Mockingjay the Musical!

Ever see something simple and innocent that your mind melds into a ridiculous idea?

That’s what happened earlier this week when Them There Eyes wrote about Mockingjay screenwriter Danny Strong writing a screen adaptation of the musical Guys and Dolls, I saw “Mockingjay” and “musical” and wondered.. What would THAT be like?

Belt it, baby!

Belt it, baby!

ICYMI, there is a legit Hunger Games musical out there that played during Victory Tour (though sadly, it was never staged in front of an audience). It was of a serious storytelling nature, but let’s face facts: If we did a musical, it would not be serious. It would be a parody, ridiculous and borderline nonsensical.

In that spirit, we introduced the track list for MOCKINGJAY: THE MUSICAL!

“I Just Have These Feelings, OKAY?!” – Katniss Everdeen
Angsty and angry, Katniss is getting all of her feelings about recent events out in the open. And to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it!

“Down in District 13” – President Coin and the District 13 Residents

In which President Coin lets that District 12 refugees know how things roll in District 13. Talks of the pox and Coin’s shout of “I AM THE LAW!” included.

“F*#% Sober” – Haymitch Abernathy
The chronicles of Haymitch trying anything and everything to not be sober once District 13 takes away his alcohol. Antics ensue!

“Propo Panache” – Group Ensemble
Both in District 13 and The Capitol, propos shoot back and forth across the airwaves. District 8! Katniss! Finnick’s big admission! Peeta under duress! Beetee’s hacking! It’s all here.

Previously, in part one...

Previously, in part one…

“This is the Bomb (Shelter)” – Primrose Everdeen
While staying safe from attacks above, Prim tells Katniss all about her love for the District 13 life and dreams of becoming a doctor. There’s a crazy cat breakdown, naturally!

“How Tight Are My Pants? (The Capitol Rescue)” – Gale Hawthorne, Boggs
Inspired by the only bit of filming we’ve seen so far, Gale and Boggs kick ass in the Capitol while singing a badass duet about how the right clothes make or break a rescue mission.

“Hijacked!” – Peeta Mellark
Seeing it for Katniss POV is shocking, but we’ve gonna let Peeta get everyone up to speed on his hijacking and explain his state of mind. Because he thinks he’s right, dammit!

“A Kick in The Nut” – Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Lyme

Taking down District 2’s defenses isn’t as easy as in seems! As the plan unfolds, these three characters sing about what its destruction means for Panem and for them personally. Who’s doubting what now?!

“Real or Not Real?” – Peeta Mellark and Star Squad 451

The Star Squad is in the Capitol and soon, Peeta is with them! Time to chronicle his slow climb back to sanity, complete with Katniss’ discomfort, guessing games, the “You’re a painter, you’re a baker” spell and general distrust all around!

“WELL THIS WAS UNEXPECTED.” – Star Squad 451 Ensemble

Pods, mutts, sewers, and faux fur panties are the focal point of this long, zany tune from the moment the first pod goes off all the way to Capitol Square. Because you can’t focus too hard on the crying moments in a parody.

“Arrows of Fury” – Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, President Snow

It’s time to confront Gale, confront Snow, and REALLY confront Coin as Katniss tries to come to terms with Prim’s death and finally unleashes those feelings out on the world.

“(Prim)Roses” – Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark
This song starts during Katniss’ isolation in the Capitol, follows her into District 12, and finally hits its crescendo when she finally reunites with mostly cured Peeta. The two then recap their tale and decide that shit can’t possibly get any worse. Time to lead a semi-positive life, maybe?

This Is Why We’re Not Playwrights,

The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Voices: Panning the Parody

Here at Victor’s Village, we strive to bring the funny when it comes to all things Hunger Games. But we know we are not alone! There are tons of great parody videos, jokes, and hilarious photoshopped images flying around this fandom faster than a Capitol hovercraft. And usually, we love it!

So when we heard there would be a parody book called The Hunger but Mainly Death Games, we were intrigued! The pooing “Mockstrich” was a bit much, but we were willing to give it a shot. The first chapter was sent along to us after being posted on the book’s website… and we are really, really confused as to why everyone thinks it’s so damn funny. If you haven’t read the first chapter yet, you may do so here. Then PLEASE answer a few questions for us.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve also included some thoughts and opinions of our own to go along with each question!

Mockstrich Hunger Games Paordy Hunger but mostly death Games

"A little much" doesn't even cover it..


Them There Eyes: First off, how far did you make into reading it?
The Girl With The Pearl: I read the whole first chapter. Twas not good.
Them There Eyes: You did better than me!
The Girl With The Pearl: How far did you get?
Twiffidy: 3 paragraphs for me.
Them There Eyes: A few pages… I couldn’t do it, I found it abhorrent. It was like trying to get through Twilight, which I didn’t.
Twiffidy: Well, the first sentence kind of made me really annoyed and then I kind of lost it at “Reaming Day”
Them There Eyes: Exactly!


Twiffidy: Oh and Pigrose. Like really?
Them There Eyes: How about the garbage juice shower?
TGWTP: I understand to concept of parody, but there’s also taking WAY TOO FAR. When you’re trying too hard, it’s not funny. It kind of makes me want to stab the authors with a fork.
Twiffidy: Yeah exactly.
TTE: Uh huh! It was insulting.
Twiffidy: I think it’s making fun of the wrong things.
TTE: Underground poop river killed her father? I’m sorry, but it’s like they were shitting all over what they were supposedly inspired by.
TGWTP: YES. They basically make fun of poverty throughout. District 12 is just a giant trash heap.
TTE: Really puts those Help the Children ad’s on TV in perspective, if you see people writing shite like this.


TGWTP: I understand that they hit the big-time making fun of Twilight, but that’s a much lighter topic to joke about, It’s a teenage girl obsessed with a vampire in rural Washington. Not impoverished children forced by a political madman to fight to the death!
Twiffidy: Yeah, compared to, Forever Everdeen or the I Wanna Go parody which pokes fun at certain aspects of the plot and characters, which is fine, this makes fun of poverty, which isn’t funny.
TTE: Did they write a Twilight parody? Or do you mean that awful movie, Vampire’s Suck?
Twiffidy: They wrote Nightlight which is like this for Twilight. I have it because a friend gave it to me, but I still haven’t read it
TTE: I’m never going to read that after what they did with HG.
Twiffidy: I’m inclined to agree, tbh.
TGWTP: I feel like these people have way too much time on their hands.
TTE: They probably do.
TGWTP: But I guess it’s easier to write something about someone else’s popular series than actually CREATE a popular series yourself. YEP I SAID IT. We discuss it, but because we love it. Not because we think “Hey, there are enough fans that would buy into this!”
TTE: Hell yes!
Twiffidy: Amen
TTE: Are they going to attempt to make money off of this venture? Or is that illegal?
TGWTP: Parody is not illegal, even for profit.
Twiffidy: Yeah I think, since they did with Nightlight.
TTE: That’s so money grubbing and dirty.

Hunger Games Parody Hunger but mainly death Games

The funny but mainly stupid book.


Twiffidy: Some of these jokes don’t even make sense. Acidbarf out of Buttercup? It’s not even creative!
TTE: Ridiculous, stupid, insulting to Buttercup.
Twiffidy: And believe me, I love parody.
TGWTP: They’re trying to be Mel Brooks and failing terribly.
TTE: MEL BROOKS IS FUNNY… they are not.
Twiffidy: There are ways to write a parody, like focusing on character or plot problems and exaggerate them, instead of making fun of the very serious issue that the books are trying to address.
TTE: Yes, it’s in extremely poor taste, and poking fun at poverty is no laughing matter. It’s easy to make fun of a hormonal girl from Washington, but to make fun of impoverished starving people is a whole other matter. Oh, it also kind of makes fun of developmentally challenged people, ’cause Pigrose was obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.
Twiffidy: Yeah and it seems to just perpetuate the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons, that you can take what might “work” for one and apply it to the other
TTE: ‘Cause it just doesn’t.
Twiffidy: It really doesn’t. Basically, it’s uncreative and offensive, not funny.


TGWTP: I think they would have been much better off if they released a different section of the book, preferably from the arena. Because funny deaths can WORK. Laughing at poverty does not.
Twiffidy: Yeah, instead of offending people right off the bat before they could do anything potentially funny.
TTE: I agree, but now I’m afraid they’re going to make fun of Rue’s death so so much, that it’ll just be like killing Rue all over again, and again.
TGWTP: Rue already died painfully once. Please don’t make us relive that through the eyes of people who think her death should be portrayed as outrageously ridiculous.

What do you think? Is this book actually a super hilarious parody of epic proportions? Is it possible that we have completely lost our sense of humor after merely one adventure into parody land? Or do you agree with us? Sound off in the comments!