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The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game

A nor’easter of epic proportions has started in my neck of the country, so if this is the last time I shall ever write for Victor’s Village (or more likely, if I lose my Internet connection for several days), I’m going out WITH A BANG!

Therefore, Victor’s Village presents something we’ve meant to do for a while now:

The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game


Seneca Crane's beard knows where it's at!

Seneca Crane’s beard knows where it’s at!


Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)

One regular glass

One shot glass

An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp when…

Whenever ANY of the characters drink

Prim or Rue let out that “little girl scream of terror” that awakens every parental instinct you’ve ever had

There’s a shot of Emo!Gale after Katniss enters the arena

A tribute death is announced off-screen

Katniss climbs a tree

Peeta stares at Katniss longingly

Katniss shoots an arrow

Ceasar Flickerman says the name of a tribute

Or for you classier folks...

Or for you classier folks…

Down the glass or bottle when…

A tribute dies on-screen

There is excessive use of over-exaggerated PANIC!faces

A relationship between Cato and Glimmer is implied

The shaky cam hits critical mass

Take a shot when…

A character goes out of their way to explain something that was part of Katniss’ inner monologue in the books

A character who is supposed to disturb you makes you giggle instead

There’s a montage

Got your own brilliant suggestion for The Hunger Games movie drinking game? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add in our favorites!

The Hunger Games 12 Days of Christmas

Victor’s Village is honored to be one of twelve Hunger Games fansites teaming up with Lionsgate to present THE HUNGER GAMES 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!

The Hunger Games 12 Days of Christmas Lionsgate 2012

To celebrate this holiday season, Lionsgate has generously given us the tools we need to spread some cheer! Right in this post, we’ll be giving away 5 copies of The Hunger Games DVD and 5 copies of Catching Fire to give away to our readers. Check below the cut to see all the details.

That’s not all! To go along with the new winter themes in The Hunger Games Adventures, the Gamemakers at Funtactix have an exclusive gift for Victor’s Village readers. There’s a separate gift for boys and girls, so make sure you click the appropriate link to claim your free gift!

Girl Gift –

Boy Gift –

In case you missed it, don’t forget that The Hunger Games will soon have its world television premiere on EPIX! See it at 12pm ET on New Year’s Day, or catch it on January 4th as part of their free preview weekend hosted by Wes Bentley.

Get talking about the sweeps and more with the hashtag #12DaysOfHungerGames!

In case you missed them, visit these sites for the other awesome “days” of prizes:

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Day 2: The Hob
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For contest entry and rules, click “Read More”!


Digital Love

The movie has been officially out on Blu-Ray/DVD for a week and a half now and I have only just redeemed my digital copy. Like a few minutes ago. Gotta have a copy of the movie on my iPad, just in case I’m stranded somewhere with an intense desire to watch The Hunger Games.

No, this is not going to be a thought-provoking blog post. Sorry guys!

This is going to be a “Look how long this is taking” post.

Exhibit A (taken right… now!)

Lame, right?

You know what’s not lame though? Getting the iTunes exclusive extras with the digital copy that came with my Blu-Ray. For some reason, it had not occurred to me that would happen. I was totally ready to pay for it too! Now I’ve just got to play the waiting game (tick tock).

If you’ve put off or forgotten about that little digital copy code in your Hunger Games DVD or Blu-Ray, you might want to take it out and redeem your own code. It’s really easy to ignore that little piece of paper covering Peeta’s face. Remember, there are even more special features on the iTunes extras!

Stop trying to make me believe Josh is 5’10”. It’s not going to happen.

So in 50 bajillion hours, I’ll be able to carry the movie around in my already heavy purse. Don’t you love technology?

And I was hoping I’d get to watch the iTunes exclusive tonight

Partying It Up At Midnight Part 2: The Interview

We missed the watermark, but we were there!

As promised, here is the interview! The fansites did a group interview with others present like the crew from Lionsgate Home Entertainment in charge of the DVD special features. Check out what else went on at the Midnight Release Party here.

And we bring it to you in 3 different formats: embedded audio and a transcription, courtesy of Erin and Elena from HG Movie Site, and video as part of Down with the Capitol’s Aldrin’s vlog. Photos are also courtesy of HG Movie Site!

As a reminder, in attendance were Jack Quaid, Dayo Okeniyi, Welcome to District 12 (Courtney and me), HG Movie Site (Erin and Elena), Down with the Capitol (Aldrin), (Beth), and Victor’s Village (also me), plus individuals from Lionsgate, including Lisa, who did ask a few questions.


From left to right: Jack, Aldrin, Courtney, Tiffany, Beth, and Dayo

Click here for audio!


Dayo: All right let’s go.

Question: All right so we saw the special features.

Dayo: First of all, hi.

Courtney: Oh I’m Courtney by the way.

Dayo/Jack: Hi!

Courtney: This is my good friend Tiffany, we run

Dayo: Cool

Courtney: (points to Tiffany) and she also writes on Victor’s Village.

Jack: Nice.

Dayo: Right On.

Courtney: So, we saw the special features, and there is one part that is hilarious. Jack, he’s like, you guys are all together, and they are like PUT YOUR COFFEE DOWN (everyone laughs).

Jack: You guys have seen the special features, we haven’t.


Partying It Up At Midnight Part 1: The Event

The Hunger Games DVD is upon us! But not without some awesome midnight release parties! All around the US, Hunger Games fans were celebrating the much anticipated release, and some celebrations even came with some Hunger Games actors.

I was able to make it to the WalMart event in Santa Clarita (just outside of Los Angeles) where Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid were to appear and do a signing for fans. Upon pulling up to the store at 10:15, the line was already pretty long, so long that later on in the night we heard that a local news channel showed a shot of the line taken from a helicopter. I didn’t have to stand in it because fansite runners from Welcome to District 12 (Courtney and me), (Erin and Elena), Down with the Capitol (Aldrin), (Beth), and Victor’s Village (also me) were ushered inside before the signing because… we would get to interview them! Needless to say, we were pretty jazzed when we found out. But we’ll talk about that later.

Once that was done, we went out to the front where the signing was to occur. After quickly signing stuff for us, they brought in the fans. Us fansite runners loved seeing how psyched everyone else was to get to meet Jack and Dayo. They gave their attention to each of the fans that came in, and the fans left happy and excited that they got to meet Thresh and Marvel. Even after the signing was over, they went over to sign stuff for fans waiting outside the door. And they took the time to thank us with fansite group hugs from each of them at the end of the night! 

It was a great night. I was very much tempted to raid WalMart’s display of Hunger Games school supplies, never mind the fact that I have been out of school for 3 years. Jack and Dayo are the sweetest, and they love the fansites so it was quite awesome getting to hang with them.

So about that interview. We will be posting that Monday morning, along with some more photos! And these are questions we’re certain haven’t been asked before in interviews with them so you’ll want to keep a look out for it!

A little sneak peek from the interview!

Put your coffee down!

Hunger Games DVD Special Features (That Didn’t Make The Cut!)

Cue the dramatic music because I’m baaaaaaaaack!

You all probably wish we’d take vacations more often so that you could hear more from our fabulous guest posters, but fear not! We’ll still be posting the rest of our guest posts up at least once a week until they stop coming! Remember, you can submit a guest post to us at any time as they are always welcomed.

Hunger Games Special Edition DVD Target 3 Disc Special Features

Can you HANDLE all those special features?!

This return DOES come at a pretty great time, though! At this hour tomorrow, many of us will be ay DVD Release Parties, just minutes away from getting our hands on our own personal slice for The Hunger Games.

We’ll all be busy drooling over our various special editions of the DVD, each equipped with their own special features and special specialness. But did you know there were some special features that were cut of the the DVD!

The Hunger Games DVD Special Features That Didn’t Make The Cut

Cast & Crew Commentary Reel – We happen to be movie commentary junkies. A few actors (even minor ones), the director, or even some random producer wants to commentate throughout the film? WE WILL WATCH. It’s so simple to add that we can’t believe none of the special editions feature it. Therefore, we assume commentary WAS filmed, preferably with Jen, Josh, and Liam, but it was just too scandalous for Lionsgate to share with the world!

Stalker Cam – A segment chronicling the adventures of set security and the local police in Asheville, NC as they do everything in their power to keep raging superfans who “just want one peek” off the damn set. Featuring the chick who likes to flash the stars and the drunk guy who thinks he’s slick enough to talk his way in!

Stand-Ins Developing Heatstroke – The Hunger Games was filmed during an incredibly hot summer. Sure, the actors struggled with it, but you know who REALLY did? The actor stand-ins who stood in the same spot for hours while the crew set up their shot. Stand-ins: They stand all day so the actors don’t have to, and these are their stories.

The Hunger Games Buttercup Katniss Everdeen movie gif

So angry!

Hygiene Fail! – Jennifer Lawerence renamed our favorite heroine “Katpiss Neverclean” during filming because she spent a lot of time peeing in the woods and being generally filthy. She’s not the only one! We may assume movie sets are glamorous places, but this feature reveals just how disgusting things can get when you’re filming in the middle of the woods for weeks at a time!

Buttercup’s Transformation – Buttercup spoke to us in The Hunger Games film– hissed at us, really. Now we’ll dig deep to figure out Buttercup’s new look, what’s behind the strange disappearance of all trained orange cats in the world, his former addiction to catnip, and the deep-seated anger that causes him to hiss at Katniss Everdeen.

Not a bad start to the list, if we do say so ourselves! What other special features didn’t make the cut? Tell us what you think!

Also, That “Actors Read Victor’s Village, Mourn for the Fandom” Bit Seems To Be Gone…
The Girl With The Pearl

Preparation Is Key

I come to you now with a warning, a message, if you were– and the message is, prepare yourself for the coming lull. We’ve received an unprecedented amount of casting news within the last week plus, but I think we’re in for a dry-spell as The Hunger Games DVD and all its fun, fantastic, sparkly gifts of wowness is dropped into our anticipating hands. I for one will be waiting until the crowds disperse to get my copy, because I only do crowds at concerts, and even then I’m on the edge of losing it in a fit brought on by a lovely, mild, yet completely irrational anxiety disorder. However, if you’re one of those people who are going to be braving the lines at a Midnight Release in your respective hometown, more power to ya’! And for everyone, and I mean everyone— I think we should take the likely lull in casting news pre and post DVD release in stride, and possibly attempt to engage in other time consuming activities, perhaps even ones that will better us as human beings. So, here’s a list of things to do before you’ve got your hot little hands on a copy of the newly released DVD, and yep– after you’ve run through all the special features, and you’re thinking of constantly refreshing until magically Beetee is announced, or god forbid Finnick Odair.

  • Take up archery, ’cause apparently it’s what all the cool kids are doing now. And,

    She may have mom issues, but she sure knows how to aim that thing.

    wouldn’t it just be better knowing you too could possibly shoot an apple out of a roast pig’s mouth?

  • Suck it up and read Battle Royale. I for one should probably attempt this, but the near constant pooh flinging from BR fans at The Hunger Games has sort of left me wanting to, well– I’ll let you use your own imagination. (Note: I saw the film a long time ago.)
  • Marathon Game of Thrones. Why? Because why the fuck not!? There’s sward fighting, and ax wielding, and hot blond twins who creep everyone out, sort of like Gloss and Cashmere. Also, there are ponies, lots of ponies.
  • Get a goat.
  • Get a cat.
  • Attempt to start your own Young Adult novel, and try your utmost to not base it on The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, or Divergent.
  • Go to the library, talk to a librarian, and get a comprehensive list of young adult novels that I did not just mention, hell– if they throw in some classics like say, Z For Zachariah, or The Outsiders, that would be awesome.

Okay, now that you’re semi equipped to brave the post DVD release/casting news lull– go forth and perhaps maybe get some vitamin D in between re-watching the Cave sequence over and over, ‘kay?

Just in case you weren’t sure what a goat was.

Not Blue Over the Blu-Ray

So here it is, a review of The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray!

The Blu-Ray contains 2 discs plus a digital copy of the movie, which can be retrieved via iTunes or Ultraviolet (stored on a cloud system that can be streamed on your computer, TV or smart device). I wanted to grab the digital copy on iTunes right away so I could watch the movie on my iPad, but it being so early means the site to put the code in to retrieve it is, as of now, still not live. Also along with the iTunes/Ultraviolet code, there is a code for an exclusive virtual item for The Hunger Games Adventures, which I will totally be snagging!

Upon sticking the Katniss disc in, a District 12 seal comes on the screen with a load bar, followed by a slightly epic intro sequence down the Avenue of the Tributes… just to lead into the previews/trailers. The first disc is pretty straight forward. You’ve got the movie (whoop!), set up screen and a special features selection. Oh no, never mind those aren’t really special features.

Now the Special Features disc, aka the Peeta disc. Yes, we’re getting to the good stuff. There are three sections: The World Is Watching: Making The Hunger Games, Featurettes, and Marketing Gallery.

The World Is Watching: Making The Hunger Games is an 8-part behind the scenes look of The Hunger Games, going from the script writing process (Countdown), through to Casting, prepping for the movie (Design and Arena Ready), the actual filming (On Location in Panem), the Effects and Post Production, and finally the weeks leading up to the release (May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor). You can watch them by section or Play All for a nice documentary-like experience.

Needless to say, my favorite sections were the filming of the movie and lead up to release. It was great to get a taste of what it was like for all the actors filming the movie and what the environment on set was like, and the final section of the making-of got me quite nostalgic for the excitement that was March 2012. The more technical aspects explored in the Making The Hunger Games, especially during post production, design, and effects sections, was incredibly interesting to me though. My nerdy self was a little too fascinated by things like how the Capitol gambling emporium scene came about and the recording of Horn of Plenty (I’ve totally been singing the wrong words).

The Featurettes section is pretty much the miscellaneous extras. Suzanne Collins and The Hunger Games Phenomenon goes over how The Hunger Games became as big as it is and who knew it would be such a sensation. Cool, but if you’re a super fan you basically knew most of this stuff. Letters from the Rose Garden was SO unbelievable. It goes into Donald Sutherland’s infamous letter to Gary Ross regarding power that inspired the extra President Snow scenes. Controlling the Games goes into the design and filming of the Gamemaker room. Fascinating to see! A Conversation with Gary Ross and Elvis Mitchell (famous film critic) is semi-interesting, but again if you’re a super fan quite a bit of it is old hat. The Blu-Ray exclusive, Preparing for the Games: A Director’s Process got my nerd juices flowing as it takes a scene from the movie and plays it along with a shot list Gary had typed up (complete with typos) and storyboard drawings! Finally, you can watch the full Propaganda Film shown at the beginning of the Reaping, which reminds me quite a bit of the Skynet commercial they play at the Terminator 3D Ride at Universal Studios.

Finally, there’s the Marketing Gallery with the theatrical trailers, a poster gallery and a photo gallery. Nothing too exciting or new.

So I’m sure there are tons of questions. Is Suzanne Collins in the Making of? Where are the deleted scenes?! Commentary? No, Suzanne Collins is not in the Making of, but I prefer it that way. She’s known for shying away from the public eye, so I say leave her be. And from speaking with the Lionsgate Home Entertainment peeps, we found out that there are no deleted scenes on the special features because there really weren’t any extra scenes. Had there been deleted scenes they would be there. As for commentary, they knew that if they couldn’t get THE BIG THREE together to do it, it would’ve been no good and there simply wasn’t time as they were super busy promoting the movie.

No surprise to anyone, I’m going to give this Blu-Ray a MUST BUY rating. If you’re here, then you’re a Hunger Games fan (hopefully), and if you’re a Hunger Games fan, you’re going to want as many peeks behind the scenes as you can get! I’ve been quoting certain parts of the special features, and that doesn’t happen with your average DVD’s special features. Also don’t forget to watch the credits for Making The Hunger Games. It’s great, trust me.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray or DVD on Saturday, August 18th! And don’t forget about the special editions from Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, not to mention the extras on iTunes!

Also we may or may not have found an Easter Egg or two

All the DVD Boxsets!

Which one are you going to get?

On Saturday, I took a little trip down to Lionsgate with a bunch of our HG fansite running pals. Now, this isn’t my first time at Lionsgate, but it hadn’t been anything like this. We were there for a screening of the Blu-Ray/DVD special features. On the surface, it could sound a little underwhelming, but it was most definitely NOT!

First, we got to check out the different boxsets and setups for the Blu-Ray/DVDs. Best Buy, Costco, Target and Walmart all have their own versions (not to mention iTunes too), not to mention there’s the regular DVD and Blu-Ray that you can get at every other store. Trust me, I was ready to throw my money all over the place to get every single boxset (Walmart with 30 minutes of extra footage, Best Buy with both the Blu-Ray and DVD plus an acrylic thing in a cube, Costco with the 12 bag, a bracelet and the parachute canister), and though I’m not trying to sway anyone any which way, while it’s laid out like a normal DVD set, the Target exclusive became a MUST BUY for me. As someone who has stared at the promo photos that were used for the cover art for countless hours, what they did with them impressed me. Not to mention, the Target exclusive has The Tribute Diaries, where Lionsgate gave the Tributes Flip Cams to document their experience. Since Hunger Games fans love the actors that play our Tributes – and rightfully so, they are awesome – you can see why I’m chomping at the bit to own it. (I swear, Target is not paying me to say this. I wouldn’t object, though *hint hint*)

Next, we were ushered into the Lionsgate screening room, where we watched a 20 minute sneak peek of the special features, cut together and narrated JUST FOR US. No really, it featured screenshots of our sites and everything, how cool is that!

Afterwards, it was lunch and a surprise in the form of Jackie Emerson! We got to hang out with her and talk about everything from what it was like to film that scene where Katniss and Foxface run into each other to self-cleaning toilets in Munich (no really, that happened). We also got to speak with executives from Lionsgate and Lionsgate Home Entertainment about our opinions on what we’d like to see in the future.

Fansite runners with Jackie!

Then came the surprise. We would be taking home copies of The Hunger Games. Yes, two weeks before it was supposed to officially come out. I didn’t even let myself think that would happen because it would’ve been just too awesome, but it happened! And not only that, but we got ridiculous swag bags. You know all that merch you would never buy for yourself but you secretly wanted? Yeah, we got that! Lionsgate was making it rain.

It was a blast! I had the best time hanging with everyone and talking Hunger Games all day.

A review of the complete special features will come on Friday so look out for that!

Thanks, Lionsgate!

Hunger Games DVD Countdown Contest!


Click here to reserve your copy:

In celebration of the impending DVD release, Lionsgate is holding a weekly contest! Create your own DVD Countdown images featuring the hashtag #HungerGamesDVD and the phrase X weeks and counting”, starting with 11 weeks this week!

Each week will have a different theme for the Countdown image, announced every week on The Official Hunger Games Facebook page. The theme for this week is the Mockingjay!

Send your entries to and you can win this awesome prize pack:

Hunger Games DVD Contest Prize Pack

The Ultimate Hunger Games Prize Pack