As you can see, the song is a cute little ditty about not growing up too fast.. but not growing up too slowly either. The lyrics kind of go back and forth on that. Either way, it’s pretty catchy.

With the video being hyped up for so long, we’d expected to see a little more than Jackie singing and playing the piano, but you know what the weird thing is? We sat there and watched Jackie singing and playing the piano the whole time. When she tilted her head back and laughed in the beginning of the video, our brains went “OMG SHE IS THE ADORABLE LITTLE SIBLING WE NEVER HAD! Cannot look away!”

Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi


Also, given all the comparison tomfoolery surrounding the Vanity Fair photo shoot, we didn’t have much time to express how much we actually ENJOYED that cast photo. We especially enjoyed this little section to your right:

It’s official. Between the video chat and this piece of the cast photo, Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi are the two most adorable friends ever. We’re sure they’re just that, friends, but we wouldn’t completely object to the idea of them running off to Las Vegas eloping.. you know, when they’re both old enough to actually do that.

Or at the very least, they should consider having an illegitimate child in ten years or so. That way, no matter who either of them end up with after the fact, their parents are guaranteed at least ONE beautiful grandchild. Juuuust sayin’!

It takes a lot to melt our cold, steely hearts, but somehow Jackie has done it. And for that we declare today Jackie Emerson Appreciation Day! Feel free to share your thoughts and gifs in the comments!


The Girl With The Pearl

Panem October: Introducing Thresh!

We have received a transmission from Head Gamemaker Rowan of Panem October!

Panem October Katniss profile

Have YOU added all the characters so far?

The highly-anticipated Hunger Games ARG is set to launch October 1st, but they’ve been kind enough to spread some big pieces of the puzzle around the fandom leading up to its opening!

We’ve got the next piece of the Panem October puzzle that will help you dig deeper into the world of Panem. That’s right! It’s time for a brand new Panem Identification Card! It’s like those baseball or Pokemon cards you used to trade around as a kid, but much cooler and more technologically advanced!

All you need is a QR reader on your phone. Simply search “QR” in your app marketplace and you’ll find several free apps you can use to scan away! By scanning another individual’s ID Card, you will be brought to their Panem October profile page and have the option to add him or her as a friend. Trust us.. if we can do it, you can do it!

Every time an ID card is scanned, the Capitol is informed that that individual is present and accounted for, and is doing their duty to the Capitol by keeping the authority informed. Not to mention that adding characters as friends before the official launch also means additional items and special opportunities later in the game! All users will each get their own Panem ID card when the game begins October 1st, so upload a profile picture if you haven’t already!

Keep on earning your Panem October street cred by scanning this latest ID below! After all, who doesn’t want to be friends with the resident badass of District 11?!

Panem October Identification Card Thresh

Don’t have a fancy phone with QR reader capabilities? Never fear! Breathe in, breathe out, and click here to access Thresh’s profile page and add him as a friend! You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

You’re not off the hook yet! There will be even more Panem Identification Cards released all around the fandom leading up to October 1st! We won’t spoil the surprise by telling you where, so keep searching all your favorite Hunger Games fansites for the goods! Muahahaha!

Want more info on Panem October? Check out a great interview with Head Gamemaker Rowan at!

If you’re just starting your Panem October ID card search, what’s wrong with you?! …Just kidding! We’ll give you a hand!
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Follower Blackmail: You’ve Been Warned!

Welcome to another Follow Friday!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Follow Friday is a term used on Twitter. Each Friday, users suggest great Twitter account to follow to their current followers. It can get a clog up your dashboard a bit, but it’s usually a great tool for promotion and forming friendships.

Blackmail twitter


Then there’s its other purposes: FOLLOWER BLACKMAIL!

This phenomena is something usually seen among celebrities like The Hunger Games tributes and the occasional fansite. In a nut shell, it occurs when someone says:

It happens quite often in The Hunger Games fandom. While filming, Alexander Ludwig promised fans a Ustream chat almost every other week, if only they could get him to a certain number of followers before then. Jackie Emerson offered up her music video once she reached 5,000 followers. Fansites offer prizes if they can get to a certain number of followers– not that we’re against prizes, but we feel they should be announced once the follower number has been attained and not as a way to actually attain it.

The fallout from this is a mass amount of crazed fans begging their friends to follow someone they probably already follow and the celebrity which the #FF is about retweeting far too many of them.

It’s not cute. In fact, it’s one of the most annoying things about Twitter. And that goes for ALL fangirls, not just Ludwig’s.

Twitter Follow Friday

The Fail Whale ensnares all the little Tweeters!

After all that, of course, the celebrities barely ever come through for most fans. Alexander Ludwig’s chat has “technical difficulties” or he can’t get to computer until 11pm PST when most of the people who fangirl him are asleep (because they’re all 14.) His chats happened about half the time they were promised.

Though we can’t really blame for her for it because she’s not the one editing the thing, Jackie Emerson’s video wasn’t ready when she reached 5,000 fans. We love Jackie. She’s super friendly and funny, but we hope she learned the moral of the this tale: NEVER underestimate the power of Twitter and hyped up Hunger Games fans!

Let’s all be friends and follow each other on Twitter. But let’s do it out of mutual respect and love for The Hunger Games, NOT because we’re offered a reward.

Now Follow Us Simply Because You Love Us!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Sibling Exchange

We have an obsession with The Hunger Games, obviously.

As an extension of that, we follow MOST of the cast members on Twitter and Facebook. Most of what they post has nothing to do with The Hunger Games. That means exposure to a lot of random stuff.

Recently, Isabelle Furhman posted a video of her older sister, Madeline doing a cover of Adele’s “Someone like You” via YouTube. We found ourselves going through Madeline’s videos even though she has no connection to The Hunger Games. There’s a good few of them too!

We were particularly amused by this number:

That’s not sarcasm either! It’s straight up impressive!

So one sister is theatrical, the other musical. Most of us are NEITHER. It just isn’t fair!

I, The Girl With The Pearl, have a proposition for Madeline Furhman: BE MY LITTLE SISTER. Just for a few days!

Not permanently, of course. I don’t want to keep you from your own family. It’s just that I don’t have a little sister, I’ve always wanted one, preferably with such fun talent to brag about.

Isabelle and Madeline Fuhrman Golden Globes

Repeat after us: AWWWWWW!

Perhaps asking Isabelle to be a temporary sibling would make more sense given that we spend all our time talking about a movie she’s about to star in, but between Orphan and The Hunger Games, we’re going to be really freaking scared of her come March!

Plus, does she rap?! We think not!

If they’d like, I’d be willing to trade my older sister to your family. She’s 28 and fairly fantastic, though neither of us would be very successful at an open mic event. But she IS double-jointed in her shoulders, which leads to some awesomely gross dislocation tricks!

Maybe we’re not completely serious, but it’s cool to see these actors being so supportive of their family. Almost all of the tributes from The Hunger Games constantly compliment their siblings and endorse their work when they could easily be self-absorbed brats instead. It’s pretty cool to see, consider they probably spent most of their childhoods spitting gum in each others’ hair.

Whose siblings would you be willing to take in? Sound off in the comments!

Why does this post make us think of the Olsen Twins singing “Brother for Sale”?
The Girl With The Pearl (who is forever haunted by her geeky childhood)