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The Beginning of the End

While we’re all having a bit of an emotional time with the news yesterday that the franchise we’ve all collectively become obsessed with, having wrapped. I’d like to reiterate the sentiment JJ wrote yesterday, “… while we’re all sad, just think of all the good stuff yet to come!” She’s right, while an exorbitant amount of us were crying into our proverbial hankies yesterday, there’s so very much to look forward to where it comes to the fruition, and/or “true completion” of this film series!

We’re all on our tippy-toes now, ’cause there’s a brand, spankin’ new rumor that a teaser trailer will be debuting in cinemas next week during the midnight premieres of the new Transformers film. Yeah, so if you’re one of the people who likes that particular franchise (Transformers I mean), I’m sure you’ll be the first ones to start tweeting, Instagraming, Youtubing, and Facebooking about how “The teaser trailer is so freakin’ awesome you guyz! Go see Transformers, Mark Wahlberg

Because it's Mark Wahlberg with a chimp on his back, that's why!

Because it’s Mark Wahlberg with a chimp on his back, that’s why!

FTW! : D” Meanwhile back on earth, the people who prefer films like Begin Again will be tweeting about how they snuck into Transformers showrooms to watch the trailer reel, and then promptly left after The Mockingjay: Part 1 teaser ran, and then had an awesome time watching Keira Knightley not die… finally. So, trailer rumor, I’m good with it.

Ah yes, but trailer releases are just the beginning of the fanfare to accompany the gradual release of promotional material for the first and last Mockingjay film. We’ve also got soundtrack artists announcements to wait for, new product ads to fawn, and gag, and gasp over, as well as contests both fan-run, and mainstream media run to enter, and win, as well as lose. And then, and then we’ve got interviews, so many quirky, Gif-able interviews that Jennifer Lawrence and co. will do together, solo, and jointly. Personally, I’m waiting for the soundtrack list, ’cause my gut is telling me that Lorde may be on it, also maybe other solid female artists– ’cause that would make me happy. Cross my heart, and hope to die that Ingrid Michaelson is on there as well!

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed guyz! Psst, please don’t make me watch Transformers Lionsgate, release it online first!

Them There Eyes

Introduction to Lasers

Big scoop for you today. We’ve discovered the secret training exercise of the District 13 military – laser tag.

Finnick Odair (he goes by the code name Sam Claflin in some circles) shared a picture of him and some of his District 13 compatriots recently, and you can be sure he’s taking the training seriously.


What a way to practice strategy, maneuvers, and teambuild! I can just see Boggs now. He’s concerned about the upcoming mission. Wants to make sure everyone is ready for the perils at every turn.

Mandatory afternoon at the laser tag arena!

Laser tag is serious business

Laser tag is serious business



BUT WAIT. THERE ARE MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD MISSING! How can they become a cohesive unit with some of the members absent? Troubling, indeed.

Yes, another HIMYM pic because it's ending next week.

Yes, another HIMYM pic because it’s ending next week.


I hope the Mockingjay and Soldier Hawthorne will be able to clock some hours soon.  Probably best to keep Peeta Mellark away from such situations however. The lasers could set back progress in his rehabilitation. (Or perhaps lasers could BE the solution? Somebody tell Prim.)

Interesting additional point about the laser. It seems that District 13 has discovered the existence of weaponized cats. Amazing, isn’t it? LASER CATS. Just brilliant, and I’ve heard their leader Buttercup is quite the strategist as well.

I think the rebels are well on their way to victory with this whole laser strategy.

Yes, I brought the silly today. Major pop culture points to the person who notices the Parks and Recreation reference.


Crazy Kat

I learned a few things last week. One of them is that Producer Nina Jacobson is on Twitter. And she tweeted a couple things about Mockingjay! Rejoice, Mockingjay news deprived fans!

Well, one of the things she tweeted (in reply to a fan) was that there would be no Mockingjay reveals “for a little while.”

I’ll let you all interpret how many weeks “a little while” means.  I’m hoping it’s less than the fingers in a three finger salute, but I’m always greedy for news.  Let’s move on to the more fun detail she revealed… the Crazy Cat Scene!

Now, we know Nina Jacobson is a Buttercup fan. She and Suzanne Collins pushed for a recasting of the cat in Catching Fire to a more canon-compliant color, after all. So it’s very appropriate that she would choose to reveal this bit of filming.

What’s the relevance of the Crazy Cat Scene? Well, it takes place while District 13 is being attacked and everyone is hunkered down waiting things out.  Katniss tells us,

I created this by accident a few years ago, during a winter blackout. You simple wiggle a flashlight beam around on the floor, and Buttercup tries to catch it. I’m petty enough to enjoy it because I think it makes him look stupid. Inexplicably, everyone here thinks he’s clever and delightful.

Oh Katniss, your disdain for that cat will never stop amusing me. But other than some cute comic relief, why would this scene make it to the film? Because of the connection Katniss makes between this game and her situation with Snow and Peeta. She continues,

Crazy Cat becomes a metaphor for my situation. I am Buttercup. Peeta, the thing I want so badly to secure, is the light… [T]he one thing that sends Buttercup into a tailspin is when I leave the light on but put it hopelessly out of his reach, high on the wall, beyond even his jumping skills. He paces below the wall, wails, and can’t be comforted or distracted. He’s useless until I shut the light off. (That’s what Snow is trying to do to me now, only I don’t know what form his game takes.)

Maybe this realization on my part is all Snow needs. Thinking that Peeta was in his possession and being tortured for the rebel information was bad. But thinking that he’s being tortured specifically to incapacitate me is unendurable. And it’s under the weight of this revelation that I truly begin to break.

This is all Katniss’s internal monologue, so I’m curious as to how they will adapt it to the screen. My first thought is that it would be a discussion with Haymitch, or maybe Prim since we know she would be there for the game. I hope it’s Haymitch though, because it seems more in line with his mentor role. Or maybe it’s just a scene with Katniss and Buttercup alone, with Katniss muttering this to him. It would be a nice mirroring of her yelling at the cat upon her return to District 12 at the end of Mockingjay (if they decide to keep that in of course).

Such fun things to speculate about.

Here’s hoping Nina gives us a few more of these teases in the future!


Top 10 Hunger Games Moments of 2013

We told you those annual nostalgia lists might find their way here! With only a day left in 2013, we thought long and hard about the embarrassment of fandom riches that has been 2013 and compiled our top moments! Prepare to get all sentimental!

Note that this is a general fandom list, because our personal list would include things like “Suddenly becoming mute when facing the actors” and “Walking like drunk idiots at the Catching Fire after party thanks to the devil’s shoes”.  Not nearly as fun, now is it? We decided not to include actor moments here either, given that there’s too many good ones to whittle it down!

First Catching Fire Trailer – We didn’t know what to expect when we heard about a Catching Fire first look at the MTV Movie Awards back in April. The Hunger Games teaser was a :23 look at one scene, after all. But it was a FULL TRAILER that really set the tone. It. was. glorious.

She even went gray for us! (Photo: FameFly / Getty Images)

She even went gray for us! (Photo: FameFly / Getty Images)

Julianne Moore Cast As Alma Coin – All the Mockingjay casting news has been good news, but none more thrilling than the announcement of Julianne Moore portraying President Alma Coin. She’s got the chops that will make Coin a sharp, ambiguous character. Plus, every recognized actor cast proves this is more than some teen franchise.

Peeta Gets Manned Up –
Remember the big, controversial Josh Hutcherson quote in Entertainment Weekly and the fandom flip out that followed? We knew it meant that Peeta would get a bit of a do-over that put him more in line with Book!Peeta, but some others went into a panic mode. Now that we’ve all seen the movie, this is why we always tell you NOT to panic!

Global Fan Day – Press junkets and late night talk shows are fine and dandy, but on November 6, Lionsgate opened the questions up to fans via the social networks. Yes, there were still some uber fangirl “OMG I TOTES LUV U UR SO HAWT!” questions out there embarrassing us, but there was also a rarely afforded time for intelligent, fun celebrity-fan interaction.

Final Mockingjay Scene Announced –
Who else freaked out when Francis casually mentioned that Jennifer Lawrence had already filmed the final scene in Mockingjay? Also, when he said that scene featured Katniss serenely hunting in the woods! Is it an extension of the book epilogue or did they cut the book epilogue all together? WE MUST KNOW!

Catching Fire Fan Camp – Three days of Hunger Games fans playing games, partying, red carpeting, watching movies, and getting visits from the people involved in the film? MAGICAL.

Catching Fire Premiere And Screenings – So many great quotes from the stars come during premieres, plus it’s basically a giant fandom lovefest! But Lionsgate also did a great thing this year in realizing that not all fans can make it to the premiere and holding 24 simultaneous red carpet livestreams and premieres in cities across the US!

Cue the Mission Impossible theme!

Cue the Mission Impossible theme!

Catching Fire Crushes Box Office Records – This franchise don’t mess around! Winning the single weekend box office was expected, but we also broke records for the highest grossing film in November– a popular, blockbuster-packed movie month– and had one of the highest grossing opening weekends of all time. As in EVER.

Francis Lawrence AMA Reddit – It takes a lot to make a movie, but it takes some serious guts to go on Reddit a couple days after the movie’s release and hold an “Ask Me Anything” session. Plenty of questions were along the lines of “I didn’t agree with something you did. Why did you do it?” Francis was beyond graceful and gave great answers that let us know he really thought this series through and tried everything (Many excluded book scenes were filmed but later cut for time or because they didn’t translate effectively.) It gave us a whole new respect for him!

First Look At Mockingjay Filming –
A few pictures from the Mockingjay set have popped up, but nothing compares to actual fan filmed footage of Gale and Boggs busting into the Capitol set, confirming that the next movies will provide us with a deeper look into things happening outside Katniss’ POV and more action!

Looking back on this list, we know there’s still tons to look forward to in 2014.

Happy New Year!
The Girl With The Pearl

Operation: Staging Mockingjay’s Rescue Scene

We’re infiltrating the Capitol, peeps!

Mockingjay Capitol rescue set The Hunger Games

Ah, the secrets of a film set!

Not too long ago, we featured a great guest post about things that could be expanded upon now that Mockingjay is being worked into two movies. As The Hunger Games and Catching Fire have shown us in gradual doses, through scenes like Gamemaker planning and Snow’s interaction with his granddaughter, there is a lot we can get out of a scene that wasn’t specifically in the books.

When Robert Knepper was cast as newbie Minister to the President, we knew we’d get some more not-quite canon fill-in moments… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS.

It started with a couple innocent photos of a Capitol set at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, complete with twelve pillars featuring the names of victors from each district (some of which were pretty damn amusing, like Mags being given Lynn Cohen’s surname and the inclusion of Ron Stafford, the actual name of an actor who has an uncredited role in Catching Fire as a past Victor). But then… BUT THEN… People started rappelling out of the sky! Well, from the ceiling!

Yup, it’s true! It looks like we will actually see at least some of Peeta and Johanna’s rescue! There’s been so many hopes about getting those tumultuous in-between moments in the Mockingjay movies, as long as they don’t overtake the whole narrative. And this one is the freaking Mac Daddy of them all!

We’re not getting too excited, though. Remember, there are a couple ways this could turn out:

Liam Hemsworth The Hunger Games Mockingjay set Capitol rescue

Hemsy in the house!

Quick Cutaway – For all we know, this could be the whole shebang. As someone (probably Haymitch or Plutarch) tells Katniss that they’re going to get Peeta back, we see the team land on the balcony, take out a few guards, and enter. The rest is implied.

Full-blown Action Scene – Mockingjay Part Two will probably feature the bulk of the action, so this bit (which will likely be in Part 1) would be a smart way to keep the beginning heart-pounding and fierce!

Hijacking Awareness Session – It seems that Gale and the other knew something was wrong with Peeta before he got back to Katniss. What happened during the rescue?!

On The Cutting Room Floor – This doesn’t seem likely, but Francis Lawrence named quite a few things filmed for Catching Fire that didn’t make the final cut (some of which were also featured in movie stills). There are no guarantees!

But Gale and Boggs (aka Liam Hemsworth and Mahershala Ali) were there. And DAYUM, do those District 13 uniforms look way too form-fitting for a functioning soldier! At the very least, we remain thrilled with the knowledge that we’ll see more of that!

Hopefully, this opens us up to all sorts of spectacular looks at things that happen in canon when Katniss isn’t around. Because as much as we love hearing about thrilling events occurring off-screen.. Oh wait, we totally don’t!

Belay On, Hemsy!
The Girl With The Pearl

Mockingjay Part 1 – Behind the Scenes in the Capitol?

While I sit here and hope Them There Eyes hasn’t been eaten by a bear on her camping adventure, we’re off to the next guest post!

Today, JJ is here to talk about the glorious potential of the Mockingjay Part 1 movie to show us interesting scenes outside of Katniss’ limited point-of-view!


So, an interview blurb came out and some people didn’t like the things Francis Lawrence said about Peeta. This wasn’t the first time, or the hundredth time, and certainly won’t be the last time people get worried or upset by the way Peeta is interpreted/changed/underdeveloped/not included enough in marketing, etc.

But it got me thinking again, how are they going to make Mockingjay Part 1 a movie that a lot of fans don’t hate? Or at the very least, see only once as opposed to their three, four, five PLUS trips to the theater for The Hunger Games?

If filmmakers divide the book about evenly between the two movies, the only scenes with Peeta are a couple of televised appearances.

But wait you say- it’s a movie! We can have new scenes not tied to Katniss’s POV!  And this is where I get super excited.  With the extra time of having two movies for Mockingjay, there is room to flesh out some of what goes down in the Capitol.  Think of the possibilities.

The Aftermath of the Quarter Quell.  Could we finally discover what happens to the victors that aren’t rescued to District 13? To Effie? And I’d love to see some initial mind game-heavy scenes between Snow and Peeta or Snow and Johanna. Peeta doesn’t really have any interaction with Snow that we know about up to this point. And is Johanna her defiant self when face to face with Snow?

More background leading up to this in Part 2, plzkthx.

More background leading up to this in Part 2, plzkthx.

Peeta and Johanna bonding in the cellblock. Orange Is the New Black, only about a thousand times more messed up.

The Hijacking. Gulp. I don’t exactly want to see this, and it will be a PG-13 movie so fortunately it can’t get TOO graphic. But I am interested in how the filmmakers interpret these scenes.  Will they make it more ambiguous torture so non-book reading audiences are surprised when Peeta attacks Katniss? Or will they assume that most people already know and just flat out show Snow’s intentions?

The Rescue. Very little is revealed about the rescue mission, only that it was “a little too easy.” Details please!

Mockingjay Part 1 has the potential to be the most surprising of all the movies. And I couldn’t be happier about it.


Campaigning for Coin: Julianne Moore

The fansites are back with another round of Campaigning for Coin, a bi-weekly column in which we discuss possible actresses to play District 13’s President Alma Coin! Today, we’re discussing an actress with a lot of impressive work in her resume whose name is often throw around for the role: Julianne Moore!

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore

Rebekah (Them There Eyes): If you follow my writing on Victor’s Village at all, you should know by now that Julianne Moore is one of a handful of actresses I’ve already written up about as a potential Alma Coin. Face it, Julianne is no slouch where it comes to acting talent, she has one of the more diverse, and critically embraced careers of an A-list who’s still regularly working actress out there. From her work in films like Benny & Joon, Short Cuts, Boogie Nights, The Big Lebowski, A Map of the World, The End of the Affair, Magnolia, Far from Heaven, The Hours, The Children of Men, A Single Man, The Kids Are All Right, Game Change, and the recently released What Maisie Knew, she’s proven herself as someone who 100 times over is capable of portraying every single kind of woman you can even remotely imagine. This woman is not afraid to take on even the most weird, the most despicable, the most shallow, and the most intense, and the most sad types of people. She’s an actors actor, and the thought of her taking on a role like Alma Coin gives me giddy shivers down my spine, because I know she would sink her teeth into Alma’s character like a juicy steak, and chew it slowly, precisely, and oddly beautifully. I’ve seen comments that some of the choices in this on going fan-casting series are too predictable, well– Julianne Moore has never taken on a predictable project in her entire career. She does big budget films like The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Evolution with David Duchovny, and tiny art house films like Chicago Cab, and Savage Grace with Eddie Redmayne, and then mixes it up by taking a recurring role on 30 Rock opposite Alec Baldwin. No one, and I mean no one can say that Julianne Moore being cast as Alma Coin is predictable. This is why she’s one of my top choices for Alma Coin, and also because I really really want to see her go head to head with Jennifer Lawrence.

The Kids are All Right

The Kids are All Right

Aldrin from Down With The Capitol: Now, I’ve seen Julianne Moore’s acting and it’s clear she knows what she’s doing. I can go on and on about how I loved her in Nine Months or The Kids Are All Right (also starring Josh Hutcherson), but let’s look at something very obvious that proves she’s good for Coin: she played Sarah Palin in Game Change. Trying not to sound too political here, but Sarah Palin was someone who was given lots of power, some might say more than she should have had. Some supported her, some hated her. Sound familiar? Granted, Palin and Coin are two entirely different people in so many ways, but the general principle applies. Julianne Moore has experience playing a woman in power, who had to put on a tough exterior despite the fact that many disagreed with her actions. Combine that with her impeccable acting skills in so many other roels, and I think you’ve got someone who could play Coin perfectly.

Adam from Hunger Games Fireside Chat:
Julianne Moore may not be quite as vicious and belligerent as some of the other candidates, but she certainly can act. In my view, she would excel at portraying the softer side of Coin, which could be extremely effective in fooling the populace — then, when she proves to be much worse, it will be as shocking as it was for Panem’s citizens. Moore is famous recently for The Kids Are All Right and Game Change, but I see a parallel with her role as a blood-to-the-bone revolutionary in Children of Men. There, she was good, but she had some of the same character traits as Coin, and she proved plenty competent in handling them. Moore would not be my top top choice, but I would still be fine with her selection.

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights

Lindsay from HG Girl on Fire: I am a fan of Julianne Moore and I think she is a stellar actress. She has impressive range, and when I think of her, I think of both her big laughs, and her sad/angry expressions, all at once. Her previous characters that stick in my brain are from The Kids Are Alright, and her stint on 30 Rock (with that wicked awful Boston accent!). But for some reason she doesn’t jump out at me for Coin. While I think she could play the role with her hands tied behind her back (well, not really, obviously), I just almost feel like I have NO opinion about her. Which makes me think I don’t like her for the role. Would I be disappointed if she were cast? No way! She’s a superstar and has the Emmy Award and numerous Oscar nominations to prove it. But she’s not my first choice.

Jacqui from My Hunger Games: I am a big fan of Julianne Moore. She is quite a few of my favorite movies, including the Big Lebowski, The Hours, Far From Heaven and The Kids are All Right. Her performances are nuanced and compelling. She is one of those actresses that can balance drama and comedy with great effect; she can come across as completely empathetic, but also mysterious and remote. Her career is a mix of diverse and interesting roles and she’s definitely one of those onscreen people that you can’t take your eyes off. I think she would definitely bring something special to the role of Alma Coin.

Game Change

Game Change

Molly from Panem Propaganda: I admit Julianne Moore never crossed my mind as an option for Coin, but now that I’ve had it swirling around in my head for a while I’m starting to love the idea.She’s an amazingly versatile character actress, she’s the perfect age, and can’t you imagine her rocking a razor sharp grey wig? I can certainly see her as the icy Coin with her fair skin and (cue the contact lenses) grey, pale eyes the color of slush “you wish would melt away.” It could also be one great big reunion – She’s worked with Josh Hutcherson in The Kids Are All Right, Woody Harrelson in Game Change, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Big Lebowski, Boogie Nights, and Magnolia. And her upcoming film Seventh Son ALMOST had her working with both Jennifer Lawrence (she bowed out) and Sam Claflin (he auditioned for the lead).

Lee from The Hob: Julianne Moore is one of the more interesting choices to play President Coin. Her work is so diverse, it’s a challenge to view any single performance and point to determine her ability to play Coin. The characters she has portrayed have a level of intensity and her performances always exude tremendous energy. Many of the roles have been determined women, focused and willing to take risks to succeed. These are all qualities that President Coin has. Always a chameleon in her roles, Ms. Moore would be visually striking with snow-white hair, sparkling eyes, and a sense of invincibility in her portrayal.

Courtney and Tiffany from Welcome to District 12:
We are in agreement that Julianne Moore is one of our favorite actresses. She’s a solid actress and has had a very diverse career. I mean, she has Maude Lebowski, Clarice Starling and Sarah Palin on her resume, to name a few. Sarah Palin is a perfect example of a role that Julianne already has under her belt and could be very helpful to her playing Coin. However, we do think that her look isn’t as cold and calculating as we imagine President Coin to be. But then again, that can work in her favor because who is to suspect ulterior motives from someone like Julianne Moore? A plus for her is that she has worked with Josh Hutcherson before, playing his mother in The Kids Are All Right. Last but not least she seems to be a fan favorite among THG fans, so that’s a super bonus too!

The Mockingjay Beckons!

Can we panic now?!

It seems like only yesterday that we were all getting clammy while waiting for Finnick to be cast, but guess what? It was ALMOST A YEAR AGO.


In case you missed it!

Catching Fire, the movie that seemed like it would take an eternity to be made, is done. Now all that’s left is the Mockingjay films. And it’s starting!

Catrett Locke casting, who cast all the extras for Catching Fire, recently put out a call for Mockingjay. They don’t specifically mention the series names in the hopes of avoiding a massive flux of applications, but everyone knows what they’re rattling on about! Abstract, unique runway outfits? Capitol citizens, bitches! Too bad they forget to mention that you’ll be expected to run for your life while smoke bombs and the like go off all around while in said runway outfits. Those heels are gonna hurt ya!

If that wasn’t enough, Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment was a little more blunt in the hopes of finding solid crew members.

CREW CALL: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is accepting resumes for all crew positions. Please email your resume to

They can be obvious with the crew since you actually had to have some education or background experience to be hired. Though it cracks me up that these companies run everything via good ol’ GMail!

Either way, all this is certain sign of something: THE END IS NEAR.

by shadowsgallery

by shadowsgallery

And despite all these location rumors (Bristol! Paris! Detroit?!) all of this is still out of Georgia, meaning that at least some of the filming is going down there once again. Consider it the only location confirmation we’ve got so far!

But it’ll all be over before we know it! By this time next year, filming for both parts of Mockingjay will be donezo (or thereabouts). By the time promo begins for Part II, the cast will start answering every question with “We filmed it so long ago, but I remember…” These next few casting calls will be the last round of casting for the series! The last search for crew members is upon us! This will be the last round of discussions about new additions to the series.

We’re getting there, folks. Let’s take a second to absorb it all.

Perhaps We’ll Have Suzanne Collins’ New Book To Console Us When The End Comes,
The Girl With The Pearl

Campaigning for Coin: Alex Kingston

Welcome back to another edition of Campaigning for Coin! Today, we’re discussing an actress best known for her roles on ER and Doctor Who, two very different but very popular television shows. Everyone gather around to hear the fansites’ thoughts on Alex Kingston!

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

Rebekah (Them There Eyes): I’ll be honest, I’m a long time fan of Alex Kingston, starting with her work on the long running, critically acclaimed, award winning, and fan loved NBC series ER. She’ll always be the fish out of water Doctor Elizabeth Corday to me, which I think is a good way to think of Alex. Elizabeth allowed Alex as an actress to explore a multitude of feelings, and experiences to act out over the course of that characters 12 year run. Aside from her work on ER though, Alex has played a gamut of other characters, most famously she’s Doctor River Song on Doctor Who, where she’s really kind of a source of comic relief seemingly majority of the time. And then there’s her work on series’ like Upstairs Downstairs, and the CW’s Arrow. She’s definitely proven her self capable of embodying different kinds of women, therefore I say I wouldn’t kick up a fuss if she was cast as Coin. Her being cast might even bring in a whole slew of different kinds of audience members, because Alex is known from such a diverse collection of projects. She’d bring in the ER crowd, and the younger crowd from the Doctor Who side of things, and the PBS/BBC loving lot from being known for Upstairs Downstairs. Alex Kingston, I simply can’t find fault with this idea. Who’s next?

Savanna from Hunger Games Fireside Chat: I am a Doctor Who fanatic. And as such, I’d hate for my view of River Song to become tainted by seeing Alex Kingston play Alma Coin. However, setting my selfishness aside for a moment, I actually think that Kingston could potentially be a great choice. While her identity as a person is — unfortunately — closely linked to River for me and many others, Kingston is quite adept at slipping into her roles so well that you lose yourself in the character and the story. So with a different hairstyle and an American accent, I doubt Whovians would have trouble seeing Kingston as Coin and not River. I haven’t seen ER, so I can’t speak for her performance there, but Kingston was an absolutely phenomenal Mrs. Bennet in the miniseries Lost in Austen. While having nothing in common with Coin on the surface, if you’re familiar with Pride and Prejudice, then you know just how manipulative and scheming Mrs. Bennet can be. True, she’s simply a small-town meddler and not a political schemer, but after seeing Kingston so brilliantly portray this “ball-breaking” matriarch hell-bent on securing good marriages for her daughters, I would love to see her interpretation of Coin.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Colleen from HG Girl on Fire: In my mind, Alma Coin is cold & manipulative, but she had to have some quality to make everyone trust her. I can easily see Alex Kingston taking on that role. She’s just so versatile. Most people probably know her as a doctor on ER or as the charming (yet not completely trustworthy at times) River Song on Doctor Who. When I saw Kingston’s name on the list of possibilities for Coin, I thought of her role as Boudica in Warrior Queen. She rallies her people to rebel against the Roman Empire and goes down fighting. She’s believable as a leader, and it’s this role I first thought of that made me think she would be a good choice for Coin. But it’s her Doctor Who role that clinched it for me. She plays River Song with an air of authority, but with her own secrets & agenda. She’s all but mastered the ‘I can be your best friend or you worst enemy’ look, and, to me, that is the essence of Alma Coin. And I think the British accent would totally work for Coin.



Kelsey from My Hunger Games: Being a massive “Whovian”, I will forever and always see Alex Kingston as the lovable, sassy and adventurous Professor River Song. So upon first seeing her name among the list of actresses “Campaigning for Coin”, my initial reaction was to object. However, since I am a huge fan of Alex’s, she was worth looking into a bit more. That’s when I realized how amazing of an actress Kingston really is. Looking at her as Dr. Corday in ER, Mrs. Bennet in Lost in Austen all the way to Boudica in Warrior Queen and Dinah in Arrow. Every one of her characters is so different, yet Alex is able to bring them to life so vividly. That alone it is a huge testament to her ability. At this point, Kingston isn’t a household name – and that could definitely work in her favor. The fact that she isn’t incredibly well known could make her an easier choice for Lionsgate, considering their budget. But the fact that she is a very well rounded actress bodes well for the fans. I think she can easily bring Coin to life like she has with so many others!

Courtney & Tiffany from Welcome to District 12: We LOVE Alex Kingston! We are both crazy huge Doctor Who fans, and if there’s a character we love almost as much as The Doctor, it’s River Song. Of course this isn’t the only reason that we are in love with the idea of Kingston as Coin. We’ve seen the duality of her acting solely through the show, and her resume speaks for itself as well. We aren’t worried about her capabilities as an actor to handle Coin in the slightest. She would also be a perfect Coin candidate for the “lesser known actor” option.

Campaigning for Coin: Sigourney Weaver

Time for the next candidate in Campaigning for Coin, a segment in which the fansites come together to discuss possible casting for District 13 President Alma Coin! This week’s pick is a sci-fi favorite: She’s done Alien, Avatar, Ghostbusters, Paul, Galaxy Quest, Cabin in the Woods, and The Village. That’s right, it’s none other than Sigourney Weaver!


Sigourney Weaver

Kait (The Girl With The Pearl): Sigourney Weaver is one of the most classic ass-kickers in Hollywood. She’s battled aliens, injustice, armies invading Pandora, and Zuul! Yet I have no idea what she’d do with a cruelly ambiguous character like President Coin because I haven’t seen her taken on a role like that (though I’m told Political Animals is a great example.) Sigourney is usually the hero or the mockingly evil character, though in all the movies she displays a great sense of authority. But it’s possible that she’s also TOO much of a sci-fi favorite to really convince audiences she is Alma Coin, not just Sigourney Weaver playing Alma Coin. Overall, she’s not my top pick, but I wouldn’t be unhappy if she were cast in the film!

Ellie from Down With The Capitol: Most famous for battling aliens and, more recently, battling with aliens, we know Weaver can play a strong, intense female character. She has that stern superiority about her that must be present in any President Coin. She could bring out Coin’s relentlessness beautifully, as well as her weaker, more fearful moments. Her height, alone, could give Coin an overpowering dimension that could cause fear in the viewers. She would be wonderful choice for Coin, who would bring even more talent to an extremely talented cast.

Adam from Hunger Games Fireside Chat: There’s a reason Sigourney Weaver tops the mountain of many President Coin lists: She represents female empowerment better than perhaps any other actress out there. She has earned that reputation through dominant roles in Alien, or even Avatar, but there was a reason she was selected for those roles — she possesses a transformative acting talent. President Coin may be a villain in many eyes, but that doesn’t make her a weak character. Coin is ambitious and ruthless, and extremely cunning in her attempt to achieve supremacy over Panem. Weaver could seamlessly fit into that role, applying those badass heroine characteristics she’s so famous for to more sinister aims. For Coin, Weaver is as good as it gets.



Amanda from HG Girl On Fire: I do think that Sigourney Weaver would make a fabulous President Coin. My only hesitation is that, given her record of mostly science fiction, especially Alien, I worry that I might spend the entire time picturing President Coin fighting off aliens, which is unfortunate because, as I said, I really do think she would be great in the role. She is an extremely talented actress, and I think she can definitely handle the meaner, colder persona needed for Coin, and she more closely physically resembles how I pictured Coin. I think she is closer age-wise too. Sigourney Weaver is in my top two picks for this role. I would not be unhappy at all if she were to play President Coin.

Ciara from For cinema historians everywhere, Sigourney Weaver is the only choice for President Coin. Katniss has raised her bow at a time in film, particularly in 2012, when we saw more heroine-headlining blockbusters than any other year previous. Casting Weaver as Coin would be a nice thank you to the very first female action icon and to the makers of ‘Alien’ who, in 1979, simply switched Ripley from a man to a woman. It would be a fitting passing of the torch to the most exciting heroine of cinema today. But this isn’t like casting her in just another cameo performance to reference her title as the queen of sci-fi and horror (‘Paul,’ ‘Cabin in the Woods’). President Coin is much more important than that. Sigourney Weaver is a truly wonderful actress. We know she can play cold and calculating extremely well but she can do it with much more subtlety and complexity than many other actresses of her generation from ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ to more recently in ‘Rampart.’ And that’s what is needed for Coin. She’s most certainly not an evil character. But she’s not a good one. She’s human. Mockingjay is all about the failings of humanity and the cost of war and Weaver would give the honest and credible performance that the character of Coin deserves. If that wasn’t enough she would be an incredible adversary to Donald Sutherland’s Snow, both characters being like different sides of the same *ahem* coin. And lastly, she should sign on to Mockingjay because the fact that Donald Sutherland and Sigourney Weaver haven’t been in the same movie together is a crime against celluloid!

Political Animals

Political Animals

Kristen from My Hunger Games: What is there to say about Sigourney Weaver, other than she is the face of an entire generation of cult classics? I’m not going to talk about her portrayal of the supercool scientist/ET killer Ellen Ripley of the ridiculously successful Alien franchise. I’m not even going to talk about Dana Barrette and the infamous “There is no Dana, only Zuul” line from Ghostbusters. I’d just like to call your attention to 1997’s awesome retelling of a classic fairytale—Snow White: A Tale of Terror. Sigourney Weaver rendered the single most bad-ass interpretation of the Evil Queen/ Poison-apple-toting old hag EVER. (That’s right, I said EVER, Charlize Theron…) More than portraying a seriously vain, jealously deranged, power-starved wicked step mother, Sigourney brought an almost sympathetic note to the role as a grieving mother who never could get past the death of her son. Her heart was kind of in the right place at least for a while. And that’s exactly why Sigourney has my vote for President Coin. She is fully capable of playing a dastardly and manipulative character, while at the same time maintaining a certain je ne sais quoi about her. In the books we’re lead to believe that—unlike President Snow—Coin is the Head Honcho of District 13 because the people chose her to be, which is to say, she must have been likeable enough to get elected. If the writers/producers/directors want to portray a tough-as-nails, yet relatable President Coin, Sigourney Weaver would be the hands-down choice in my opinion.



Jessica from The Hob: Sigourney Weaver is a versatile actress who could easily capture President Coin’s power hungry, unscrupulous nature. With a wide range of roles under her belt from Alien to Galaxy Quest to The Village, Weaver creates characters who are powerful and commanding even if they are not in an actual position of power. I can easily see her ordering torturings or using her troops like game pieces. She also has the depth to portray Coin’s conviction and mass appeal to the residents of District 13, who liked and respected her enough to make her President in the first place.

Courtney & Tiffany from Welcome to District 12: If a more popular actress was to be cast as Coin, we would jump for joy at the thought of Sigourney Weaver. She’s played roles in many popular films every decade in the past 30 years, been apart of classic franchises (Ghostbusters, Alien) and has been nominated for an Oscar three times. Like the other fine candidates, she often plays powerful women and a voice that emits authority and power. Whenever Sigourney Weaver is on screen, she commands attention, and that is something we very much need from whoever will play Coin. There would be no doubting her command as the President of District 13. Let’s not forget, she played a Hillary Clinton-esque figure in Political Animals. Aside from the fact that Sigourney Weaver is a fan favorite, she’s got the voice and the look to play Coin.

Is Sigourney Weaver your pick for president?