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Star Wars: Rogue One And The Everdeen Effect

Be prepared. We’re about to make some fanboys whine and cry!

Something big happened today outside of this fandom, but what you might not have noticed is that something big happened today within this fandom too. And they’re both kind of the same thing.

It starts with the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which looks pretty freaking fantastic:

That’s the first thing. But the second is within the trailer itself– a young woman with dark hair tied back, fierce but unsmiling in utilitarian clothing. She faces a mentor who isn’t too impressed with her off-the-cuff decisions. She puts on her battle gear leads a team of rebels in a life-or-death attempt to destroy a dictator.

Yup. Rogue One’s Jyn Erso definitely seems to be influenced by Katniss Everdeen!

rogue one 2

Before anyone loses their minds, we’re not saying that Jyn is a Katniss rip-off. She’s clearly got her own mission, some original snark, etc. By the time the movie comes around, we imagine we’ll notice even more differences between the characters. But right now, there are plenty of fans having feelings (many of a defensive mansplaining nature) because at first glance, Jyn feels similar to Katniss. They’re both strong women from impoverished backgrounds leading their team, taking action, and ultimately inspiring change in a futuristic landscape overwrought by a dictator.

Do we mind the comparison? Hell no!

To us, this trailer is a major victory for The Hunger Games fandom. It’s an example of the influence of Katniss Everdeen– an amazing, fierce, vulnerable female hero– has had on the entertainment media, just as Katniss was influenced by fearsome female figures before her. The Hunger Games’ main character is a point of reference for strong female representation in film and she absolutely should be. A few basic plot details and similar clothing choices don’t necessarily make the two characters alike. Star Wars is not becoming The Hunger Games. But we appreciate the homage, intentional or not.

Even with the obvious points of comparison, guess what? Fans are pretty damn happy. Young, badass ladies are in charge and most people are cool with it, because they’ve learned from The Force Awakens and series like The Hunger Games. The complaints so far mainly consist of a small group of particularly pathetic male fans complaining that the Star Wars franchise had the gall to create not one but TWO FEMALE LEAD PROTAGONISTS… IN A ROW! But we’re just going to ignore the fuck out of those ignorant, bitter whiners PLZKTHX!

Whether you’re obsessed with The Hunger Games franchise or not, you can’t deny that it’s success has probably spurred more movies with action and adventure and depth driven by female leads. We couldn’t be happier!

KE + JE = 5eva,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Rogue Rumor

Let’s focus on good news, even if it’s,just a rumor: A resident of Panem may be headed to a galaxy far, far away!

Sam Claflin aka our very own Finnick Odair is reportedly being considered for a role in Star Wars: Rogue One! It’s still a rumor, but we’re clinging on to this rumor for dear life because it makes our fandom-loving hearts want to burst!


In case you’ve been living under a rock (or you don’t follow Star Wars), Rogue One is the first of many planned standalone spin-offs set to hit the franchise. Chronologically, it will take place before Star Wars IV: A New Hope, aka the first movie.

He's probably a little short for a Storm Trooper...

He’s probably a little short for a Storm Trooper.

Sam is reportedly being eyed to play one of several freedom fighters without Jedi powers who fight back against the Empire and form the rebel alliance. According to The Wrap, the role would be more substantial than his role in The Hunger Games.


First and foremost, Sam is an excellent actor. He’s got chops and thankfully, he’s been given many more opportunities to display them following the end of Hunger Games filming. But we think there’s something particularly special about joining the Star Wars universe, the franchise that exposed the magic of cinema to many. It would be amazing for any actor, so we want that for an actor we adore!

More than other actors in the franchuse, Sam also comes off like a massive fanboy in general, so we imagine he’d have a lot of fun with this opportunity. Also, Sam Claflin isn’t commenting on the rumors, which means we’ve avoided the Fight Club casting jinx!

So what do you think? Are you ready to see Sam playing an action star in a galaxy far, far away?

Because We Just Need Something To Happen!
The Girl With The Pearl

Starving For News

Are you starving? ‘Cause I’m starving! Yes, for legit Mockingjay: Part 1 news! Sorry if you thought I meant I was starving for food, and yes I know making jokes about starving for food isn’t in the best taste, but come on! We’ve never toted our selves at the most PC of blogs, have we? The answer to that question would be a succinct, and a definite “nope!” So where was I? Oh yes… WHERE’S THE BLOODY MOCKINGJAY: PART 1 news we’re bloody well starving for?! Um, no where to be seen or heard from that’s where.

Let’s put things into a bit of perspective, shall we? Some of the most secretive, and anticipated films of the decade have been releasing information on their productions almost every other week for the last several weeks. I’m talking about Star Wars: Episode VII, which you have to agree is one of the most talked upped sequels in history. Well, casting news for that one is happening all the time. And then there’s Captain America’s third installment, we now know that it’ll be released the same day as the Batman/ Superman film that every other person and their dad is up in arms about the casting of Ben Affleck in (I don’t care, I like Ben). But the

Sorry, forgot this happened too

Sorry, forgot this happened too

Mockingjay films that have been in production for months, we’ve got zilch legit news, unless you count Danny Strong saying in an interview that he’s under a gag order not to speak about his working on the screenplays, or the cellphone footage of Liam Hemsworth participating in filming a super secret black ops looking Peeta rescue scene in a hotel atrium in Atlanta? Yep, that’s about all we’ve got! Not satisfying, huh? Uh uh.

There’s nothing to do but bide our time, and theories abound that we won’t have to wait too long for something substantial to reach us poor, unfortunate fans. MTV awards shows as we know by now is the place where all the teaser trailers for The Hunger Games franchise have had their debuts. And one is coming up pretty fast. Yep, the one where Katniss Everdeen has been snubbed in the hero category, because we’ve all stuck in a world where those with lady parts are not considered hero worthy for silly cable television awards shows. Anywho, the awards ceremony is on the 13th of April, meaning we’ve got a little under a month to go. So I say sit tight fellow fans! We’ll get our teaser trailer, and then have fun over analyzing that for about six weeks, and we’ll be sated for a time!

29 days!

Them There Eyes

The Hunger Games Theme Park

A few months ago our very own Girl With The Pearl published this article here, and true to form, and/or the nature and purpose of this site, it was written entirely in humor. Today though the hypothesis has become a little, or a lot less of a silly, flippant idea– nope, now it may prove to be an honest to god real thing. There are a few things that The Hunger Games fandom have had to endure over the last several years, one of those things has most definitely been the unadulterated commercialization of the series. Sure, we know the series is successful, we don’t begrudge that, however sometimes I think we can all agree that the money-making schemes that use The Hunger Games as its draw have gone to places that don’t make a lot of us happy, or even comfortable. The Girl With The Pearl doesn’t like Trish Summerville’s partnership with Net-A-Porter and the Capitol Couture line, and I do, so even staff writers on the same site don’t agree on things, but I think today we can all resoundingly agree that the news of Lionsgate seriously considering building a theme park, or theme park ride around The Hunger Games is an extremely ill conceived of venture and idea. 

Panem is not a happy place, this is why The Hunger Games trilogy is called Dystopian. So I’m just entirely confused as to how, or why anyone would want to walk through a park, or sit on a ride that glorifies the dystopic world that Suzanne Collins created. The Hunger Games trilogy is not Harry Potter, which was kind always a theme park waiting to happen if you think about it, I mean Diagon Alley was straight out of Dickens, and Hogwarts already looked like Shakespeare and Poe got drunk, and decided to go on a turn about The Haunted Mansion, and killed a few people along the way. In other words, the best time ever! 

The Hunger Games has happy moments don’t get me wrong, but come on– those moments aren’t magical, you can’t gloss over the pain, there’s no giant spider named Aragog, and the horrors, you can’t build a movie theme park or ride, around a world that quite literally locks people up, whips them, starves children, forces children to fight to the death, and televises it! That’s just, well– insane, socially irresponsible, and um– sick. Sure, in a twisted sense this is all turning out to potentially be art imitating art, because Suzanne Collins did write that Capitol citizens love visiting arenas from past Hunger Games whilst on expensive package vacations, but that still doesn’t justify the as yet to be defined concept behind this “ride” or “park.” I’ve heard some ideas that it’s going to be something along the lines of Star Tours, the Star Wars ride that’s been running at Disney parks for decades, or like The Back to the Future Ride that has also been running for decades as well. But, those films don’t quite go to the same dark places as The Hunger Games— frankly comparison wise, those film franchises are a lot more tame. Sure, Star Wars has an empire ruling a galaxy, but you sure as hell don’t see Darth Vader killing kids on TV and selling, and packaging it as the entertainment highlight of the year. The galaxy in Star Wars wasn’t even

This totally happened! No-it-didn't.

This totally happened! No-it-didn’t.

informed that an entire planet was destroyed to get information out of a scared girl, and Snow totally did the same thing– and used it for propaganda purposes later on. I don’t even know what could be plucked from The Hunger Games and condensed into a ride? What, the ride to the Capitol? It’s not exactly exciting, unless they want to throw in some intense imagery, evoking PTSD like feelings, which only masochists and sadists would be into.

There are some weird theme parks out there, I have to admit that. Like the Bible theme park in Florida, or a Christian evangelical museum where animatronic dinosaurs carry Jesus around, or something. And then there’s Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts, which I don’t even like putting into the same category as the Christian themed things, ’cause yeah– dinosaurs did not carry humans around, not even Jesus. So, Powers That Be, please don’t make light of The Hunger Games, you can sell us clothes, and pins, and albums of music– but a theme park or ride based in a series about trauma, starvation, social upheaval, oppression, violence, oh and love– it’s not the best idea you’ve had, and it’s highly recommended that you reconsider.

I do kind of want to see Johanna Mason on a dinosaur.

Them There Eyes

The Technical Yay

Technically we have reason to congratulate a member of our loving Hunger Games family, but the operative words right now are technical, as well as so-called, because this family member is sort of, well– unconfirmed? Michael Arndt’s name has been floating around for quite sometime, supposedly he did the re-writes on Simon Beaufoy’s screenplay for Catching Fire, but– yeah, this information has never been confirmed. Kind of a buzz-kill, no? Whatever, Mr. Arndt’s name is listed on IMDb under writing credits for the script, and that’s good enough for me, for now.

Anywho, time to whip out some confetti, maybe some Silly String (do they still make Silly String?), and congratulate Mr. Arndt on being the man tapped to pen the screenplay for the new Star Wars film, actually it’s being said that he already wrote the script. FYI, in my head right now I am throwing a party, and magically all the famous Star Wars fans I can think of are in attendance, Simon Pegg is there, Zachary Levi, Chris Hardwick (the Nerdist), and they’re putting on a party in an Ewok-esque village, and just having the best time being total Star Wars nerds! Anyway, Michael Arndt is no slouch where it comes to writing y’all, he’s what’s lovingly referred to as a craftsman, maybe even master– but I can’t go that far, ’cause that makes me feel a tiny bit awkward. Lemme do a little background reveal for you all, he’s an Oscar-winning writer which is awesome by most people’s standards, and he’s written several screenplays to very beloved films including Toy Story 3, and Little Miss Sunshine (he won his Oscar for that one), he’s also now linked to the screenplays for the new Phineas and Ferb feature-length film, as well as the new Morgan Freeman/ Tom Cruise science fiction juggernaut Oblivion. So, the party’s still going on in my head, because if this is the guy who as far as well know dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s to the Catching Fire script, and now he’s the guy who’s in charge the screenplay that will hopefully bring the Star Wars franchise out of the live action nightmare of a situation Mr. George Lucas put it in not too long ago (I like to pretend the prequels don’t exist honestly), this guy’s pretty close to untouchable, he’s C3PO to the Ewoks.

Okay, clean the Silly String off your bright beautiful faces, and have high hopes for Catching Fire– because this news is a vote of confidence in disguise.

Them There Eyes