REACTION POST! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Now that we’ve all reveled in THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE several times, it’s time for Victor’s Village’s infamous reaction post!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our reaction posts, our three admins in a chat get together and say anything and everything we feel about the topic at hand… and it gets pretty damn hilarious, if we do say so ourselves!

This post is also long, mostly hidden under the READ MORE cut, and contains ALL THE SPOILERS. Beware!


The Girl With The Pearl: Since we made our readers answer this: Give an overall review in FIVE WORDS or less!
Them There Eyes: Not the Hunger Games, bitches. Sorry, was channeling Spike from Buffy.
Twiffidy: Oh no this is hard.
TGWTP: Mine is turning out to just be “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!” That could be taken several different ways.
Twiffidy: Spectacular with all the feels.


AMAZING character development we totally forgot to discuss!

AMAZING character development we totally forgot to discuss!

TGWTP: And said feelings start with some MAJOR character development? Whose was your favorite?
Them There Eyes: I think everyone got an ample amount of character development, even Buttercup. But, I think I’m going to have to go with Effie!
Twiffidy: Effie for sure. I mean, they did finally say her name!
TGWTP: Buttercup was so very… orange! T’was lovely.
TGWTP: I agree Effie takes the cake. We finally get to see the pure Capitol in her that was downplayed before AND a more sensitive side!
Twiffidy: When it comes to Effie, I was relieved to see her humanized.
Them There Eyes: Effie crying was like watching an alien have a baby, and then you cry… because it had a baby.
TGWTP: Somehow, that description works. LOL
Them There Eyes: Okay, now we have to talk about how the joke could finally be made! “Go home Haymitch, you’re drunk.”
Them There Eyes: Really drunk! I’ve never been so glad to see a man drunk before in my life!
Twiffidy: That entire scene like a slice out of my imagination when I read the books
Them There Eyes: I know! Right down to the bread, and the “burrrr!”
Twiffidy: He was the right amount of drunk from how the books describes without being too comical.
TGWTP: For sure! It’s a hard line to walk, but Woody knows what he’s doing.

99 bottles of booze on the table! 99 bottles of booze!

99 bottles of booze on the table! 99 bottles of booze!

Them There Eyes: Still made me wish for Drunk!Haymitch from THG, falling off the stage at the Reaping. I hope non book fans aren’t too surprised by his sudden change from social drinker to rubbing alcohol pilferer.
TGWTP: And you know what? Peeta was manned up! And it wasn’t some massive dissolution of his character like people made it out to be. Quelle surprise!
Them There Eyes: I know, just seemed like a boy grew up after he saw some pretty horrible things, and… also had his heart broken.
Twiffidy: Yes, it’s understated but that’s how it appeared to me. I’m a big fan of Peeta’s journey through this movie.
Them There Eyes: I loved Peeta, I had Peeta feels for days after seeing it… also sleep deprivation. People change, Peeta’s one of those people.
TGWTP: Peeta Mellark is the ninja-silent emo badass of Panem, though for good reason.
Twiffidy: It’s important to realize that this is the Peeta that Katniss will miss in Mockingjay.



Them There Eyes: My body is.
Twiffidy: I almost involuntarily squeak out “No!” at that final look at Peeta as Katniss leaves with the wire. Every. Time.
TGWTP: I understand. It’s “Don’t do it, idiot! I know what happens and you don’t want that shit!”


Reaction Post: Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer

Welcome to another trailer reaction post! If you’ve never seen one of these before, the Victor’s Village gang gets together whenever there’s a big reveal or event to discuss in detail, which typically melts down to insanity!

These posts are spoilery, likely typo filled, and LONG, therefore you’ll find most of it under the cut! Enjoy!




The Girl With The Pearl: All right! Let’s start off with the first shot of the trailer…
Twiffidy: Yes! I cheered when they showed that.
Them There Eyes: They made it possessive plural.
TGWTP: I feel the need to change the punctuation everywhere on the site. But then our matches Suzanne Collins, so I won’t. I guess it depends on how you interpret it? Maybe Suzanne WANTED it to be a village for each individual victor? LOL
Them There Eyes: my screen was stuck on that frame for about an hour…. because Yahoo! Movies was being a dick. You can see my frustration being expressed in my Twitter feed. It was glorious.
Twiffidy: LOL I’m just wondering how that change came about. Was there someone really nitpicky about grammar in the production design team?
TGWTP: There must have been! They probably went back and forth with Suzanne on it, too!
Them There Eyes: Perhaps….
TGWTP: Also, I named our site after a ghetto. Starting to feel like I’m full of poor choices…
Twiffidy: It looks very dreary English
Them There Eyes: Ghetto… no way. Ghetto needs some put upon Jewish people living 8 to a room.
TGWTP: I wasn’t necessarily going for World War II ghetto, but the drift is there lol
Them There Eyes: I’ve said it a million billion times, it looks like 19th century/ Victorian era England… which is brilliant considering so many people pictured Victor’s Village to be ultra modern, and high end looking. Instead they’re probably some of the oldest standing buildings in the District.
Twiffidy: And compared to the Seam, it must be ultra modern.
Them There Eyes: I dunno, The Seam seemed (ha), to be mostly shacks from the Teens and ’20s in style. The Victorian era, style wise pre-dates the Seam in that sense then.
TGWTP: Katniss is essentially walking into a Victorian horror novel!
Twiffidy: Also did you notice the scene following with Katniss and Prim is in Victors’ Village? I always assumed it was in the forest.
Them There Eyes: Yes… poor girls trying to forage in the Village. There is no life in that place…
Twiffidy: Imagine Haymitch lived there all by himself for YEARS
Them There Eyes: No wonder he started drinking. I personally can’t wait to see if they keep Haymitch’s place a total sty.

TGWTP: Moving on, I’m so impressed by the imagery in this trailer, especially art as a form of protest. That Mockingjay in the train tunnel? I NEARLY CRIED.
Them There Eyes: Yes… I think we can all agree that we let out a collective gasp when we saw that Mockingjay painted in the tunnel. That, or got shivers.
Twiffidy: It’s a great issue to present since, of course, the creativity in the districts and artistic expression would very much have been stifled
Them There Eyes: It’s pastry flowers and knitted stolls… that is the extent of artistic expression in the Districts.
TGWTP: I hope there’s more. Like Banksy art of crazy proportions.
Them There Eyes: A giant baby painted on a wall in District 7?
TGWTP: Why not?!
Them There Eyes: No, no… giant baby with a white beard!


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer Breakdown!

Time for another reaction post, this time for the NEW CATCHING FIRE TRAILER! As you can tell, we’re still flailing!

If you’ve never seen our group reaction posts before, they can get pretty damn long. Therefore, we’ve contained most of it under a cut! So refresh yourself by watching the trailer once more, read on, and don’t forget to hit READ MORE for the full effect!

TGWTP: Okay! Let’s start with Katniss and Peeta and the Victory Tour. Was it what you were expecting?
Twiffidy: This seems like a much darker version of what I imagined the Victory Tour to be, but I like it!
Them There Eyes: Yes and no. I was expecting more glamour, but I honestly like the grittier side of it that they’ve shown in this.
Twiffidy: Yes exactly, a lot grittier.
Them There Eyes: I like it a lot. I wanted more darkness in the 1st film, so… this is actually living up to my expectations more than that, and I’ve only seen snippets.
TGWTP: Yes! I loved the first film, but I didn’t feel the tension like I wanted to, This time around. It’s there. You definitely see how the experience changed the characters too. The settings aren’t just dark, they are too.
Twiffidy: Totally, even Peeta who was smiling and waving on the train in the first movie
Them There Eyes: Yes! The 1st time I watched this trailer I didn’t take it all in. The second time, it took my breath away, it was so intense.
Twiffidy: He pretty much doesn’t smile.
Them There Eyes: Peeta’s lost his innocence, I think that’s what this trailer is telling the world.
TGWTP: I love that he’s unhappy but still gentle. They cut out his outburst in the attic from the trailer, but I hope it’s in the movie. It’s so powerful because he usually IS so sensitive.
Them There Eyes: I just remember how non-fans of the series watched the 1st film, and said they thought Peeta was weak. I don’t think they can call him weak anymore, he looks kind of pissed actually.
Twiffidy: Totally.

These guys?

These guys?

Them There Eyes: Can we please talk about the symbolism, of those Peacekeepers costumes!
Twiffidy: I’m really believing that “riot gear” theory from a while back
Them There Eyes: It’s seriously disturbing how their backs resemble a reptile, and then they go crawling, or slithering into that crowd of earth tones like they’re evil ice reptiles.
Twiffidy: Oh man, if that’s any foreshadowing to the reptile mutts…!
Them There Eyes: I never thought of that! But… yes please!
TGWTP: They’re definitely meant to look like a insect or reptilian sort of SWAT team
Them There Eyes: Oh, their helmets remind me of a monster from Doctor Who as well. I can’t recall, but it was a motor cycle geared up soulless cyborg type thing. I think it was from the Tennant era?

TGWTP: Snow and Plutarch, anyone?
Twiffidy: I swear it reminds of Varys and Littlefinger talking at the counsel table on Game of Thrones
Them There Eyes: I am digging this whole new kind of canon, where the Gamemaker, and the president have little chats.
Twiffidy: Plotting the Games together.
Them There Eyes: And yes, it’s very Game of Thrones-y. I wish Tyrion would walk in and drag a chair to the other side of the room, and just… be amazing
TGWTP: Guys… I think I ship Snow/Plutarch now. Is that wrong?
Them There Eyes: Plutarch/Snow will be braiding each others hair soon… it’s bound to happen.
TGWTP: They bonded over their love of antique furniture and death and now they’ll live happily ever after, right?
Them There Eyes: Yes, happily ever after watching Finnick Odair do what he does best…
TGWTP: Until Plutarch totes turns out to be the best spy ever, that is. He’ll reluctant sneak out at that point, never to be heard from again!

Reaching to hold hands, obvs!

Reaching to hold hands, obvs!

Twiffidy: Snow seems to have way more respect for Plutarch than he did for Seneca.
Them There Eyes: Oh, yeah. He absolutely has more respect for him, he probably thinks he’s less of a threat ’cause he’s older, and a little bit fat, and more old fashioned.
Twiffidy: I think it’ll make the twist of Plutarch’s character that much more surprising. Also, Plutarch seems way less comical than he does in the books.
Them There Eyes: Yeah… maybe that’s just a persona he puts on for Katniss, and this is Closed Doors Plutarch?
TGWTP: Yes! They’ve made him sinister with Snow, which I think works better for film. Maybe in Mockingjay, we see that other side more?
Twiffidy: It’ll be interesting to seem how he acts in the open. The first movie implied that the Head Gamemaker is kind of a public figure.
Them There Eyes: Seneca was more than a figure, I think he was a celebrity in his own right, and then he got a big head because of it.
Them There Eyes: Also, gotta say it… I think it’s telling that Hoffman kept his New York accent. I also think it’s a “tell” to those who are paying attention that he’s a rebel.
Twiffidy: And yes, he could’ve done so many different kinds of voices for Plutarch, it seems like an interesting choice.
TGWTP: Yes, especially where Donald Sutherland’s voice is some much more structured and rigid.
TGWTP: I love how PSH says “They’ll hate her so much, they might just kill her for ya”. Honestly, that is my favorite line in the whole trailer. I DON’T KNOW WHY.
Them There Eyes: Because it’s so delicously evil?
TGWTP: YES, because it is so deliciously evil and so how I picture Plutarch!
Them There Eyes: Yes, a slimy pig in a great suit?
TGWTP: Exactly.


Panemdemonium Part 2: Reacting to the Map of Panem

The news came at midday and we all fell into a stunned silence. All we could do is stare for a moment before the fansites turned to each other and cried “The map of Panem is here! LIGHT THE BEACONS!

Then we studied it, all shiny and new and… only partially completed.

The Hunger Games Map of Panem Districts The Hunger Games Adventures

Courtesy of

If you’re American, admit it: The first thing you did was pinpoint the general location of your hometown to make sure you’re still alive. Fuck the true location of the Capitol! Will your dystopia-doomed descendants make it?!

For everyone at Victor’s Village, the answer is NO. Our descendants will be swimming with the fishes, both literally and figuratively, unless we all book it inland. I’ll be good because the Great Lakes have seemingly dissolved, making a little extra room for us land dwellers assuming we don’t mind things a little marshy (or you know… whoever made the map didn’t add them. Whatevs!)

The next thing you did is try to figure out what district you’re in… or closest to, if you’re swimming like us. Then you also calculated how far you’d be from Mellark Bakery. The answer? TOO DAMN FAR.

Flower Society Redwood Trees Plant Profile

So badass, they may come to life and someday aid the hobbits! Sorry.. wrong fandom!

Right now, we’ve got The Capitol, Districts 2, 11, and 12. It’s been great to see a map with Suzanne Collins’ fingerprints on it, a lovely haven of logic, but unless you live in one of the labelled areas, you’re still guessing along with us! So here’s some most-gut-instinct-but-we’ll-pretend-they’re-educated guess!

  • District 1 is on the west coast, probably the northern portion of California where that whole GOLD RUSH went down.
  • District 4 is mainly in Mexico and Mags WAS speaking Spanish, meaning Savanna from HG Fireside Chat can do a happy dance!
  • District 7 is the northwestern most portion because have you seen the trees up there?! They’re really old and epic and could only be taken down by badasses.
  • Districts 9 and 10 are that patch above just to the right of the Capitol. We’re guessing that solely because when we think “Cows and grain”, these places come to mind.
  • District 13 is that big ol’ chunk above District 12. There’s a lot of cool underground going-ons over there already, so the exiles there have already got a leg up. Plus, Imma rebel (on the Internet, which won’t exist in Panem).

Or we could be totally wrong seeing that we’re basing most of this off a whole lot of nothing! Also, the rest of the Districts are fair game.

What do you think? Where do the rest of the districts lie? Are your descendants going to sleep Safe and Sound at night or will they need to take part in a mass exodus first?

Okay, Maybe We Should Start Playing Hunger Games Adventures Again…
The Girl With The Pearl

Celebuzz Strikes Again!

For Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games’ 100th Day, they invited me back along with Adam Spunberg from the Hunger Games Fireside Chat to share our immediate reactions to seeing The Hunger Games movie with Taryn Ryder.

Check it out, we made this 12 hours after we’d seen the movie. 

Yes, yes, we posted our collective reactions to the movie, but that was after I had a chance to simmer with everything that had gone on for a couple of weeks AND after a second viewing. I highly encourage people to see the movie at least a second time; you may notice things you hadn’t or make observations that wouldn’t have occurred to you.

I know you’re sick of looking at my face

REACTION: The Hunger Games Movie!

Welcome, welcome, one and all to Victor’s Village as we celebrate the theatrical release of THE HUNGER GAMES! Since we opened back in June of 2011, we have been dying for the opportunity to discuss the films with you all!

Now that it’s finally here, we sat down together and chatted out our early reactions to every bit of spectacular cinema that was the film adaptation of the first book! So if you’ve seen the movie, read up on what we loved, didn’t love, and totally saw when we read between the lines. Most of this post is under the cut, so make sure you click READ MORE for the full effect!

When you’re done reading, be sure to tell us what you thought of the film in all its glory!

The Girl With The Pearl: First off, choose one word to describe the movie!
Twiffidy: Genius.
Them There Eyes: Frenetic. ‘Cause of all the hand-held camera use.
The Girl With The Pearl: I’m going to go with FANTASTICAL.

The Hunger Games Peeniss

PEENISS! ..Yeah, we're still 10.

The Girl With The Pearl: What were your thoughts on the acting?
Them There Eyes: Remarkably understated and powerful.
Twiffidy: The acting was phenomenal all around. Not a weak actor in the bunch.
TGWTP: Jen and Josh really hit it out of the park, though. Urgh, their chemistry!
Them There Eyes: The chemistry, dear god.
Twiffidy: The chemistry, I can’t stop thinking about it!
Them There Eyes: Josh Hutcherson blew me away, and Jen… just, watching her take on this role was like everything I hoped it would be.
TGWTP: In a lot of movies, two people get thrown together but it’s not believable. They were!
Twiffidy: There’s nothing forced about the two of them together.
Them There Eyes: The irony is that we’ve already heard reports of Ross saying he didn’t like how they were acting like brother and sister on set, but they so turned it on for the cameras, I did not see anything familial about those “intimate” scenes.

TGWTP: Any standouts between the minor characters?
Them There Eyes: Ludwig!
TGWTP: I have to admit, my latest post is an apology letter to Alexander Ludwig. I doubted him SO HARD.
TGWTP: And he showed me up.
Twiffidy: I was so blown away by him! I had no idea he had that in him.
Them There Eyes: I doubted him too, but he brought it. He made you fear him, and then feel sorry for him with just a few short scenes.
Twiffidy: Also props to Amandla, she captured Rue so well
TGWTP: Amandla was crazy adorable.
Them There Eyes: I actually think I liked Willow more.
TGWTP: Willow crushed my heart into a thousand tiny pieces.
Them There Eyes: So many pieces.
TGWTP: She could not have been more perfect for Prim!
Them There Eyes: You know who was also pretty damn good, even though they gave her very little to do? Mrs. Everdeen.
Twiffidy: Paula Malcomson. I’ve liked her from Sons of Anarchy, she’s such a great actress
TGWTP: I want to see more of her in Catching Fire
Them There Eyes: I remember her from Deadwood, Trixie the whore with a heart. Kristen Bell was on that too!
Twiffidy: Hopefully we will, Mrs. Everdeen does have more to do in that book.

Tracker Jacker by T. Park

Tracker Jacker by T. Park

TGWTP: How about the tracker jacker hallucination turning into her family back story? Was that okay?
Them There Eyes: I think so… I liked the metaphor of the house blowing up.
Twiffidy: I think it really hit the point that it triggers your fear center and can really mess with your memories, which is so crucial to setting up Mockingjay.
TGWTP: I was kind of hoping it would be more of an ultra-disturbing acid trip, filled with bright colors and confusing imagery.
Them There Eyes: I was satisfied… I didn’t think Ross would go super super out there, ’cause he just never has, he likes to keep things real, even when his films are set with two 90s teens getting sucked into a 50s sit-com in black and white.
Twiffidy: Oh man, but it was so disorienting, the way the camera would jitter.
TGWTP: The shaky cam! Some people didn’t like that, but I was okay with it. Though you shouldn’t watch the movie if you suffer from motion sickness!
Twiffidy: I liked it too, it felt less blockbuster-y. Plus I’ve seen and been annoyed by too much shaky cam, that wasn’t too much.
Them There Eyes: Like I said in my review, it didn’t feel like a Hollywood film, it felt like an Indie.
TGWTP: Yet it didn’t look awful like The Blair Witch Project
Them There Eyes: How dare you bring up Blair Witch!
TGWTP: Bad shaky cam, my friend! BAD SHAKY CAM.
Them There Eyes: Too true…. and lots of swearing, and eating leaves.


REACTION: The Hunger Games Trailer #2

I don’t even know where to start with our post today. Between the amazingness of what I shall dub Armie Fest to the soul crushing Superbowl that’s got me saying “Yo Soy Depression”, things have been a wee bit emotional up in here.

But you know what always makes me feel better? THE BRAND NEW HUNGER GAMES TRAILER!

We’re sure you’ve watched it a thousand times, but have a refresher view before we get into it!

  • We understand Prim giving the Mockingjay pin to Katniss. We accept the cutting of Madge. But do we have to have Katniss give the pin to Prim who then gives it back to Katniss? Couldn’t it have just been a family heirloom instead of something Katniss probably got from The Hob that then gets kicked back and forth between siblings? We cannot keep up with all this giving and taking! It’s a lot of work for a minor detail!
  • “I JUST LOVE THAT!” Elizabeth Banks, be our friend! Or at least someone who doesn’t hide when they see us in public! Your delivery is so spot on, it makes us want to hug someone– preferably you.
  • The shot of Prim crying in devastation as Gale carries her away after Katniss volunteers STILL slays me, but why is it happening before Katniss volunteers?! Are there no good shots of Prim looking devastated when her name is called? If so, that’s kind of problematic, dontcha think? #IminafunksoImnitpicking #WeknowthisisntTwitter
  • Jenifer Lawrence does not want her family to starve.. and OMG do we believe her! Liam Hemsworth’s previously released grand pep talk from this scene seemed a little wooden to us, but it’s good to see Jen is still there to bring the emotion.
  • Stanley. Fucking. Tucci. The man, the myth, the legend. That guy can act his ass off in any role, even while looking like the demon spawn of Lisa Frank and one of the Na’vi from Avatar. When he yells “THE GIRL ON FIRE!”, we’re like “Hell yes! We wish we were on fire!”
  • As much as we love Peeta and Katniss’ rooftop exchange, we were hoping for more new quotage. There are not enough quotes to make new GIFs! NEVER ENOUGH GIFS!
  • We love that the yellow dress, aka the still that was leaked early by some idiot at a marketing company, was NOT the pivotal “candlelit dress” from the end of the book like the person who leaked it thought! Someone pointed out to Down With The Capitol that you can see Katniss wearing that dress underneath a sweater in the rooftop scene BEFORE the arena. Hope the person who probably lost their job for that reveal still thinks it was worth it!
  • The Mockingjay Pin: a rebel fashion designer’s best kept secret! Apparently the pin is not a standard tribute token in the film, but Cinna just couldn’t resist adding on just a touch of flair to really bring the whole outfit together!

Nothing will ever beat the first time we saw the original full-length trailer, but DAMN is it good to see something new!

So what do you think of the new trailer?! Was it Superbowl worthy?

“And try you will..”
The Girl With The Pearl