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Quenching Capitol Curiosity

Entertainment Weekly promised us “intel” on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 in the teaser for their Fall Movie preview double issue and they shelled it out today!

The piece doesn’t get too in depth– which hopefully means we’ll be getting some in depth articles closer to the release of the film (but no promises since Lionsgate essentially nixed the entire print campaign for Mockingjay Part 1)– but it talks a bit about putting together the Capitol. And we learned a few things!

For instance, Francis Lawrence and the gang made full blueprints of the Capitol to get a feel for the layout. And it’s mostly just Paris but with some fun twists as an homage to the city where they shot most of the Capitol scenes.




The architecture of the Capitol has gone from brutalist to Stalinist. The Soviet Era style honestly seems pretty close to brutalism, but it’s a little edgier and probably helps convey the narcissistic vibe of the citizens a little better.



Aaaaand set designers didn’t really think ahead, therefore creating more work for themselves than at all necessary:



So we didn’t get too much this time around. But included on that first page was a nice little still that we reeeeeally wish we could find without the captions:



We can’t help but wonder… Is it us? Why can’t we revel in an Entertainment Weekly piece with a new still and a few details? Is it that our attention span is too small or that the details are too little? We’re three months away from the movie! Patience is a virtue, but any fandom will you it’s certainly not a requirement. Either way, here’s hoping the studio wises up about print campaigns for this film and we get some articles that really delve into the story, the characters, and the on-set experience for the final film in the franchise!

The Girl With The Pearl

The Mockingjay Revolution Will Be Televised

If you’ve learned anything from The Hunger Games fandom over the course of these movies, it’s that interactivity is KEY in making fans happy. We like new features. We like having puzzles to solve. Thankfully, we got some of that today!

Image from QuarterQuell.Org

Image from QuarterQuell.Org

It started with an update of TheCapitol.PN, specifically the first weekly update from CapitolTV.

It hints at issues The Capitol is facing in the midst of rebellion, but tries to cover them up in silky-voiced fraudulence. It gets a little redundant with the word “system” in that first line, but overall it’s super exciting. Because you know what the real issue is? Of course you do! REBEL SCUM.

Speaking of which… The new Capitol website was met by an even bigger response from District 13! Search through their hacks and you’ll find new images, character files, and several censored Capitol Concerns (or so I’m told. Something about that site makes my computer go “Oh, FUCK YOU!”) Remember when fans were asked to fill those out as Panem citizens? Well if you participated, you’re now apparently responsible for a bunch of District 7 citizens getting marched to their death:


While we’re okay with the shortness of the D13 propo, but is their production value so low that they could manage any sound?! No ominous music, no Peacekeepers shouting orders in the distance, no static, NOTHING?! Really kills the intensity!

But by keeping things mysterious and short, Lionsgate is setting MOCKINGJAY PART 1 up for a viral video campaign. It’s something that the franchise has never done before, but it’s been extremely successful for other films and if the continuation is done well, it could be the desperately needed perk-up this campaign needs! So if nothing else, today we got some hope.

Except For The Part Where Our Complaints Led People To Slaughter,

The Girl With The Pearl

Relating To Katniss

We all can do it, right? Relate to Katniss Everdeen that is. I mean sure a very small percentage of people can claim being forced to fight to the death on a televised reality program. Actually, I don’t think anyone can claim that that’s happened in their life, unless there’s some crazy programming going on over seas that I’m not privy to, and in that case– dear god, I hope that’s not happening! However there are other aspects to Katniss’ life that are relatable on more realistic levels, like most of us have families that we care about, most of us have fallen in love, or think we have, some of us have semi unhealthy friendships with people who possibly want to bone us, or marry us, we’ve all had to interact with weird people whose fundamental beliefs are vastly different from our own, unless we’re really really painfully sheltered, and many of us have endured unfamiliar and sometimes painful beautification practices, take your pick– oh, and some of us even have pets that we’d skin and eat if push came to shove. For me at least I can relate to, well– yeah only three of those things I just mentioned, and most recently I have to say the sometimes painful beautification practices is very, very relatable. No, wait, I have had unhealthy friendships with… you get the idea. Rough, I tell ya, also sorta a lot uncomfortable.

Beautification practices are weird, aren’t they? I mean think about it, we dye our hair unnatural colors according to the whims of fashion, we paint out finger and toe nails with shiny paint, we remove our body hair with wax and chemicals, and we douse our selves in oils and cremes to soften our skin and supposedly make our selves more attractive. Attractive to who, that’s entirely debatable.nail-polish Recently I’ve been putting myself through a gauntlet of sometimes painful, sometimes awkward– actually awkward quite often, beautification practices. Yep, and for the most part I’ve been doing these mainstream body modifications because I’ll be attending The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Los Angeles. Yeah, yeah– why didn’t I go to the one in London?! Simple, couldn’t afford it, and wasn’t invited. God knows how passe it is to show up to a party you’re not invited to, Effie would not approve one bit! Anyway, I can’t help but relate to Katniss as I’ve found myself repeatedly vulnerable under the scissors, or wooden stick dripping with hot wax, or tiny paint brush wielding beauticians hands. And I’ll tell you, hand massages when given by bored, fed up nail technicians is not relaxing, or anything resembling a massage. But who am I to tell them that they’re hurting me– they’re the ones who have easy access to super sharp cuticle scissors, and I’m the one who was idiot enough to go to the cheapest place in a five block radius of my house! Stupid me for thinking that a 15% tip is enough as well, even though they made me bleed, and left a bruise on my instep! So, while I’m paying to be tortured more times than I’d like to admit, know this– Katniss may have been a beautification virgin when she stepped off that train in the Capitol, but we’re masochists if we continue to allow angry nail techs to touch the appendages that help most of us do the work in our lives.

Just say no, and listen to the Yelp reviews online! Also, my favorite nail color is Bubble Bath if you’re wondering!

Them There Eyes

Marie Antoinette and the Fish

Today, Covergirl unveiled two looks from their The Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection. You know those silhouettes? We’ve come to find out that they’re actually models done up in high fashion interpretations of each district using products from the line. So far we have District 1 (Luxury) and District 4 (Fishing).


What we’re seeing so far is lots of color, which is a far cry from the gray-brown, muted nail polish line we got from China Glaze for The Hunger Games (yes, there were a couple bright colors but overall it was pretty dull). Like Them There Eyes said, if you want to go Capitol, go Capitol.

That being said, there might be the opposite problem with this line. Is there really going to be blue lipstick? It’s a little hard to imagine that’d be a huge seller for anyone that isn’t a diehard fan who just needs to get every single item from the collection. The look is fabulous (dare I say, abnosome?) in the photo, on the gorgeous dark-skinned model with fans in her hair to represent fins, but the translation to real life is lacking. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk into the office with blue lipstick.

Covergirl seems to be doing their best with marketing this line so far, revealing the looks to appeal to girls and young women who have grown up on America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway and know what editorial looks and photos are like, very different from their ultra-commercial magazine ads of close-up faces. If anything, the photos so far are very much like if tributes in the tribute parade were models instead of children or victors. Which, though executed incredibly, is a little disturbing. Sorry guys, I’m now running with the head-canon that these are concept photos by Capitol stylists testing their looks out on models first.

The line will be available on October 1 so we have a month and half-ish to save up for the seemingly extensive line. I’m ready to add yet another mascara to my collection, all for the name of The Hunger Games.

I hate that I’m probably going to buy them all, blue lipstick be damned!

Panem Independence Day Must-Haves

Happy 4th of July, Americans! Happy belated Canada Day, Canadians! ..Hell, wherever you are, Happy Independence Day of some sort that will come around eventually, whenever that may be! We’re heading to Panem in this post, anyway.

As we all know, you don’t just win a war without then turning it into a national holiday. We don’t think Panem is any exception! It may not happen right away, but eventually, the country is going to start celebrating the defeat of President Snow in a big way.

And you know what that means? MERCHANDISING! You’ve gotta be able to show your national pride!

So what would that entail, you ask? We have some ideas…

P.S. This already exists.

P.S. This already exists.

Katniss Everdeen’s (Novelty) Bow and Arrow Set – This one’s for the kiddos. Nerf bow and arrow sets to commemorate the victor whose arrows burned through the hearts and hovercrafts of her enemies, minus all that nasty bloodshed! …Though, walking through a crowd, you’ll notice many parents trying to comfort a child who has just been whacked in the eye by a foam arrow. Fun for the whole family!

“Peeta” bread – The name begs that the main dish of the revolution be named after Peeta. Rather than being an actual bread, of course, it’ll be more like a fried dough– smothered in cinnamon and sugar and whatever other sugary topping the consumer wants! Something delicious to warm the heart on a cold Panem Independence Day (since the defeat happened in mid-winter)!

Abernathy Brewery’s 451 Lager- Given his infamous love for the bottle, it’s only fitting that Panem’s first brewing company be named in honor of Haymitch Abernathy. He is credited for his behind-the-scenes efforts that sprung forth the revolution, though some people still have trouble seeing him as a political figurehead. The company released a year-round variety of seasonal brews, but the 451 Lager, named after “Star Squad” 451, is by far the favorite.

Girl on Fire-crackers – Deemed responsible for the most injuries on Panem Independence Day, the owner must snap a firecracker on the ground in front of them to be momentarily surrounded by a ring of fire reminiscent of the “Girl on Fire” dress Cinna made for Katniss. Unfortunately, no one has managed to reproduce Cinna and Portia’s synthetic fire, which means burns galore for fidgeters and anyone with copious amounts of leg hair.

Sold with matching fishing spear!

Sold with matching fishing spear!

Light Up Trident – Finnick Odair is the poetic hero of the revolution. He was a well-known figurehead across Panem who died to save the nation from tyranny. He and his doomed love are immortalized in every form of art, but as far as Independence Day celebrations go, all he got was a plastic light up trident that most people use to poke their friends or fight through a crowd.

City Circle Fireworks Spectacular –
The Capitol remembers the devastating bombs that went off in City Circle by offering by a stunning fireworks show in front of the President’s mansion. As the ash falls, people are encouraged to think about the lives lost to make the country great, but usually get distracted by that kid with the light up trident on the side of them.

You Go Get Your Independence On, Panem!
The Girl With The Pearl

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Capitol Covergirl

CG announce 2x2 v2I think we all knew a day like this would come, a day when it was official in our minds that The Hunger Games is a cosmetics companies wet dream come true. Yep, I said wet dream. It’s true though, because today it was announced that Covergirl Cosmetics is partnering with Lionsgate Studios, and creating an entire Capitol based campaign for the up coming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Am I surprised by this development? Nope. Am I disappointed? Not really, because this is a bona fide money-maker of a franchise, and Covergirl is one of the most commercial, and successful cosmetics companies in the world. Covergirl are also no strangers to partnering with successful, and highly commercial ventures, like America’s Next Top Model the hugely popular modeling competition program hosted by former super model Tyra Banks. Come to think of it, Tyra Banks even wrote a Hunger Games-esque novel, called Modelland not too long ago. Anyway, Tyra and her attempts at authoring mediocre novels aside, Covergirl and Lionsgate are in for a real treat, and the treat is most likely making a butt load of money.

It’s no stretch of the imagination that with these two companies partnering up,

More like this, less like anything we've ever seen before.

More like this, less like anything we’ve ever seen before.

they’ll likely come up with some fairly interesting ad campaigns that will pique even the most illiterate individual’s interest. I’m also not surprised that the

campaign being teased already is Capitol focused, we are the Capitol, there’s simply no way to get around that fact. I only ask this if both companies, don’t skimp, don’t hold back, if you want to go Capitol, go Capitol. And when I say Capitol, I mean Wizard of Oz meets Brazil, meets Marie Antoinette, meets French and Italian haute couture, covered in feathers, and painted baby blue. Think of a peacock, add sparkles, with a dash of the Jazz Age– do not be scared, do not pass go, go crazy like you’ve never gone crazy before. Then breathe, and then scream, and then design to your hearts content. I also suggest some Radiohead, and some Pixie Stix be purchased ASAP, maybe some Bjork for good measure.

This is the Capitol, ladies, and gentlemen… not Top Model.

Them There Eyes

Victor’s Village’s Panem Vacation

After a certain point of vacation planning, you begin to measure everything in your live by how far away it is from your vacation like “Four more nights of sleep before vacation!” or “One more day of work before vacation!”

Today, my Victor’s Village declaration is “One more post until vacation!”

The closest we'll ever be to "going to Panem"!

The closest we’ll ever be to “going to Panem”!

It’s not that I don’t love writing posts or interacting with you lovely people, just that I’m pretty damn excited to sit on a beach and sip mojitos (oh yeah, and attend my only sibling’s wedding)!

Of course, that got me thinking about vacations in Panem, where there’s really no option to travel to a faraway beaches to simply sit around and only drink things with those little umbrellas in there. Their beaches are crazy eroded versions of ours, used for practical purposes like fishing. District citizens along the coastline seem to do their share of swimming, but Katniss certainly doesn’t recognize it as something people do for fun. It’s a skill set! When you work on a boat, being a strong swimmer is preferable to dying in the midst of hard labor.

Plus, District citizens are too deprived for days off, let alone vacations! Those fancy schmancy things are reserved of the elite class of Capitol citizens!

There’s a really disturbing quote in the books in which Katniss explains that Capitol citizens really only have a few places to vacation: THE OLD ARENAS. Because those pampered little prisses sure as hell ain’t gonna make it in the districts! The Capitol citizens travel to the secure former arenas, where they go on tours, witness reenactments, and get to explore the life of a tribute… except with way less things that can kill them. Scarely, it’s not all that different from those “Live Like A Hunger Games Tribute” fan tours out there right now! It probably doesn’t hurt that most of the arenas are in charming, exotic locales that are breathtaking once you remove all the DEATH from the equation… and the food is scrumptious.

The way to vacation, right thurrrr!

The way to vacation, right thurrrr!

Capitol citizens are narrow-minded and spoiled and not that bright, we know. But don’t they ever wonder what’s going on the the world outside those arenas?

There’s 12 districts! Probably with uncharted territory in between! All sorts of different people! No matter how much they love themselves and their way of life, were none of them curious about something that DIDN’T involve the games? Didn’t Finnick fangirls want to do to District 4 and kiss the ground he once walked? Or see the places where famous, glorious battles happened during The Uprising 75 years ago? Or not be in The Rockies because it’s not exactly known for the amazing weather?

Some vacations are panem et circenses, but others are much more than that. We see the sites. We try new things. We go to museums, for goodness sake! We get lost and eat too much and stay in questionable temporary living spaces! These Capitol types don’t know what they’re missing out on, but let’s hope they wonder.

Adios, Mi Amigos!
The Girl With The Pearl

Show me the money!

dolla dolla bills y'allJust imagine.

You’re walking down a Capitol street, your bright pink mink coat wrapped around your dyed-blue shoulders and your heel-less shoes stomping up the way. You come across this shop with a dress covered with ruffles – I’m serious, even the ruffles have ruffles – and you decide you have to have it. You reach into your pocketbook and you pull out…


Something that I’m always interested to know when it comes to futuristic societies in books, TV and film is what has happened to the money. Since Panem is located in North America, it’s widely accepted among the fandom that it is comprised of parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico. It would not make much sense for just the American dollar, Canadian dollar, or the Mexican peso to be used as the currency of the nation.

We know that the “currency” of District 12 is primarily in the form of trade – though in the movie Katniss does ask the lady who sells her the mockingjay pin “How much?”, implying some use of money – but it seems unlikely that it is that way across all the districts and even more unlikely for the Capitol. Not to mention that in District 12, the trade economy seems more or less de facto rather than Capitol-sanctioned, considering the Hob goes up in flames in Catching Fire.


So back to the scenario above. Do you hand over a card similar to our credit and debit cards? Has paper money at least in concept withstood the catastrophes that occurred prior to the formation of Panem, so you’re offering a bill worth 15 pans (15PN for short)? Is there a machine that scans your eyes or your fingerprint or a chip imbedded in your neck that links to a bank account?

We don’t know how the money thing actually works in Panem, but we know how the wealth does: the rich are über rich and the poor are devastatingly poor. Whatever the rich have, they have a lot of it, and whatever the poor have they barely have any of it.

Yo dawg that dress cost 2000 nemmies that’s outrageous

The Halfpipe Theater

Last night, I went to see a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. As I hadn’t bought the tickets I had no idea where our seats would be and it turns out we were in the nosebleed section. Last time I had been up there was Backstreet Boys Black and Blue tour in 2001 (aw yeah, you jealous?), so I forgot how freaking terrifying it can be to be that high up, seemingly out in the open, and also at that steep of an angle that is not normal for your average stadium seating situation.

All of these thoughts entered my mind and then of course reminded me of this:


Are people in the future, mainly Capitol citizens, just not afraid of heights?!

I remember while seeing The Hunger Games in theaters that shot would generally elicit a collective gasp from the audience, and rightly so. How does it even work? No panes of protective fiberglass to keep people or their possessions from flying down into the sections below, just a halfpipe-like theater jam-packed with (mostly computer-generated) Capitol citizens complete with crazy hair and outlandish outfits. No wonder Katniss Everdeen was so nervous!

And how do they even get up there? I don’t imagine many Capitol citizens wanting to walk up so many stairs and at that steep angle too. There are no doors or breaks, not even a defined balcony. I like to imagine they all start at ground level and everyone buckles in (safety first!) and the seats and the floor mechanically shoot straight up in this formation. God help you if you’ve got to pee during the middle of the interviews.

Question is, will we see this again for Catching Fire? Maybe if we do, we can get a better look and figure out how it works.

So yes, when I’m scared, I go straight to The Hunger Games.

Brand It

brand-loyaltySometimes I wonder about the inner workings of The Capitol, or more like the surface-y workings of the Capitol that people who live in the Capitol probably think are tantamount to global warming, or veganism. The name of the game is this brand loyalty, does it exist in the Capitol, or are they more concerned with style over whose name is stitched across their backside? In my real life I have family who work in the fashion industry, and they’ve informed me over the course of a career that’s spanned nearly 20 years, that believe it or not since the 90s, when everything was seemingly Who you were wearing for the lady folks, that men have become the brand loyalists. Hard to fathom, right– or is it? I dunno, you come to your own conclusions on that one. Anyway, real life aside the subject should really be about the Capitol’s adherence to brand loyalty, or better yet– do we think they even have brands?

I posit this, they do– they just have to reinvent themselves even faster than The Gap (Old Navy for the cheapies). Hell, I remember a time when acid washed jeans were available at The Gap, now it’s cardigans, and whatever it is you crazy kids are wearing now a-days. Kidding, ICapitol-ads-the-hunger-games-movie-28933277-480-634 wear cardigans too, and some of them aren’t in neutral colors, hold the gasping to a minimum. Here’s another thought along the brand vein– would the stylists that work The Hunger Games be above having their own fashion lines? We know from the viral marketing that was used during The Hunger Games promotions, that prominent Capitol personalities like Caesar Flickerman, and Seneca Crane were featured in a toothpaste ad, and beard trimmer ad, and then of course there was Cinna advertising his ever-present gold eye liner, and Effie advertising her faux eye lashes. I know these Capitol ads were for our benefit, because Effie is not a Capitol celebrity, and Cinna’s 1st Games were the 74th, but I still wonder– in a fictional world, in Panem’s fictional world– would those ads have actually ran, or would they have been more extreme, or more streamlined? We all know by now that The Capitol is an extreme place, where fashions change faster than a season, that people get body polishes, and plastic surgery to alter them selves to look like cats, and of course the pinnacle entertainment showcase of the year is literal fight to the death. Therefore, I say that the Capitol viral ads put forth by Lionsgate barely scratched the surface of the Capitol’s true brand loyalties, or true branding for that matter.

I wonder if The Capitol has a Starbucks on every corner? Now there’s a scary thought, bad coffee, and a city chock-a-block full of fashion victims. Ha. 

Them There Eyes