MockingHate: Negativity, Click Bait, and Media Strategy

District 13 isn’t the only one coming up with a plan when it comes to Mockingjay Part 1.

If you’re on the Internet on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard the term “click bait”. It’s when a headline or even an entire article is designed to be somewhat controversial in order to draw people in to either agree with or defend the topic at hand. It’s mainly useless pieces on popular subjects without much in terms of real depth, even if provided in essay form.


Fishing For Hits!

And Mockingjay Part 1, dear friends, has been a serious victim of click bait.

The media has been saying just about anything they can to get our attention and let’s face it, most of it is negative. Why? The fandom is massive and enthusiastic and not afraid to run to the film’s defense, but there’s also plenty of “Academy Award winners only, please” types who will gladly agree with them on anything that demerits the franchise. Therefore, they get ALL THE CLICKS.

Though this happen with lots of series and has happened to The Hunger Games in the past, the horrendous articles meant to induce click bait have really hit new heights. So let’s go through these atrocious claims and set some things straight.

Mockingjay Part 1 is estimated to finish at $123 million for the weekend, making it the highest opening weekend of the otherwise lackluster year. It will almost definitely be the highest grossing movie of 2014, seeing as the current highest (Guardians of the Galaxy) reached $331 million over the course of its entire run. Mockingjay earned a third of the #1 movie’s entire run total in one damn weekend. Yes, $123 million is less than Catching Fire’s opening weekend and short of estimates, but as Variety points out excellently– it’s actually quite common for opening weekend and overall totals to fluctuate for a franchise and box office estimates are a hugely inaccurate system. Also, that’s only in the US. Mockingjay Part 1 is actually doing better than Catching Fire overseas. So this “Oh noes! The movie made less so the franchise is a sinking ship now!” approach the media is taking is ridiculousness to the nth power.



If you read enough negative reviews of MJ 1 (for which the reviews are still largely positive), you’ll realize that very few people seem to be reviewing the actual movie. They’re reviewing the fact that it’s Part 1 of a two-part finale, a trend that critics just don’t like. JJ already responded to that beautifully. Entertainment Weekly went so far as to claim that Mockingjay Part 1 may not actually be a movie, saying it didn’t have a concise beginning, middle, or end, leaving us to wonder if they watched the same movie we did. If so, what the hell were they smoking? That must be some good shit! Or maybe they’re just high off that movie critic ego. The movie is not all action, as we’ve mentioned before, but to say it essentially has no point or value other than to set up the end is a pathetic attempt at pretending you know best. We can name plenty of films that we about a thousand times slower or less meaningful than this one. Really, this just feels like media outlets jumping on the Hipster Express as the uber critical types begin to label the popular franchise as “overrated”, which they’d do no matter what the subject.

These are our favorite. Articles in which fans’ negative social media statuses or random tweets are displayed as the end-all-be-all of the franchise and the guarantee that we’re all in on the lambasting too. So what constitutes a “fan”? Anyone who has seen the movie, apparently. I saw Dude, Where’s My Car? when I was like 12. Does that make me a fan? Also, there’s a widespread assumption that these fans expressing disappointment in certain parts of the film means they hated all of it all day every day. THR even wrote an obvious click bait article about common “fandom gripes” throughout the history of the films, portraying us all as racists who hated that Rue was black and sexists who hate Peeta for not being masculine enough. “Offensive to fans” doesn’t even begin to cover it, but they’re getting lots of views from stirring up old, nasty comments from a few outliers that in no way represent the fandom as a whole, as if we all feel this way.

Most definitely started out at a click bait media outlet.. except not really

Most definitely started out at a click bait media outlet.. except not really

This is the type of click bait we tend to be more agreeable to because it works in our favor, but we need to acknowledge this too. Because it happens. Like basically everything on BuzzFeed. We can’t say for sure that some of these sites are getting paid to advertise via positive articles, but we know that method absolutely exists. You’re more likely to want something when someone writes an article saying “This Is My Favorite!” than if you just saw a graphic on a sidebar. Again, we know so much nothing that Jon Snow would be proud, but we know it happens in advertising in general. But it could also just be these sites playing off how enthusiastic fans are, knowing they’ll click because the articles validate the things they love.

In between the cracks you can find articles that at least try to find a balance. But overall– and maybe it’s just us– but isn’t it just better to ignore the media and like what you like? We’ve all probably enjoyed some movies that the media had some gripes with or largely ignored or even HATED, but then you remember that you really don’t give a fuck what they think, because you liked it for your own personal reasons.

As for all that really obvious click bait?

The Girl With The Pearl

The Newsy Round Up

Mockingjay: Part 2 filming is drawing to a close, and X-Men: Days of Future Past was released in theaters in the US yesterday. This means one thing to the Interwebz! Tons of Jennifer Lawrence appearances on the talk show circuit, and yep pesky paparazzi shots of her milling around Berlin, the last location allegedly being used on Mockingjay: Part 2 film shoot. I say “allegedly”, ’cause I’m not the location scout, and for all we know, or I know, they’re off to Belgium to film, and drink awesome, tasty, delicious beer!

I’m sure you’ve heard, or seen, or perhaps done your best to ignore the press of Jennifer Lawrence repeated

20140524-173756-63476797.jpgchatter over the last several days. I know I would be one of those people however! So, yeah… Gotta admit that this particular editorial writer has very little to say about Jen’s mounting social faux pas, i.e I saw a blip about a rape joke she made, then immediately knew to turn and virtually walk away. Erm why? Because I wasn’t in the room the so-called joke was let loose in, and I’d rather not examine a joke or whatever the hell happened, as a second or third, or billionth party, because in my humble experience it would be like playing the worst game of Telephone ever. Or make me dislike her, which is something I’m not ready for yet, thank you very much!

Anyway, if you’re like me and like to do your best not to care that Jen is sometimes not a role model, and is just a 23 year-old girl! I suggest relishing in going to see X-Men, or… Yeah, maybe not.

Happy Memorial Day!

Them There Eyes

The Hunger Games Promotion Rule

Yes, he got an exciting premiere and a vacation in Hawaii out of it, but this has probably been a bit of a rough week for Sam Claflin.

Why, you ask? He’s been busy promoting his new movie, The Quiet Ones. We’ll even help by throwing in the trailer here:

But there’s not a whole lot of focus on the film at hand. If you’ve been watching the interviews, you know what we mean. There’s four questions tops that most media sites bother asking Sam:

1. So what’s this movie about?
2. It’s scary! What scares you?
3. How was all the 70s costuming?
4. Catching Fire! Mockingjay! Finnick! TELL US MORE.

We should note that it’s definitely not Sam-clusive. We know the same thing happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth when they promoted other films, even on The Academy Awards red carpet. And in a way, we feel a little bad for them. We’re sure they don’t mind talking about The Hunger Games, but it must make them feel like their projects outside the series are pretty inconsequential in the eyes of the public (as we are represented by the media. Horrifying, isn’t it?!)

Of course, it doesn’t necessarily help that The Quiet Ones is a Lionsgate property and some of their advertising looks like this:

Now the young and/or easily confused among us Hunger Games fans believe Finnick has taken up a time-warp side job of filming supernatural phenomena! Not really… we hope.

We get it, interviewers ’round the world. The Hunger Games is a <strong>really big freaking deal</strong> and the fact that these actors are in the franchise is part of the reason why many fans will go see their other films in the first place. But let’s take it one film at a time.

We all know you’re going to ask Sam the same slew of exhausting questions once promotion for Mockingjay: Part 1 rolls around, so why not ask them then? Do you really think he’ll give you some crazy scoop in the meantime? Doubtful!

In the meantime, please try to come up with some creative questions surround the movie the actor in question is actually promoting. We know it’s not as big of a media draw, but this is something of value to them that they put work into, even if it’s not a major blockbuster. Give em some credit there! We’ll get back to Mockingjay en masse later!

He Sported That Hairdo, So Sam Deserves Credit!

The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger/ Survival/ Tear-My-Eyes-Out Games

We’ve always applauded Lionsgate for creating video games for the series that were NOT entirely based in violence. Though not particularly full of depth, The Hunger Games Adventures, Girl on Fire, and Panem Run do a great job sticking to the franchise’s message that violence should never, ever be glorified. They entertain fans without being blood-soaked and death-filled.

I'll just shoot some tracker jackers instead, plzkthx...

I’ll just shoot some tracker jackers instead, plzkthx…

So naturally, some other idiots had the brilliant idea that they should create a video game, not so cleverly titled THE SURVIVAL GAMES, that very purposely capitalizes on and glorifies the violence of the arena. They claim gamers have “cried out” for a Hunger Games based experience.


For some reason we’re doubting it’s really Hunger Games fans calling for this experience. One of the main themes of the series practically screams “DON’T GLORIFY DEATH AND VIOLENCE! THAT IS FUCKING HORRIBLE!” Hence the use and abuse of victors, the seemingly endless string of tragedies, the PTSD, etc. More like a bunch of slaughter-happy fools who don’t understand a thing about the series other than “they go in there and kill each other until there’s only one left” cried out for it. We guess you can still be a fan under those circumstances… a really pitiful, ignorant fan, but a fan nonetheless? Right? …Right?!

So we seriously consider this "inspiration"?

So we seriously consider this “inspiration”?

The hilarity of it all is that though the creators claim they’ll be distancing themselves from The Hunger Games in many ways, they’re using roughly a million key concepts. For example…

  • Players cannot leave their start point until a countdown has finished.
  • Players start unarmed be can get weapons from a structure known as “The Trove”… which is absolutely, positively, in no way the same exact thing as the Cornucopia.
  • Players are encouraged to form alliances, even though they’re oh so unpredictable! “Still, when all is said and done, there can only be one victor!” says the website. Yup, still the victor.
  • Players will encounter hostile wildlife and random storms that could easily kill them.
  • No guns allowed because they take away from the excitement of battle.

It may be a good thing that these guys aren’t anywhere near their goal for game creation, because we’ve seen various projects of a harmless and far less troublesome nature that hint at The Hunger Games shut down by Lionsgate legal in roughly ten seconds.

To the alleged gamers, “crying out” for this: Yeahhhhh… thanks but HELL TO THE NO. Go play one of the million other video games out there, plenty of which will satisfy your need for violence (if that’s your thing) AND have an original concept at the same time! Crazy how that happens 98% percent of the time! The Hunger Games is NOT about the awesome power of violence, so get your fix elsewhere and don’t try to butcher this franchise, k?

Add This To The List Of Things That Make Me RAGE,
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Fans: Stop Drinking the Media Wars Kool-Aid

Ah, the media! Every now and then, there’s a kernel of real depth and knowledge in there, but not nearly as often as you think. (Unfortunately, I realized this mid-way through a Journalism degree, so on top of no longer wanting to work for the media, I’m in massive debt!) Mostly, it’s about getting people to pay attention to what you’re saying and make them think it’s important, even though it’s usually not. This is especially true of entertainment media.

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where's the downside, again?

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where’s the downside, again?

So let us repeat a sentiment we’ve stated before. One more time with feeling!

There is no real fandom war between The Hunger Games and Divergent. Or between The Hunger Games and any other franchise, for that matter. Quit drinking the media wars Kool-aid. Seriously.

Them There Eyes already covered that EW pulled a seriously dick move by trying to deflate The Hunger Games series to up Divergent. Surely, other media sites have done it as well. Entertainment Weekly, especially, has stock in the success of the Divergent series. Note that they have stock in the success of THG as well, but it’s already a proven success so they don’t have to coddle it anymore, just cover it. Hence the clueless “Katniss is from District 9 and Victors are reaped in every Quarter Quell” review Catching Fire got. Successful fandom-centric franchises are huge readership draws. And Lionsgate? They don’t care which one you like better because they are both owned by Lionsgate. Though it should be noted that a lot of THG fan outrage is hypocrisy, given that most people seem perfectly okay with people deflating Divergent in favor of The Hunger Games. It shouldn’t be either way.

Of course, The Hunger Games/Divergent media wars have the desired effect. Everyone has preferences. We rush into the conversation to pick a side. Fans run out to say “I think Series A is better and anyone who thinks Series B is better is an idiot!” and vice versa.

Even we sip the Kool-aid a bit without realizing it. Them There Eyes was quick to call the movie mediocre based solely off critical reviews. When someone commented on one media post about how Mockingjay was awful and Allegiant was great, I was quick to respond with the inverse opinion. And I REALLY LIKE BOTH FRANCHISES. Not in love with the last Divergent book, but I still like both on the whole. Plus, we believe everyone should read and decide for themselves.

A beautiful little reminder.

A beautiful little reminder. Same for their adaptations.

People like what they like. Some like The Hunger Games. Some like Divergent. Many, many people like both. And that’s fine! Don’t let the media make you think otherwise! Critics are not gods. While they make valid observations about film now and again, they’re often self-important jackwads. A movie isn’t good or bad or special or fun because a conglomerate of cynics tells you so. Seriously, that takes all the fun out of moviegoing. If you’ve ever had to stop asking a friend to go to the movies because they shot down everything you suggest based on critics, you know. So don’t let them push you around, m’kay?

This is not a war and nobody needs to pick sides. When the next potential franchise comes out, the media will do the same damn thing because people will STILL get hyped up over it. IGNORE THEEEEEMMMM. Have your preferences, have your personal tastes, but cutting down someone else’s fandom just to up yours, whether you’re Owen Gleiberman or just some random person on Tumblr, just makes you look like a petty ass.

Again: The Kool-Aid. STOP DRINKING IT.

The Girl With The Pearl

Jennifer Lawrence’s Fashion Police “Feud”

The way rumors spread across the Internet, Jennifer Lawrence feuds with everyone. Kristen Stewart! Jessica Chastain! Shailene Woodley! Half the actresses who auditioned for Katniss!

Of course, these have all been proven false over and over again. Turns out J-Law is one of the most likeable people in Hollywood! Who knew? (We did!)

Why would anyone even criticize her body? Seriously!

Why would anyone even criticize her body? Seriously!

So when we heard some nonsense about Jennifer Lawrence “feuding” with Joan Rivers after Jen rightly called out Fashion Police and shows like it for perpetuating female image issues like fat shaming, we couldn’t help but roll our eyes.

In case you missed it– During Catching Fire promotion, Jennifer made a great statement about the social constructs surrounding body image and why the media has taken it too far after being asked about how she deals with criticism of her looks.

“The world has a certain idea — we see this airbrushed perfect model image. You just have to look past it. You look how you look. And be comfortable. What are you gonna do, be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

“And there’s shows like the ‘Fashion Police’ and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things … that they put values in all the things that are wrong and that it’s OK to point at people and call them ugly and call them fat and they call it ‘fun’ and ‘welcome to the real world’. And it’s like, that shouldn’t be the real world. That’s going to keep being the real world if you keep it that way. It’s not until we stop treating each other like that and just stop calling each other fat … with these unrealistic expectations for women. It’s disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire.”

That bit about Fashion Police caught the attention of show host Joan Rivers, who went on the attack. The “feud”, it turns out, is the 80 year-old comedian (we use that term lightly) freaking the fuck out because someone made a valid criticism of her show. The irony being that the whole point of her show is to criticize others, sometimes quite ruthlessly.


Jennifer Lawrence is over it.

If you’ve ever heard of Joan Rivers, you know she’ll say just about anything to get attention. Cheap shock value is her middle name. Also, she’s not exactly a champion of natural beauty– Holy plastic surgery, Batman! With that in mind, here’s what she had to say about Jen:

She didn’t have a problem with the show before and only called out Fashion Police to get attention during promotion for Catching Fire – Yup, because one of the most popular actresses in the world needs to point out the flaws of a C list American TV show to promote the most highly anticipated movie of the year. Makes TOTAL sense! Also, Jennifer being polite when she’s complimented on her looks doesn’t mean she cares for Fashion Police. Zero correlation!
She “tripped over her own arrogance” at the Oscars – No, she tripped over her gorgeous dress and it was adorable. We loved that dress, never saw Joan’s opinion on it, and couldn’t care less.
She is a hypocrite because “she’s been retouched more than a choir boy at The Vatican” – Because Jennifer Lawrence has total control over how much her image is photoshopped by movie studios and magazines? She doesn’t have a say in what they do with her photos after they’re taken! Even so, she’s made it clear on several occasions that she hates it.
She needs to “grow up and realize how lucky she is” – Please, woman! Jennifer Lawrence is more mature than you! Are you suggesting she’s immature and ungrateful because she doesn’t see value in media that criticizes body image and creates impossible standards of young women? Really?!

And here’s the problem with this “feud”: It isn’t one. Feuds suggest both sides are going back and forth over an extended period of time. THIS is a craggy old lady repeatedly bitching because she didn’t like someone pointing out that she works in the business of reinforcing dangerous social stigmas. Jen didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, most of this speech is very similar to what she’s said about body image in the past, and she is not responding to Joan’s comments. Assuredly, Joan will keep talking smack about Jen now that she realizes how much attention she’s gotten from it and Jen won’t flame the fire by commenting on Joan being Joan.

We imagine that Jen, much like the rest of the world, knows that Joan Rivers isn’t to be taken seriously. So can we stop talking about it now?! PLZKTHX.

We Can Only Handle So Much Crazy Talk,
The Girl With The Pearl

Fansite Exclusive: Sam Claflin and Jena Malone Talk Catching Fire

Yesterday morning, Victor’s Village and a whole bunch of fansite friends got the chance to interview Sam Claflin and Jena Malone via phone!



If you’ve ever questioned these two in their roles, we can officially tell you not to worry about it. Sam Claflin is beyond charming. He talked about the love of his life so much that our hearts melted. Srsly quise, it was adorbs. And it was so very Finnick Odair! Jena Malone is small and cute, but there’s also a fierce passion in her that lets us know she’ll bring out the best (and by “best”, we may mean “worst”) parts of Johanna Mason.

They were unbelievably sweet, especially considering that they were probably woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the Philadelphia stop of the Victory Tour and 7 out of 10 sites asked them how they were because it’s habit and it’s the polite thing to do, okay?! The interview itself ran a little long, so each site only had a chance for one question. But in the post-interview downtime, Sam and Jena sang “Happy Birthday” to Samantha from Panem Propaganda, because her birthday was Saturday and hey, they could. Yeah, we’re kinda TOTALLY smitten.

So now that they gushing is done, on to the interview! Please note that a large portion of the interview is under the READ MORE link!

Sam, fans have followed the casting with a lot of attention to detail, and Annie Cresta was not cast until you guys had wrapped Catching Fire, so without an actress in that role, did you find it difficult to draw from Finnick’s relationship with her in the Catching Fire arena and if so how did you overcome that?

Sam: I definitely see where you are coming from. No, but I don’t feel like without a picture in my head, as an actor I necesarily needed that to draw from, if you know what I mean. Obviously from personal experience, I am married and there for my wife was my kind of experience that I could draw from. You know, the love of my life and all that. So I didn’t necessarily need an actress or an image of a person to emotionally inform me, if that makes sense. Definitely I am very excited to get started with Steph Dawson, who is playing Annie Cresta. Finnick spends so much time in the arena, away from her, focusing on mainly protecting Katniss. I don’t feel that it affected my performance necessarily during Catching Fire.

#2 HG Movie Site
When you become part of the cast for a franchise as big as the Hunger Games, with such a big fanbase is there a pressure to please a lot of people or do you find that it’s easier when there is already millions of people that love it?

Jena: Well it’s kind of a give and take. I think luckily Sam and I – Sam if I could just speak for you – we were both such fans of the series anyway, that coming in with such love and appreciation for the project, such passion for a project it only propels you forward knowing that there is 100,000 people out there that has the same love and passion. Of course it’s a little terrifying in the morning when you want to make sure that you are getting it right. But fortunately books are two dimensional beings and films are a three dimensional format. We were building things in a whole new way. So there is no way to get it like the book in every way, because books are two dimensional. We are building blood and love and sweat. We’re breathing life into these characters and so I think that they are always going to be better than the books ever imagined them.


Why yes, we DO want a sugar cube.

#3 Hunger Games Fireside Chat
Over the course of filming, you’ve obviously gotten to spend a lot of time with other members of the cast. Who did you really enjoy hanging out with off set, and are there any close bonds you formed that you think will go beyond the films many years into the future?

Jena: The entire cast is so rad, it’s hard to pick one person. We’ve become such a tight-knit family. I kind of fangirled out over Philip Seymour Hoffman, just a little bit. I mean, he’s been one of my favorites, I don’t know.

Sam: Yeah, we all sort of ended up socializing off set as much as we did on set, and there was a lot of fun to be had. And that all kind of spans back to the fact that Francis was very open to ideas and it made it much more of a collaborative family experience, if that makes sense. There was a lot of misbehaving and mischief caused, but, you know, in a very fun way, and we were all able to kind of focus on the job at hand when we needed to. But yeah, I don’t think there was one person I disliked, and if I did, I’d be sure to tell you! (laughter) Actually, I’m not a big fan of Jena, Jena Malone.

Jena: …Jina Mahone or something? She’s a crazer.

Sam: But we all got along like a house on fire. You can’t help but really admire an experience like that really.

Catching Fire Still Life

Yes, the final Catching Fire trailer is coming later tonight! But in the meantime, we’ve been offered some other visual sneak peeks to keep fans begging for more!

Both US Weekly and People released exclusive new stills on Friday, leaving fans with something to squee over all weekend. We found them via It’s mainly close up character stills, but there are a few outliers that really make the visuals shine. Let’s discuss, shall we?



AHHHHHHHH SO HAPPY! This moment makes us positive that the other moment featuring the female morphling will also be featured! Peeta allowing the morphling to paint his arm shows his compassion and his kindness toward those who have less than, or are perhaps more misunderstood than himself. If this is any indication, the morphlings will look really messed up (which is good, because it’s pretty accurate of severe addicts.) Peeta accepts her anyway. And she repays him in the most unbelievable way possible and OMGWE’RESOGLADIT’SINTHEMOVIE!



One of our character development concerns with the first film is that Haymitch didn’t actually seem so drunk that he couldn’t function properly as a mentor. This time, we’re definitely getting a look at Haymitch’s semi-torturous everyday life. Plus, the looks Katniss and Peeta give each other across the table are not just about Haymitch. They’re running the gauntlet of emotions right there! And this is a freeze frame! Imagine when they’re movement and music and dialogue involved!



This is a two-pager shot that we’re too lazy to piece together, but it’s also a great behind-the-scenes look. Finnick, Peeta, and Katniss are all huddled around a hearty breakfast the morning after Mags’ death, with Katniss rockin’ a bruise on her cheek. But Francis Lawrence is right in there with his camera, catching a tense moment of planning between the group. If it’s true to the book, this is just before Johanna, Wiress, and Beetee. It’s the calm before the storm. And what a storm it’ll be!

There’s only so much more promo fans can see before some fans feel like they’ve seen too much, but stills are a safe, happy place. Let’s savor it!

Visual Stimuli, Y’all!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Socially Responsible Cast of The Hunger Games

Truth be told I do honestly believe that the collection of people who make up the cast of The Hunger Games franchise, are a special group of people. And no, not because they portray the myriad of characters created by Suzanne Collins, that would be just too damn easy. It’s because despite the odds a hefty amount of the cast are socially responsible with their time and their extracurricular activities. Wow, social responsibility isn’t exactly glamorous, or in the case of this site’s particular bent, it’s not very funny– but dammit, it’s important.

Josh Hutcherson, our Peeta, is probably the most vocally and charismatically socially responsible out of the cast so far. Today in promotion for the upcoming release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Josh did an interview and a photo-shoot with Out Magazine, which you can read here. Hopefully we all know by now that Josh is a major advocate for the LBGTQ community, and he has been since he was a just

Josh looking mighty punk, but with a purpose in Out Magazine

Josh looking mighty punk, but with a purpose in Out Magazine

a little kid. However, unlike so many people of his generation he doesn’t just “talk the talk”, he actually started a charitable organization dedicated specifically to bridging the gap between the straight community and the LBGTQ community, and most remarkably he co-founded his organization years before he even turned 21 years of age (his 21st birthday is this Saturday). It all started for him because of a tragedy. It’s a sad story, but one worth telling and retelling, Josh’s mother’s uncle was gay, he was much loved by his family, but unfortunately before Josh was born he died of the AIDS virus. Josh never knew his uncle, but because his mother spoke so lovingly, and openly about him and her beliefs towards being all inclusive and non judgmental, Josh grew up to be that way as well. A million billion hats off to Josh Hutcherson on his expansive ability to not be a Judge-y McJudgerson, and also saying that one solution to the whole love triangle problem in The Hunger Games trilogy is for Gale, Peeta, and Katniss to form a triad. Gotta love a guy who thinks his character just needs to be more sexually adventurous to solve all his problems.

Now you didn’t think I was just going to talk about Hutcherson, did you? Nuh uh, ’cause we’ve got more people in the cast who (gonna use another cliche phrase now), “puts his money where his mouth is.” Bruno Gunn goes against almost all the character traits that his character Brutus is known for, sure he looks rather intimidating, but I don’t really think it’s in his nature to, well… murder people. He’s always on Twitter replying to fans, Instagraming, being inclusive and just simply a nice person, but his “niceness,” doesn’t end in cyberspace, nope not at all. A couple of weeks ago Bruno flew all the way back home to Ohio and hosted a charity event for Pathway Caring for Children, a non-profit organization out of the Cleveland, Ohio area that deals with abused and neglected children in The Foster System. Both are subjects that don’t get enough attention pretty much everywhere, and I’m sure he felt honored to do his part by bringing more attention to it by using his pull of being part of the cast, and a bit of a local celebrity. “I think what I learned the most from this experience is that sometimes we think it’s only the big things that are the most helpful, but it’s really the most everyday, and the most simple.” Said by Bruno himself, and conveniently ripped by me from his Facebook page. I even know for a fact that several donations came in specifically because people knew he was part of the cast of The Hunger Games. Face it, that’s kind of awesome in and of its self. Sometimes charity isn’t doing a lot though not even hosting an event or donating large sums of money, sometimes it’s just buying a pair of shoes for a Foster kid, or donating your time to an after school program. I even saw several week ago that our totally not brutal Brutus bought a homeless guy lunch, just some random person he ran into who needed help. If that’s not socially responsible, I don’t know what is.

I was this close to writing about Barbies.

Them There Eyes


Okay guys. This is it. This is THE LAST TIME. Because we’re totally over it, but our Liam Hemsworth Google Alerts are not.


Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have officially confirmed that they’ve called off their engagement. Cue the mini-Internet parties, the general lack of surprise, and most of all, THE GOSSIP RAGS.

To recap, Miley and Liam reportedly split in March and have been seen together only sporadically since, but their split was just confirmed 6 days ago, which people are actually taking to mean that they broke up 6 days ago.

We’re not going to slut-shame Miley. She’s actually kind of a PR genius (or her team is, at least) because all of her recent obnoxious activity is getting her tons of attention, which is exactly what she wants. This, of course, includes the announcement of her break-up a week or two after she releases a song all about the relationship “wrecking” her, that SHE RECORDED MONTHS AGO, followed by an overflow of *anonymous sources* in tabloids stating that Miley initiated the split and generally blaming Liam for everything. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the PR machine, this is pretty classic.

The gossip rags are having a field day. Like this article that tries to shame Liam for kissing a new girl (who may NOT be his girlfriend. They’re 23. Let’s be honest now.) “in public” after the split. And by in public, they mean in a parking garage when he did not realize he was being stalked by paparazzi. The internet is already busy slut-shaming the new girl, a Mexican actress best known for her role on a popular Nickelodeon show in Latin America. There’s also the good ol’ January Jones story, because we know know that if you ride in the same car together once and Page Six says it’s true, you’re TOTES getting it on. Likewise, rumors of Miley cheating are quickly being squashed via those lovely anonymous sources with the inside track on her heartbreak. And again, the media actually thinks that Liam and Miley broke up 6 days ago.

Liam– we were going to make a post break-up kit involving tacos and old action movies, ending with a hearty “We’ve been there, dude. It sucks.” But you know what? You don’t even need it. YOU DO YOU. You’ve been through a lot over the past few months, Mexican actress that may be your girlfriend, but maybe not is smokin’ hot, and you’re on the set of another Hunger Games movie now (which is where we like you best, anyway!) so we’re just going to shut the fuck up and leave you alone. Here’s hoping the rest of the media follows suit, because we are as sick of hearing about it as you are.

Here’s Hoping That The Media Learns To STFU By Catching Fire Press Junket Time,

The Girl With The Pearl