Paula Malcomson

Filling Out The Cast

The cast of The Hunger Games franchise is balls to the walls full of über talented lady people. I can say that with conviction, and authority now, because it’s officially true. The last few days have been a slow avalanche of casting announcements for the Mockingjay films, and one after the other have been bona fide, award nominated, winning, and just all around talented women.

Today we got our Commander Paylor with the announcement of Tony Award winning actress Patina Miller, if you don’t know who she is, click here and get to know her. Monday we got our Commander Lyme with the announcement of American Horror Story: Asylum’s Lily Rabe, and then last Friday we got the imagesannouncement of Julianne Moore taking the role of President Alma Coin. I don’t know about you, but the next female role to be cast, the expectations are now so incredibly high, I’m hoping we get another prestigious award nominee, or winner– because it’s just becoming a kind of a pleasant trend.

We already knew that the female cast of this franchise was super talented, especially with Jennifer Lawrence at the helm. But now, after already having such talents as Paula Malcolmson, who I am seriously hoping is utilized more in Catching Fire, because I don’t know if you know this– but Paula is no slouch where it comes to acting ability. Watch Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and HBOs Deadwood, as well as her stint on Sons of Anarchy, you’ll understand why I’ve said all of that. Sometimes I forget just how vast the collective female talent is in the cast, but then I remember there’s women like Jena Malone, and Amanda Plummer taking part. Maybe it’s because we haven’t actually seen Catching Fire yet, and that’s why my memory keeps getting fogged up, but in all seriousness the cast is almost something unprecedented, and I can only think of two other films cast that were just as well populated by talented women, and that’s The Hours, and Gosford Park.

Bring on the Boggs, but if we’re keeping with the trend… bring on the Fulvia Cardew, maybe we’ll get someone a million times better than Rebel Wilson.

Them There Eyes

Girl Crushes R’ Us

We love Jennifer Lawrence and so do most of you! It wasn’t any surprise to see her at the top of Crushable’s 25 Crushable Girls Under 25. We have a certified girl crush. As in “I’m not attracted to girls but I would make some exceptions for Jennifer Lawrence.”

Elizabeth Banks Hunger Games premiere

Hello, Flawless!

Maybe it’s because she’s young and super talented and the star of the franchise, but Jennifer seems to get all the crushability votes, but she isn’t the only totally crushable lady on set!

Today, we’re going break down some OTHER Crushable ladies of The Hunger Games (of legal age, because we occasionally try to be politically correct.)

Elizabeth Banks – This woman is the Original Girl Crush (OGC, what what) that you never knew you had! From her older roles in Wet Hot American Summer and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to bigger roles in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Man on a Ledge, to ingenious characters on TV shows like Scrubs and 30 Rock— we love all of her roles! When this lady is on screen, you pay attention. She demands it. Off-screen, she’s super upbeat. What’s NOT to love?

Paula Malcomson – Mrs. Everdeen isn’t the easiest character to have warm, fuzzy feelings for, but anyone who has ever seen Deadwood or Sons of Anarchy knows that Paula Malcomson is actually a badass chick! The gun-wielding, man-trampling, take-no-shit-from-no-one part of our heart will always love her for that. Also, she is smokin’ hot for a woman of her age.

Jackie Emerson Prom Photo

Still one of our fave Jackie photos!

Jackie Emerson – Yes, she’s 18! She’s also one of the most positive, endearing spirits in The Hunger Games universe. She spreads love, works with multiple charities, and sticks up for girl friendship and girl crushes worldwide! The first part of every good girl crush is that the person makes you totally smile, so that’s why Jackie makes the list.

Leven Rambin – Glimmer comes off as a bit silly and boy-crazy in The Hunger Games movie, but we accept it because Leven Rambin is pretty adorable as she fawns over Cato the Mass Murder. It’s twisted, satirical in a way, but also a short burst of amusement that you need from time-to-time in a heavy story like The Hunger Games. And that little smirk of hers? Totally crushable!

Don’t let the boys get all the attention for being the likable ones! These ladies are wonderful examples for bringing solid characters to life and using their star power to be awesome, which makes them some of the most crush-worthy people out there, in our opinion!

Eat Your Heart Out, Boys!
The Girl With The Pearl

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

We’ve gotten a lot of interviews over the past week. Jennifer, Josh and Liam, of course, plus Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson and Wes Bentley, and even Isabelle Fuhrman! And even before that, we’ve had other members of the cast spill a little on what it was like to film The Hunger Games. But let’s talk about who we haven’t heard from yet.

  • Caesar Flickerman should just interview them all.

    Paula Malcomson – We’re not sure how much we’re going to see of Mrs. Everdeen in the movie (she can be spotted during the reaping in the trailer – if you squint), but she is an important character with a pretty interesting back story. We’ve spoken about how much we love the actress before, and it’d be great to hear from her. What was it like to play the mother of our great heroine?

  • Raiko Bowman – Speaking of mothers, listed on IMDb as Peeta’s Mom, we’d love to know how it feels to play one of the most reviled characters in The Hunger Games. Hitting Peeta and basically telling him she’s sure he’s going to die? There’s got to be a story there.
  • Jack Quaid – Speaking of reviled characters. We know he’s talked briefly about The Hunger Games to Interview magazine, but there’s got to be more there. What makes Marvel so marvelous? What was it like to pretend-kill cute little Amandla Stenberg? What’s it like to have been killed by Katniss herself? We want to know!
  • Amber Chaney – The Avox Girl (Lavinia is her name!) may not be able to talk, but we’re sure she can. As such an emotional trigger for Katniss and an early sign of the existence of District 13, we’d love to hear about it. What was it like to convey the emotion needed for her scene with Katniss when she couldn’t even talk?
  • Paul Gibson – Who is Trexler Hoverhound??? Hunger Games fans are dying to know.
  • Donald Sutherland – We’ve saved the best for last. We know that Snow doesn’t get villain-y until the end of the first book when he crowns Katniss and Peeta as victors and doesn’t really start to scare the pants off us until his visit with Katniss in Catching Fire, but he is the villain, and a darn good one too. There is just something utterly terrifying about his nice/calm brand of evil that makes President Snow one of the best villains of all time. And he is being played by a Hollywood legend. Not only is he the progenitor of an actor famous in his own right, he has been an actor since the 60s and has had a hugely successful and well respected career, working with high caliber actors and winning 2 Golden Globes and an Emmy. And while we like to think of him as an adorable grandpa type figure because of his portrayal of Mr. Bennet in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie, we’re a little scared of him because he can play an unapologetic, calm villain so well. If you’ve ever seen Outbreak, you know what we’re talking about. So we’re dying to know his opinion on everything. What does he think of the story? The actors? Gary Ross? Suzanne Collins? The fans? And really, how does one get into the mind of President Snow?

Please make this happen, this needs to happen!

Talk to me, I’ll listen

Why We Should Be Excited About Paula Malcomson

With all the hype surrounding The Hunger Games, one actor has generally been forgotten: Paula Malcomson.  She will be playing Mrs. Everdeen, and when her casting was announced, I was ecstatic.  But somehow I felt like I was the only one.  For as much as we see fan-made graphics of Donald Sutherland as President Snow, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, I have seen a grand total of one fan-made graphic that included Paula Malcomson as Katniss’s mother.  So here is my attempt to correct that and introduce her to you all.

Isn't she pretty?

She is as much a part of this trilogy as any of the other actors and with 40 titles on her IMDb page, she has proven to be an experienced actor.  An actress from Northern Ireland, she has had roles on Lost, Deadwood, ER, Sons of Anarchy, The Event, and Caprica.

Much of my excitement for her casting has come from her arc as Maureen Ashby on season 3 of Sons of Anarchy.  In general, the show does their female characters justice, and Maureen Ashby was no exception.  The character had a complicated backstory, and frankly speaking, she was a tough old broad (in the nicest sense of the term), having both connections to an outlaw motorcycle club, her husband having been the president of the Belfast charter of the Sons of Anarchy, and to True IRA, her brother being a chief counsel of sorts (a consigliere, if you’re into mob movies).  Tough stuff, right?  And she gives off such a calm exterior through most of her arc, until she straight up chokes someone for keeping information from the MC (that’s motorcycle club for the uninitiated).  But really, she is probably one of the more reasonable and morally good characters on the show.

Paula Malcomson as Maureen Ashby

Also I saw her on the now canceled TV show The Event, playing Madeline Jackson, a conspiracy theorist and journalist.  From what I’ve seen of her, she has a habit of taking on smart, tough characters, and while Katniss may not think so at first, Mrs. Everdeen has her own toughness.  When Katniss shies away from the injured and dying, Mrs. Everdeen goes into a special mindset where the only thing that exists for her is her and her patient.  What is required of playing Mrs. Everdeen is a certain subtlety in acting, and I am without a doubt positive that Malcomson has that in spades.  Her casting was a signal for me that those in charge know what they’re doing.

I expect to see more Mrs. Everdeen graphics now