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Hunger Games Halloween, Part 1: The Tributes

Okay, now we’re talking about those types of costumes!

Too early, you say? FALSE. We’ve found that a good costume requires time and careful planning! A penchant toward showiness is welcome but not required, because it’s Halloween, when grown adults eat candy and drink at a friend’s house IN COSTUME!

There are A LOT of options for Hunger Games costumes out there. To be fair to them all, we’ll be covering them bit by bit, starting off with the most obvious option:


Let’s start with Training Outfits, shall we?

Step One: NECA, who has an official license to all things Hunger Games, sells a movie replica District 12 training shirt:

It’s a great shirt, but therein lies two problems. One – The shirt is specifically for D12, so if you’re dressing as one of the other tributes, you’re mislabeled. Two – It runs between $49.99 and $163.99, depending on your size. Possible solution:
The Hunger Games District 12 Training Shirt at Hot Topic is only $36.

The movie tributes have matching pants, but as far as our research has told us, they do not exist on the Internet! So…

Step Two: Bust out those black Dickies, skinny jeans, or if you’re really adventurous, spandex pants! Also, a pair of kickass, shiny black boots!

On to Arena Outfits!

There’s a little more flexibility here because everyone wears the same thing.

Step One: Black or dark green t-shirt (depending on your preference to either the movie or book). Khaki cargo pants. Available in pretty much any store in existence.

Step Two: Arena Jacket!

The Arena Jacket also has the “official merchandise” problem: It runs between $68.99 and $119.99. The jacket has pretty positive reviews, so it’s totally cool if you’re willing to invest the cash! We just know that some people aren’t that dedicated the Halloween (and then a really freaking awesome autumn jacket!) There’s not any other option out there for jacket replicas, unless you have a black, hooded nylon jacket you’re willing to play with… or, ya know… going without the jacket.

Want to represent your District of choice while in arena garb AND have a nifty place to sneak all that booze into your friend’s dorm keep your stuff? Snag a nylon District bag like this one, available for every district:

Note on these: District 12 bags are MORE THAN DOUBLE the cost of any other district! Yikes!

What if being a tribute isn’t enough? What if you need to be KATNISS FREAKING EVERDEEN?! We got you covered for that too!

Step One: Assuming you don’t have easily braid-able dark flowing locks of hair, there’s a wig for that! Of course, it’s not officially license by Lionsgate and is thus only known (somewhat hilariously) as the “Arena Girl” wig!

Step Two: Get yourself a Mockingjay pin! Otherwise, you’re just some random tribute with braided brown hair!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Step Three: Pick up a (fake!) bow!

Yes, there is indeed an official replica of Katniss’ hunting bow from the beginning of the film:

The Hunger Games Katniss Hunting Bow

And it’ll only set you back $80! *cough* … Or you could just cheat across fandoms and snag a Adult Legolas Bow and Arrow Set for $15! If your friends notice the difference, we applaud your friends!

Step Four: Swap your booze stuff from those nylon bags to THE ORANGE BACKPACK!

Or its mini-equivalents for 1/4 the price!

That’s all for this round, but we’ll be back with more Hunger Games related costume designs soon!

We Are Masters of Disguise (Which is Why Everyone Knows Our Real Names, Obviously!),
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Pride: Back to School Edition

Everyone gather ’round The Girl With The Pearl and tell you a story, Mr. Rogers style. *pats seat*

Once upon a time, I wasn’t that cool. Hard to believe, I know! …Well, I have never been cool in the traditional sense, but I made myself less cool by worrying way too much about what others thought of me. If I could do high school all over again, I would have accepted just how geeky I was and actually enjoy life’s geeky pleasures.

Because there is another school year upon us and there is always a way to show fandom pride in the office, we’re listing some of our favorite Hunger Games swag based on REAL coolness (aka totally undisguised, sinful levels of nerdiness!)

Level 1: Mockingjay pin

Any fan can stick this on their bag and act really casual about it if someone asks, as if it’s not a huge deal that consumes a huge chunk of your life! “Oh, this old thing? Someone gave it to me ages ago. I guess I like the books, so it’s a nice little embellishment! *cough*”

Level 2: Stickers

Slightly less casual, but still not insane. “I went to the bookstore and this was on sale at the counter for like 99 cents. My stuff came to $19.50 and I got 20% off my next purchase if I spent more than $20, so I was like… ‘Hey, whatever!'”

Level 3: Hunger Games Bookmarks

Your chance to get a little hipster! “Urgh… I just feel like most of the books they have us read in school are so passe! I just wanted to incorporate a little something that actually speaks to our generation, you know?” Note: This will not work if you’re reading The Hunger Games in school!

Level 4: Pencils and/or Pens

Most of it is covered by your hand, but if it’s not, you can always say you’re in it for the actors. “I only got this because it has Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence on it (depending on your preferences) and with Mr. or Mrs. Carterface running this class/office, I NEED something pretty to look at!”

Level 5: Hunger Games Jewelry

Something you can show off or tuck under your shirt, depending on how much fandom pride you feel at any particular hour! “Oh, you saw that? Yeah, I like the books. I thought this was kinda cool.”

Level 6: Notebooks

There’s basically no denying fan status at this point, so use style as an excuse. “I keep all these plain notebooks and I always get them confused, so I got these fun Hunger Games ones that actually come in different designs!

Level 7: Phone Case


“I’ve read the books and I like the movie even though *insert generic movie complaint here*, but I am just obsessed with all the graphic design imagery from the series!

Level 8: Laptop Skin

There’s no pretending at this point! “Oh yeah, I love the movie! Plus I figured this looks so much better than that plain silver cover top… This is a conversation piece!”

Level 9: Hunger Games Clothes

Claim to be doing the world a public service! “I really believe in the message behind this series, so if I’m going to be a consumer and buy new clothes anyway, I’m going to spread that message!

Level 10: The Ultimate Back to School Set


It’s Okay. The Hunger Games is Our Soulmate Too (Does That Make Us All Polygamists?)
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Contest Winners!

We’ve had not one but THREE contests over the past few weeks! Now it’s time to announce the winners!



There were so many fantastic entries to this contest that we had a very hard time choosing a winner! Overall, we loved Phyllis’ creative Katniss look and photo editing as she hid from the Careers in her own backyard!



We’re so glad that we didn’t have to choose for this contest– the readers did! In a competition of mostly bearded ladies (all of whom were hilarious, by the way), Robert came out on top with this beard, which is both real and way creepy! Seneca would be proud!


We also have to give a shout out to Sara and Kim, both of whom won a pair of tickets to see the movie in IMAX from Victor’s Village and Lionsgate!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Now everyone prepare for our official reaction later today!

VICTOR’S VILLAGE CONTEST #1: The Orange Backpack!

If there’s one thing that’s become a favorite inside joke amongst fans of The Hunger Games, it’s THE ORANGE BACKPACK.

Back in August, Victor’s Village was among those at the forefront of BACKPACK GATE 2011, during which the fandom’s obsession with this minor detail became so obvious. The fallout from that was a long-running joke on Hunger Games Fireside Chat, a Twitter hashtag that took over our lives for a bit, and a Facebook page for the backpack with more likes than ours.

Now, the power of the orange backpack is in YOUR HANDS!

Model your tribute look by sporting an orange bag of your own! Send us your photo and you can win some amazing prizes!

The Hunger Games Orange Backpack by Starberry-Cupcake

By Luly -


1. SEND A PHOTO OF YOU WEARING THE “ORANGE BACKPACK” TO BY MARCH 17, ALONG WITH YOUR FIRST NAME AND LOCATION. The winner will be decided by the Victor’s Village staff and contacted on March 18!

2. WE GIVE POINTS FOR CREATIVITY. Just posing in an orange backpack is cool, but how about posing in an orange backpack in an awesome location and/or doing something hilarious? Even better! We’re looking for spunk and originality!

3. THIS CONTEST IS INTERNATIONAL. We love all of you all over the world, so everyone join in on the fun!

We understand that not everyone in the world just happens to have an orange backpack on hand, so…

4. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE A BACKPACK. Got a gym bag, satchel, oversized purse or nice blanket you can somehow shape into a backpack-esque look? That’ll do!

5. YOU CAN USE PHOTOSHOP ON THE BAG ONLY. If your backpack/backpack-like bag isn’t orange, you are totally allowed to use Photoshop or even paint to make the backpack look orange (badly drawn things are our favorite!) However, you may NOT photoshop the rest of the picture!

Now that we’ve got the particulars settled…


  • A $15 Gift Card for Crazy Dog T-shirts, home of new District t-shirts! Want to buy a t-shirt without entering our contest? Use the code PANEM at checkout for $5 off!
  • The t-shirt of your choice from Cold Hands Warm Art! The shop is expanding beyond its already amazing line of jewelry with new clothing. You can pick your favorite when you win!
  • The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion! With great behind-the-scenes info and images, It’s a staple in any fan’s collection! We’d just like to get you started with the first of multiple film companion books!
  • Flaming Mockingjay Vinyl Decal! Show your fandom pride on your laptop, car window, or pretty much any other flat, sticky surface with this awesome decoration!


Remember, this is just the FIRST of three contests before the release of the film!

In true Hunger Games form… MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!