Little Moments We’re Thankful For in Mockingjay Part 2

Now that the second week of release is here, we’ve had time (and multiple viewings) to digest more of our thoughts and emotions about Mockingjay Part 2. We’ve seen a lot of discussion about the BIG moments in the movie – from the craziness of the pods, mutts, Finnick’s death, “Stay with me… Always,” epilogue, etc, but it’s some of the little moments that stick with us too.  Sure, there are some little things we wish had been done differently, but we’ll focus on the positive today, with our favorite little moments from the book we’re thankful (and a little amazed) actually made the cut of the movie. We’re still full of Thanksgiving spirit, so we’ll go with it.


“I’m planning for you to have a long life”

Boggs is a character that you fall a little more in love with upon each reading of Mockingjay. He’s an overall good dude, and time and again he’s there for Katniss. He sees her as a person, not a symbol or a pawn, but a brave young woman who’s had WAY more than her fair share of sacrifice, and his support of her warms our heart. I’ve always loved this exchange between Boggs and Katniss in the books. It serves a narrative purpose of explaining Coin’s ominous intentions, but also just reinforces Boggs’ loyalty to her. Considering Boggs leaves us way too soon, we’re glad he at least got this nice moment.

Pollux and Castor when they first go underground

It was wonderful to have Pollux’s backstory fleshed out a little, and the support Castor gives his brother as he starts to get a little panicky at all the revived memories of being underground was so sweet. (Funny how they give us these moments just before a character is about to die, huh?) But it was well done to reinforce the bond between these brothers, and we loved to see it.

“You’re a painter, you’re a baker…”

Much has been written about this discussion between Peeta, Katniss, and the squad. It’s our introduction to “Real or not real,” and the movie could have just left it at the favorite color discussion and moved on. But we got the gift of the painter, baker, windows open, double knotted shoelaces, unsweetened tea of details that shows just how much Katniss was paying attention to Peeta Mellark all this time. The mundane details that she knows about him reinforces how close they became before the Quarter Quell. This is a moment for the book fans and we’re forever grateful for it, film pacing be damned!


Tigris’s small smile when Katniss reveals her mission to kill Snow

It wasn’t a long scene, but they took the time for Katniss to recognize Tigris as an ex-stylist from the Games. The horror of Tigris’s transformation is evident when she shares that Snow didn’t think she was “pretty enough” after all the disfigurement she inevitably went through to try to meet his unobtainable continued favor. Her tiny smile when Katniss shares her plan to kill Snow is another moment we’re glad made the cut. We already knew that among Capitol elites, Snow’s friendship was fickle, but this was a reinforcement that no one was safe under his regime.

What other small moments in the film stood out to you?







Not New News: Casting Announcements for Mockingjay: Part 2

Fresh, juicy, non-paparazzi quality news is really, really, really hard to come by where it comes to the film franchise of The Hunger Games trilogy, or shall we drop the “trilogy” all together, and call it what it is now– a quartet. Yeah, I don’t even know if quartet is the correct terminology, but I’m going with it! We did get news though, and– um, how do I put this nicely? It was kind of not new news? Yeah, not “new news”, this past week our beloved fandom, as well as the mainstream media got the not “new news” that a couple of actresses have been added to the cast of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 2,

Jackson wasn't cut, wooooo!

Jackson wasn’t cut, wooooo!

also, it must be said– damn that title’s a mouthful. Okay, one of them was newer news than the other, but when push comes to shove you’d have to be a very lax fan to not have already known the “news” of Michelle Forbes being cast as Jackson. I mean, come on, her name’s been listed on IMDb on both the Mockingjay film pages, as well as her own page for months on end! And in case you’re wondering “rumored” was not next to her name unlike one other actor’s (John Cusack), who’s name remains on the Part 1 cast list still. Ugh, the old bait and switch! At least that’s what this kind of feels like.

Not to be a total downer, ’cause we did get the news of Eugenie Bondurant having been cast as Tigris. That folks was “new” news, as up until the announcement we were unsure if Tigris had made the cut of characters from the novels. We did get some morsels of positive almost confirmation of her character making an appearance a couple of months back, however from Nina Jacobson via her Twitter. However, for all we knew it was only the location of Tigris’ shop being used was stated, not that the character herself was showing up, whiskers intact, and tail swishing creepily around. We had hope though, and now we have more than that.

Can we have real promotional material now, guys– please? Casting announcements are all well and good, but half of them so far have been previously drawn conclusions.

At this point Star Wars: Episode VII news is beating Hunger Games news senseless.

Them There Eyes

Eye of the Tigris

We got a nice little tease about Mockingjay this week.  Producer Nina Jacobson again went to Twitter to tell us about Tigris!

It’s not a huge surprise that Tigris is in the movie – the cellar of her shop provides a desperately needed hideout for Squad 451 to regroup. There are some heartbreaking Real/Not Real moments between Katniss and Peeta. And it’s also the setting of the controversial Gale/Peeta conversation about Who will Katniss choose?

We’ve seen other small characters get cut out of the movies however, so I understand the caution to not assume anything.  The filmmakers could have opted for the squad to hide out in an anonymous place sans exotic shopkeeper and not go to the trouble.

But it’s so much better that they’re keeping her in! Through the character, we get another glimpse at the extremes of the Capitol lifestyle and the enemies that Snow has made throughout the years. It sounds like the set should be something really awesome too.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a real world Tigris? (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a real world inspiration for Tigris? (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

This leads to the question of “Why didn’t they announce the casting for Tigris?” Well, it’s a pretty small part, and not every part is announced beforehand. Peacekeeper Thread never got a casting announcement, and I’d equate the size of his part to Tigris.

So did they go with a seasoned character actor or do a bit of stunt casting? (Remember a year ago when there was the rumor that Rebel Wilson would have a part in Mockingjay? According to Google a lot of people speculated her for Tigris. I think it’s highly improbable that this rumor ever came of anything, but that’s the type of name I would equate with stunt casting.)  Personally, I hope they go the character actor approach because stunt casting will just take me out of the emotion of the scenes. All the other casting decisions have been made seriously, so I have no reason to doubt they’d continue that approach with Tigris.  Though it’s likely the makeup/CGI will create a lot of the performance in of itself, you still need someone who can convey past that to the anger, cynicism, and pain of this character in just a few lines.

We probably won’t know anything more until November 2015 so we have lots of time to speculate!