The District Pride Rodeo

When it comes to District pride, some of us just have the advantage over others!

District 10 Seal The Capitol PN The Hunger Games

Here’s pride for you!

In the beginning of the month, The Capitol PN Facebook asked fans to submit photos showing off their District pride. The best entries will be presented to all of Panem as “Model Citizens”.

If you’re from the technology district or the lumber district, that may be an easy task! Pose with all your electronic devices! Climb a tree! Whammo! District Pride at its best!

But then there are people like us, stuck in districts where things get just a wee bit trickier!

Victor’s Village is on District 10, aka the Livestock district. In reality, we live in a horrible place to raise livestock. We could find a cow, but we don’t exactly have one handy with which to pose for photos! Incorporating District pride would require us to find a farm, sneak in, hope the grumpy owner doesn’t wake up and assume we’re there to tip cows (as if we have the upper body strength!), and snap a photo. Mind you, the flash from the camera would likely startle the cow and its companions, at which point an angry bovine stampede will commence. Thanks, President Snow!

District 10 cowgirl

Best look EVER?! We think so!

“You don’t have to pose with livestock!” You say. “Just dress up like a cattle rancher or something!” What does a rancher look like?! We’re thinking cartoon cowboys. Imagine us in a cheesy cowgirl costume, complete with the boots and a ten gallon hat, shaming every rancher who didn’t spend the majority of their time in a John Wayne film! We would look good, mind you, DAMN GOOD! But futuristic ranchers probably aren’t rocking cowgirl chic (nor are modern day ones, we presume).

Of course, while dressed in the costume we could always try to sneak attack a family member or friend, perhaps a co-worker. We’ll just throw a rubber cow or chicken mask over their head and take photos as we attempt to lasso them…. Though that may be a bit more “Honey Boo Boo” than “District Pride”. We’re pretty sure the districts don’t pride themselves in looking like complete asshats. The Capitol? Maybe. But not the Districts!

Isn’t being obsessed with The Hunger Games pride enough?!
The Girl With The Pearl

Gotta Go Back, Back to School Again!

Today I did something I never thought I would do — I went back to high school and to middle school. That’s right, I got in a time machine manned by the Doctor and just slipped on back to the 90s! Nope! Today I did two presentations at two very different schools, and I totally used my expertise on The Hunger Games on those poor unsuspecting children. I say poor, but I mean the luckiest kids in the freakin’ world, yo!

The objective of the presentations was this: Making kids aware of how pervasive consumerism is in our society, and to simply become more aware of the bombardment of advertizing we’ve all seemingly become immune to. Let me say this, speaking to a room of 12 year-olds at a public middle school, and asking them “does anyone know what The Hunger Games is?” Is kind of like getting a nicely tuned fan fare of amazingness showered over your face. Nearly every single kid’s hand shot up, I am not exaggerating that. It’s nice not having to explain the story of The Hunger Games to a room full of 12 year-olds, lemme tell you! I simply got one of them to tell the room what it is, and what it’s about — and they probably surmised it more succinctly than I ever could, ’cause I’m way too into intellectualizing the series, and they just see it as a fantastic entertainment — which it is.

Anyway, I must have spoken to them for about 15 minutes about the series, but mostly, since the presentation as a whole was about consumerism and advertizing — I talked a hell of a lot about the viral marketing campaign that’s been surrounding the film’s release. Sadly, or not sadly, none of the kids knew about, Capitol Couture, or the wondrous ads featuring Seneca Crane, Cinna, and Caesar Flickerman. So, I had the honor of literally making their little jaws drop, telling them they could actually register with a site that sorts you into a district, tells you what your profession is, that there’s a monthly virtual magazine dedicated to Capitol fashions and news, and that Caesar Flickerman advertises toothpaste! I’ve never felt cooler admitting that I in fact registered within the first 24 hours of Capitol.PN’s release, that I was from District 8, and that I am a factory worker — and that I have a Capitol ID on the way. Also, waving a print out of the Capitol Seal at them was like waving around something blessed by the gods, because none of them had seen it before!

It feels good being the person in the room with the knowledge, it really does, and there’s so much more to tell — but that’s for another day!

Them There Eyes

74 Days until the 74th Annual Hunger Games!

Lionsgate may have set up TheCapitol.PN, but for the most part, the viral marketing campaign has been quiet thusfar. However, one thing the website did do was hold crazy competitive elections for District Mayor. Now the selected mayors have come together to bring you a new event!

Did you realize today marks 74 days until the 74th annual Hunger Games hits theaters? Well, it does!

From the mayors!

The mayors are asking everyone to display their district pride on Twitter or their district Facebook page using the hashtag I#HungerGames74

To join in on the fun, why not tweet your name, district, favorite, district product, and the hashtag? Check out our Twitter or the hashtag for an example!

These tweets will be part of a 5-day long celebration running from 10am PST today to 7pm PST on Friday, January 13.

Why are we so psyched about this? Finally, something to celebrate! Milestones feel few and far between as we inch closer to the film. We’re always to “show our district pride” by TheCapitol.PN, but no one ever says HOW.

I mean, a person can only write so many “OMG I LUV MY DISTRICT LIKE WHOA!” posts before everyone else wants to punch them in the face.

The mayors got together and put on an event, pwning their titles by giving fans some purpose! We could seriously use a few more fandom movements up in here!

Get your District pride on!
The Girl With The Pearl

TheCapitol.PN District Recruiters: What Does It MEAN?!


After weeks of inactivity, there’s finally something new from the official Lionsgate advertising campaign for The Hunger Games. We imagine it will eventually turn into something fun, but it’s been a sign-up station, a few pretty graphs, and a news reel that hasn’t changed in the past month.

TheCapitol.Pn District Recruiter Symbol

We thought it was an ax untl we released it was the same iamge for every district!

So when TheCapitol.PN Twitter announced that it had picked out fans to serve as “district recruiters”, we got all sorts of excited (after that short period of disappointment when we realized we weren’t one of them.) We rushed over to TheCapitol.PN to see what big exciting announcements there were regarding these big new changes.

NADA! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH! That’s what has changed about TheCapitol.PN!

What the hell do these district recruiters do besides change their Twitter photo to a fancy Capitol image? From the looks of their tweets, half of the recruiters aren’t even sure. They just encourage us to expedite our registration via Twitter or Facebook in a competition to see which District can get the most pre-registered users (and District 12 is just cleaning house.)

Thankfully, our buddy Amie from HGGirlOnFire is the recruiter for District 7 and she’s given us a bit of insight! The recruiters each received messages informing them that they had been chosen. They were asked to change their Twitter photo and upon doing so, received a direct message asking for an address where The Capitol can send their uniform. ZOMGWEWANTAUNIFORM!


What if we already expedited our DIPs A MONTH AGO?!

As you can see, we’re just a little bit jealous.

Of course, nobody has any idea what any of this means. It’s entirely possible that the reps won’t have anything to do but “rally the troops” for the next six months, which would be a bummer for everyone. Or they’ll get all this cool Hunger Games related merchandise and provide fan testimonials before it all goes on sale for outrageous prices, which may suck even more for the rest of us!

So thanks for the cool website last month and the naughty naughty tease earlier this week, TheCapitol.PN! NOW GIVE US SOMETHING TO DO!

If only there were another super interactive Hunger Games website that’s actually going to be letting fans get involved instead of just dangling the idea of fun just over our heads until goodness knows when! OH WAIT. THERE IS.

Less than 24 hours until Panem October, bitches!
The Girl With The Pearl

Succumbing to The Capitol

TheCapitol.PN is open! ..And we still don’t know what the hell is going on.

We all waited around for days while The Capitol “acquired a signal.” Perhaps they’re already having signal wars with Beetee? On Wednesday, when the seal became clear, we had a Twitter freak out with many of our readers, simply waiting for the site to DO SOMETHING.

Of course, as soon as we walked away from the computer for a couple hours, it was live! Everyone else and their mom got on there before us. Finally, we got sorted.. we mean.. ummm.. placed into District 10.

The Capitol Seal TheCapitol.PN

The Capitol Seal acquired!

There’s an identity crisis going on here. As you all SHOULD now, there is also an incredible fan-made ARG known as PanemOctober that assigns you a district. They put us in District 9. Respectively, Districts 9 and 10 are the grain and livestock districts.

WE’RE FROM A CITY IN NEW ENGLAND. Grain? Livestock? We’re pretty sure that our incompetence alone would get us killed before we could even be considered for the reaping. The only farms we have here are the very small ones you drive to because 1) the ice cream is really good and 2) you can sometimes feed the goats.

Our identity crisis aside.. THE WHOLE FANDOM has an identity crisis when we see the full list of services provided by each district. When we hadn’t been given the whole list of district details early on, we made some assumptions. Somebody is doing some serious animal testing, so why not District 5? Wrong! They’re in charge of power (no wonder the power sucks in most of Panem!) We were also way wrong about District 6 being medical. Transportation, ya’ll! They keep the hovercrafts shiny!

Hunger Games District Products

We've been so deceived!

But then again, if these things aren’t happening in the districts, where are they happening? We’ve been under the impression that most people in the Capitol don’t really do gritty scientific-like work.

The Capitol also has some statistics about the number of people placed into each district. In the true sense of tweaking facts for the sake of movies, District 12 is somehow the largest district. The smallest is District 1, which we guess makes sense given that they have all the pretty things. Only so many of us can have those!

Oh but wait, they only go from smallest to largest as the district number gets higher. How convenient! Should state populations be based on the size of the state too? If so, somebody ask Wyoming what the fuck their problem is.

And besides all these pretty statistics? Well, there’s a really cool news feed. And then? ONLY ANTICIPATION!

We’re wondering how long the site will sit there, all graphic-ed up with no where to go, before we actually see some action. After all, six months is a long time to hold a reaping. Maybe we can get some contests in there?

Here’s to hoping we get to run around major cities collecting prizes soon!
The Girl With The Pearl