Final Trailer Reaction Post

The final trailer was released this morning, and that means one thing– collective fandom flailing across the globe, and a patented Victor’s Village reaction post featuring all three of us. So without further nattering, here’s the trailer, and under the cut will be our lovely non politically correct reactions!

JJ: Yep let’s talk burning!
Them There Eyes: First off, everybody state where they watched the final trailer! JJ: In my office cube, with headphones though.
TTE: Grocery store parking lot!
The Girl With The Pearl: Hiding in the work bathroom. ALL TIME LOW.
TTE: The Girl With The Pearl wins!
JJ: You gotta do what you gotta do
TTE: Exactly, plus I warned not to have food stuffs around me, in case I flailed, screamed, or choked on anything.
TGWTP: Winning, in the worst way possible.
TTE: Hey, at least your not Peeta! Which brings us to the fact that today was yet another day of extreme Peeta-Feels.
TGWTP: Poor Peeta! That line delivery was beautiful though!
JJ: Every shot of Peeta we see gets worse for him. Thanks, Francis. But Josh totally owned it. So well done!
TTE: I know, but we’re total gluttons for tortured Peeta. And yep, Josh is winning all the emotive awards today.
JJ: He’s mastered the teary eyes. I imagine we’ll see more of that. And it will destroy us even more.
TGWTP: But the feeling bad is a good thing! No one can say they don’t understand Katniss’ Peeta-Feels.
JJ: We all feel Katniss’s pain!
TTE: I’m looking forward to feeling destroyed by Josh Hutcherson’s acting abilities.
JJ: Yes, let him shine, especially since his screen time will be limited.
TGWTP: I feel like Josh deserves much more acting credit than he gets.
TTE: He’s been making us cry since Bridge to Tarabithia.
TGWTP: This movie could open a major doorway as he’s an adult actor now.
TTE: You mean it could turn him into the next Ryan Gosling? Or maybe Jake Gyllanhaal?
TGWTP: I could get behind that!
JJ: I approve of all these.
TTE: If he’s going to base his career on anything, I’d hope it would be those two.


Sorry Delly, But Prim Needs You

In the many Mockingjay casting announcements last year, one character has been left out that makes people worried– Delly. So, are they leaving her out or just keeping her a secret?  It seems likely to me at this point that she’s not in the movies. There’s no reason to keep her casting a secret. Well, other than inspiring this post. So I guess I should be thanking Lionsgate for the mystery of it all.

Them There Eyes has shared her displeasure with the possibility of cutting Delly back in September.  I agree that Delly has an important place in Peeta’s recovery so if not including her is sending the signal that they’re going to gloss over Peeta’s journey, then I don’t like it. But, my hunch is that this isn’t the case. Mockingjay is split into two moves, so cutting story for time is less of an issue. No, I think they’re cutting Delly in order to build up Prim.

What do those Mockingjay scripts have in store for you, Prim?

What do those Mockingjay scripts have in store for you, Prim?

See, I always feel bad about this, but I was never really invested in Prim. Katniss certainly thinks the world of her, and tells us over and over again how great Prim is. But it’s during the scenes with Prim that I’m the most bored. And I always feel bad when Katniss compares herself negatively to Prim. After all the amazing things Katniss does for her family and friends, I just can’t abide by the comparison. This is in no way Prim’s fault, since it’s Katniss narrating the story and making these comparisons.  I love the character of Katniss with all my heart, but Katniss is never able to convince me to love Prim. So when Prim dies, I mourn for her mostly because it destroys Katniss, not for the actual loss of the character.

One of the fabulous things about the Catching Fire movie is that I found myself warming to Prim. Credit to Francis Lawrence, Michael Arndt, Willow Shields, whoever had a hand in it, but this movie gave us hope that Prim’s character could be something more than it is in the books.

So returning back to Mockingjay – We have 13 year old Prim training at the hospital in District 13. And she’s AMAZING. GUYS SHE’S JUST THE BEST MEDICAL TRAINEE EVER. (*Rolls eyes* Come on, Katniss, she can’t be that good. But you love her and that’s nice). When Peeta is rescued, Prim fights for him and helps in his recovery. She even comes up with a reverse hijacking treatment idea. (Again, the 13 year-old trainee thinks of this and not any of the doctors/scientists?) Ok, realistic or not, when she is trying to help Peeta, I really like her. Especially when she says things like,

 Well, you’re going to try, aren’t you?” Prim persists. “You’re not just going to lock him up in some padded room and leave him to suffer?

And when she tells Katniss,

There’s a chance that the old Peeta, the one who loves you, is still inside. Trying to get back to you. Don’t give up on him.


Now, Them There Eyes also pointed out one really big problem with transferring Delly’s role in Peeta’s recovery to Prim. Delly has a past with Peeta that is not connected to Katniss. That’s why she is so helpful in grounding him. Katniss is his trigger, so how is having his trigger’s sister more involved in the treatment going to affect the recovery storyline? My thought is that they will have to reduce the importance of “any connection to Katniss” being a trigger and just make Katniss herself the major thing that sets him off. Peeta won’t freak out over Prim herself. Or maybe she and Peeta will have major issues at first, and she will find some way to break through to him. Maybe Movie!Prim finally lives up to Katniss’s esteem for her!

This is all complete speculation. Delly could end up being in the films. But after all, this whole journey began because of Prim. In Mockingjay Part 2, her death MUST have an emotional impact on more than just Katniss and her mother. For this movie to have done its job, the audience needs to feel the pain of her loss more acutely. And Delly may be sacrificed for us to have a stronger connection to Prim.

I’m sorry for it Delly, but this story just requires A LOT of sacrifice.


REACTION: The Hunger Games Movie!

Welcome, welcome, one and all to Victor’s Village as we celebrate the theatrical release of THE HUNGER GAMES! Since we opened back in June of 2011, we have been dying for the opportunity to discuss the films with you all!

Now that it’s finally here, we sat down together and chatted out our early reactions to every bit of spectacular cinema that was the film adaptation of the first book! So if you’ve seen the movie, read up on what we loved, didn’t love, and totally saw when we read between the lines. Most of this post is under the cut, so make sure you click READ MORE for the full effect!

When you’re done reading, be sure to tell us what you thought of the film in all its glory!

The Girl With The Pearl: First off, choose one word to describe the movie!
Twiffidy: Genius.
Them There Eyes: Frenetic. ‘Cause of all the hand-held camera use.
The Girl With The Pearl: I’m going to go with FANTASTICAL.

The Hunger Games Peeniss

PEENISS! ..Yeah, we're still 10.

The Girl With The Pearl: What were your thoughts on the acting?
Them There Eyes: Remarkably understated and powerful.
Twiffidy: The acting was phenomenal all around. Not a weak actor in the bunch.
TGWTP: Jen and Josh really hit it out of the park, though. Urgh, their chemistry!
Them There Eyes: The chemistry, dear god.
Twiffidy: The chemistry, I can’t stop thinking about it!
Them There Eyes: Josh Hutcherson blew me away, and Jen… just, watching her take on this role was like everything I hoped it would be.
TGWTP: In a lot of movies, two people get thrown together but it’s not believable. They were!
Twiffidy: There’s nothing forced about the two of them together.
Them There Eyes: The irony is that we’ve already heard reports of Ross saying he didn’t like how they were acting like brother and sister on set, but they so turned it on for the cameras, I did not see anything familial about those “intimate” scenes.

TGWTP: Any standouts between the minor characters?
Them There Eyes: Ludwig!
TGWTP: I have to admit, my latest post is an apology letter to Alexander Ludwig. I doubted him SO HARD.
TGWTP: And he showed me up.
Twiffidy: I was so blown away by him! I had no idea he had that in him.
Them There Eyes: I doubted him too, but he brought it. He made you fear him, and then feel sorry for him with just a few short scenes.
Twiffidy: Also props to Amandla, she captured Rue so well
TGWTP: Amandla was crazy adorable.
Them There Eyes: I actually think I liked Willow more.
TGWTP: Willow crushed my heart into a thousand tiny pieces.
Them There Eyes: So many pieces.
TGWTP: She could not have been more perfect for Prim!
Them There Eyes: You know who was also pretty damn good, even though they gave her very little to do? Mrs. Everdeen.
Twiffidy: Paula Malcomson. I’ve liked her from Sons of Anarchy, she’s such a great actress
TGWTP: I want to see more of her in Catching Fire
Them There Eyes: I remember her from Deadwood, Trixie the whore with a heart. Kristen Bell was on that too!
Twiffidy: Hopefully we will, Mrs. Everdeen does have more to do in that book.

Tracker Jacker by T. Park

Tracker Jacker by T. Park

TGWTP: How about the tracker jacker hallucination turning into her family back story? Was that okay?
Them There Eyes: I think so… I liked the metaphor of the house blowing up.
Twiffidy: I think it really hit the point that it triggers your fear center and can really mess with your memories, which is so crucial to setting up Mockingjay.
TGWTP: I was kind of hoping it would be more of an ultra-disturbing acid trip, filled with bright colors and confusing imagery.
Them There Eyes: I was satisfied… I didn’t think Ross would go super super out there, ’cause he just never has, he likes to keep things real, even when his films are set with two 90s teens getting sucked into a 50s sit-com in black and white.
Twiffidy: Oh man, but it was so disorienting, the way the camera would jitter.
TGWTP: The shaky cam! Some people didn’t like that, but I was okay with it. Though you shouldn’t watch the movie if you suffer from motion sickness!
Twiffidy: I liked it too, it felt less blockbuster-y. Plus I’ve seen and been annoyed by too much shaky cam, that wasn’t too much.
Them There Eyes: Like I said in my review, it didn’t feel like a Hollywood film, it felt like an Indie.
TGWTP: Yet it didn’t look awful like The Blair Witch Project
Them There Eyes: How dare you bring up Blair Witch!
TGWTP: Bad shaky cam, my friend! BAD SHAKY CAM.
Them There Eyes: Too true…. and lots of swearing, and eating leaves.