Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2012

There so many ways to celebrate this holiday season, but why not share just a touch of Hunger Games cheer with your friends who are also fans?

We’re sharing with readers via our holiday contests, but while scouring the Etsy for some of the amazing prizes up for grabs, we found some other great things! Things we wanted to give away but Dammit! There is a budget! So instead, we’re going to share them with you here so we can all oooooooohhh and ahhhhhhhhhhh over these things together!

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace by NaturalPrettyThings

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace Hunger Games Etsy NaturalPrettyThings
Katniss needed a dandelion in the spring and apparently, we need one from late summer/early fall after seeing this gorgeous design inspired by the series! It might not seem sensible to keep a delicate wisp of a dead dandelion around your neck. But you know what? We are totally in an argument with sensibility right now!

Hunger Games Series Glitter Christmas Ornaments by TreeBaublez

3 pack Hunger Games Christmas Glitter Ornaments by TreeBaublez
This one was not only hard to keep off our prize list, but it was hard not to buy it for ourselves! TreeBaublez makes excellent fandom designs that would make any Christmas tree squee with excitement, if trees could squee!

The Hunger Games Hollow Book Safe with Book Box by HollowBooksCo

Hunger Games Hallow Book Safe by HollowSafeCo
We don’t understand why we love hollowed out books… we just do! And since most fanatics already have a copy of The Hunger Games floating around their home, no one would suspect much of this Collector’s Edition turned really cool hiding spot. Unless you left your hollow book and your actual Collector’s Edition right next to each other!

Shoot, Gurl Tee by theWolfandtheBee

Shoot Gurl Hunger Games t-shirt tee theWolfandtheBee
We love the Hunger Games and archery references with just a pinch of snark in this design from the Wolf and the Bee, with whom you can currently save 10% with the coupon code Christmas2012!

Mockingjay Inspired Drop Necklace by TheForksForest

Mockingay Inspired Drop Necklace by theforksforest hunger games jewlery
It’s not everyday that you see fancy vintage looking jewelry inspired by a dystopian series, but that makes us appreciate this simple but sweet drop necklace, complete with a freshwater pearl! It’s eye-catching yet it alludes to the series without being obnoxious, making it a nice subtle way to fangirl!

Crocheted Hunger Games Characters by LunasCrafts

Crocheted Hunger Games characters by LunasCrafts
Not gonna lie: Realistic characters dolls freak us right the hell out! But this little crocheted family of Hunger Games characters is super cute and great for anyone who could do with some handmade collectibles to give a room a pop of playfulness!

Stay Alive Poster from Blueleaf Creative

Stay Alive Hunger Games Poster Blueleaf Creative Etsy
We’ve already fangirled Blueleaf Creative in the Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide, but we had to do it once more! Want to get your hands on these sassy, colorful prints? There’s a special coupon code for Victor’s Village readers! Just use the code VICTOR10 at checkout through 12/12/12 for 10% off any purchase!

As For AWFUL Hunger Games Stuff We Found On Etsy… That Post Is Coming Soon!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Convention Presence

Over the weekend, I, alongside my fellow tribute friends, went to the first ever Comikaze Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Armed with our Hunger Games shirts, some pink duct tape and homemade cards (designed by Courtney from Welcome to District 12), we set out to both soak up all the nerd* and promote The Hunger Games.

Visit for more info

Overall it was a lot of fun and I got to cross off “speak to Mark Hamill” off my bucket list, but there was one question on our minds: Where is The Hunger Games?

After 2 days and hundreds of booths, we found a grand total of 1 booth selling Hunger Games themed items. I was so happy to have found something that I pounced on the booth and bought myself a bracelet, which I love and have worn every day since I got it. But I was hoping to see more. Yes, the Hunger Games fandom is still relatively new, but with millions of book sales, and the upcoming film, you’d think someone would want to capitalize on it. After all, wasn’t the Mockingjay pin replica a hot item at this year’s Comic-Con?

Lionsgate would’ve done well having a booth there. Even just a small one. CBS Films was there to promote the upcoming film The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. They had a small booth, and all they were doing was having people enter for a drawing for some swag and giving out posters. They also had a screening of the trailer with a message from Daniel Radcliffe specifically for the Comikaze Expo (due to technical difficulties, I’m not sure if that actually happened but the message is on their website). Not saying they had to do anything big, like have a panel or do a screening of something, but I’m certain they could’ve gotten many of the convention-goers to flock to their booth.

My bracelet from Foxwise (@ Etsy)

Also, I sure am hoping that as the series gets more and more popular, there will be more of a Hunger Games presence among the vendors. I would’ve thrown all my money at a Hunger Games fan artist selling their prints if there had been one there . I encourage all you Hunger Games creative types who make art and jewelry to consider doing the convention thing if you are so able.

And the cosplayers! With so many cosplayers walking about, I had hoped to see a Katniss somewhere, but alas no! If you ever find yourself going to a convention any time soon, I very much encourage you all to cosplay your little hearts out. It’s just so cool to see your fandom represented in the form of a really cool costume. Courtney and I already have our cosplay idea for next year, and I want to see many Katnisses any time I’m at a convention from now on.

Right now, we’re chalking it all up to it being Comikaze’s first year. In all honesty, no one knew if it was going to be lame or not. Once we got there though, it seemed much more legitimate, with awesome panels and some pretty cool celebrities. It’s not Comic-Con status, but frankly we’re happy with that.

All I’m saying is that we wish there was more of a presence. It would’ve been nice to see The Hunger Games drumming up a little nerd cred, grassroots style. I know that their target demographic is more mainstream, but it’d still be awesome to have the support of the the convention-going community.

Where my nerds at?

Check out our Comikaze Expo experience at Welcome to District 12!

* “Nerd” in this post is meant in the most loving way possible. After all, the writer is one.