What Those Mockingjay Part 2 Stills Are Really Saying

For so long, we sat at our computers bemoaning the total lack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 promotion, begging Lionsgate to “just give us something!”

Now they’re giving us ALL THE THINGS. Right now. At the same damn time as all the other things. Yesterday, we got a poster. Today, tickets went on sale and Fandango users will get a new clip if they purchase when 24 hours (if you’re in a prominently region like us, look to the inevitable piracy). Entertainment Weekly also released a still cover featuring photoshop-y Katniss, Peeta, and Gale from Tim Palen’s upcoming book o’ portrait wonders and eight new stills. Tomorrow, the final trailer hits… but only at Best Buy. Again.

Clearly, that’s a lot to talk about. AND WE WILL. But today, we’re gonna focus in on those stills. You may not realize it, but there’s a message in each character’s eyes. There’s some serious thought there that they’re trying to get out. We’ll translate for you.


“Urghh… It looks like we’re still committed to playing out the love triangle that nobody wants. Seriously, it’s giving me a migraine…”



“Da na na na, da na na na, da na na na, da na na na… CROSSBOW! The weapon for guys who want to impress chicks but don’t have any real skill!”



“We’re all pretty psyched about confronting the enemy! ..Except Peeta. He still doesn’t know what the fuck to do with his gun.”



“I’m just the basic bitch behind the camera, so Imma sit back and encourage the real badass to do all the killing despise her worst fears blooming to life before her eyes. How else do you think I keep my hair firmly to one side?”



“And then those freaking mutts showed up and I was like… tumblr_mvhy9xAFC41s822dfo1_250


“Why are we in The Hunger Games franchise playing bad cop/reluctant cop, again? We were born to play Legolas’ twin sisters in Lord of the Rings, thank you very much!”



“Look, Katniss, it’s not that I’m not saddened by your sister’s death. It’s just that.. if I’m going to drop you off in District 12 in place of Plutarch and mourn with you for a moment, I’m gonna look fly as fuck as I do it. Plzkthx.”



“You thought you had your shit together by this point in the movie, didn’t you? THINK AGAIN, WOMAN!

That’s Our Story And We’re Stickin’ To It,
The Girl With The Pearl

Mockingjay Missing Scene Mayhem

What are you trying to do to us, Lionsgate?! We’re having palpitations over here!

See, you’ve been releasing a lot of gorgeous new stills over the past month. This one is a fave:


But they’re stills that probablyyyy would have been better served in the pre-release drought that lasted until about a month prior to the film. Instead they came afterwards in the midst of Christmastime award-contending releases when the steam behind your movie is already 94% gone. Not your best move. IMJUSTSAYIN.

But then to make it worse, you quote them up. Mostly it’s movie related, but sometimes it’s this:

What? WHAT?!

This amazing, fierce confrontation between Katniss and Haymitch didn’t happen in the movie. We know! We desperately wanted it to happen in the movie, so we watched out for it during our multiple viewings. NEVER HAPPENED. Our fangirl hearts were crushed.

So what does it mean? Is this an actual deleted scene from the film? Or are you just taking book quotes that were never even part of the movie and torturing us with them?

We’ve stared at these pictures long enough and tried to riddle it out, but we’re honestly not positive. Both characters were in those same outfits A LOT. Backgrounds are blurred. The exact moments featured aren’t coming to mind, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t in the movie. The character in the foreground of Katniss’ still doesn’t have Haymitch’s long wavy hair, so it’s probably not a scene in which she was talking to him.

And we won’t even theorize that any part of this is from Part 2 (though we’d be thrilled of it got squeezed in there.) Learn from the past year, you eternal optimists. If we’re lucky, we might get something from Part 2 by the end of June. Maybe!

We’re somewhere between two and three months away from the DVD, so we can only hope the mystery gets solved when the deleted scenes are announced. If it’s in there, we will then suggest a few other scenes that probably could have been cut in order to include this one.

No More Non-Scene Teases, PLZKTHX!
The Girl With The Pearl

Mockingjay Still-O-Rama Reactions

Mockingjay is less than two weeks away! Besides press tour interviews galore (and the return to the entire cast seemingly getting sick at once), there’s something else coming in droves: NEW STILLS AND BEHIND THE SCENES IMAGES!

Of course, you don’t just see a still. You see it and you have a reaction. Sometimes it’s just a basic “Oh that’s cool!” or “Meh”, but sometimes it’s something much bigger. So let’s share those more substantial reactions:


Effie’s eyebrows are in a semi-natural state! Now are they gray-ish from years of over-treatment, plucking, etc? Or are we actually supposed to believe that homegirl has naturally light blonde eyebrows? Because as a natural blonde, that does not happen! Wait, what’s Effie’s natural hair color? Does SHE even know?!


WIIIIIIIIIG! It’s like “The Mole” scene from Austin Powers for us at certain points. It’s not a bad wig– it’s actually a good one, hairline-wise and all that jazz. But you started thinking about how shiny and perfectly wavy her hair looks and then OH YEAH IT’S A WIG. Because nobody’s real hair ever stays that nice. We mean, Woody has a wig too but his reflects his character, thus is a total mess.


Is that District 13 schematic just like… their screensaver or something? When they don’t have anything relevant to their missions, is that always just there in the background like “HEY GUYS! THIS IS WHERE WE LIVE!”? We’ve seen a lot of that sucker!


Paylor in contrast to Katniss, Gale, and the film squad is beautiful. She’s got this very salt-to-the-Earth look that’s we’re digging. She is a part of a grassroot rebel movement. They don’t no stinkin’ armor! Okay, they need it, but they don’t have it and they fight anyway. And that is true badassery.


Snow’s office is awesome and all, but there are young people lined up in Capitol clothing in the upper right-hand corner of this photo. Why are they there? Are they supporters? Could they be consorts toted around the city like Finnick and Johanna were? What are you doing to them Snow?!


So you’re telling me that the dude with the cowboy hat and mutton chops is NOT in the movie? DAMMIT! DAMMIT ALL TO HELL! WHY NOT?!

What We Learned From The New Mockingjay Part 1 Stills

In case you missed it, with “The Mockingjay Lives” trailer also came a new edition of Hunger Games Exclusive featuring interviews with Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Natalie Dormer, quick bios of Boggs, Pollux, Castor, and Messalla, and a boatload of new stills.

And oh, there’s messages behind messages about the movies in those stills!

1) Gale and Cressida either hate each other or totally get each other


There are a couple pictures of Gale and Cressida together that make us wonder about how other character relationships will be expanded in the TWO parts of Mockingjay (because hell, that’s definitely room to expand things!) Yes, they’re facing away from each other which suggests that this isn’t a romantic twist– THANK GOODNESS— but there’s some sort of deal going on between these two. On one hand, neither looks particularly happy and they won’t look at each other. On the other, they have each others’ back and it seems like these two share a similar ideology that might have them teaming up quite a bit.

Are we just talking nonsense? We’ll find out in two months!

2) Jen’s wig is pretty solid.. except for when there’s running.


Witness ZEE WIG.

Not bad, right? Flowy, realistic frizz, and a hair line that doesn’t make you facepalm. It’s not very noticeable at all!

Now.. a second glance:



Stills of action scenes are very rarely kind to the characters involved. This just proves it. We probably won’t notice it so much with actual, rolling footage, but this shot is a definite reminder that our homegirl got wigged up for these movies.

3) There’s always that one guy.

Extras. Very rarely does one really catch your eye because they’re out of place, but it happens.

Take the District 8 shot. Almost everyone looks tense, resilient, perhaps even a bit frightened and then… Wait. Is that one guy smirking at her?


It may not be enough to draw most people’s attention, but something about this guy’s look here says “Dude! They put me right next to her! I’m totally going to be in the movie.”

4) Everyone posed in those D13 uniforms (also, see #1)


Military or not, we’re guessing everyone had a photo-op in District 13’s gray fatigues, just to reassure us that all the characters hate them and even the pretty ones look a bit drab. Alas, more reassurance that District 13 is a fashionista’s worst nightmare.

5) Someone put a tiny braid in Natalie Dormer’s hair EVERY. DAY.


And yet we can barely manage to braid our own hair without it looks like a rat’s nest. Kudos to Mockingjay’s official braider (we assume that’s their title) and their tiny little hands!

The Mockingjay’s Non-Reveal

The headline makes your heart jump “New Still of Katniss from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1”? Could it be?! Is it really here?!

Sorta. Kinda… Not really.


Yes, it is technically the first still of Katniss released by Lionsgate. But no, it’s really not new. Something very similar to the still has been all over the Internet for weeks already because it’s same scene featuring Katniss from the trailer, which has been screencapped second-by-second and passed around the fandom like candy. Screencaps are basically fandom crack.

Thanks to the article, we are noticing the little details of her look that we didn’t before: the connections to her Mockingjay look, her elbow and knee pads (probably more for Jennifer Lawrence’s benefit than Katniss’, if her claims to clumsiness are true!), etc.

And the blackened Mockingjay pin! It’s such a silly thing to zero in on, especially considering it’s almost impossible to see in the picture, but we love it. We wonder how long before those start going on sale and how many fans will go a-runnin’ to their nearest retailer to get one. Hint: Just take your gold Mockingjay pin and hit it with some shiny black spray paint, people!

We’re excited, but we’re not. Our Mockingjay is readily available in shiny photo finish, but this isn’t the glorious new shot of Katniss Everdeen for which we’d been hoping. We wanted to be wow-ed by the photo as much as we were the trailer itself. And let’s call a spade a spade– If it looks like something we just saw two weeks ago, it isn’t actually new!

In video form, this scene was tense and exciting. In photo form, it’s more of the same. Katniss looks confused and you worry for her a bit, but it doesn’t elicit the same emotion. We want an image of Katniss that really causes us to feel. The clip already dictated what we feel here. WE DEMAND NEW FEELS!

Is That Too Much?!
The Girl With The Pearl

Catching Fire Still Life

Yes, the final Catching Fire trailer is coming later tonight! But in the meantime, we’ve been offered some other visual sneak peeks to keep fans begging for more!

Both US Weekly and People released exclusive new stills on Friday, leaving fans with something to squee over all weekend. We found them via It’s mainly close up character stills, but there are a few outliers that really make the visuals shine. Let’s discuss, shall we?



AHHHHHHHH SO HAPPY! This moment makes us positive that the other moment featuring the female morphling will also be featured! Peeta allowing the morphling to paint his arm shows his compassion and his kindness toward those who have less than, or are perhaps more misunderstood than himself. If this is any indication, the morphlings will look really messed up (which is good, because it’s pretty accurate of severe addicts.) Peeta accepts her anyway. And she repays him in the most unbelievable way possible and OMGWE’RESOGLADIT’SINTHEMOVIE!



One of our character development concerns with the first film is that Haymitch didn’t actually seem so drunk that he couldn’t function properly as a mentor. This time, we’re definitely getting a look at Haymitch’s semi-torturous everyday life. Plus, the looks Katniss and Peeta give each other across the table are not just about Haymitch. They’re running the gauntlet of emotions right there! And this is a freeze frame! Imagine when they’re movement and music and dialogue involved!



This is a two-pager shot that we’re too lazy to piece together, but it’s also a great behind-the-scenes look. Finnick, Peeta, and Katniss are all huddled around a hearty breakfast the morning after Mags’ death, with Katniss rockin’ a bruise on her cheek. But Francis Lawrence is right in there with his camera, catching a tense moment of planning between the group. If it’s true to the book, this is just before Johanna, Wiress, and Beetee. It’s the calm before the storm. And what a storm it’ll be!

There’s only so much more promo fans can see before some fans feel like they’ve seen too much, but stills are a safe, happy place. Let’s savor it!

Visual Stimuli, Y’all!
The Girl With The Pearl

Catching Fire’s Emo Kid Sessions

This week has brought us FOUR new Catching Fire stills. Kinda.

See, the stills already came out ages ago, because they were part of the NECA calendar released back in July. The images were treated as embargoed from the Internet, despite being readily available elsewhere. It was very confusing. But now they’re here and they’re HQ, courtesy of Panem Propaganda!

Of the four, we’re talking about TWO today. The one’s we aren’t talking about are:
1) Effie looking Capitol. Because we don’t have much more to say than “Effie looks Capitol!”
2) Katniss and Cinna, pre-Games, because it’s the moment before THE MOMENT. We may spontaneously burst into tears and turn into an utter mess because OH MY GOODNESS! WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN?!

Instead, we’ll focus on the two photos that juxtapose each other kind of brilliantly and give fans a sense of the ch-ch-changes brought about in Catching Fire via a fine display of Emo kid faces!

Example Numero Uno:


Katniss and Peeta at The Victory Tour, throwing on those ultra fake smiles in the hope of saving Panem. Peeta is in front of the microphone, because we all know he’s the designated speaker of the two. It’s possible that this is post-District 11, as he’s got cue cards in hand and that’s the point at which our Victors KNOW they can’t screw around. The look on their faces shows AND tells, people! They’re in way over their heads. Neither of them is looking mighty comfortable. They’re not concerned about each other, either. There’s greater forces working here and no one has control.

Example Numero Dos:


Katniss and Gale in District 12, busting out ALL the Emo faces that they really feel, because the world is slowly turning upside-down since Katniss’ win (and there are likely Peacekeepers creepin’ on their turf). Katniss describes Gale as the one person she can turn to in Catching Fire, mainly because they’re both going through a time where they hate everything. But Gale is yet in the clutches of the Capitol and– despite his emerald green Grandpa button-up– looks like a man in control. Katniss is unhappy, but Gale is furious. He looks like someone about to jump into action. And OH HAI Cinna’s fingerless gloves!

Oh So Capitol!

Oh So Capitol!

Side by side, the two photos are an interesting look at the effects of the Capitol. It’s eating at Katniss, plain and simple. This is a perfect example of why we all hate love triangle talk. She can’t be happy anywhere, whether it’s home or away, with Peeta or with Gale. This is a story of Katniss, who’s not busy pining over anyone. She’s working with Peeta in an effort to save the nation’s collective skin (and failing.) She’s trying to be best friends with Gale again, but she’s been through things that he’ll never understand and they’re slowly divided by it. This ain’t no love story! It’s a war story! And a freaking sad one, at that!

Side note: Either Pajama Jeans or incredibly high-waisted pants are all the rage in Panem, because both Peeta and Gale’s pants have no zippers! Or perhaps they’re so busy enjoying the spoils from the Capitol with Katniss that they gained some weight and needed to invest some some good elastic-banded trousers!

We Hope It’s Pajama Jeans!
The Girl With The Pearl

Victors at the Reaping


We had a totally different post all lined up pretty for today, but then we saw this and said “Oh wait! This visual indulgence from Yahoo! Movies requires ALL THE ATTENTION!

Feast your eyes:

It’s the freaking reaping scene, guys! I’m sure you could guess by the Justice Building and the giant Reaping Bowls on either side of them. There were some fans who guessed this was the District 11 scene, but as you can see, there are different outfits going on there:

District 11 Scene

Out of all the images to be released so far, this is our favorite. Why? Because it’s a big, sullen Eff You to the Capitol! We should expect no less from Katniss and Peeta, and it’s portrayed so perfectly.

Let’s start with the outfits: Effie, of course, is the pinnacle of fashion in an Alexander McQueen dress and Iris Van Herpen shoes, because she doesn’t know any other way. But unlike in the Capitol party still where we see Katniss and Peeta all dolled up with her, Effie sticks out like a sore thumb. See, our victors aren’t screwing around anymore. They’re not members of the Capitol, so they won’t dress like them. They’re dressing like the daughter of a coal miner and the son of a struggling baker (remember, Peeta’s family may be “merchant class”, but that’s still pretty damn poor by today’s standards) from District 12. She is IN a modified coal miner’s uniform. Yes, they look like they were dressed by Haymitch after a bender, but there’s a message behind it, dammit!

Then there’s the expressions! Katniss and Peeta are both doing the three-finger salute, well after it’s been established as a sign of rebellion that people have been killed over. They clearly don’t give a damn and it seems as if they’re spelling out the reasons why they think they’re going back into the arena and what they want people to do about it. They might as well be flipping the Capitol the bird! And THEIR FACES! No more Mr. Nice Peeta! These two are pissed and they’re not afraid to let the nation know it! Even the District 12 leaders in the background look kinda shocked by the motion.

Sure, we may be geeking out a bit, but tell us this still isn’t fabulous and we won’t believe you!

You Rock That Utility Jumpsuit, Katniss!
The Girl With The Pearl

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Listen to Gandalf

As the amount of days before The Hunger Games comes out lessens, there will be a higher chance of leaked images coming out, and yesterday we got one. Though it was kind of hard to avoid it, for those that haven’t seen it, I won’t say what it was or what we think it could’ve been from. Because we weren’t meant to see it yet and you’re not going to get the information from me.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m really unhappy to have seen it. It was a picture of a screen so it was low quality, and I hate when my first time seeing something is of that quality. I would’ve preferred seeing it the way we should have, official and clear and of nice quality and without the watermark. Oh yes the watermark, which is there so that if an image of it were leaked, they could track down who leaked it. Come Monday morning, someone will probably get fired.

Here, have an official new picture!

Also, as someone trying to get into the industry, it really irks me that whoever leaked the image didn’t behave more responsibly and professionally, I don’t care how big of a fan you are or how long we’ve been waiting.

As much as we’re dying to see how certain scenes are in the Hunger Games movie, please, PLEASE, cooperate with Lionsgate’s marketing team and take it as the studio means for us to see it. Leaked images being passed around the internet lessens the grandeur and excitement of, say, seeing another trailer. It feels cheap and ruins it. We’re all very protective of the series so those fortunate enough to know little secrets about the movie should do well to keep them.

I am not amused,