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What The Hunger Games Movie Could Have Been

Everyone has their complaints about The Hunger Games movie, most of them being silly grudges surrounding the fact that it isn’t an exact replica of the book.

Now Kevin Tancharoen, another director who was considered for The Hunger Games before Gary Ross got the job, has released his pitch for the film… and hopefully, we all now realize how much worse it could have been.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a pitch film is pretty much a fan vid made by directors. They splice together ideas and actors from films they would use for inspiration to create an original trailer for the series.

Here’s Kevin Tracharoen’s pitch for The Hunger Games:

Considering that directing Mortal Kombat is his claim to fame, it isn’t much of a surprise that he was basically looking to turn The Hunger Games into your stereotypical futuristic fight film!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

District 12 – There’s only a few shots of what Kevin envisioned for the district, but it involves SEEDY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. Because if you’re poor, that essentially makes to a creeper, especially if you trade at The Hob.

The Capitol – Dark and spooky fortress. These people are the pinnacle of power and class, but apparently they don’t believe in lights?

Capitol Citizens – Only in one shot of “Effie” do we see any color or signs of wealth. Other than that, it appears that The Capitol has been overrun by a highly organized prison gang.

“Can you believe that guy?!”

Tributes – Most of the clips feature adults, which isn’t surprising given the lack of “children killing children” movies, but no real signs of The Careers. Just a bunch of people hiding and crying on national television, which Katniss notes as a quick way to become an easy target.

Voiceover – The ultimate “telling the story with good acting and solid direction” copout!

Appealing to Young Adults – Apparently, if you include clips from Harry Potter and Twilight that really don’t have any place in the storyline, every young person in the world will love it?

Casting – Kevin said these were just his basic ideas, but besides that amazing moment when we said “OMG HE HAD AMANDLA STENBERG FOR RUE TOO!”, the rest was all fan service, fan service, fan service. Seriously, dude? ZAC EFRON? You can fancast any young actor in the world! At least pick someone who can act!

So next time you want to complain about Gary Ross and his vision of The Hunger Games, kiddos… Remember: It could have been WAY WORSE.

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