The Missing Mockingjay Part 2 Soundtrack

It’s less than two months until Mockingjay Part 2, and we’re pretty surprised that there’s been no news about a soundtrack yet. In previous years, we had confirmation of it’s existence and at least the credits song by now. SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN????

There’s probably only two possibilities here:

  • There will be no “inspired by” original soundtrack this year, just a score and maybe an original song that plays during the credits.
  • There will be a separate “inspired by” original soundtrack and a score, like with the past 3 movies but it’s taking more time than usual to get the details all worked out.

With every day that passes and no news, we’re starting to think that it’s the first option. Moreover, as pointed out by, the latest poster does not list a Music Supervisor (THG and CF had them, and these people were responsible for the original soundtrack albums, MJ1 did not as Lorde “curated” the original soundtrack album).

soundtracksWe were big fans of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire original soundtracks but thought Mockingjay Part 1’s missed the mark. The Mockingjay Part 1 original soundtrack had far lower sales than the two previous as well. (Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hanging Tree was the biggest hit, and that was originally packaged with the theatrical score). Just because we weren’t fans of 1 out of 3 doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be open to a final one… if the music truly captured the tone of the movie. We’re sure lots of fans feel the same way. Would Lionsgate really just say “screw it” to the possibility of extra money for this last installment? Sounds strange to us, but maybe our rioting over the horrible Hanging Tree remix made them decide not to bother?

Granted, if it’s the first option, having the score (which we know will be solid) and a truly fitting end credit song could be enough to really tap into those final movie feels. We’re all about QUALITY over QUANTITY. If the right songs aren’t there, we’d rather they not release an “inspired by” album. We respect that. But ARE THE SONGS REALLY NOT THERE?

Who wants to bet that end credits song gets a dance remix?


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HG_Mockingjay_Soundtrack_Approved Cover

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Does The Mockingjay Soundtrack Strike The Right Tone?

Yes, we’re doing a Part Deux on our original Mockingjay soundtrack post. Because there’s a lot to say on this baby. SORRY NOT SORRY!

Gorgeous drawing but.. NO NOT REALLY.

Gorgeous drawing but.. NO NOT REALLY.

When it was first announced that Lorde would be curating the soundtrack, we were very apprehensive. Now that the full soundtrack listing and the first couple songs are here, we kinda feel like our dreadful gut instinct had it right (and genuinely, we hate it when that happens.)

Them There Eyes noted that all but a couple names are unrecognizable to her. She did call herself an “old fogie” and I’m gonna give her that (or maybe “old folkie”), because I recognize about half. And then I researched the other half. Some say that recognition isn’t the important element but YES. YES IT IS. For a soundtrack especially, you want artists that people are interested in enough to buy the songs simply because they’re a part of it.

That’s why Lorde was chosen to lead this sucker up. She’s very popular right now and she has rabidly creepy fangirls who probably don’t care who else is on the soundtrack as long as she is:

And I’ll admit, “Yellow Flicker Beat” is good. Not my anthem of the year, probably not going to be added to the personal collection, but we don’t cry whenever it comes on the radio. Still, THAT is the best this soundtrack has offered us to far. “Meh.”

On top of that, this doesn’t seem so much like Lorde curating as promoting herself. She’s part of FIVE SONGS on the fourteen song soundtrack, possibly six, as there’s still another song that has yet to be announced. Surely she was going to be involved and do at least a couple songs, but this honestly feels a bit like a Lorde EP and some other stuff thrown in there under the guise of promoting a movie.

Even when the music provided isn’t reeeeeally hers and crafted by other great artists like The Chemical Brothers and Miguel– yes, we actually like The Chemical Brothers’ other music and Miguel’s more typical babymakin’ R&B music style– the product is SO DISAPPOINTINGLY AWFUL.

“This Is Not A Game”?
THIS IS A NOT A SONG! If this, in the eyes of the record label, is the second best track the album has to offer up, we’re absolutely not buying this. Even the site that originally posted the song first said something along the lines of “It takes some getting used to, but if you listen to it a few times, you’ll warm up to it.” Having a background in journalism, my initial reaction was “Oh sweetie, you’re just getting paid to say that. *pats head*” And again, we usually enjoy the artists involved, so we’re baffled. WHAT. THE. FUUUUCK.

Some people are arguing that the intention of the artists has been to stray from their other music to better suit the soundtrack, but as Rory discussed with us on Twitter, lines like “Word to Gucci, that’s my hitta” don’t have a damn thing to do with The Hunger Games. And they’re not negated by the fact that lines about starting a revolution are in the same song. Anyone in music can sing about starting a revolution and they do… often. So really, how is this about The Hunger Games other than getting put on the soundtrack again?

Though Lorde has claimed to have some pretty eclectic music tastes in the past, the soundtrack just doesn’t reflect that. AT ALL. To us, that’s the unsatisfying part. The Catching Fire soundtrack is still our favorite because it offered a nice mix of different musical styles and artists. There was some straight pop, some hip hop, some folk… All in one happy bundle! The Mockingjay Part 1 is an electropop hip hop mash-up with a couple outliers. There’s barely anything that qualifies as diversity. The first soundtrack did this with folk music (with the exception of Kid Cudi’s “The Ruler And The Killer”, which stood out in the best way possible), but that soundtrack was also advertised specifically as an Appalachian folk collection derived from District 12.

Tell us, what does a mostly EDM collection represent? District 13? The Capitol? Panem as a whole? We don’t feel that it does. That’s why soundtracks need diversity. And this one failed majorly at that. It’s not about hating on hip hop as surely someone will surely turn around and say (we don’t hate hip hop or fun, beat-thumping music, you know!) but this soundtrack, from what we’ve seen and heard, is a better representation of a frat party or a club than the journey of The Hunger Games characters in Mockingjay. And when you’re not much into music and you want songs that help you connect to a story you love, this outcome sucks.


The Girl With The Pearl

Oh, Lorde: The Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack

Today, Lionsgate made an announcement that actually surprised us (and not in a way that we immediately hated either, which is even more surprising!)

Yup, the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack is going to be put in the hands of a 17-year-old. A successful 17-year old who makes catchy original music (albeit a bit overplayed), but a teenager nonetheless. One that every other young adult with a moderate knowledge of music is looking at, whining “Dammit! I totally could’ve picked the songs for the soundtrack too!”


Oh, Lorde-y!

Here’s what F-Law had to say:

“I sat down with Lorde on the set of ‘Mockingjay’ this spring and I was immediately struck by how she so innately understood what we, as both fans and filmmakers, were trying to accomplish with the film. Her immense talent and keen understanding of Mockingjay’s characters and themes not only have enabled her to create a song of her own that completely captures the film’s essence, but her insight and passion for our project make her the perfect creative force to assemble the other songs on our soundtrack. I can’t wait to share what she’s done with the fans — it is truly remarkable.”

We continue to think positive because IN FRANCIS WE TRUST, but we have some questions.

Mainly, what happened to Alexandra Patsavas?! She’s the music supervisor who put together the stellar soundtrack for Catching Fire, a decent amount of other films (yes, including the Twilight saga, but the soundtracks were good!), and a lot of your formidable years if you’re in your twenties (via The OC and Grey’s Anatomy). We realize she’s involved in a lot of projects, but this one is BIG and exciting and it would have been nice to have her curating.

Secondly, how eclectic is Lorde willing to go in her “curating” choices? Her music isn’t easily categorized in one genre (alt pop? electropop?), but that doesn’t mean she won’t lean toward a certain style. There’s two ways she could go–
1) All T-Bone Burnett on us, with a very distinct sound and style based on a theme, like the first soundtrack.
2) A more rounded approach that captures multiple themes and moments, more like the second soundtrack.

Personally, we’re better fans on the second approach, but we know lots of people prefer the first. The first soundtrack outsold the second, so what do we know?

Mainly, we appreciate her because she just let's her hair HAPPEN. You dig?

Mainly, we appreciate her because she just let’s her hair HAPPEN. You dig?

But that leads to this: Who’s doing the soundtrack for Mockingjay Part 2 and how will the two mesh? Maybe you’ll disagree, but we think that while The Hunger Games’ and Catching Fire’s soundtracks are their own entity, the two Mockingjay soundtracks should complement each other. Yes, Lionsgate and the filmmakers will try to argue it’s two very different stories even though it’s from the same book (to justify the split, of course)– the emotional story and the war story or something similar– but it’s all Mockingjay and there’s a ton of similar emotions running through the WHOLE story. We think there should be a similarity and a wholeness between Part 1 and Part 2’s soundtrack.

Now, let’s get to her actual music involved…
Are we completely, totally blown out of the water by the idea of Lorde creating a single for the Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack? Not really. We imagine it’s more of a smart business decision to get a big-selling, popular name repping the soundtrack. Yes, Lorde WAS on the CF soundtrack, but she wasn’t the face of it. Coldplay was, despite the fact that their music typically appeals to a crowd much older than The Hunger Games’ demographic, and Christina Aguilera was, despite her music under-performing in recent years and her song being one of the blandest in the arrangement, to boot. On the other hand, THG went with tween favorite Taylor Swift and scored big in sales, despite many fans not loving her involvement.

So we don’t know if Lorde is the perfect choice, but all things considered, she’s probably the best artist rep so far. Let’s hope she’s good at picking out other songs with a variety of emotional meanings, too.

Betting On The Return Of T.Swift Since They’re Besties,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tickets On Sale Now!

It’s Midnight on the East Coast, which means THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE tickets are officially on sale in at least part of the US and ticket pre-sale will be sweeping across the nation!

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On top of the free Phantogram song, fans can now purchase two other songs from the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack– Christina Aguilera’s “We Remain” and Sia feat. Diplo & The Weeknd’s “Elastic Heart”!

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#TICKTOCK9: Catching Fire Gets Musical

#TICKTOCK9 happened!

Things are getting fiery!

Things are getting fiery!

We know that we love our music here at Victor’s Village, so when we saw that the soundtrack listing was FINALLY HERE, we were pretty psyched!

We thought we had an idea what the soundtrack would be like, having listened to Alexandra Patsavas’ other movie soundtracks, but this is totally different. It doesn’t have a very indie feel like the Twilight soundtracks or sappy inspirational like Grey’s Anatomy. It doesn’t have a theme, like Songs from District 12 did for The Hunger Games with its Appalachian influences.

Without further ado, zee soundtrack listing:

1.   “Atlas” – Coldplay
2.   “Silhouettes” – Of Monsters and Men
3.   “Elastic Heart” – Sia (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo)
4.   “Lean” – The National
5.   “We Remain” – Christina Aguilera
6.   “Devil May Cry” – The Weeknd
7.   “Who We Are” – Imagine Dragons
8.   “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Lorde
9.   “Gale Song” – The Lumineers
10.  “Mirror” – Ellie Goulding
11.  “Capital Letter” – Patti Smith
12.  “Shooting Arrows At The Sky” – Santigold
13.  “Place For Us” – Mikky Ekko
14.  “Lights” – Phantogram
15.  “Angel On Fire” – Antony & The Johnsons

We also got a 90-second preview of the Christina Aguilera song, “We Remain”. Listen in!

We have to admit, we’re not in love with this song as we are Coldplay’s “Atlas”. Christina has got PIPES! Some of the best in the industry. But her music and singing style sound very much the same in every song she’s done recently, and this seems to be no exception. Maybe hearing more of the song will eventually do it some justice?

We are very excited about some other bits, though! Of Monsters and Men! Sia! Imagine Dragons! The Lumineers! Lorde! PATTI FUCKING SMITH! All amazing artists, all of whom bring something totally different and original to the table.

There’s also a mix of artists we admittedly don’t know, like Phantogram, Antony & The Johnsons, and The Weeknd. We just barely know The National, Santigold, and Mikky Ekko (aka Rhianna’s barely-credited collaborator on “Stay”). But we’re ready and willing to get to know their music!

What’s most interesting here is the mix of genres, there’s pop, alternative, folk, and indie music. Experimental R&B and Hip-hop featured alongside the Godmother of Punk. The Catching Fire soundtrack is not going to let us settle down into one genre and enjoy. It’ll be a rollercoaster, but hopefully the music’s arrangement on the soundtrack will allow us all to enjoy its flow.

The Lumineers Named Their Track “Gale Song” and Our Hearts Are ALREADY BROKEN,
The Girl With The Pearl

Catching Fire Soundtrack Shenanigans

Alexandra Patsavas is a very talented, well-known music director, so we have faith that she’s going to make The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack awesome, but that doesn’t mean we’ll love everything on there.


You have stiff competition from the first soundtrack!

While Coldplay seemed like a smart choice to get the soundtrack awards recognition and please a wide range of audiences, two recent revelations regarding the soundtrack have got us pretty freaked out.

First, Ed Sheeran submitted THREE songs for the Catching Fire soundtrack, all of which were rejected. While some of you may know him only as that guy touring with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran is a soulful singer-songwriter whose music brings the feels. There’s something so genuine and raw in his music that we think he’d be a great addition to the Catching Fire soundtrack. Given that Sheeran has pitched to Catching Fire and the Twilight series soundtracks, all of which was manned by Alexandra Patsavas, it seems she disagrees. Maybe none of the songs were up to par, maybe they were. Still, we could see his songs representing so many moments and emotions in the series and the news is disappointing, especially considering that…

Ellie Goulding let it slip that she may be featured on the Catching Fire soundtrack, though it hasn’t been confirmed:


HUH? We’re not hating on Ellie or her music, but given her typical sound and general reliance on a techno beat, we cannot picture her on the soundtrack. Unless she’s representing the Capitol. And let’s just get this out of the way now– If the soundtrack is Capitol themed, we are going to puke… and not buy the soundtrack.

Maybe she’ll pull what T. Swift did in her turn on The Hunger Games soundtrack and bust out something totally different from her usual sound. Or perhaps her song will play the same role that Kid Cudi’s “The Ruler and The Killer” did: The out of place song that everyone kinda hates at first, but then learns to love. We’ll bite our nails and worry until we know for sure.

Alexandra, you’re a professional. We trust you. I mean, people who hate Twilight still love the Twilight soundtracks (admittedly, I’m partial to New Moon’s soundtrack). Just don’t let the hype get you. Allow us to get Mother Hen on and ask you this: Just MAKE GOOD CHOICES, okay?

We Worry As If These Songs Are Actually In The Movie,
The Girl With The Pearl

Playing it Cold

The musical stylings of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are almost upon us! Well, one song, at least!

On August 26, the first song on the soundtrack will be released: “Atlas” by Coldplay.


Check em out!

Our first thought was “Hmmm… Coldplay.” That’s usually how we think of the band. We find their songs agreeable, don’t change their station when they come on, and we might even sing along a bit. We don’t know of they’re quite the musical revolutionaries that they’re sometimes heralded to be, but they’ve got a unique take on pop.

The lyrics for the song were tweeted out the lyrics to the song shortly after the announcement. Lyrics in mind, “Atlas” is referring to the disgraced Titan from Greek mythology who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, used in comparison to the emotional weight Katniss carries after realizing that she’s become a symbol of the rebellion. The lyrics are pretty simple, but poignant. We’re seeing it as a supporting character offering Katniss not only a political but emotional alliance.

What does this say for the soundtrack? T. Bone Burnett created Songs From District 12 for the first film with a very Appalachian feel that thrilled fansites. But Toto, we are NOT in District 12 anymore! Alexandra Patsavas seems to go for more of an electric, overall feel for her movie soundtracks other than a specific theme. We may scratch the surface of District 12, but if we’re starting off with a band that has a sound that can’t quite be pinned down, we imagine this soundtrack will take us allllll around Panem!

“Safe and Sound”, the first single off The Hunger Games soundtrack, was the first time in a while that we weren’t disappointed in Taylor Swift (and we’ve pretty much been ever since), so we’re curious to see how “Atlas” compares.

Can We Call Coldplay Fans Cold Playas? Please?
The Girl With The Pearl

Soundtrack 2.0

There are certain things that I pride myself on having magically gotten right where it came to The Hunger Games, and one of those things is something very near and dear to my heart, and that thing just happens to be the soundtrack. Mind, I don’t mean the score, which I was very pleased with for the first go around. And the soundtrack, that I can also claim I was pleased with, keen actually– if you will. I think when we got the news last October (I know, almost an entire year ago), that Mr. T-Bone Burnett was hired as music supervisor, that I knew with every fiber of my being that if nothing went right with this adaptation– at least there would be a collection of music out in the ether compiled, composed, and produced by dynamic, and respected musicians that would proudly represent my over-blown expectations. T-Bone did an impeccable job with Songs from District 12 and Beyond, and I’m genuinely gobsmacked sometimes that three artists/ bands that I speculated would be good choices to invite into the fold, were actually asked and accepted to be part of the project. We don’t know if T-Bone Burnett will be part of Catching Fire, however I sincerely hope that he is, because despite many things that I believe could have been better and/or different where it came to The Hunger Games, the soundtrack was pitch perfect to me– and I wholly believe that’s a testament to Burnett.

Almost a year after getting the news that T-Bone had joined the cast of behind the scenes folk, we’ve started getting trickles of news on who just might be part of the second soundtrack. Today the lead singer for the alternative rock band We The Kings, tweeted a somewhat open ended and/or cryptic tweet, about having just composed a song for The Hunger Games. Aye, there’s the rub– his tweet said The Hunger Games not Catching Fire, so, take it as either him saying he’s written something inspired by the series, or he’s just awful with remembering titles, and has in fact written something for Soundtrack 2.0. As of this afternoon though I’d never heard of We The Kings, or if I had– I didn’t know their name, so of course when all the buzz around my head was that they may be involved in the franchise– I took to itunes and checked out the generous samplers Apple has to offer. And, well– they’re okay— but I don’t think they sound like a band that fits the sound T-Bone Burnett honed for The Hunger Games, they’re actually incredibly pop-y in comparison to the likes of Glen Hansard, Birdy, The Civil Wars, and Arcade Fire. I think sticking with the somewhat dark, and almost exclusive acoustic instrumentation is a smart path to continue down, also considering that the story only gets darker. Some might even argue as well, that bringing in even more traditional Appalachian style music might be a nice aspect of the story to emphasize, since the first half of Catching Fire takes place back in District 12. Saying all that though still makes me wish that a number of my other suggestions for the first soundtrack could be utilized on the second. Mumford & Sons was one of them, and I know many of the songs from their debut album reminded people (including myself) of the series, and I have no doubt that songs on their sophomore album (out 25, September) will remind us of it again. Besides, Mumford has already poked their heads in the door where it comes to taking part in film soundtracks, they composed an exclusive song for the new adaptation of Wuthering Heights, and it has to be said– it’s so bloody emotive, if you listen to it you may just join the mental campaign to get them to partake of our little favorite franchise. 

A new idea I have is an old favorite of mine personally, so I know what they’re capable of on an almost intimate scale. Hey, it’s intimate if they’re singing their hearts out not 5 feet from you, it’s just not sexually, or romantically intimate– also if this has happened more than three times– yeah that’s sorta intimate. Anyway, old favorite is Mr. Matt Nathanson— whom I discovered when he opened for another old favorite (need to stop saying that phrase!), of mine way back in the early 2000’s. He’s honestly one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen live in concert, he’s in my top three list of live performers, ’cause yep, saying it again– that’s how I came across him, while he was performing live.  He had a little plastic Jesus at his feet (tour mascot perhaps?), and was wearing very brightly colored tennis shoes (I miss the early 2000’s), and I don’t think he stopped moving during his entire set. Matt’s known for two things, his body of work being heartfelt, poetic, emotive, and heavy on imagery. He’s a story-teller really, which brings me to what he’s also known for– his sense of humor. Yep, while his songs can be described as emotional, his personality much of the time is that of a comedian, and he has this uncanny ability to quip on stage even as people are drying their eyes after he’s figuratively ripped their hearts out with a song. Knowing all this about him I think makes him a possible dark-horse addition to the second soundtrack, because even though as of late his music is known for its full-band sound, his roots are in solo and acoustic work. Also, dear god– his cover version of “Thunder Road” is just perfection to my music snob ears.

I have a healthy sized love for music, and an even more robust desire to subject everyone to my ideas and tastes, but I will save that for another day, until then– search the words below, and find a song.

Them There Eyes

The Gold Standard

Have you heard the news?

The companion soundtrack to The Hunger Games film, Songs from District 12 and Beyond, is now certified Gold!

Now, we never did a formal review for this album (we’re not really a formal kind of place, you know — we like bow ties though), but we are incredibly proud of this achievement.

This isn’t exactly the golden days of soundtrack buying. It’s much more difficult for an album to get certified Gold than it was 15+ years ago, before this magical thing that connects you and us together called the Internet made it easier to not pay for music. And that’s just for regular albums, not soundtracks. Also not for a soundtrack that isn’t for a movie that’s a musical or musician biopic.

Songs from District 12 and Beyond has in a way reinvigorated the idea of a soundtrack. The album boasts a diverse group of musicians, whose genres range from pop to indie to country to hip hop and everything in between. And instead of choosing music to appeal to the film’s target audience, the music was written specifically with the events and feel of the movie in mind.

Rarely do we get a soundtrack that is truly a companion to the film, with one song (Daughter’s Lament by The Carolina Chocolate Drops) directly referencing Katniss’s father’s death and how it affected her and all around being practically a prologue to the movie. And another song (Lover Is Childlike by The Low Anthem) even goes so far as to foreshadow the next installment with obvious references to the sea and Finnick and Annie’s relationship.

So kudos! It’s great to see a project like this be so successful. For all we know, the soundtrack could not have been as well received as it was, with it heavily featuring music styles that aren’t exactly popular with that darn target demo. Sure, Taylor Swift may have been a safe bet, but the songs by The Secret Sisters and The Carolina Chocolate Drops aren’t exactly poppy.

Congrats to T-Bone Burnett, Greg Wells, Lionsgate and the artists featured on the album!