Don’t Blink! Trailer Teaser Time

Happy trailer eve!

Tomorrow we finally, FINALLLLLLLLY get the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. “About damn time” doesn’t even begin to say how much this trailer is needed, but we’ve already talked about that.

Instead, we’re going to discuss the mini-previews of the trailer that have been released in anticipation of the big day.

First off.. Don’t blink. Not because there’s weeping angels or anything.


Just kidding, there totally are weeping angels here. Just to make you aware that we are THAT serious right now! (Non-Whovians: These things can kill you in the blink of an eye. Pay attention to the previews!)

These bits are about 10-15 seconds, but how much is actual footage?

3 seconds of footage, 7 seconds of President Snow quotage.

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2 seconds of footage. Almost 3. 2 1/2, to be fair.

The trailer is short, so we suppose it should be no surprise that even their trailer previews are short. Most movies give you a solid 5 to 10 seconds of actual footage in mini-teasers. Buuuut we’re nitpicking because we’re desperate for more.

There’s really not much to comment on, but we are liking what we see. Katniss looks positively horrified as she discovers the beautiful white rose amongst the dead flowers in her abandoned house. Katniss and Gale fighting off Capitol predators together in District 8 is pretty much the only form of Katniss/Gale “togetherness” we can get behind.

And that right there is the big point:
The campaign for this movie has been very slow and some fans are losing enthusiasm, but we’re still pretty damn sure the movie will be among the best for the year. Why? Because the movie was made by Lawrence Squared, J-Hutch, Hemsy, Nina Jacobson (we don’t have a fun nickname for her), and some of the most celebrated actors out there and the promotional packaging, well… isn’t. In the end, the overall experience feels dimmed, but the movie will probably still leave us all like “OHMYSWEETGOODNESS DID YOU SEE THAT?”

And hopefully the trailer makes us super excited too. Because if we’re only getting one full trailer, it better be freaking glorious.

Looking For To Basking In The Glory With You (Hopefully),

The Girl With The Pearl

REACTION: The Hunger Games Trailer!

It’s our favorite type of post EVER: Reaction time! Twiffidy couldn’t make it to this one, but since she got to talk about her trailer experience before we even knew WTF the trailer looked like, we’ll cut her some slack! It’s took us a good long chat to react to everything properly, therefore most of this post is behind the cut!


Them There Eyes: Okay, the color palette. It seemed like people were wary of it for some reason. The color choices were clearly chosen to illustrate that The Districts are a more organic place, browns, greens, blues, grays, neutrals.
The Girl With The Pearl: I think it’s nice that every scene has a distinct look and it differs in the changing environments. The color isn’t the same from regular D12 to the reaping to the training room to the interview. They all have their own feel.
Them There Eyes: Exactly. And everything just becomes sharper once they get to The Capitol. Like BAM! Jewel tones! It literally has a Dorothy coming out of her house into Oz feel.


The Girl With The Pearl: Ridiculous or ridiculous: the number of people upset that Katniss’ hunting jacket fits her well, because that means it probably wasn’t her father’s. Unless her father was a very tiny man.
Them There Eyes: I dunno, I don’t think it matters in the long run.. she’s got his bow, that’s enough for me. That or she washed that thing and it shrunk. Leather shrinks in water.
The Girl With The Pearl: It was a laundry mishap, people!
Them There Eyes: I am getting so irritated with the people saying she looks too clean!
TGWTP: She’s poor, but she’s not homeless! She doesn’t roll around in dirt and not bathe all day!
Them There Eyes: I literally saw a comment on the IMDB Facebook under the bow and arrow photo released last week, where they said ‘she’s too clean!’ and last I looked it was ‘liked’ 8 times.
TGWTP: *facepalm*

Gale Prim The Reaping Liam Hemsworth Willow Shields



TGWTP: I may not hate Liam Hemsworth in this movie. I thought I would, but he’s kind of winning me over
Them There Eyes: I may not hate him either, he’s earnest and actually kind of sweet.
TGWTP: Turns out he CAN act. It’s just easier when not based off a Nicholas Sparks book.
Them There Eyes: We completely understand that he cares deeply about her, but I do not get a romance vibe… it’s very brotherly.
TGWTP: Exactly. He wasn’t all sexy voiced, as if he were really saying “I will sweep you off your feet and care for you forever!”
Them There Eyes: No, it was pep talk voice. Reassurance before romance. He’s losing his best friend. Oh wow… I stopped the video right at the still point we’ve seen forever, Gale At the Reaping.
TGWTP: It’s so great to have that still IN CONTEXT. When he picked up Prim at the reaping.. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE.
Them There Eyes: Oh, and Effie’s shoes are Epic.
TGWTP: YES. Though I don’t buy a lot of movie products, I would not object to those being sold in stores.
Them There Eyes: I cannot wait to see that in full, I think a film that can make you cry within the first 20 minutes is a good film. That means An American Tail is a really good film.
TGWTP: Indeed it is!

Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark Sensitive Baker Problems


Them There Eyes: Okay, it has to be said, even though it’s been said a million times before… Josh’s face. He says what… one line in the whole trailer, but he says so much just with his facial expressions alone that he doesn’t need to open his mouth and use his voice.
TGWTP: Josh and Jennifer both have this natural ability to say so much with just a glance. When they both were up on the stage looking at each other after being reaped? MINDPLOSION!
Them There Eyes: She’s all stoic, and he’s just losing it. It’s fucking fantastic.
TGWTP: Am I creepy for having the hots for someone who could easily be my little brother?
Them There Eyes: I know! I’m in the same boat. He’s a really cute guy, and I feel like a total cradle robber thinking he’s attractive.


REACTION: Hunger Games Teaser Trailer


We sat through the entire VMAs for a quick taste of The Hunger Games, but it was worth it! At least we got to shut it off before Wheezy made an appearance.

Hunger Games Teaser Katniss Everdeen

Skipping with joy!

There have been a slew of reactions all night, but we are here to sort through all the madness and give you THE ONLY REACTION THAT MATTERS! ..Okay, we don’t really matter. But DAMN, we wish we did.

To start, let’s talk about teasers.

TEASERS ARE NOT TRAILERS. They are typically 20-30 second fun-sized moments thrown together to get people who already know about a film hyped up. They are super short. They are not there to explain the movie to you, only to make you curious. Teaser trailers do not hold your hand, ask you about your day and tell you all about the movie. They expect you to be grown-ass adults and wait until the movie comes out.

In fact, for most films, the initial teaser trailer is simply the film’s title graphic slowly zoomed in upon with a very quotable voiceover in the background. Therefore, QUIT YOUR BITCHING! You’re lucky you got a shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss AT ALL, you ungrateful little twits!

Jennifer Lawrence is looking good as Katniss! She’s all dirty and messy, which is a relief– there are few things worse than an action movie in which the lead looks like an unblemished supermodel throughout. And FIYAH! We legit got concerned for her safety when we saw that, effectively forgetting it was filmed months ago. Oh, and her backpack was definitely orange!

And there was so much more than Katniss too! Gale is voicing over everything, getting Katniss the advice she needs to get through the arena unscathed. And he’s doing it without an Appalachian accent? Does this concern anyone else?! If Gale doesn’t have an accent, no one does! If we listen really hard, we think we hear a twang… but that’s more than likely just wishful thinking lingering within our eardrums.

Then everyone got us all excited by saying that you could see quick flashes of Rue in the trees. You know what? YOU DON’T! Know how we know? We went through the teaser frame-by-frame multiple times, as did others, searching for the elusive Rue. She’s not there! Though you do hear her rustlin’! We have never been more excited about leaves making noise!

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence

Grit those teeth, Jen!

After the badass moment where Katniss’ arrow (which we assume lodges itself into Marvel’s neck in the actual film) shoots its way into the mockingjay pin and catches fire, we get more Rue! But we gotta admit… her four note whistle is, in all it’s musically-tweaked goodness, sounds like it came straight out of the X-Files theme. Not to say we won’t squeal every time we hear it!

Overall, we’re happy with this teaser. Mainly because we’re not curmudgeons or critics. We WANT to like things, thus we don’t over-analyze.

Be happy with it people, because it’s all you’re getting for a while! Rumor has it we’ll see a real trailer partnered with Abduction next month, but it’s just that: A RUMOR. If Lionsgate doesn’t confirm it, it’s not real! Especially seeing as they have a whole bunch of other movies they could pair it with between now and March.

Everyday Rue’s rustlin’!
The Girl With The Pearl