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And So The Interviews Have Begun

Ah, finally. Cast interviews and press tour goings-on have started trickling onto the Internet, and it’s been worth the wait. Already, we have some fairly hilarious videos. Not that I’m complaining, but when did junket interviews start including playing games? Here are a couple revelations from what we’ve seen so far.

1) Jena Malone and Sam Claflin are the other Dream Team.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.07.22 PM

Check out that Blue Steel look from Sam.

We got our first taste of this during the Fansite Roundtable interview with the two of them, but that’s not just a one time thing. They seem to have fun during their interviews together and can play off each other well. It kind of makes you expect to see that off-screen chemistry to translate to an interesting dynamic on-screen. And we know that if Jennifer and Josh are understandably busy, they can at least send Sam and Jena to keep us entertained in their stead.

2) Interview games tend to include white boards and vague rules.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 8.15.20 PM

Here, write your answer on this white board! Why? I don’t know, just do it.

What’s the point of having teams if everyone is just showing their answer? It doesn’t matter, just go with it, it’s fun.

3. Francis Lawrence likes to talk a lot.

And thank heaven for that! For me, I like going into movies knowing very little, but Hunger Games fans are big worriers. Just hearing Francis Lawrence acknowledge some of our favorite, small moments from the book and indicating that those little things are in the movie gives me great hope, without completely ruining it. Describing Peeta’s touching speech in District 11 gave me a lot of feelings, and it’s nice to hear finally speak about Sam and Jena make the perfect Finnick and Johanna.

Pirate or Super Suave Director?

Is he a pirate? Is he flirting with Josh Horowitz? Either way, it’s great to hear from him.

4. And here’s the biggest revelation of all… The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is just around the corner! With interviews coming out, that’s the sure sign that we are almost there! Can you taste it?

Reduced to watching videos on my phone during breaks at work while coworkers look at me funny


Fansite Exclusive: Sam Claflin and Jena Malone Talk Catching Fire

Yesterday morning, Victor’s Village and a whole bunch of fansite friends got the chance to interview Sam Claflin and Jena Malone via phone!



If you’ve ever questioned these two in their roles, we can officially tell you not to worry about it. Sam Claflin is beyond charming. He talked about the love of his life so much that our hearts melted. Srsly quise, it was adorbs. And it was so very Finnick Odair! Jena Malone is small and cute, but there’s also a fierce passion in her that lets us know she’ll bring out the best (and by “best”, we may mean “worst”) parts of Johanna Mason.

They were unbelievably sweet, especially considering that they were probably woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready for the Philadelphia stop of the Victory Tour and 7 out of 10 sites asked them how they were because it’s habit and it’s the polite thing to do, okay?! The interview itself ran a little long, so each site only had a chance for one question. But in the post-interview downtime, Sam and Jena sang “Happy Birthday” to Samantha from Panem Propaganda, because her birthday was Saturday and hey, they could. Yeah, we’re kinda TOTALLY smitten.

So now that they gushing is done, on to the interview! Please note that a large portion of the interview is under the READ MORE link!

Sam, fans have followed the casting with a lot of attention to detail, and Annie Cresta was not cast until you guys had wrapped Catching Fire, so without an actress in that role, did you find it difficult to draw from Finnick’s relationship with her in the Catching Fire arena and if so how did you overcome that?

Sam: I definitely see where you are coming from. No, but I don’t feel like without a picture in my head, as an actor I necesarily needed that to draw from, if you know what I mean. Obviously from personal experience, I am married and there for my wife was my kind of experience that I could draw from. You know, the love of my life and all that. So I didn’t necessarily need an actress or an image of a person to emotionally inform me, if that makes sense. Definitely I am very excited to get started with Steph Dawson, who is playing Annie Cresta. Finnick spends so much time in the arena, away from her, focusing on mainly protecting Katniss. I don’t feel that it affected my performance necessarily during Catching Fire.

#2 HG Movie Site
When you become part of the cast for a franchise as big as the Hunger Games, with such a big fanbase is there a pressure to please a lot of people or do you find that it’s easier when there is already millions of people that love it?

Jena: Well it’s kind of a give and take. I think luckily Sam and I – Sam if I could just speak for you – we were both such fans of the series anyway, that coming in with such love and appreciation for the project, such passion for a project it only propels you forward knowing that there is 100,000 people out there that has the same love and passion. Of course it’s a little terrifying in the morning when you want to make sure that you are getting it right. But fortunately books are two dimensional beings and films are a three dimensional format. We were building things in a whole new way. So there is no way to get it like the book in every way, because books are two dimensional. We are building blood and love and sweat. We’re breathing life into these characters and so I think that they are always going to be better than the books ever imagined them.


Why yes, we DO want a sugar cube.

#3 Hunger Games Fireside Chat
Over the course of filming, you’ve obviously gotten to spend a lot of time with other members of the cast. Who did you really enjoy hanging out with off set, and are there any close bonds you formed that you think will go beyond the films many years into the future?

Jena: The entire cast is so rad, it’s hard to pick one person. We’ve become such a tight-knit family. I kind of fangirled out over Philip Seymour Hoffman, just a little bit. I mean, he’s been one of my favorites, I don’t know.

Sam: Yeah, we all sort of ended up socializing off set as much as we did on set, and there was a lot of fun to be had. And that all kind of spans back to the fact that Francis was very open to ideas and it made it much more of a collaborative family experience, if that makes sense. There was a lot of misbehaving and mischief caused, but, you know, in a very fun way, and we were all able to kind of focus on the job at hand when we needed to. But yeah, I don’t think there was one person I disliked, and if I did, I’d be sure to tell you! (laughter) Actually, I’m not a big fan of Jena, Jena Malone.

Jena: …Jina Mahone or something? She’s a crazer.

Sam: But we all got along like a house on fire. You can’t help but really admire an experience like that really.

Catching Fire Character Chaos

This week, The Hunger Games fandom was blessed with TWENTY new stills from Catching Fire via The Hunger Games Explorer!

Besides being really choice photos of the actors, we think these photos reveal a lot about the characters and what THEY have to say! So we took a shot at translating some character thoughts presented in these images. Enjoy!

Katniss Everdeen Jennifer Lawrence Catching Fire

“I’m trying to stay cool, but I’m pretty sure this full body suit just split down the middle…”

Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark Catching Fire

“And suddenly that ‘lean muscle’ workout seems like a really bad idea.”

Alan Ritchson Gloss The Hunger Games Catching Fire
“You should try years of steroid use and scowling instead. Does me wonders.”

Sam Claflin Finnick Odair The Hunger Games Catching Fire
“I’ve seen almost everyone in this room naked… and let’s just say those steroids aren’t doing much for Gloss where it counts.”


Johanna Mason’s (Possibly Naked) Truth

Okay… this may sound weird but… We need to know if we’re going to see Jena Malone naked in November. Okay, not actually naked, but in an on-screen situation that seriously implies nudity. It’s driving us crazy!

So funny story-- there's not much fan art depicting this scene cleanly!

So funny story– there’s not much fan art depicting this scene cleanly!

When District 7’s Johanna Mason introduces herself to the readers in Catching Fire, she sets the tone stripping down in the middle of the elevator to psych out the ever uptight Katniss. It’s there for a little shock value, but it shows that she’s not intimidated by the other Victors and she’s probably got a better handle on the Capitol lifestyle to boot. It’s also a great moment of differentiation between Katniss, who is mortified, and Peeta, who laughs at the situation because he’s adapted a little better and doesn’t let Johanna ruffle his feathers.

And we have no idea whether or not it’s going to happen. We think so. We’re pretty sure. Kinda.

It’s not that Jena Malone hasn’t been asked about it. She was asked. A lot. But she gave basically the same answer every time. Something along the lines of “What’s great about this film is that Francis Lawrence worked really closely with Suzanne Collins, so we’re very true to the book and the core of the story.”

Us, unless we get answers... Not really.

Us, unless we get answers… Not really.

This could be Jena saying two things: “Yup, I’m totes naked” or “My character does a helluva lot more than get naked in the books, so stop being getting so damn obsessed with that one scene.” Maybe both! Truthfully, we just can’t be sure. And maybe we shouldn’t care, but the moment actually has some interesting context, not just bare skin.

Also, it would be a glorious “fuck you” to that parent review site who cited a quick shot of Jennifer Lawrence’s bare leg from the knee down in The Hunger Games’ speed bathing scene as “some inappropriate nudity” back when the first film came out. We’ll show you real inappropriate nudity!

And why not say one way or the other? Were the actors, particularly Jena, told to keep mum on the scene? Or did she decide it would more fun for the fans to guess? Either way, good move. We’re intrigued. NOW TELL USSSSSSS!

Let’s Face It. Johanna Will Look Hot Either Way,

The Girl With The Pearl

Let’s Play ‘That Type of Character’!

It’s a new game! We just made it up! …Not really.

Today, Glamour released some new stills of Sam Claflin and Jena Malone rocking a vintage photoshoot via Just Jared. Besides the obvious fact that they both look fabulous, it also got us thinking about why they’re good for their characters– Jena looks jaded and even a bit intimidating ala Johanna in one shot. And Sam on the ground looking cheeky with that camera? Hellooooo Finnick!


But besides that, it made me think a new thought:
“Damn, for some reason, I really want to see Sam Claflin in a movie set in the 60s.”

Some actors just have that look, or that vibe, and you feel like they’d be perfect in a certain film setting. Sam’s got the 60s vibe for me. And the other Hunger Games actors, they’ve got their vibes too! There’s something about them that makes us want to see them play certain types of characters. Let’s discuss, shall we?

Jena Malone: Manic Pixie Girl – Jena is so genuine and bubbly, which makes us think she’d be the actress to play what’s traditionally referred to as a “Manic Pixie Girl” role: A character that’s well-loved and seemingly perfect to the narrator, but has a dark side that slowly unravels throughout the story. Some people consider it a trope, but this type of girl is something to admire when presented by a talented film team.

Bruno Gunn: Cynical War Leader – At first, we were thinking full-on evil overlord, which would also be a splendid choice, but we can see this guy shining in a role that’s a little less Brutus. Instead, we picture him stretching out his chops in a role where he plays a jaded military figure, the one who has done this for too long and seen too much, working with the young and unaware. There’s more versatility there.

Alan Ritchson: Nice Guy Serial Killer – We know! WE KNOW! We’re not saying Alan looks like a serial killer, far from it! But that’s actually what would make him great for the role of a Ted Bundy-esque character who disarms everyone with his charms before things get terrifying. We’d fall for it!

Willow Shields: Youngster Changing the World – Willow seems like she’d be really apt for one of those inspirational films in which a young teen who’s been through too much sets out to make a difference. She’s full of likable sweetness, but there’s grit under that. Maybe it’s because Prim’s grown some cojones in the Catching Fire trailers?

Meta Golding: The Savvy Politician – It may be the international upbringing or the degree in International Relations from an Ivy Leaque university, but Meta Golding has a certain worldliness to her that makes us think she’d play a great politician. Perhaps an ambiguous one or they young blood going up against old school corruption, as those are the best kinds!

There’s a few exmaples! Of course, we’re not saying these are the only roles said actors should take on. Just ones we hope they get the chance to take on, because we would thoroughly enjoy that!

What types of roles would you like to see Hunger Games actors in?

Don’t You Love When Posts End in an Open-Ended Question?!
The Girl With The Pearl


We’ve recently talked about our distaste for people selling signed Catching Fire posters and the like on eBay, but there is one HUGE EXCEPTION!

Lionsgate and the Catching Fire cast have been kind enough to provide 5 signed Catching Fire posters and five SDCC exclusive Mockingjay pins to be auctioned off to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. The winners will receive a letter of authenticity from Lionsgate and 100% of the winning bids go to charity.

Auction One | Auction Two | Auction Three | Auction Four | Auction Five

Fandom Fakers

Comic-ConComic-Con sounds like a fandom members dream come true, for some people it might even be termed Nerd Heaven. But as always there’s an underbelly to all things bright, shiny, fluffy, and good– and I don’t just mean the ass end of your sweet, unassuming pet cat, I mean something else entirely. I feel like the conversation should start like this, “cool story bro, my cousin went down to Comic-Con in San Diego last week or so, and came back with all this free Hunger Games shit…, he even got some of the cast of the sequel to sign stuff for him!” And the person this person is talking to says, “ah, that’s cool man, I bought all that stuff off ebay two days ago.” Aye, there’s the rub– the exploitative, and shady nature of it all. I mean we knew it would happen, it was as they say, inevitable. But it still stings, y’know?

Right now there are four pages worth of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire merchandise that was exclusive to Comic-Con 2013, up on ebay. I know this because I just looked over them all. It’s not news to those of you who regularly read our stuff here at Victor’s Village, but I am not a merchandise kind of person, unless it’s an original Macintosh chair from the late 19th century, which no one can afford– including me. I do however realize that there are people out there who love all that stuff, all that Mockingjay laden, orange fire detailed, poster-y stuff. Some of you would even call your selves collectors, and some of you are going to be willing to fork over $10 to $30 for a Mockingjay pin that was procured at Comic-Con. What I can’t fathom though is this: There were, or actually are people who willingly stood in line for hours, put up with the screaming, pushing, and pulling hoards, as in the hoards that were disbanded three times by the Fire Marshall, to get their hands on a pin made out of cheap metal, and are now exploiting the fervor for the symbolism behind that measly little pin off on willing and likely a little bit ignorant Hunger Games fans. I say ignorant, because in all likelihood the pin will be made available in a matter of weeks or months to everyone, and buying it off ebay will have made you, well… a sucker.

So we covered that people in those long-ass, noisy, and reckless lines were not all Hunger Games fans. At least that’s the assumption that I’ve made as evidenced by such prized merchandise being put up for profit on an online auction site. I said there are four pages worth of merchandise, right? Well, this is the worst bit, or at least what I personally think is the worst. Remember how certain cast members were on hand for part of the festivities, and that they signed a Mac truck load of posters, books, and possibly babies, for people? Yeah, well some of those posters have made their way online to ebay. This means that

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

some of those people who stood in those lines, and took time and space away for people who would actually keep, and prize those posters, and those pins, and those minutes with the cast– went and turned around and exploited the time and energy that people like Meta Golding, Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Jena Malone, Jeffrey Wright, and Willow Shields put in– and are attempting to make money off of them. Essentially they’ve been used, and it was without their immediate knowledge, or their permission. Think about it, they probably looked those people in the eye, smiled, exchanged hellos, maybe even had brief conversations with them– and now those experiences have been for all intents and purposes tainted for the cast members who participated. Currently a combo pack of three posters signed by Bruno Gunn, Meta Golding, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund, along with a Catching Fire Mockingjay pin is (sorry, was— bidding ended, and no one bid), going for $99.00 US. Don’t do it kids, save your money, ask cast members via Twitter if they have fan mail P.O. boxes, get your posters signed without having to go through a middle man who just wants your money. Or, wait until after the premiere in November, we’ll likely have prizes for you all if you participate in one of our many content based contests. You have to win of course.

Winning is half the battle, and not just a catch phrase of Charlie Sheen’s.

Them There Eyes


Media Dump

1070007_392057160896551_1850415740_nSo, everyone and their mother is now privy to a myriad of Catching Fire promotional material. Yes, even mine– although probably ’cause I showed them to her. However, that’s beside the point, because– oh dear god, the last several days has been a veritable media dump where it comes to our as yet to be released favorite film! I wish I had the lack of education to use multiple exclamation points right now, but my English degree precludes me from displaying that level of excitement by showcasing a classic, and very common misuse of one of the written languages most excitable punctuation marks.

Yesterday; as you should know if you have a Smartphone, a Facebook account, a Twitter, use Instagram, have the phrases “The Hunger Games”, “Catching Fire”, several of the cast of characters names on Google Alert, or check any number of entertainment news media sites on Tuesdays– know that Lionsgate dumped eleven character posters on our unsuspecting heads. Not only did they dump eleven beautifully executed, and designed posters on our heads, they let ’em rip all over us in a span of less than an hour. So, if you were one of the few who was taking an Internet breather, you likely came home, checked your messages, and saw a whole lot of misused exclamation points. I’ll use the phrase again, but– oh dear god, that’s a lot of media to take in in such a short amount of time, and by the end of that collection of minutes I was personally ready to take a nap.

Now, about the posters themselves. For me, I think they’re great, I think they were desperately needed, because this fandom, and the media at large benefit greatly by finally getting clear, and artfully designed posters featuring the Tributes. A few months ago, as you hopefully remember, Lionsgate dropped the ball where it came to releasing the Tributes casting announcements, i.e. they seemingly forgot to update the Facebook photo page they had set up for the purpose of telling the world who was playing who. Yes, and after all that forgetting, they remembered, and updated the entire cast list in one fell swoop, taking any potential glory, or rightfully placed attention from the media away from the newly revealed cast members. It wasn’t a good move, and I hoped by now we would have forgotten about it, but we haven’t– or I haven’t.

Personally, I don’t like having a butt load of media like the new character posters, dumped in my lap in such a short span of time. I think staggering the release would have been a better method, giving due attention to each Tribute, or set of Tributes– rather than eleven all at once. It was literally like “oh my god, where do I look!? Who do I look at?! Too many choices!” But, it’s over, it’s done– they can’t take it back, and we have eleven posters to stare at, and a whole other mass of media being squeezed out seemingly everyday. Yes, like this, and this.

The posters though: The posters– I said I think they’re stupendous, and I’m not kidding about

The teeth are no longer in question!

The teeth are no longer in question!

that. I’m ecstatic to be finally seeing clear, medium-sized shots of all of these characters, who up until a matter of days ago were abstract in my mind. I’m relieved that we finally have certain specific physical characteristics of certain characters confirmed for us, like we now know for sure that Enobaria is sporting her scary looking pointy teeth. We also know for sure that they went another route with Johanna Mason’s hair, because previously we only had poor quality paparazzi shots of Jena Malone in her arena costume, or walking around behind the scenes. We’re getting fantastic introductions to this unforgettable set of characters, like Gloss standing upright, hands behind his back, chest out, stoic look upon his face, looking like GI Joe in a futuristic wetsuit. We finally see Mags, mature, strong, but sweet looking– like everyone wishes their grandmother to be. Brutus standing proudly, an undefinable look upon his face. Prideful? Maybe. Stoic? Perhaps. But there’s something else there, at least to me, something soulful. Cashmere is as beautiful, and stately, and classical like Georgiana Duchess of Devondshire, she’ll confuse the hell out of newbies though– because they won’t understand why someone so striking is standing amongst that collection of people. And then there’s our Finnick, if anyone was still questioning whether or not Sam Claflin is handsome enough, in shape enough, or both– to play Finnick, I hope his character poster has calmed your worries. Because Sam’s embodying Finnick in that shot, and that’s exactly why he was cast. I love seeing all the Tributes, really I do– I just wish the release of their first introduction to us didn’t feel like someone doing something else all over my face. Oh yeah… I went there.


Them There Eyes

Victor’s Village Capitol Portraits Breakdown!

The Capitol Portraits have been arriving all week and we are in OVERLOAD MODE! Rather than only dedicate a skimpy paragraph to each in a typical post, we’re going old school!

For those of you who only discovered the site recently, we occasionally like to team up and BREAK IT DOWN for our audience, chat style! It’s long (hence the “Read More” tag! Click it!) and meticulous and hilariously ridiculous! Enjoy the party!

Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket

The Girl With The Pearl: Okay ladies, let’s start with Effie!
Them There Eyes: I think they’ve upped the ante, and this was just our first taste of how far they’re potentially going.
TGWTP: Here’s my only hesitation: Is too much of one color a bad thing?
Them There Eyes: I don’t think it’s too much color at all! She’s supposed to clash, and pop, and other sounds.
Twiffidy: Yeah, too much color is very Capitol anyway.
TGWTP: I love that she’s got a regal gown with frilly but awesome shoes and SPACEMAN GLOVES!
Them There Eyes: I also love the clash of how soft her hair, shoes, and dress are in contrast to the gauntlet rings.
Twiffidy: This gave me flashbacks of when I went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met when I was in New York a couple of years ago.
Them There Eyes: I am in such hard like with Alexander McQueen… I’ve been looking at his work for years and going “Capitol, Capitol, Capitol.”
TGWTP: Alexander McQueen is the official designer of Effie Trinket. Which would technically make her totally vintage!
Them There Eyes: I know… her shoes were McQueen last year! And I’ve been pinning heelless shoes to my Panem themed pin board on Pinterest for months….. when I saw those shoes I flipped the fuck out, ’cause I’ve pinned several similar versions by McQueen.
Twiffidy: And these heelless shoes were A-MA-ZING!
TGWTP: Elizabeth Banks could wear a potato sack and look good, but Alexander McQueen definitely helps. I want to test that potato sack theory someday, though. I say that about these actors, but I need to see them in potato sacks!
Twiffidy: And I don’t know if those are bracelets or part of the glove, but I like that contrasting color, it helps break it up so there isn’t too much of the pink. And Elizabeth’s pose is perfect, very charm school with the crossed ankles.
Them There Eyes: Yes, very poised… polite, queenly. I’ve seen gloves like that before in my mother’s knitting books, they have sort of bells on them… or petals like a flower. And her pose makes me think of that sequence in the Princess Diaries.
Twiffidy: Haha yes! Very Princess Diaries! I’m waiting for her to tell Katniss to do the “Thank you for being here” wave.
TGWTP: There’s a reason that Effie always gets released first. The image demands your attention!
Twiffidy: Oh my gosh, yes… They do like to release her early!

Caesar Flickerman

Caesar Flickerman

The Girl With The Pearl: Speaking of demanding attention, what do we think about Caesar?
Twiffidy: Funny story, I showed this to my friend and he did not even realize Caesar had a ponytail in the first movie
Them There Eyes: His hair still makes me think of one of my My Little Ponies. Her name was Rattles.
TGWTP: Well, it’s a high ponytail this time around. Caesar and Barbie now have something in common!
Twiffidy: Haha… a little less Karl Lagerfeld, a little more Barbie.
Them There Eyes: At least it doesn’t remind me of Michael Bolton anymore!
TGWTP: At first glance, I thought his hair was shaved off on the sides and I got really distressed!
Twiffidy: Did you notice his eyebrows look a little purple-y?
Them There Eyes: Yeah, they’re violet. He was already one of the more extremely styled people they had, but still it’s up a notch or two, which is what I was craving.
Twiffidy: I’m glad they stuck with the textured suit idea from the first movie and then elevated it.
TGWTP: Caesar is basically a 5-year-old’s hair color experiment.
Them There Eyes: Kool-Aid!
Them There Eyes: Great. Now the Kool-Aid guy is going to come crashing in here saying “Ohhhh yeaaahhh!”



TGWTP: Then let’s run to the next victim! *cough* I mean, subject! Cinna!
Twiffidy: My male friend said he wants Cinna’s boots.
Them There Eyes: If they wanted to scream rebel in our faces, but in a sexy way…. they’ve achieved that affect.
TGWTP: I know Cinna is not very Capitol and quite understated, but I still wanted MORE. His jacket has that emperor effect, so I appreciate that.
Twiffidy: But I think the gold eye liner is still there, which is reassuring.
TGWTP: It is, which makes it okay for him to be in all black.
Them There Eyes: Why all leather though?
TGWTP: No idea! Does anyone else think the tight leather sleeves make his arms look like toothpicks?
Twiffidy: This gives me such a Matrix vibe, especially with the green background.
Them There Eyes: Yes, that’s what I was trying to grasp onto… Matrix!
TGWTP: Seriously! I’m expecting Neo and Trinity any minute now!
Them There Eyes: He looks like Morpheus’ baby brother! I’ll say this… I’m glad they got rid of the medallion necklace. He has the gold hoops in his ear, and one ring on… His accessories are set in my eyes now. But…. do we think he looks a little sex club-y?
Twiffidy: Just the forearms.
Them There Eyes: Just the arms are sex club worthy? Wow… Up your game, Cinna!
TGWTP: It could happen. Cinna could be the quiet type who actually spends all his nights getting his freak on in peculiar places.
Them There Eyes: I smell a fan-fic!
Twiffidy: Be careful what you wish for!
TGWTP: Muahahahahaha!

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Sleepless in Hawaii

sleepless-in-seattle-this-hypnosis-download-allows-you-to-sleep-sleep-sleepI think the calm before the storm is nearly about to break, and it just might break all over our pretty little heads. Storms are fun though, we like storms, they bring rainbows, and rain puddles for us to splash in, and also other stuff, like giant ass lightning strikes that blow out force fields, and free contestants from the worst reality TV show ever imagined! I’ll take the puddles over the lighting any day, y’know– if anyone’s asking, which no one has. If you’re as lost as I am in this lovely train of though laden article, here’s the deal– principal photography of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is about to start its true last days, and this is going down in a matter of hours. On top of that the promotional/ viral marketing that is oh so vital to a successful franchise now a-days, began to creep its tentacles out at us, oh– last week. It has to be said, I think we’re at a level of Def-Con 4 at this point in time, 5 of course is reserved for shirtless photos of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair (Sorry Sam), because we have priorities.

Key members of the cast have traveled thousands of miles, and are currently lounging, punching themselves in the face, and also hitting them selves in the face with their phones (ex. A and B), taking sunset photos by the hotel pool, have gotten their hair did, and dyed unnatural, and natural colors, and are possibly getting a round of golf in– maybe, I don’t know. I get the

Josh got his hair did, I mean dyed.

Josh got his hair did, I mean dyed.

feeling that tonight is a pretty strange night for those assorted cast members, they’re all jet-lagged no doubt, all away from home, and missing their pillows unless they were smart and brought their own, some of them are probably still reeling from something that happened less than a week ago, oh– and a couple of them probably are still doing triple takes every time they glimpse them selves in the bathroom mirror, or perhaps all reflective surfaces. If I was one of them I don’t know what I would do with myself, I also don’t know what character I would be right for.

Scratch that! I’m picking Johanna (again I must parenthetically apologize to a cast member. I’m sorry Jena, but Johanna is the only character that I’m the right age for, I also have short dark-ish hair, so tough– I’m taking your role. But only in my head!). Anyway, if I was one of those lucky few, I’d probably be exceptionally boring. Seriously, I’d go to the hotel gym, I get a workout in, I’d take a steam– if they have a steam room, damn they better have a steam room, I’d shower, I’d eat a meal, a boring one, but a healthful one (no salt!), I’d watch Southland on TNT, and then I would attempt to sleep. But how the hell can I sleep when I’m playing Johanna Mason, I’m in Hawaii, it’s the night before principle photography is starting its final days– hell no, I’m not sleeping! I’m staring at the ceiling, and pacing the carpet, I’m contemplating cracking open the mini-bar, and drinking all of the tiny bottles of wine, and eating the ridiculously over-priced Toblerone! I’m going damn near close to certifiably crazy, and then my wake-up call comes through, and I have to be down in the lobby to meet the driver who’s taking me to set– and I haven’t slept. Oh well, that’s what hair and make up are for.

So, here’s to the cast and crew of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! I hope your night looks nothing like the one I imagined above, and I hope you all have a blast finishing up this film together. Now, go make magic!

Them There Eyes


Not So Hidden Talents

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are pretty damn talented. Now, I don’t mean just simply at their chosen professions, i.e. acting, I mean some of them are good at things outside of the speaking words written by someone else, and acting out the situation and/or emotions of those words in front of a camera, and also probably a whole bunch of people. I mean that several members of the cast on top of being able to do the whole talking and emoting in front of a whole bunch of people– also a camera, can do other things. But just who are these illustrious cast members, and what is it that they do so well outside of acting?! Well, just for your eyes and ears only, and perhaps a few thousand, maybe a million people (I don’t keep track of numbers, numbers are evil– there are never enough in my bank account), I give you Alan Ritchson singing his heart out!

The video above was recorded in 2010, but Alan’s been working on a singing career for years, he even made it onto American Idol a few years back. I’ve never seen American Idol personally, singing competition shows aren’t really my thing I can safely say, unless you count the news. I mean damn, that Richard Engel, he’s just the cats pajamas, right? Anyway, Alan’s got a nice set of pipes, and apparently this outside interest keeps him occupied between scenes.


Speaking of staying occupied between scenes, that’s a nice segue to our next talented cast member, the affable Miss Jena Malone! Or, well– I assume she’s affable, she certainly seems it in interviews, and on le Twitter. To get on with it, Jena’s a photographer, which I have to say intrigues me, because I am one as well, only Jena’s style is extremely different from my own. Jena loves to use layers in her work, and filters, and just take what’s probably a very simple shot, and turn it into something complicated, and visually rich, and stimulating, and also sometimes a little confusing. Jena makes art, and I have to applaud her for not only doing that in her acting career, but with her photography. And now I will say if you live in the Los Angeles area, or are going to be in the Los Angeles area, and you’re not one of the types who goes totally crazy when they see an actor they admire in person– Jena’s trying to put together a gallery showing of her work in January. So, if you’re a photography fan, or just an art fan– I say go see her stuff in person, there’s nothing like seeing work you may have only ever seen on a 13 inch lap top, blown up and on a wall. adcc19acf60911e1b7ea22000a1d0321_7

Other cast members have talents, but personally– I think the most notable one is Jennifer Lawrence’s uncanny ability to memorize dialog from movies like Dumb and Dumber, as well as Anchorman.

Them There Eyes