Costume Design and Stealth Marketing

It’s no great revelation when I say, for probably the gazillionth time that I think Trish Summerville is the Cat’s Pajamas. Okay, I’ve never said that particular phrase in reference to her before, at least I don’t recall using it, but there’s gotta be a first time for everything, however the sentiment is nothing near being new coming from the likes of moi. Well, yesterday an interview with the lovely lady herself was released in Grazia Magazine, and the lady does not disappoint, at least not from where I’m sitting. Trish just seems like a solid person, and of course she did the interview with the ulterior purpose of promoting the up coming release of Catching Fire as well as the tie-in clothing line that

Trish Summerville AKA Cat's Pajamas lady

Trish Summerville AKA Cat’s Pajamas lady

will be available for purchase through Net-A-Porter (Porter is pronounced Portay by the way, ’cause it’s French, and the site deals in clothes, AKA couture).

I think I’m in the minority when I say, that I personally think that the Net-A-Porter partnership is a marketing coup. I’m not a tie-in-merchadise person in the traditional sense, I don’t buy t-shirts with slogans from films on them, or action figures, or adorn my home with posters sporting Mockingjays, or Superman, or pick a huge franchise/pop culture phenomena, which is why I’m more than keen on tasteful, well made, and down right stealth clothing being used as a marketing tool for this beloved franchise I’ve found myself neck-deep in for the last several years. See, I’m a big ass fan of quality, and from what I’m discerning from the interviews, excerpts, snip-its, tweets, and what not about this forthcoming clothing line, is that it’s all being put out with taste, quality, and of course with the better interest of the franchise in mind.

I’ve heard too many of my friends say how disappointed they are with the merchandise for this franchise, most tend to go on Hot Topic runs and end up leaving with nothing, or something so small that they probably would have been better off making their own Hunger Games themed t-shirt or jewelry at home. This quote says it all for me, “it’s a great marriage because the collection introduces The Hunger Games’ fanbase to the site and vice versa. My goal is that the Net-A-Porter customer who doesn’t know the series will see the clothes and want to check out the film. I also hope that people who watch the film will then check out the collection on Net-a-Porter.” Trish Summerville’s Capitol Couture line might be the answer for the few who don’t want to sport man-sized t-shirts with fire emblazoned on them, or cheaply fashioned earrings, nope– the line might be for the few who would prefer to quietly, and privately know that the jacket, or dress they’re wearing is really Hunger Games merchandise.

That my dear friends would be me!

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