Jacqueline Durran

Ruffles, So Many Ruffles

o-CATCHING-FIRE-JOHANNA-PORTRAIT-900I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but ruffles are really in style, especially in Panem. And what do I think of this trend? Well, hot damn– I think it’s the Cat’s Pajamas! All right, so if you’ve been Rip Van Winkle-ing it up for the past week, we got our selves a sizable dose of Catching Fire promotional material dropped into a virtual laps this week. Yep, and we were also part of the unveiling of one finely detailed, impeccably styled, and so far so good– well cast Beetee. Check it out if you’ve been binge drinking in Mexico, lost your phone in some guy’s hotel room, and forgot your Facebook password! Also, if you fit that description, might want to do a cleanse, or a home pregnancy test, your pick! Back to the ruffles, because ruffles are important!

See, when I was a little girl there were two things I wanted, and sadly never got. A pink

It's pink and poofy, and it's not fairy floss!

It’s pink and poofy, and it’s not fairy floss!

tutu, and a pair of red sparkly shoes reminiscent of Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Slippers immortalized in The MGM classic, The Wizard of Oz. But, like I said I never got either, and to this very day I still want them both– yes even the pink tutu. There’s no logical place to wear a pink tutu though, especially when I’m very much so an adult, not a ballerina, and not really into 80s style dancing (think early Madonna), however just because I personally have no place to wear a tutu, or anything resembling one– I’m still allowed to admire fashion versions of them that grace the pages of magazines, or in my case the Women’s Fashion section on my crack fix, AKA Pinterest. Which brings me to this wonderful week in time, when my love of stereotypically girlie and frilly stuff has been utilized oh so tastefully in the costuming of my favorite book to film franchise. And the world rejoiced, or at least I did– because, oh my god so fluffy!

I’ll probably say it a million times until the film finally hits my retinas next November, but the costume designs and the styling so far where it comes to this film, is finally meeting the visions I’ve had running around my head since I caved in and finally read The Hunger Games four years ago. So, please remember their Anna+Karenina++Race+Dress+2names, because I’m making a bold statement in a couple of words. Trish Summerville, Ve Neil, and Linda D. Flowers are Oscar worthy judging purely on the styling of the handful of photos that have been released recently. I honestly put the gowns that Jena Malone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Elizabeth Banks (her costume, including the shoes are Alexander McQueen), have warn, up there with the costume designs of Jacqueline Durran, whom won for best costume design just this past month at The Oscars. There it is, bold statement– but I said that Jacqueline would win when I saw her work in Anna Karenina last December, and it happened, and I’m rarely wrong about this category, so… that’s that, cross your fingers, eyes, toes, and legs that I’m a little bit right this time as well!

Congratulations mom and dad, you raised a girlie girl! Where the hell are my Ruby Slippers?!

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