Mockingjay the Musical!

Ever see something simple and innocent that your mind melds into a ridiculous idea?

That’s what happened earlier this week when Them There Eyes wrote about Mockingjay screenwriter Danny Strong writing a screen adaptation of the musical Guys and Dolls, I saw “Mockingjay” and “musical” and wondered.. What would THAT be like?

Belt it, baby!

Belt it, baby!

ICYMI, there is a legit Hunger Games musical out there that played during Victory Tour (though sadly, it was never staged in front of an audience). It was of a serious storytelling nature, but let’s face facts: If we did a musical, it would not be serious. It would be a parody, ridiculous and borderline nonsensical.

In that spirit, we introduced the track list for MOCKINGJAY: THE MUSICAL!

“I Just Have These Feelings, OKAY?!” – Katniss Everdeen
Angsty and angry, Katniss is getting all of her feelings about recent events out in the open. And to hell with anyone who doesn’t like it!

“Down in District 13” – President Coin and the District 13 Residents

In which President Coin lets that District 12 refugees know how things roll in District 13. Talks of the pox and Coin’s shout of “I AM THE LAW!” included.

“F*#% Sober” – Haymitch Abernathy
The chronicles of Haymitch trying anything and everything to not be sober once District 13 takes away his alcohol. Antics ensue!

“Propo Panache” – Group Ensemble
Both in District 13 and The Capitol, propos shoot back and forth across the airwaves. District 8! Katniss! Finnick’s big admission! Peeta under duress! Beetee’s hacking! It’s all here.

Previously, in part one...

Previously, in part one…

“This is the Bomb (Shelter)” – Primrose Everdeen
While staying safe from attacks above, Prim tells Katniss all about her love for the District 13 life and dreams of becoming a doctor. There’s a crazy cat breakdown, naturally!

“How Tight Are My Pants? (The Capitol Rescue)” – Gale Hawthorne, Boggs
Inspired by the only bit of filming we’ve seen so far, Gale and Boggs kick ass in the Capitol while singing a badass duet about how the right clothes make or break a rescue mission.

“Hijacked!” – Peeta Mellark
Seeing it for Katniss POV is shocking, but we’ve gonna let Peeta get everyone up to speed on his hijacking and explain his state of mind. Because he thinks he’s right, dammit!

“A Kick in The Nut” – Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Lyme

Taking down District 2’s defenses isn’t as easy as in seems! As the plan unfolds, these three characters sing about what its destruction means for Panem and for them personally. Who’s doubting what now?!

“Real or Not Real?” – Peeta Mellark and Star Squad 451

The Star Squad is in the Capitol and soon, Peeta is with them! Time to chronicle his slow climb back to sanity, complete with Katniss’ discomfort, guessing games, the “You’re a painter, you’re a baker” spell and general distrust all around!

“WELL THIS WAS UNEXPECTED.” – Star Squad 451 Ensemble

Pods, mutts, sewers, and faux fur panties are the focal point of this long, zany tune from the moment the first pod goes off all the way to Capitol Square. Because you can’t focus too hard on the crying moments in a parody.

“Arrows of Fury” – Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, President Snow

It’s time to confront Gale, confront Snow, and REALLY confront Coin as Katniss tries to come to terms with Prim’s death and finally unleashes those feelings out on the world.

“(Prim)Roses” – Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark
This song starts during Katniss’ isolation in the Capitol, follows her into District 12, and finally hits its crescendo when she finally reunites with mostly cured Peeta. The two then recap their tale and decide that shit can’t possibly get any worse. Time to lead a semi-positive life, maybe?

This Is Why We’re Not Playwrights,

The Girl With The Pearl

The Road to Victory Tour

Hold on to your hats, kiddos! This upcoming weekend is when lovers of The Hunger Games and YA other favorites come together to take it to a new level!

It’s Victory Tour 2013, June 22 – 23!

Yup, Victory Tour was originally a Hunger Games only convention, but it had to be shifted for legal purposes. Thus it became an awesome YA book convention! (Sadly, some people can’t read between the lines on the for legal purposes bit, as if the people behind Victory Tour randomly chose to switch up the theme and upset a bunch of fans just for the hell of it, so they’re still sourpusses. Really?!) To us, this makes the convention EVEN BETTER, as we’re fans of books in general.

Salute your fandom!

Salute your fandom!

We know what you usually think of with conventions: Location, location, location! This is different! Victory Tour is an online convention, so you can participate no matter where you live, assuming you can stream stuff on your computer without it exploding!

For instance, both V. Arrow, author of the research-based book The Panem Companion will be there, juxtaposed by the hilarity of Mark Oshiro from Mark Reads The Hunger Games. And if that doesn’t fill your appetite for dystopia, how about some interviews with Lauren Oliver, author of the Delirium trilogy, and Ally Condie, author of the Matched trilogy? There’s also programming based around all of these books, as well as Divergent, soon to be a major motion picture featuring this guy. *swoon* All are very popular dystopians and if fans of The Hunger Games have branched out in the genre, they’re likely to know and love these books too!

Victory Tour will also be talking to fans who participate in their love for The Hunger Games a little differently, like “Rockingjays” Alex Boyd, Alex Carpenter, Sam Cushion, Steph Anderson, and Hello the Future! Of course, each of them will be playing their original songs based on the books!

If that isn’t musical enough for you, check out From Nightmares to Nightlock, a hilarious musical parody which will premiere during the convention. That’s right, you can find funny things about The Hunger Games SOMEWHERE ELSE too! We ain’t even mad!

Oh, and did we mention that THE COOLEST CATS IN TOWN will be there?! That’s right: FANSITE REPS (INCLUDING ME!) will be on hand to discuss how to be badass via Internet and other such things on Sunday at 4pm!

It’s Not Too Late To Register Here!
The Girl With The Pearl