The Hunger Games Hacker Theory


Interruptions from Beetee?! Maybe? Maaaaaybe? Prolly not.

Interruptions from Beetee?! Maybe? Maaaaaybe? Prolly not.

*drum roll*


At least that’s what the Internet speculates. Who cares if the sources aren’t at all reliable? It’s on the Internet! If it’s on the Internet, it’s totally true!!!1!11!

Okay, maybe that last statement isn’t totally true… but I’m writing this on the Internet, so I’m not really sure what to believe. It’s like a puzzle covered in an enigma swathed in mystery wrapped in bacon. Anyway…

It would definitely be cool to use the “hacking” angle to promote Mockingjay in all its glory. Do we think it will actually happen? Probably not this time. See, when MTV has something special, even if it’s “secret”, they tend to promote the hell outta that bitch through copious hint-dropping and rumors about appearances. Remember Beyonce’s “secret” VMA performance a couple years ago? Was it really secret to anyone?

If there's anything Capitol savvy MTV knows, it's proper propaganda promotion.

If there’s anything Capitol savvy MTV knows, it’s proper propaganda promotion.

But the thing is, these hints aren’t coming from MTV. They’re mores coming from hopeful Hunger Games conspiracy theorist fans on social media. That’s not to say they’re never right, but there’s usually something else to back it up.

So before you go placing all bets on Sunday, remember that there’s still quite a ways ’til November and there’s still filming going on. We imagine Francis Lawrence would kinda sorta REALLY want to oversee the production of the first trailer (we want that too!) and he’s a liiiiiittle too busy for that at the moment.

It’s not that The Hunger Games promotion won’t be handled quite extensively by MTV. We’re sure it will. Commercials? Definitely. Sneak peeks that we’ll have to sit through some horrible MTV original show to see? Certainly. The Mockingjay special with cast interviews? Inevitable. Just not right now.

We’re not gonna sit in front of our televisions this Sunday, MTV. It’s nothing personal. You’ll get our ratings some other day.

If We’re Wrong, That’s What DVRs Are For,

The Girl With The Pearl


New The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer!

We don’t have a post today, but we’ll be coming to you with our trailer reaction and Comic Con breakdown SOON! In the meantime…



Victor’s Village’s Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer

In two days, we will have a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire presented during a panel with the stars at Comic-Con! After going so long with only intermittent Catching Fire news, these last couple weeks are almost enough to make us SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST! …Though, if we predict the combustion, how spontaneous is it, really?

We’ve already got a couple great new stills to get our blood flowing, but the trailer will be the real deal, but there are still some things we haven’t seen yet that could make this trailer beyond awesome! Therefore, we present…


We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

Katniss vs. President Snow – Though we’re struck with the fear that the Snow and Plutarch scenes from the first trailer will replace the Katniss / Snow showdown that kicks off the Catching Fire books, we’re still hoping to see a scene of confrontation where we learn that this isn’t just politics. It’s personal!

Wedding Fever and Horror – It would take about 10 seconds of trailer time to juxtaposed The Capitol’s wedding fever with the reality of what’s being pushed upon Katniss and Peeta. And it would be a helluva emotional 10 seconds. Wedding mentions without both side of the coin just will not cut it on our book.

Danger in the Arena – That’s right. None of this “Save the arena for later” business! Lionsgate had already “announced” The Quarter Quell. ARENA SCENES FOR ALL! They can be quick little flashes, but we better see the ocean pedestals or crazed monkeys or nerve gas fog or arrows getting shot at force fields. We know the danger of the arena, now we need to feel it!



Introduction of the other Victors, particularly Finnick and Johanna – We’ve seen pictures of the other Victors, now how bout some footage? Let’s see the movie’s take on what Finnick and Johanna are all about! As much as the audience loves Katniss and Peeta, we’re going to need more characters to root for. This will be the perfect chance to make us do just that!

Peeta – APPEASE THE FANGIRLS so that they calm down already! Most of us realize that Peeta will be a major part of at least half the movie whether we see that in the trailer or not, but some of us need a little reassurance. Give it to em! Close-up shots of Josh Hutcherson’s jawline preferable, but not required.

Gale’s New Scene – Anything new that’s specifically added in for character development is always intriguing to us. We want a glimpse of new goodness to come! Then maybe the fans can see and hopefully appreciate why they added it in.

What about you, fellow Tributes? Want do you want… Nay! NEED to see in the new trailer?

The Girl With The Pearl

Catching Fire-on Man 3

I was making plans with friends to see Iron Man 3 when it hit me: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser trailer is being shown in front of it! The conversation went something like this.

Me: Guess what’s before Iron Man 3!
Friend: …The Great Gatsby?
Me: No! The Catching Fire trailer!
Friend: *eyeroll*

Sure, my friend was totally wrong about that (Gatsby comes out the next week), and sure, I can totally catch the Catching Fire teaser trailer online whenever I feel like it. But there is something awesome about watching a trailer on the big screen in a theater while you wait for a movie to start.


My personal love for trailers aside, having the Catching Fire trailer in front of such a huge movie like Iron Man 3 is a pretty big deal. The audience will have a much broader of a demographic than viewers of the MTV Movie Awards. It’s a far cry from putting the trailer in front of, say, Twilight (which I saw in theaters just to see The Hunger Games trailer on a big screen, that’s dedication), and while it’s still a blockbuster in its own right, it has a much narrower demo.

So as excited I am to actually see Pepper Potts finally (spoilers!) suit up, I’m still just as excited to see that teaser before it.

Now to win over the comic book nerds!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer Breakdown!

Time for another reaction post, this time for the NEW CATCHING FIRE TRAILER! As you can tell, we’re still flailing!

If you’ve never seen our group reaction posts before, they can get pretty damn long. Therefore, we’ve contained most of it under a cut! So refresh yourself by watching the trailer once more, read on, and don’t forget to hit READ MORE for the full effect!

TGWTP: Okay! Let’s start with Katniss and Peeta and the Victory Tour. Was it what you were expecting?
Twiffidy: This seems like a much darker version of what I imagined the Victory Tour to be, but I like it!
Them There Eyes: Yes and no. I was expecting more glamour, but I honestly like the grittier side of it that they’ve shown in this.
Twiffidy: Yes exactly, a lot grittier.
Them There Eyes: I like it a lot. I wanted more darkness in the 1st film, so… this is actually living up to my expectations more than that, and I’ve only seen snippets.
TGWTP: Yes! I loved the first film, but I didn’t feel the tension like I wanted to, This time around. It’s there. You definitely see how the experience changed the characters too. The settings aren’t just dark, they are too.
Twiffidy: Totally, even Peeta who was smiling and waving on the train in the first movie
Them There Eyes: Yes! The 1st time I watched this trailer I didn’t take it all in. The second time, it took my breath away, it was so intense.
Twiffidy: He pretty much doesn’t smile.
Them There Eyes: Peeta’s lost his innocence, I think that’s what this trailer is telling the world.
TGWTP: I love that he’s unhappy but still gentle. They cut out his outburst in the attic from the trailer, but I hope it’s in the movie. It’s so powerful because he usually IS so sensitive.
Them There Eyes: I just remember how non-fans of the series watched the 1st film, and said they thought Peeta was weak. I don’t think they can call him weak anymore, he looks kind of pissed actually.
Twiffidy: Totally.

These guys?

These guys?

Them There Eyes: Can we please talk about the symbolism, of those Peacekeepers costumes!
Twiffidy: I’m really believing that “riot gear” theory from a while back
Them There Eyes: It’s seriously disturbing how their backs resemble a reptile, and then they go crawling, or slithering into that crowd of earth tones like they’re evil ice reptiles.
Twiffidy: Oh man, if that’s any foreshadowing to the reptile mutts…!
Them There Eyes: I never thought of that! But… yes please!
TGWTP: They’re definitely meant to look like a insect or reptilian sort of SWAT team
Them There Eyes: Oh, their helmets remind me of a monster from Doctor Who as well. I can’t recall, but it was a motor cycle geared up soulless cyborg type thing. I think it was from the Tennant era?

TGWTP: Snow and Plutarch, anyone?
Twiffidy: I swear it reminds of Varys and Littlefinger talking at the counsel table on Game of Thrones
Them There Eyes: I am digging this whole new kind of canon, where the Gamemaker, and the president have little chats.
Twiffidy: Plotting the Games together.
Them There Eyes: And yes, it’s very Game of Thrones-y. I wish Tyrion would walk in and drag a chair to the other side of the room, and just… be amazing
TGWTP: Guys… I think I ship Snow/Plutarch now. Is that wrong?
Them There Eyes: Plutarch/Snow will be braiding each others hair soon… it’s bound to happen.
TGWTP: They bonded over their love of antique furniture and death and now they’ll live happily ever after, right?
Them There Eyes: Yes, happily ever after watching Finnick Odair do what he does best…
TGWTP: Until Plutarch totes turns out to be the best spy ever, that is. He’ll reluctant sneak out at that point, never to be heard from again!

Reaching to hold hands, obvs!

Reaching to hold hands, obvs!

Twiffidy: Snow seems to have way more respect for Plutarch than he did for Seneca.
Them There Eyes: Oh, yeah. He absolutely has more respect for him, he probably thinks he’s less of a threat ’cause he’s older, and a little bit fat, and more old fashioned.
Twiffidy: I think it’ll make the twist of Plutarch’s character that much more surprising. Also, Plutarch seems way less comical than he does in the books.
Them There Eyes: Yeah… maybe that’s just a persona he puts on for Katniss, and this is Closed Doors Plutarch?
TGWTP: Yes! They’ve made him sinister with Snow, which I think works better for film. Maybe in Mockingjay, we see that other side more?
Twiffidy: It’ll be interesting to seem how he acts in the open. The first movie implied that the Head Gamemaker is kind of a public figure.
Them There Eyes: Seneca was more than a figure, I think he was a celebrity in his own right, and then he got a big head because of it.
Them There Eyes: Also, gotta say it… I think it’s telling that Hoffman kept his New York accent. I also think it’s a “tell” to those who are paying attention that he’s a rebel.
Twiffidy: And yes, he could’ve done so many different kinds of voices for Plutarch, it seems like an interesting choice.
TGWTP: Yes, especially where Donald Sutherland’s voice is some much more structured and rigid.
TGWTP: I love how PSH says “They’ll hate her so much, they might just kill her for ya”. Honestly, that is my favorite line in the whole trailer. I DON’T KNOW WHY.
Them There Eyes: Because it’s so delicously evil?
TGWTP: YES, because it is so deliciously evil and so how I picture Plutarch!
Them There Eyes: Yes, a slimy pig in a great suit?
TGWTP: Exactly.


One Day More

We’re almost there guys!

It’s a little crazy to think that we’re going to see the first real footage (10 seconds in the teaser teaser and a gif do not really count) of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire tomorrow. Months and months of speculation and worry and paparazzi photos and stills, and we’re finally going to get to see some of it in action.

And a whole 2 minutes and 30 seconds of it too, which is both really exciting and kind of worrisome at the same time. The trailer is being called a teaser, but typically teasers don’t run too much over a minute. 2min30 is the maximum length allowed by the MPAA, putting it in full theatrical trailer territory. The obvious worry about such a length for just a teaser is that they’ll show too much. But in the back of my mind, it’s been a year since The Hunger Games movie came out, and I’m kind of dying for as much as I can get to tide me over to the real ramp up to the Catching Fire release.

The Hunger Games fandom gets to wake up from their hibernation period and we’re sensing a return to the madness. Surely it won’t be 2min30 of Katniss walking around trees again (oh man, what if?), so HG fans, are you ready?

Tomorrow we’ll discover
What Francis Lawrence has in store!
One more daaaawn
One more daaaay
One day moooooooore!

one day more

Just imagine the huge chorus belting it out behind me

Catching Fire, The Trailer

It’s Guest Post Tuesday!

Today, we’ve got a great post from Abel Toy, who has thought long and hard about the advertising for Catching Fire and come up with some scenarios for the upcoming teasers and trailers!

If you want to speak your mind about anything Hunger Games, send your guest post in to!


Warning: This post contains major Catching Fire spoilers, and possibly Mockingjay spoilers, so please don’t read this unless you have read the three books.

The trailers for the first film were done in a very cool way. They decided not to show anything that happens on the arena, so as not to give too many stuff to people before they watch the movie. Of course the most recent trailers that were released after the film show more footage, but I’m talking about the trailers released before the film here.

I have seen too many trailers giving away too much information about the films. They show big spoilers that happen very close to the end of the film, and it kind of ruins you the experience. Even if most of us here have probably read the books, there’s still a lot of people who don’t know how the story continues, and if I was one of them I wouldn’t want the trailer(s) for Catching Fire giving away too much information.

Hunger Games Teaser Trailer Katniss Still

Too little?

Ideally, the Catching Fire trailer(s) would show enough to make people want to see the film, without giving away major events in the book. There is quite a big problem, though. The biggest event in the books, which happens around the middle (Chapter 12 out of 27), is also one of the major selling points: Katniss and Peeta forced again into the arena.

Because what happens before isn’t really something that would make new people go to see this film. Yes, I know, it’s the second part of a really, really famous, high-grossing franchise. Yes, I know, it’s really cool and once people see it they’ll be blown away and completely happy that they did. But they still need to market this film, and while marketing it for the fans is awesome for us and makes us excited over and over again (and I’m not claiming they won’t, I’m fairly sure we’ll have some marketing towards us), we’re already going to watch it: they need to convince the skeptics.

So, how are you going to convince the skeptics without revealing this big event? That Katniss has to make a big tour around the Districts isn’t a really exciting thing to sell. And focusing on the revolution side of the story isn’t exactly telling the truth, because that’s basically Mockingjay, not Catching Fire. So, how to do it?

I have a few ideas on how to approach this, from different points of view.

Teaser trailer

The easiest thing to do. Those are usually for the people who already want to go see this film, and you show very tiny bits without really saying what’s it about, so it’s the perfect place for some fan marketing. I’m talking about less than 30 seconds clips, cause those are the best teasers!

Hunger Games Arena CGI

CGI: Awesome but timely!

Here’s a few ideas, in a bullet list, because the writers of this site love them and I’m not going to be less!

  • Showing an aerial shot may be too much, as it spoils the whole “it’s a clock” thing, but a few shots of the beach, the forest, the cornucopia would be great, and just showing the arena isn’t revealing. After all, if Katniss and Peeta hadn’t been chosen to go there, they would just mentor kids who do have to go there. Just scenery bits, to make us drool over the fantastic imagery. I’m not sure about it, though, cause I’m pretty convinced the CGI for the arena will be in-the-works till the last minute!
  • Angry District 11. Angry District 8 in the Television (some low-res television stuff with the lines and everything, you know). Gale’s whipping. This wouldn’t be OK in a major trailer, cause it’s just selling the rebel side, but for a teaser it’s perfect.
  • Peacekeepers outside Katniss’ house (if we’re going to get the electrified fence scene). Gale’s whipping (yes, I’m really looking forward to this scene, not because I hate Gale -I don’t- but just because of the intensity of it). The Hob burning in District 12. This would be perfect to show how life is getting even worse for people at District 12 after what Katniss did. Oh, evil Katniss. It’s your fault.
  • I’m really looking forward for something like this: Plutarch shows the watch to Katniss. “It starts at midnight”. Then, Wiress: “Tick Tock. It’s a clock.” – Too bad it’s too revealing (or maybe not, if done right? I wouldn’t risk it, though).
  • Train. Showing the various districts. Party at Snow’s mansion. Just a very short montage about the Victory Tour. Not a really exciting teaser, but at least we get to see how the different districts are.
  • Snow telling Katniss to convince her. Dramatic teaser right here!
  • “Want a sugar cube?” – showing some of the victors without actually saying anything about the arena would be great.
  • Bonnie & Twill District 13 stuff, if it’s going to be in the movie at all.
  • Drunk Katniss. Because it’s sad but also hilarious.

Lots of ideas for teaser trailers. Those are very easy to think of, in contrast to the main trailers shown next.

There’s more teaser trailers that can be done, those are just a few. What do you think they could make?

Main trailer(s)

Here’s the meaty stuff. A video between 1 and 3 minutes, a basic explanation of what’s the story going to be about without revealing too much and making people want to see it. A major challenge.

There’s a lot of ways to do this, of course, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with, but here’s a few ideas:

  • Snow’s visit to Katniss. The “convince me” stuff. A few clips of the tour, maybe also showing life at District 12. Gale’s whipping (such a powerful and relatively spoiler-free bit, c’mon, how can you NOT show it on the trailer?). Ending it with Katniss asking Snow if she did the right thing, and him answering no may be a bit too much, but would really make a good ending to the trailer. – We’re not mentioning any of the arena here, but we aren’t selling just the rebellion side either. And it’s quite of an exciting trailer.
  • Showing a bit of Victory Tour and District 12 stuff. Snow’s big announcement. Everyone freaks out. Some clips of the victors. Some clips of the arena. – That’s what everyone of us want to see, but unfortunately it’s a tad spoilery. Oh well :(. If they ARE going to reveal it, make a good trailer out of it!

And that’s it. Can’t come up with anything more. It’s HARD. I seriously wouldn’t want to be the one who has to decide what’s the trailer going to show.

That’s it. I’d like to have an interesting conversation with you guys on the comments about this, talking about some fan-trailering (comes from fan-casting, get it? :P), what can they show, what should they show, what they CAN’T show… everything.

I just want to see Johanna, Finnick and Plutarch. And the arena, gotta love the arena.
Abel Toy (Rolpege)

What’s In A Name?

One thing about the Hunger Games trailer that we realized – only after a hundred or so viewings – is that it absolutely does not rely on the names of the actors to sell the movie.

A rose by any other name... would still scare the pants off a Hunger Games fan.

Not once do you see an actor’s name in that trailer, even at the end where they’re often squeezed in. But also no flashes of the characters with the actors’ names, no “Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence”. The movie is full of relative unknowns and has a big cast, but they could’ve used the names of Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland and Lenny Kravitz to grab the audience’s attention. Two of the biggest names in the whole movie, Harrelson and Sutherland, were only even shown for a second.

So what’s our point? Well, it’s all about who they want us to see on screen. It isn’t Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence that they want us to see, but Katniss Everdeen. It isn’t Elizabeth Banks, but Effie Trinket, Capitol liaison to District 12. For many, especially those who had no idea about The Hunger Games or the movie prior to viewing the trailer, Elizabeth Banks was unrecognizable. Some had no idea that that woman in the outrageous make up and outfit was the same actress who flirted with Steve Carell in a book store (40 Year Old Virgin).

Just add a few pounds of makeup...

We still see talk about who is playing who, if they’re right for the role, etc. But the movie has been filmed. The trailer has been cut together and shown to millions. Is there really any point arguing about it now? These actors have become their roles. Jennifer Lawrence is not Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss Everdeen. She is Katniss Everdeen.

It’s about time we stopped focusing on these names and start seeing the characters.

Looking forward to overanalyzing a second trailer…

The Old Bait and Switch

With the news that the Hunger Games trailer would be attached to Breaking Dawn Part 1, many a HG fan went out to buy their tickets to see the movie this weekend, some who sincerely wanted to see the movie as well and others going JUST to see the full theatrical trailer in all of its big-screened glory.

We know, Edward and Bella in a waterfall. We're upset too!

Then movie night comes around, and for some, they… didn’t get it. WOMP WOMP. In some cases, they received only the teaser trailer, the sneak peek from MTV. For others, they didn’t get it at all. And after that those uninterested with Twilight had to make the choice of leaving and completely wasting $12 or sitting through a movie that has a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The problem with just getting the teaser trailer is that it’s not enough. The teaser is obviously for the fans. If you had no idea what The Hunger Games was about, you wouldn’t really get enough information to pique your interest with just the teaser. It’d just be confusing. Why is she in the woods? Why is there fire? Who is this dude in the voiceover? If we haven’t read the books, we don’t know. Teasers are made to tell you that a movie is coming; it’s not supposed to tell you anything about it. At this point, we should be done with teasers. The theatrical trailer was made to get strangers to the series interested in reading the books. It gives enough background so you get the premise, but nothing important gets spoiled so that there is plenty to want to know.

Movie tickets these days are expensive, don't want to waste them.

By now, fans have seen the theatrical trailer. Whether or not they want to see it again (and again and again and again) is up to them. What Lionsgate needs is to reach out to those who don’t know anything about it and show them the theatrical trailer. Opening weekend for Breaking Dawn Part 1 would’ve been the time for that. It’s a wasted opportunity if the theatrical trailer wasn’t attached to all the showings of Breaking Dawn Part 1 this weekend.

At this point, we don’t know why this happened. For all we know, there could’ve been a good reason for it. But it does suck. We wouldn’t have liked buying tickets to Breaking Dawn Part 1 just to see the Hunger Games theatrical trailer and not get it. We’d feel cheated, tricked, betrayed – okay that’s a little dramatic, but you guys get the point. All we can say is… What is this mellarkey?

When are we not dramatic?

Let’s All Play Nicely In The Sandbox, Shall We?

For the most part, this post is more preemptive than anything else. We’re still riding the high of the release of the theatrical trailer for The Hunger Games. In general, the fandom is ecstatic. Our expectations have been exceeded, and faith in the movie adaptation of our beloved series has increased significantly. We’re all watching and rewatching the trailer and still making googly-eyes at it. Life is pretty good for Hunger Games fans right now.

What’s more, that trailer was not just for the fans. Lionsgate had hoped to make a trailer that not only appealed to diehard fans of the books, but also intrigued strangers to the series enough for them to want to read the books before the movie comes out. On both counts, Lionsgate has succeeded.

Ever since the trailer was released, we’ve had many instances where we’ve seen that because of the mighty impressive trailer, our friends have expressed their interests to (finally!) read the books. As most of us know, reading the books 9 times out of 10 creates a fan (highly scientific statistic right there). With such a compelling series and amazing characters, how could it not?

The trailer will undoubtedly create a surge of new fans, and from our previous experiences with other fandoms, that is both a good and bad (but mostly good) thing. Good, because we all want this fandom to grow, right? In order to ensure that we get the remaining movies in The Hunger Games series, we need the upcoming movie to be a hit. We need butts in seats, remember? And who doesn’t like more people to share their interests with? We want more Hunger Games fans!

And we say it could be bad because some fans feel that because they discovered the series first or earlier or before the trailer came out, that makes them a true or real or better fan. Absurd, right? Nevertheless, no matter the fandom, this tends to happen once whatever it is hits the public eye in a significant way.

Let's pretend one of these is Lionsgate

As Hunger Games Fireside Chat host Adam Spunberg said, the trailer was Lionsgate’s official debutante ball  (Check out that entire article, we have a blurb in there too!). We’re coming out, being presented to society. People know about us now. They know that this thing called The Hunger Games exists and for some reason all those young people (and not so young people *wink*) love it. Our fandom is definitely out there now, and with the trailer being attached to Breaking Dawn Part 1, even more people will find out about The Hunger Games and start reading the series.

See what we did there?

So I ask all you dear fans,  please – pleasemake these new fans feel welcome! We don’t want to get an unwelcoming reputation as a fandom, and we for sure don’t want to isolate ourselves. Be friendly and helpful to our new fandom friends! And make sure to check your elitism. We don’t want any of that here.

More fans, please