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Jennifer Lawrence: Winner of Almost Everything

new-the-silver-linings-playbook-poster-france-jennifer-lawrence-32529345-1416-1925__iphone_320Jennifer Lawrence is a winner, literally. Two days in a row she’s won in several of the categories she was nominated in at two different award shows (People’s Choice, and Critics’ Choice), and things are only looking like the trend is going to continue for her. This weekend is the Golden Globe Awards, and our dear Jen is nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for Silver Linings Playbook– and the nomination is wholly deserved, as is the plethora of awards she’s collecting, and will probably end up displaying in her bathroom. Like I said above, the trend is continuing, ’cause this morning she was nominated for her second Oscar. Just think on that for a second, she’s 22 years-old, and she already has two Academy Award nominations under her belt, not even Meryl Streep can boast two Academy Award nominations by the time she was 22, and she’s considered one of the best actresses in history. Although, Meryl was attending Yale graduate school when she was 22– oops.

Awards are nice, nominations are nice too, but you know what’s the best part, at least for us selfish Hunger Games fans? The fact that the star of our favorite book to film adaptation is critically acclaimed, and a prestigious awards nominee twice over, which puts the franchise on a completely different level from others that are grouped into the same YA category. Yeah, safe to say we’re more than proud of our leading lady, and equally proud of the talented and award-winning/ nominated supporting cast members. This morning wasn’t just good for Jen either, nope– Philip Seymour Hoffman was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a drama for The Master. I realize that The Master isn’t exactly the kind of film that a so-called typical Hunger Games fan would have ventured out to see, but I did– and yes, the Academy got it right, they also got it right when they nominated Joaquin Phoenix for the same film, but for Best Actor. I kid you not, watching Joaquin was like watching Christian Bale in The Fighter, a succession of mentally saying “is that really Christian Bale!?” But in this case it was “is that really Joaquin!?” The Master is a great film, please go see it. I’m all for great films, and Hoffman’s in it!

Silver Linings Playbook and The Master seem to be almost rivals where it comes to nominations in acting, because The Master is only missing a nomination for Best Actress, whereas Silver Linings Playbook can boast acting nominations in all categories, which is historical to put it lightly. Through all this hoopla, and craziness though, Jennifer only seems to be becoming more and more comfortable with her self– which is why we like her so much.

And, maybe also for the fact that she can motorboat and/or headbutt her co-star, and friend, in the chest after winning a People’s Choice Award, and we don’t judge her for it– in fact we embrace her for it, and kind of like her more. I need to stop saying more.

99571841733282584_4FeF7gCc_cThem There Eyes


Plutarch Speaks

He speaks!

Philip Seymour Hoffman has finally commented on joining the franchise.

Ever since we heard the slightest inkling that he could be Plutarch Heavensbee – such a pleasant surprise and probably one of the most widely accepted casting rumor – we’ve wanted to hear his thoughts on the series.

And with his interview with Entertainment Weekly, we find out that though he hadn’t read the books prior, he was attracted to the role because of the talent involved and because of interest in the character. As someone deeply involved in the fandom, it’s a little hard to gauge what someone of his acting caliber thought of the series. We’re so sure that The Hunger Games is amazing, the actors are perfect, and nothing else can touch it. But that’s us, the super fans. But what about Philip Seymour Hoffman? Do actors like him hold this franchise in as high of a regard as we do?

Imagine these are your Victor’s Village bloggers.

Snagging Donald Sutherland seemed like a little bit of a coup, it didn’t really occur to us that it would happen again with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catching Fire. Sometimes you get told one too many times that The Hunger Games is just the new popular thing with the young people, the newest fad now that Harry Potter is done, and that it’s “the new Twilight” – gag – that you start believing it on some unconscious level. So it’s a great to be reassured that it didn’t seem like it took much arm-twisting to get PSH on board. And we’re excited to see what comes of this.

You ever read his initials like you’re making a dismissive noise?

At Least Honey Bunny Was Real

Well, that was fast. I’m of course referring to the rumors that have now been mostly dashed upon the proverbial rocks, and not even pretty rocks like, say– the White Cliffs of Dover. Nope, just boring ole’ basalt rocks, not even the column kind. Anyway, so it turns out Melissa Leo, yeah, she’s not going to be Mags. Unfortunately, what it’s shaping up to look like is either she was never up for Mags, she might be up for something else entirely in the franchise, or– she was up for Mags and she didn’t get the gig. It’s a might ambiguous really, which is hell-a annoying if I do say so myself. If she’s still up for something, my guess is she’s up for Seeder. Look at this, “The woman, Seeder, looks almost like she could be from the Seam, with her olive skin and straight black hair streaked with silver. Only her golden brown eyes mark her as from another district. She must be around sixty, but she still looks strong, and there’s no sign she’s turned to liquor or morphling or any form of chemical escape over the years.” Sounds like Leo to me, especially if you take into account that the Seam look is now defined as looking like Jennifer Lawrence, and Liam Hemsworth. Also, Leo’s no stranger to dye jobs, case in point basically every role she’s known for she does not sport her natural hair color. So, Leo– no idea what’s going on with that, all I know is it would, will, could have been amazing if she’d got a part in this mad house killing machine of a franchise.

And then there’s Sam, I’m just going to call him Sam from now on, because it feels a bit more friendly-like. So, Sam– my good friend who is not my friend at all, ’cause we’ve never met, and face it, I know nothing about football (soccer), so he’d probably think I was lame anyway (the guy’s a big football fan). Ugh, where was I!? Hours after the Finnick rumors about Sam surfaced with a roaring cry, it was announced that he’s been cast in an other film, an action packed action film with none other than the venerable Khaleesi herself, Emelia Clarke (Game of Thrones). Oh, also Bones from Star Trek (2009), AKA Karl Urban as well. Sadly, or not sadly if you’re not on the Sam-Train-to Fun-Town (probably located in Brighton), the film is slated to begin shooting later this summer (guessing August). Yep, so that puts a damper on the real possibility of Sam taking the role of Finnick (that’s if he was offered it at all, let alone auditioned), ’cause scheduling no matter what will be a major bitch to get around. By the way, I’m still demanding that even if these rumors come to nothing, that you watch Sam’s work outside of Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White, just for the fact that they are good projects with impeccable writing, direction, and casts that he just happens to be be a part of, okay? Come on, one has David Tennant, and an alum from Skins in it, and another stars Eddie Redmayne, EDDIE REDMAYNE!

Now that that’s outta the way, scheduling appears to be the bane of many of my personal favorites for this particular role’s existence (Finnick). Armie Hammer, who is obviously my top choice if you’ve been paying attention all these months, if you haven’t– um, hi Armie Hammer is my top choice for Finnick, and I run a campaign for him to get noticed for the role, as well as support from fans. However, he’s tied up with Lone Ranger until probably September, and then he’s scheduled in the fall to film an Indie with Michael Sheen, and John Malkovich (go him!). So, schedules once again rear their ugly, beady eyed heads at us. They are so ugly, guys– so ugly, they made Lionsgate push filming up sooner for Catching Fire, because Jennifer Lawrence needs to be in England, naked, and painted blue whilst her boyfriend/ co-star tries not to stare at her boobs, by January. After that he can stare at them all he wants, probably.

Enough with my sour face though, at least we’ve got Philip Seymour Hoffman, and at least we’ve still got Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer), in the bag.

So, consolation prize is– PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, or as I will dub him from now on, The Man. Because he deserves a nick-name better than something that looks like a sound.

Them There Eyes

The Quiet, Secret Flail

Yes! We’ve got our first official casting confirmation: Philip Seymour Hoffman IS Plutarch Heavensbee! And you know how much we love Philip Seymour Hoffman.

And we’ve got a snazzy new Catching Fire Casting Facebook Page to go along with it! Now there will be no confusion. If it isn’t on there, then it ain’t official, people!

But man, way to drive a girl nuts! I work a good ole, nine-to-six, Monday-to-Friday job, and announcing this news right as I’m getting settled for a full day’s work is not good for my health. Not that it’s anyone’s fault. Early morning on the west coast is usually the time for casting announcements, and it goes along with Lionsgate’s modus operandi. At the very least we had some warning, what with E! reporting it late the night before, saying we should expect an announcement soon. And while E! isn’t always reliable, this sounded legit.

My day at work was kind of like this

Can you imagine though? I’m not able to surf the web at work or use my phone, so I got the news after I just happened to secretly check my phone (with a vigilante eye out and my phone in a drawer) and noticed a couple of messages with the news. After which I promptly grabbed my phone and headed to the bathroom to check Twitter ASAP! And then back to my desk like nothing super awesome happened.

What’s more, I had to endure a full day of no one caring! What’s a fangirl to do with no one to flail to? Either they don’t care about The Hunger Games, or they haven’t read all the books yet and don’t know who Plutarch is or they do but don’t know who Philip Seymour Hoffman is (A tragedy! Dusty from Twister, come on.).

And did you check out the casting page? So many blank spots, it’s going to be like this for me EVERY. TIME.

Alas, at least I still have you guys and the rest of the Hunger Games fandom. You guys get me.

Great casting or greatest casting, amirite?


I bet he could totally pass as a giant clock.

The last few days have been a bevy of rumors, and then some not rumors being poured all over us. Breathe with me will you? Breathe in, breathe out, Philip Seymour Hoffman– his name will now become our mantra, our ojai breath if you will? Okay, so most people probably know Philip Seymour Hoffman… WAIT! If you don’t know why I am talking about Philip Seymour Hoffman at all, here’s the deal, he is the first person that Lionsgate has indicated that they have offered a role to. Good? Okay, back to where I was! Hoffman is most likely best known by most for his Oscar-winning performance in the 2005 drama Capote, where he played the title role of Truman Capote, the innovative, eccentric author who penned the acclaimed creative non-fiction novel In Cold Blood, and is most famous for writing the short novel Breakfast At Tiffany’s, which was adapted into the film of the same name, that starred Audrey Hepburn. Hoffman won probably 8 + awards for the role alone including the Oscar, as well as a BAFTA, and a Critics Choice Award. It was a pretty awesome performance if I do say so myself, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has seen the film who won’t agree.

Hoffman’s had a long career though, and it’s been made up of just the stuff I was rambling on about in my last article. Meaning, he’s exactly the kind of actor I’ve been personally hoping Catching Fire will be populated with: Critically acclaimed actors, who are mostly known for supporting roles who also split their time with film, TV, and theatre. Yep, and Hoffman just ended a Broadway run as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman, opposite the new Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, and both of them were nominated for Tony Awards for their performances– not too shabby, eh? I’ve been a fan of this guys for a long long time, he’s kind of scene stealer actually. The first time I ever saw him was in the 1992 film Scent of a Woman, where he played this total asshole rich kid. Yeah, I know, doesn’t sound so great, but I assure you, he was a scene stealer, and when I think of that film while, yes– I think of Al Pacino’s work in it (won an Oscar), I also think of Hoffman just…making me hate him, but completely remember him. That’s a character actor right there! He may play ass-hats from time to time, but you still appreciate the performances, and praise him for them, repeatedly.

Now, we shouldn’t get ahead of our selves here, even though Hoffman is the first name to be released in any official capacity having to do with this film, he’s only been offered the role, he hasn’t actually been cast. I know we all want to start making graphics featuring him in garish suits, and equally garish looking wigs on his head, but I’d just like to warn you all not to do that just yet. The man simply has to say yes, and after that– well, I wholly expect to see an obscene amount of fan-art featuring him.

If the release of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name is any indication, as Frank Sinatra sang so long ago, the best it yet to come…

Them There Eyes