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Smeffie Brinket

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s what they say right? So when Tara Reid tweets a picture of herself in full-blown Effie Trinket, that must be a good thing.

tara reid effie

Alongside the picture she tweeted that she was on set shooting an untitled movie produced by Jamie Kennedy (kind of makes me want to watch Scream. So here are some ideas on what kind of film they could possibly be making.

  1. A day in the life of a cosplayer at Comic-Con. How many people will ask to take pictures with her? Will she survive the extreme heat and the huge crowds? Will her makeup?
  2. An intense psychological thriller about Effie Trinket and her stalker-roommate. Soon she starts dressing like her, eyeing her jewels, making best friend collages. Before you know it, she’s wearing Effie’s wigs and plotting to replace her. For good.
  3. A mockumentary about YouTube makeup tutorials and the individuals who create them. This is obviously the finished look of an Effie Trinket tutorial that took countless hours and pounds of makeup to perfect.
  4. A spoof movie, probably a sequel to Epic Movie (not to be confused with Josh Hutcherson’s upcoming movie Epic), that will probably be lacking in the laughs.

I’m really not sure what kind of movie this will make an appearance in. But I guess the real question is… who knew Tara Reid was still around?

I’m punk rock prom queen

The Halfpipe Theater

Last night, I went to see a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As I hadn’t bought the tickets I had no idea where our seats would be and it turns out we were in the nosebleed section. Last time I had been up there was Backstreet Boys Black and Blue tour in 2001 (aw yeah, you jealous?), so I forgot how freaking terrifying it can be to be that high up, seemingly out in the open, and also at that steep of an angle that is not normal for your average stadium seating situation.

All of these thoughts entered my mind and then of course reminded me of this:


Are people in the future, mainly Capitol citizens, just not afraid of heights?!

I remember while seeing The Hunger Games in theaters that shot would generally elicit a collective gasp from the audience, and rightly so. How does it even work? No panes of protective fiberglass to keep people or their possessions from flying down into the sections below, just a halfpipe-like theater jam-packed with (mostly computer-generated) Capitol citizens complete with crazy hair and outlandish outfits. No wonder Katniss Everdeen was so nervous!

And how do they even get up there? I don’t imagine many Capitol citizens wanting to walk up so many stairs and at that steep angle too. There are no doors or breaks, not even a defined balcony. I like to imagine they all start at ground level and everyone buckles in (safety first!) and the seats and the floor mechanically shoot straight up in this formation. God help you if you’ve got to pee during the middle of the interviews.

Question is, will we see this again for Catching Fire? Maybe if we do, we can get a better look and figure out how it works.

So yes, when I’m scared, I go straight to The Hunger Games.

We Have Stills!

Today I screamed a little bit, but not at anyone personally, just let out a sharp, shocked cry from my mouth. Why? ‘Cause, oh dear god… Plutarch Heavensbee! Yeah, yeah, you can hate on whatever the hell you want, nit-pick everything to within an inch of its life, and just be a complete knob, but today you can’t ruin my joy, because we got our first real, glossy, edited, official photo-stills from our new favorite film we haven’t seen yet, AKA The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Oh, and we also got the first Catching Fire Entertainment Weekly cover of 2013 revealed to us. But obviously that’s not what got us all screaming– nope, t’was the photo-stills. Yep, if you haven’t seen them, and also if you consider anything that shows costuming, hair styling, or pretty much anything from the film as a spoiler, read on at your own risk, ’cause I’m gonna gush all over you, and it won’t be pretty, also the photo-stills will be there, staring at you… judging.


Put That Window Frame Down!

You know how we thought it was super cool that you could tour the filming location for District 12, Henry River Mill Village. You know, walk around Mellark Bakery and look in the window and imagine that you’re Prim looking at cakes, things like that. Well, due to vandalism – which we talked about way back in JUNE  – you won’t get that opportunity any more.

Wait, that's not how it looked in the movie!

Wait, that’s not how it looked in the movie!

It’s upsetting to think that fans would vandalize good ol’ District 12. Taking pieces of the buildings just for your own keepsakes is an incredibly selfish way of celebrating your fandom. Every piece taken would diminish the experience for those that came after. It’s no wonder that finally the owner Wade Shepherd had enough!

If you’re angry that you can’t go visit Henry River Mill Village, don’t blame Mr. Shepherd. Be angry that some didn’t think about those who want to come after. I’d rather he be able to preserve the area as much as he can, even if it means closing it off to the public.

And I hope you don’t think your wooden board off the “PASTRIES” sign of Mellark Bakery is cool. It’s not. It’s a piece of stolen property. And thanks for ruining it for the rest of us!

Another edition of “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”


A Foodie Protest

resourceTonight I had a great meal. It was inspired, well cooked, spicy, but not too spicy, and the drinks were potent enough, but not so much so that I annoyed the people across the aisle. Which brings me to this: I have many gripes about The Hunger Games film adaptation– but this one I think is forefront in my mind, because I’m such a damn big fan of the stuff, and the stuff is food. The Hunger Games is practically a testament to Katniss’ undying obsession and adoration of food. The girl loves food, but sadly that love was left out of the film adaptation, and I don’t know about you, but I’m making a major sad face when I think about this omission of Foodie-ness. Also, can’t forget that Peeta is a baker, i.e. his entire life has been surrounded by the making and selling of food. Kind of telling, right? I think so. Was it touched on very much in the film? Nope.

I think my biggest foodie gripe has to be the missing lamb stew with dried plums. I mean, how many of us wanted to see Jennifer Lawrence practically lapping the Capitol china with her tongue?! I’m sure she wouldn’t have been opposed to this kind of direction, she has had to skin a real dead squirrel on-screen (Winter’s Bone)– licking bone-china would probably have been a welcome reprieve from pulling the guts out of a rodent. Alas, no lamb stew for her to lap up, and lamb stew wasn’t even silver parachuted into the arena for her and Josh to eat, and then spit out between takes, nope– just broth. I think I can count on one hand how often food was actually pictured, and also eaten.

  1. The rolls Gale traded for on Reaping Day.
  2. Haymitch’s roll with jam on the Capitol train.
  3. The rodent Katniss snared, and cooked in the arena whilst alone.
  4. The “groosling” (which they didn’t even say was groosling! Way to miss out on some handy-dandy world building), Rue and Katniss ate during their 1st real conversation.
  5. The chicken broth Katniss fed to Peeta in the cave.

Yeah, I’m leaving out all the fancy dinner spreads in the Capitol, as well as the infamous roasted pig, because no one seemed to eat any of it on-screen, just took swallows of their drinks. I KatnissRue_largethink I’m made more sad by this choice to omit the seeming importance of food from the film, and possibly the series– because I know that they did put thought into the prop development of the food. They hired culinary artists to make all the food, and Gary Ross even went through a process of picking out the right way to brand the words “District 11” onto some seedy bread. That’s right, everyone– Katniss was going to receive bread from the citizens of District 11, but I guess they cut it for time, or for the fact that the people of that district were depicted, and established enough with the added scene of them rioting. Your guess is as good as mine.

No lamb stew, no hot chocolate, no rice dish with Cinna, the only consolation prize is the fact that they have three other films to get across that the hunger in the series title has more of a meaning than survival.

They better not skimp on the Capitol Victory Tour Gala, all’s I’m sayin’! That or I’m going to be singing “Be Our Guest” throughout the whole movie, sorry to my seatmates in advance.

Them There Eyes

Be Still My…

A long time ago, when people were nervous about Josh Hutcherson’s hair color, Liam Hemsworth’s North American accent, and Jennifer Lawrence’s ability to shoot an arrow believably– the world was appeased with not one, but two pictorial spreads in Entertainment Weekly featuring Jennifer Lawrence in all her costumed Katniss glory, and subsequently some short months later an equally affirming issue featuring Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth in all their rugged, District 12 robustness were released to the world at large. And what happened? Well, some people wept, some people threw copies of Entertainment Weekly’s up in the air in sheer frustration, and others were just kind of well– meh about it all. I honestly can’t recall my reaction, but I know there were no tears, no throwing of things of any kind, and I’m pretty sure meh isn’t even part of my vocabulary outside of Twitter, or Facebook, or here for that matter. I do recall this though, stills– yep a smattering of Hunger Games movie stills in and after those issues were on news-stands, and drug-store, and smoke-shop magazine racks (smoke-shops are the best places to get magazines, I tell ya’. No, I don’t smoke.), all over this complex planet of ours. But (ah yes, a but), what strikes me more than a year after those glorious snip-its of hope that were given to us, a number of them turned out to not even be part of the film.

I give you exhibit A. Or as I like to call it, Katniss and Gale in the Big Bad Forbidden Woods.

Having a chat we’re not privy to.

We all know where this still fits into the sequence at the beginning of the film, right? It’s got to be somewhere between “Damn you, Gale!” then her shooting at those birds, and them hiding from Effie (My-Name-Never-Gets-Mentioned-In-The-Movie) Trinket’s hovercraft. So, where’d it go? Would have been nice to get one more scene in there with them, no?

Which brings me to exhibit B. also known as Cinna, Peeta and Haymitch Are Judge-y Faces. I remember when this was one of about four stills circulating, and everyone– and I mean EVERYONE truly believed that this little moment frozen in digital time would make it into the film. It didn’t though, and then we all cried “what the fuck, man!!??” Seriously, I think we all craved more from this film that we just did not get– and these stills just might prove that. Which brings us to our last still, and probably the one that continues to befuddle me as to why the scene was summarily cut. Exhibit C. Also known as Katniss and Peeta Interact More In the Capitol, Yo.  I apologize for the poor quality of the still, but I’m sure you all can make out that that’s Katniss in the foreground, and Peeta in the background, and they’re in the Capitol apartment. And making an educated guess here, this still was likely a scene between– actually I have no clue– it could literally take place anytime during their time in the Capitol, it could even be on a day they filmed that was entirely scrapped, because neither of the costumes Jennifer or Josh are wearing made it into the film, no– really, I checked. What I’m hoping this scene was, was something between a training session, and a dinner scene, where they may have actually talked a bit, and I dunno connected pre-crush reveal, your guess is as good as mine at this point.

We know that there were no deleted scenes on the different copies of the film on DVD and Blu-ray (still not out in Argentina, mind!), and Gary Ross director extraordinaire has stated numerous times that the film he presented to Lionsgate, was for the most part, the film that made its way to cinemas all over the world. So, yeah– where did all these scenes go, and I know it’ll be debated to the nth degree– do we think they might have added something to the film if they had remained?

To quote Mr. Owl– “the world may never know.” I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Catching Fire.

Them There Eyes

The Next Hunger Games

So it’s almost 6 months since The Hunger Games was released in theaters. My, how time flies! And already, media outlets and bloggers are already trying to predict “the next Hunger Games”.

They’re also being hailed as the next Bella and Edward. Yikes.

What they mean is that this movie or that movie based off a popular YA novel/series is going to be the next phenomenon to sweep everyone off their feet, break records and turn rising stars into A-listers.Will it be first installment from The Mortal Instruments which is filming now, or Beautiful Creatures which is coming out in February?

Remember how annoying it got when time and time again, The Hunger Games was being hailed as “the next Twilight”? Well it’s the other side of it now. The Hunger Games franchise isn’t even close to being done and already we’re looking for something else.

And that’s a lot of pressure for these movies that are coming out. The Hunger Games happening the way it did doesn’t exactly happen all the time. Trying to duplicate the success is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. There may be many YA-novel-to-movie movies, but there aren’t many that have captured the attention of such a wide range of people. Young and old alike went to see it (and genuinely liked it!). Critics were even into it. And it was a blockbuster, breaking all kinds of records. It’s one thing to speculate what the next big YA franchise will be. It’s another thing to expect the same kind of success from these film adaptations. We’re not saying it can’t happen. We’re just saying it’s a toughie to top.

Could-a, should-a, would-a

We can’t help looking back at the whole Golden Compass/His Dark Materials fiasco. Though there were many factors involved in its disappointing performance, there had been just as much potential to be the next big thing. We all know how that ended up going. So you can’t blame us for being cautious.

You’ve got to let the phenomena happen. We were even cautious when The Hunger Games was coming out, waiting until after the release to go, “Yeah, it’s a phenomenon.” Please don’t put that kind of pressure on other franchises. We know it’s what you’re hoping for, to claim the throne for the next big franchise, but be careful.

All we can say is that the next Hunger Games is Catching Fire

Can We Stop Worrying Already Part 2: The Continuity Edition

Let’s not.

As much as I have faith in Lionsgate, Francis Lawrence, everyone involved in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, there’s one anxiety in the back of my mind. And it’s the underlying concern for most fans, the one that doesn’t get as much attention as the “Finnick/Johanna/Beetee/[insert character here] must be perfect!” shouting that goes on. And that concern is about continuity.

Think about it. When we found out that Gary Ross would not be directing the second installment in the Hunger Games franchise, we couldn’t help worrying. And while that worrying has minimized, it’s still kind of there because we have this element of the unknown mixed with the fact that we now have to worry about whether or not the second movie will feel continuous with the previous one. When The Hunger Games was being filmed, we did not have to worry about that.

Don’t get me wrong, many people are staying on. But, for example, the announcement that Trish Summerville is replacing Judianna Makovsky as costume designer. While we’re hopeful and have faith in her, we still have to worry about whether or not the look of Catching Fire will keep the continuity of the first movie. It’s just there and a legitimate concern, and we love the books so much that we can’t help it that we worry.

Discontinuous in the wardrobe department…

Continuity is a great concern. We know not everything will be the same. A new director is going to want to put their own spin to it. A new costume designer will want to put their own touches and aesthetic in the costumes. All we want is that it feels like the same story. The thing about The Hunger Games is that the books are one continuous story broken up in 3 parts (the movies will of course have 4), not 3 separate and distinct stories. How many times have we heard that people who’ve read the series consumed them all in one go, each book one right after the other? The movies after they’re all out when watched all at once, say marathon style, should feel like one story.

And now is the time to make sure that happens. The continuity in the films needs to hold up throughout the series and it starts with the transition from The Hunger Games to Catching Fire.

…is just one example.

Lionsgate, we don’t want you to Glee it up*. We want you to succeed. And I’m sure you’re very aware of how much Hunger Games fans pay attention. We will notice if things are just too different. This franchise has so much potential to be a classic when all is said and done, and one step towards that is keeping continuity from the very beginning.

And now the Conga Line of Continuity begins

“Glee it up”: To have utter disregard for what had previously happened for no discernable reason, to throw continuity out of the proverbial window, in such a way that it significantly and negatively impacts the quality. Named for Glee’s infamous lack of continuity.

Edit: I hope everyone realizes this post is NOT about just costume continuity. Like I said, it’s an example. I’m talking about continuity in general.

The Newly Crowned Clown

Sometimes there are unexpected gems unearthed in the slowly being erected foundations of this wonderful thing called The Cast of Catching Fire, and those gems are not only the über class some of these people bring to the table, acting talent wise that is. However, after careful examination there are a few real diamonds in the rough, and some of those diamonds are members of the cast who’ve deemed the wonderful place known as Twitter, as a playground for their aimless, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes ridiculous thoughts. Last summer when the cast of The Hunger Games was established, and then almost all the Tributes’ Twitter handles were revealed– most of us went along and followed them. I always felt a bit strange following a bevy of teenagers personally, but I sucked it up and followed the boys and the girls from District 1 to District 11 (Josh Hutcherson didn’t start using Twitter again until 2012.), thankfully the boy from District 11 was, and is very legal– so, I didn’t feel completely weird about following him at 23-24 years of age. Others though, I just don’t think I can ever feel truly comfortable following someone who’s not old enough to get a drivers license. Although, I’ve made the exception for Willow Shields, and Amandla Stenberg.

For me, and maybe for some of you out there, one of the more appealing things about the cast of Catching Fire, is the fact that everyone who’s been cast so far is an adult, and we no longer have to avert our eyes when they do or say something questionable– wait, I personally still have to do that, ’cause I still follow some of last years Tributes. This time though, or this summer– no one in the new cast has done, or said anything too off kilter, and like I said above– some of them have turned out to be gems. Not that it’s a contest or anything, but some of these people are better at using Twitter than others, and in that sense– I guess there sort of is a contest going on, but maybe we shouldn’t tell them. So, without further ado, I bring you a comprehensive list of who’s best/better at using Twitter in the cast of Catching Fire!

She Sings, she acts– she’d rather use Facebook!

 Coming in last place is unfortunately Ms. Maria Howell, aka @MariaSingsActs. Maria’s Twitter timeline for the most part is tweets asking people to go like her Facebook page– which defeats the purpose of having a Twitter, doesn’t it? Does for me, but I don’t matter– do I, do I? Perhaps the limitation of 140 characters to express her self has proven too daunting, I know I didn’t get a hang of it for a while. Time will tell if Maria’s tweeting skills advance over the span of the next year, ’cause being part of this project is likely to change her life, and possibly her Twitter habits.

Next up is another lady, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, aka

Gym shoes!

@1StephanieLeigh! I’m sure she’s a sweetheart, and she’s very thankful for the complimentary tweets she’s received from fans after being cast, and judging by her tweets of the last day or so, she really loves her sister. However, and this is going to sound awful, all she’s tweeted lately are glamorous Instagram’s of herself. Survey says, I need more substance than tweeting about finding her gym shoes, her appreciation for the congratulations on being cast in what’s sure to be one of the biggest money making films November after next. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, especially since it looks like she took a break from the Twitter-sphere somewhat recently, and just got back into it.

Brutus Brutally Loves Hash-tags

I’m happy to announce that Bruno Gunn aka @BrunoGunn is a laugh, and I’m not pulling anyone’s invisible tail when I say that. He’s probably the most enthusiastic Tribute to be added to the roster, and man does he love a hash-tag! Bruno’s a fan of not only hash-tags, he’s also a fan of replying to fans, and also– the man likes puns.

Running ahead of Mr. Gunn is of course our

He knows how to waste time on Le Twitter like the best of ’em!

dear, and newly crowned Finnick Odair– Sam Claflin aka @samclaflin. Sam’s Twitter avatar pretty much says it all, he’s jocular, and yep– he knows how to carry on an almost hour-long Twitter-wide conversation about combining different words into drunkenly hysterical matings. Also, he’s apparently not afraid to start singing to himself in public when he’s bored, alone, and did I mention bored… whilst at the airport. Sam gets a very shiny, completely non-existent silver medal for knowing how to use 140 characters, and use them well.

Don’t be fooled by the jawline, he’ll make you laugh your face off.

Which brings us to the winner of this non-contest! But here it is, or he is– Mr. Alan Ritchson aka @alanritchson. Alan is kind of a master at tweeting, perhaps it’s his song-writing skills being put to use, or the training he received whilst being part of a comedy television show– but damn-it-he’s-just-fuckin’-funny! Personally, I was not expecting him to be the winner of this non-contest, but he so is, because he goes and says things like, “all the training I’ve been doing has rendered the lower 98% of my body useless. I’m thirsty, I’ll drag myself to the sink by my face now.” Or this glittering jewel of hilarity he tweeted just today, I warn you now to read the caption first. Okay, and not only is he hilarious, but he’s also an expectant father who tweets about putting up animal decals in his unborn child’s room, which of course makes anyone with a soul let out an “awwwwwe”. So, there you have it– Ritchson wins the shiny, shiny gold! I cannot wait ’til he makes me despise his character like Xander Ludwig did last March, thus making me admire him for not only being funny, but being a talented actor — Alan I mean. Okay, Xander as well, can’t forget good ol’ Xander!

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Them There Eyes aka @Rebekahdg

Digital Love

The movie has been officially out on Blu-Ray/DVD for a week and a half now and I have only just redeemed my digital copy. Like a few minutes ago. Gotta have a copy of the movie on my iPad, just in case I’m stranded somewhere with an intense desire to watch The Hunger Games.

No, this is not going to be a thought-provoking blog post. Sorry guys!

This is going to be a “Look how long this is taking” post.

Exhibit A (taken right… now!)

Lame, right?

You know what’s not lame though? Getting the iTunes exclusive extras with the digital copy that came with my Blu-Ray. For some reason, it had not occurred to me that would happen. I was totally ready to pay for it too! Now I’ve just got to play the waiting game (tick tock).

If you’ve put off or forgotten about that little digital copy code in your Hunger Games DVD or Blu-Ray, you might want to take it out and redeem your own code. It’s really easy to ignore that little piece of paper covering Peeta’s face. Remember, there are even more special features on the iTunes extras!

Stop trying to make me believe Josh is 5’10”. It’s not going to happen.

So in 50 bajillion hours, I’ll be able to carry the movie around in my already heavy purse. Don’t you love technology?

And I was hoping I’d get to watch the iTunes exclusive tonight