The Mockingjay Revolution Will Be Televised

If you’ve learned anything from The Hunger Games fandom over the course of these movies, it’s that interactivity is KEY in making fans happy. We like new features. We like having puzzles to solve. Thankfully, we got some of that today!

Image from QuarterQuell.Org

Image from QuarterQuell.Org

It started with an update of TheCapitol.PN, specifically the first weekly update from CapitolTV.

It hints at issues The Capitol is facing in the midst of rebellion, but tries to cover them up in silky-voiced fraudulence. It gets a little redundant with the word “system” in that first line, but overall it’s super exciting. Because you know what the real issue is? Of course you do! REBEL SCUM.

Speaking of which… The new Capitol website was met by an even bigger response from District 13! Search through their hacks and you’ll find new images, character files, and several censored Capitol Concerns (or so I’m told. Something about that site makes my computer go “Oh, FUCK YOU!”) Remember when fans were asked to fill those out as Panem citizens? Well if you participated, you’re now apparently responsible for a bunch of District 7 citizens getting marched to their death:


While we’re okay with the shortness of the D13 propo, but is their production value so low that they could manage any sound?! No ominous music, no Peacekeepers shouting orders in the distance, no static, NOTHING?! Really kills the intensity!

But by keeping things mysterious and short, Lionsgate is setting MOCKINGJAY PART 1 up for a viral video campaign. It’s something that the franchise has never done before, but it’s been extremely successful for other films and if the continuation is done well, it could be the desperately needed perk-up this campaign needs! So if nothing else, today we got some hope.

Except For The Part Where Our Complaints Led People To Slaughter,

The Girl With The Pearl

The Rebel Hackers

The District 13 rebels are at it again! Yep, getting their rebellious, little mole hands on TheCapitol.PN once again, and getting the fandom all apoplectic…again. Perhaps “apoplectic” is the wrong word? Maybe concerned, or attentive, maybe excited could work in a pinch? Whatever word works best for you individually, hold fast to it and run!

This is not a new phenomena though, i.e, we’re no strangers to the fictional D13ers and co. (co being Beetee), tapping away at their advanced computer arrays, and throwing cogs into The Capitol’s watch-works. What, was it less than three weeks ago that this message went up on the site for all to see?


I think the collective reaction to that particular hack was, um… well, “yay”? What is it about the D13 rebels that gets us happy? Is it the simple, and inevitable glimpse of a propo featuring Katniss in all her Mockingjay glory? And yes, since we finally got the first official teaser trailer, we do have viewable footage of her in her Cinna designed Mockingjay uniform, but it’s kind of not the same as seeing her, say… delivering her impassioned rooftop speech directed at President Snow.

The rebels are at it again though! Making us double click, and get messages like this.


So, what’s going to be different this time guys? We’re waiting!

Them There Eyes

Capitol Concerns Gone Wild



We love Lionsgate, but sometimes these guys just set themselves up!

Behold, Capitol Concerns– an open forum on TheCapitol.PN for the questions and concerns of Hunger Games fans as the release of Mockingjay approaches. As if they didn’t know! As if they haven’t seeeeeen! Of course, the response was exactly what you’d expect.

In all fairness, a few fans tried to express their legitimate concerns about the movie:

Or made snarky commentary on the teaser:

But mainly, as @antovolko pointed out, this happened:


There was even one fan who avoided the “T” word in hopes that skirting around the topic may get a different result:

Maybe it’s just us, but we’re thinking that The Capitol knows what the concerns of the people are. The people are pretty singular-minded. The #FreePeeta trend was a lovely trend and will surely be a concern for some, but most of us have read the books and that worry for hijacked!Peeta will be quickly overridden by knowing what happens in the end.

Much like Plutarch says in the end of Mockingjay, people are fickle and soon forgot the past– including teasers released a few days ago that don’t contain actual film footage. Not that we don’t appreciate the first haunting peek at Peeta gone Capitol, but whetting our appetites has just made us more hungry than ever. And then they opened the floodgates!

We applaud the brave citizens who have made their concerns known, but maybe we should try should try a more subtlety? We need a secret code for trailer or something, right? We’re gonna go with SOCK MONKEY.

Maybe if we stop talking about it, it’ll reverse-psychology the fuck outta the marketing team and they’ll be like “They don’t care anyone! Release it, release it nooooow!”

Meanwhile, We’re All Like “WHERE THE HELL IS THE SOCK MONKEY?!”
The Girl With The Pearl

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Show Me the Chair

This week we finally got the teaser trailer, and while everyone and their imaginary friend was having kittens over how creepy President Snow is, or how creepy Peeta’s turn of the head was, I was having a gay ol’ time deciphering the thing the President was sitting his creepy ass down in. Yep, I was doing my usual thing, analyzing the scenery, ’cause um– it’s fun! Also, nine times out of ten it tells us something insightful that otherwise we’d all just be ignorant of, which is fine if you’re into that whole ignorance being blissful thing.


I like to call myself an amateur antique furniture expert, ’cause my stack of reference books only allow me to say amateur. Anyway, since a vast majority of the furniture President Snow surrounds himself with are antiques, or amalgamations of antique styles and designs– there’s a lot to explore! Fun stuff, huh? You’re damn right it is! Where would we be without history?! Oh yeah, Ikea. Sorry, if you’re into Swedish style furniture, it’s okay, I don’t judge! However, if the only tools you own are the tiny Allen wrenches that come with Ikea kits, then I have a problem– actually, you do.

The chair though, oh my– the chair! I saw a picture of it first of course, and quickly had a time taking out my books, and trying to find a match, or something that closely resembles the pristine, white chair. Second off, it’s not an exact replica of anything that’s still in existence from the past, it’s like I said above, an amalgamation of styles and designs. And the styles it is it this, William and Mary, with a dash of Charles II, the eras are at the tail end of the Baroque period, 1680s-90s in time frame– only you’d never ever find a white washed arm-chair like Snow’s gracing anyone’s rooms. And that my dear friends is what makes it so very Capitol. But what does it mean?! Why a William and Mary style arm-chair with sky-high -1finials?! Um,’cause they can. The thing about the Capitol is they like to take the commonplace, the fur shrug for example and give it a jab of crazy, and whammo— fashion personified times a million-zillion! In the case of their furniture however, the white washed armchair is another example of the Capitol taking what was once common, and turning it into something kind of sort of scary. And I don’t think for a second the choice of the thick white washing is an accident. Purity is one of the basic meanings behind the color, but I’m going to take it a few other steps down the line of meanings, “the Capitol are the good guys.” Why? ‘Cause the good guys where the white hats, and the bad guys where the black hats, this is what so many myths, folktales, and fairy tales have told us over the last millenia or more! Reverse psychology is such a good propaganda tool! And to top off my hypotheses, Snow is the King of Panem, only he’s titled himself “President”, he looks, at least to me, like a chess piece on the white end of the chessboard. And then there’s Peeta, well what else could he be but “a piece in their game”.

Peeta’s a Pawn, dressed in white, and standing at the ready to serve his King.

“Unlike other pieces, the pawn does not capture in the same direction as it otherwise moves. A pawn captures diagonally, one square forward and to the left or right. In the diagram to the left, the white pawn may capture either the black rook or the black knight.” – W

Them There Eyes

President Snow’s Message To Panem Is Here!

In case you’re like us and you fell asleep before the release of TheCapitol.PN’s latest advertisement, IT’s HEEEEEEERE!

We dare you to try and hold back your Katniss-style screech of “PEETAAAA!” as you watch President Snow rally the districts with a special guest by his side!

Click the photo below to watch:
onepanem peeta snow

A Note Regarding Our Trailer Contest
Our trailer contest defines the trailer as “the first montage of footage from Mockingjay Part 1”. Based on this criteria, this release DOES NOT COUNT toward the trailer contest! If you haven’t done so already, you can make your guess from the actual trailer release date for a chance to win a poster signed by Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone and Jeffrey Wright here.

Reactionary Fangirl Freakout: Mockingjay Propaganda Posters


We’re introducing some new fanon today, so pay care attention:
Somehow, some way Norman Rockwell traveled in time to Panem and was recruited to create district propaganda posters for The Capitol. Today, the photos were posted on TheCapitol.PN, which is aliiiiiiive once again! The more we look at these, the surer we are that the Rockwellian approach was intentional.

Artistic style aside, WE HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. Let’s all have a rad sharing sesh! Starting with…



Why does this image exist? We are so, so very confused about why this poster was done despite its artistic merits. Beautiful little girl covered in soot with a scary breathing mask is beautiful, but canon suggests she is either a) in District 13 or b) DEAD. And we doubt these posters are being shared between the Districts given their personalized nature, so who is seeing this, exactly? Are they hanging this among the ruins? Are they trying to impress the corpses and ashes?

Then there was this surprise moment…


“Oh, a muscular man with lots of tattoos and an ax. Rawr! He’s also got a wooden leg in his hands and… DUDE, WHERE IS THE REST OF YOUR LEG?!”

We gotta say we LOVE THIS. But best part? It’s not photoshop. What a badass! Who needs both legs when you have a face like that, anyway?

It’s really important from an artistic standpoint too because these are supposed to be “heroes” who are affected most by the hardships of the districts and this certainly looks the case. His district character fashioned himself a prosthetic, but it’s his doing and not the Capitol generosity that it supposedly portrays. Citizens and fans like will see right through the Capitol deception.

Anyone else feel like this is a small attempt to make up for leaving out the “amputee Peeta” storyline in the films?

Of course, he’s not the only one getting attention!


Your pants are made out of tire treads! We don’t have male genitalia, but everything about the bottom half of your outfit makes us thinking “EFFING OW!” How did you even walk in that? Maybe somebody wrapped you up in that shizz while you stood really still and tried not to breathe too hard? Anyway, good luck having children in the future!


There’s even a GOAT MAN, guys! Because how else can you support livestock without simultaneously covering yourself in it and holding a baby animal that you’ll later mix into a stew?!

S’okay though! The bull-style nasal piercing and the leather pipe are kind of all we need in life. We’re here for you, goat man!


It’s hard to look hot when you’re holding dead fish, but this model pulls it off! Finnick may not have gotten his fishnet outfit, but we’re glad someone else from District 4 did!

Also, all the models look kind of wet and shiny and finally, in this case it’s actually appropriate! Maybe she was just in the ocean and not just smothered in body oil! *cough* Maybeprobablynot.


Sorry.. we were too busy examining this woman’s flawless skin to come up with appropriate commentary.  Confused as to why her makeup was a little overdone otherwise. As far as subtle cultural imagery goes though, this photo probably takes the cake.


Techie types always get the short end of the stick! Hideous face mask of plastic-y doom equipped with looks like a small bomb for an earpiece AND an awkward turtleneck?! You’re so cruel, Capitol!

It’s okay, District 3 citizens! When the current regime dissolves, you’ll be your tormentor’s boss one day! …Or something like that.

Now What’s Capitol TV Gonna Give Us?!

The Girl With The Pearl

The, It’s Awake

We’re still watching, and waiting, and planning, and hoping– however not for some poor, silly wretch to drop do their knee and propose to us. Nope, still waiting for real Mockingjay: Part 1 news. Thankfully there’s this thing called the internet, and resting quietly, more dormant actually, there’s this thing we all pretty much forgot about called I kind of forgot about it, that is, and I’m pretty damn sure that most of us did, because it’s less of a news breaking apparatus, and more of a thing you look at a couple of times, and then get bored with it, like a child with a toy that was never going to be the favorite as much as who got it for us hoped it would be.

That being said actually did something yesterday, and those of us who were paying attention (not me), had mild conniption fits, and shared their wonder with the rest of us sorry, inattentive sods. copy

That’s just a screengrab, but if you actually mosey on over to, you can see that Captiol Eagle spin, yes– like the Evil Rainbow Pinwheel of Doom, all Mac users are familiar with, and secretly want to rip from their screens and kill it ’til it’s dead, dead, dead. However, in the case of the spinning Capitol Eagle I think we’re pretty happy that it’s spinning, and existing, and um DOING SOMETHING, even if it’s rather innocuous.

Now do more of something and give us our first Mockingjay trailer, looking at a spinning eagle is giving some of us vertigo! Wheee!!

Them There Eyes

Day Two The

Today wasn’t exactly a wealth of Catching Fire or Mockingjay news, so you’re just going to have to suffice with a little personal happy dancing over other things from some of us. Why? Because today was day two of’s relaunch, and those silly little ID cards that aren’t technically available for physical ordering until next week, well– certain fansite staff members got theirs in the mail today anyway. What can I say other than it’s nice waking up to the UPS man dropping off a package for you, (no not that kind, you crazy kids, the other kind)– opening it up, and finally knowing why you were asked a couple of week ago for the information of what District you were sorted into when was up and running the first time, and not living up to its massive stores of potential. It’s not some big, scary secret that a vast majority of the larger, and some of the smaller fan-sites out there are in contact with Lionsgate, is it? If it is,

Yes, those are my real cheekbones

Yes, I own those earrings

um– how do you exactly think we were able to give out tickets to the LA premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and how do you think we were part of the promotional puzzle piece scavenger hunt for The Hunger Games? Really, how?

Anyway, the IDs are kind of snazzy, no? I didn’t get one last time around, mind– mostly because I’m lazy, and maybe I didn’t like the look of them. Also, I didn’t like any photos of myself at that time, and I didn’t want another hard plastic card with a photo of myself that I didn’t like in my possession– much like my license or my passport. Trust me I’m kind of glad my passport expired, just so I can go through the process of getting a new one. Speaking of passports, isn’t it a bit odd that they’re called “ID Passes”? Think about it, the citizens of Panem can’t exactly travel freely, so why call their ID’s “passes”? They can’t go anywhere. Hm, maybe they’re called passes as a subtle dig at their immobility? Back to the actual ID cards though, they’re much better designed this time I think, I like the icy gray tones, the thumb print decal, and the way the photo looks slightly raised, but it’s not. It’s nice, it’s well designed, and I’m probably going to keep mine for a very long time. Maybe not in my wallet, but perhaps in a scrap book that I’ll look back at in 30 years and think, “those crazy fansite years were so crazy.”


Them There Eyes

#TickTock7: The Catching Fire Control Center

Citizens of Panem, it is time to report to The Citizen Control Center for the Quarterly Census! It’s #TICKTOCK7, y’all!

That’s right, TheCapitol.PN is open once again! After being closed for maintenance for several months, The Capitol’s internet technology has certainly improved. My browser may not always like it, but it’s all flashy and high-tech!

Featured in all of the hubaloo is OMG A NEW CLIP FEATURING THE VICTORS TRAINING!

Katniss Catching Fire Training


It’s short and silent, if you don’t count the grunting, but the improved visual effects have got us all riled up. Add in some sweet weapons skills (Finnick with his trident!) and the menacing look of all the victors, even Katniss, and you’ve got a recipe for an intimidating training session. It could have gotten very montage-y, but we are SO GLAD it didn’t!


Now your D.I.P. kinda looks like your license!

The new page also features new District Identification Passes, Panem Dispatch news, connects to District social networks, real time district population and activity stats, and the ability to sponsor your favorite victor!

We’re pyshced to see the more sophisticated look of The Capitol, especially knowing that the film is reaching toward the same goal. The question is: Can it last?

We loved TheCapitol.PN the first time around, but after the initial launch it was never really updated, so you were tapped out after one or two visits. Lionsgate’s real challenge this time around is to keep The Citizen Control Center, as its newly been dubbed, a place that fans can explore over and over again with new, fresh content. Maybe some clips? Looks into the behind the scenes action, perhaps? Stills? Anything to keep the content from getting old after a few days! We know you can do it!

Somebody Sponsor Johanna! Girl is ranked EIGHTH! HOW?!
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Explorer Paranoia

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Lionsgate, it’s this: They really enjoy suspense.

We may have lost of the suspense of not knowing WHEN the trailer would be released, but they were quick to replace that with something else: THE HUNGER GAMES EXPLORER.



Before we get into it– We gotta give love to Mia on Twitter, who let us know we weren’t the only ones to see the URL and have our trash-filled gutter of a mind see Sexplorer… as if that were an actual word (though it sounds like it would be a fun word, if it were one!)

So far, all we’ve got is a countdown noting that the site will open after the trailer release. We know the trailer will be featured there… all glorious two and a half minutes of it. And then what? Well, we don’t know! SOME OTHER STUFF!

Remember the huge build-up for TheCapitol.PN? Remember watching and waiting? Then remember finally getting on and signing up? Remember plastering your Panem I.D. Card all over the Internet? …Then remember pretty much nothing else ever happening on the site? In all fairness, it’s still open and will probably be used in some capacity for advertising the next three movies, but last we saw, it was pretty static.

*le sigh*

*le sigh*

Given that, we see Hunger Games Explorer and the old fears creep back in. It’s like that time you start dating again after a lousy breakup. This website is going to make us love it, then leave us high and dry, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?! And then the website doesn’t want to see us anymore because it thinks we’re made of crazy. Anyway…

We’ll explore the districts of Panem just like Katniss and Peeta on the Victory Tour, perhaps one by one! But will there be movie stills? Will there be new information? Will there be interactive awesomeness? We’ve seen the locations and material goods provided by each district before, so we’ll skip any more of that filler, PLZKTHX. Most Hunger Games fans could write a graduate thesis on these books (some have!) and marketing campaigns should be geared to meet the expectations of those people rather than your average 8th grade student.

And what if we’re totally off base, and this doesn’t even have anything to do with exploring the districts? Where do we go from there? We just can’t handle it!

All We Know Is It Better Be Freaking Fantastic!

The Girl With The Pearl