Jackie Emerson

Girl Crushes R’ Us

We love Jennifer Lawrence and so do most of you! It wasn’t any surprise to see her at the top of Crushable’s 25 Crushable Girls Under 25. We have a certified girl crush. As in “I’m not attracted to girls but I would make some exceptions for Jennifer Lawrence.”

Elizabeth Banks Hunger Games premiere

Hello, Flawless!

Maybe it’s because she’s young and super talented and the star of the franchise, but Jennifer seems to get all the crushability votes, but she isn’t the only totally crushable lady on set!

Today, we’re going break down some OTHER Crushable ladies of The Hunger Games (of legal age, because we occasionally try to be politically correct.)

Elizabeth Banks – This woman is the Original Girl Crush (OGC, what what) that you never knew you had! From her older roles in Wet Hot American Summer and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to bigger roles in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Man on a Ledge, to ingenious characters on TV shows like Scrubs and 30 Rock— we love all of her roles! When this lady is on screen, you pay attention. She demands it. Off-screen, she’s super upbeat. What’s NOT to love?

Paula Malcomson – Mrs. Everdeen isn’t the easiest character to have warm, fuzzy feelings for, but anyone who has ever seen Deadwood or Sons of Anarchy knows that Paula Malcomson is actually a badass chick! The gun-wielding, man-trampling, take-no-shit-from-no-one part of our heart will always love her for that. Also, she is smokin’ hot for a woman of her age.

Jackie Emerson Prom Photo

Still one of our fave Jackie photos!

Jackie Emerson – Yes, she’s 18! She’s also one of the most positive, endearing spirits in The Hunger Games universe. She spreads love, works with multiple charities, and sticks up for girl friendship and girl crushes worldwide! The first part of every good girl crush is that the person makes you totally smile, so that’s why Jackie makes the list.

Leven Rambin – Glimmer comes off as a bit silly and boy-crazy in The Hunger Games movie, but we accept it because Leven Rambin is pretty adorable as she fawns over Cato the Mass Murder. It’s twisted, satirical in a way, but also a short burst of amusement that you need from time-to-time in a heavy story like The Hunger Games. And that little smirk of hers? Totally crushable!

Don’t let the boys get all the attention for being the likable ones! These ladies are wonderful examples for bringing solid characters to life and using their star power to be awesome, which makes them some of the most crush-worthy people out there, in our opinion!

Eat Your Heart Out, Boys!
The Girl With The Pearl

Goodbye Hunger Games, Hello New Projects


Leven Rambin in Chasing Mavericks

At the movies last Saturday, I was waiting for Premium Rush to start when the preview for a surfing movie came on. And then all of a sudden Leven Rambin was on the screen (obviously I involuntarily squealed and went “Aw Leven!”). It was a preview for her new movie Chasing Mavericks. It was strange because it was the first time, post Hunger Games movie hoopla, that I’d seen one of the “fallen” THG actors in a different project.

This was different from seeing, say, Jennifer’s House at the End of the Street trailer, or Josh’s Red Dawn trailer, which actually happened to play before Premium Rush as well. This is different because, as we all know, Glimmer had died at the hands of some tracker jackers, so Leven won’t be continuing on in the other Hunger Games movies. Same goes for all the other tributes we hold near and dear to our hearts.


Foxface may have eaten nightlock but Jackie plans on doing films AND studying at Stanford post-HG.

Leven had done many projects before filming The Hunger Games so it’s not surprising in the slightest that she’s got quite a few projects coming up, with increasing visibility for her. Then there’s Jack Quaid, who, while not exactly new to the Hollywood game, has The Hunger Games as his first role. He’s got a small film opening in October in New York and Los Angeles called Just 45 Minutes From Broadway, which I might just try to find a way to go see when the time comes. And our dear Isabelle Fuhrman is co-starring in a movie with the Fresh Prince himself (not to be confused with the Thresh Prince), Will Smith.

For the other tributes, some of them have projects, big and small, but for most of us reading this, they will first and foremost be their Hunger Games characters to us. It’s hard for some of us to even think that they won’t continue on to the three other Hunger Games movies, but we knew their characters had to die. We can still support them and their future projects!

With Russell Crowe

The Con Circuit Conundrum

The Hunger Games trilogy is barely off the ground and we’re already biting our nails on behalf of some hot young stars.

Fiction 2 Film Hunger Games Convention Creation Entertainment

In all fairness, we heard this was awesome.

No, not Jennifer, Josh, and Liam! We’re talking about the true newbies, mainly the tributes. See, there’s something that comes with small roles in epic series like The Hunger Games. It’s a temptation to join a dark, dangerous world.

That’s right: The never-ending, all-encompassing Con Circuit.

San Diego Comic Con is not the only Con that allows fans access to their favorite stars (and their more obscure co-stars who don’t actually have a line or more than a few seconds screen time, but fans love them anyway because they’re that obsessed.) There are cons all over the world at all times of year, toting celeb and not-so-celeb favorites for all tastes, allowing them to be praised by adoring fans.

But this Con Circuit is a dangerous, almost mythical place: Some obscure stars enter, never to return to real show business.

Right now, The Hunger Games is still new enough that the tributes are acceptable members of the Con community. Recently, cast members have attended Florida Supercon, OZ Comic Con, and Fiction 2 Film, with San Diego Comic Con and likely Dragon*Con in the near future. Every time we see stars, especially the ones without previous career experience at a convention, part of us smiles while the other part screams “RUN, BITCH, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

Hunger Games Cosplay barbra Comic Con Fanboy Comics

Also, cosplay happens!

Maybe it’s the money or the praise or the really fun atmosphere that comes with cons, but it baffles us how many actors are willing to basically give up their chances at real careers to travel the Con Circuit for way. too. long., as if it were an eternal summer. Like we said, this doesn’t really apply to the Hunger Games cast this early on, but there’s always potential that it could. Imagine District 8 girl or District 3 boy sitting at little tables signing autographs forever. FOR-EV-ER.

Every time we see that one of the newer actors has landed a new role, we fall to our knees and thank the almighty Cornucopia that there is still hope for them yet. We nearly shed tears of joy when we heard about Jackie Emerson’s new project, Son of South or Dayo Okeniyi’s upcoming television role. Because the actors we love deserve to be more than signing machines at our local Con. They deserve long, diverse careers. And after a while, that will mean moving on from The Hunger Games.

So let’s enjoy our time with The Hunger Games stars on the Con Circuit while we can.. then let’s hope they get the hell out of there, eventually.

Though We Will Still Find A Way To Leg Hitch Jackie Emerson,
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village First Anniversary and Hunger Games Giveaway!


It was on June 13, 2011 that The Girl With The Pearl officially launched Victor’s Village with this post. She did so after zero luck while applying to other fansites, with only one affiliate (The Hob) and no idea what the site would grow into (though I’m not going lie– I secretly hoped to be “Internet famous”, which would pretty much put us on par with a D-list celebrity).

But I didn’t get to one year all by myself, despite that being my original plan. There are a lot of people I need to dedicate this first year to, so HERE GOES NOTHIN’:

  • To the “writers” who originally agreed to work on Victor’s Village, then stopped responding to my e-mail a week before launch.

  • To Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, two amazingly fantastic writers who came on board in September and do not suck at life like the previously mentioned “writers”.

  • To Savanna and Adam of Hunger Games Fireside Chat, who put us on the map in The Hunger Games community by inviting us into their little family. Also, for our domain name, because technically they own it!

  • To the other amazing fansite friends we’ve made, especially those who joined us at the premiere of The Hunger Games.

  • To all the readers who leave smart, hilarious, insightful comments and rebuttals that make our lives a little better with each one.

  • To the readers who ONLY comment when they want to give us shit. You bastards know who you are… Just kidding! Sort of.

  • To the pervy fans who only stumbled across our site while looking for Hunger Games-related smut.

  • To all the Hunger Games fans who don’t realize there’s an apostrophe in “Victor’s”. LOOK IT UP.

  • To the actors who have read and responded to our articles. In our minds, everyone has read our blog. In reality, we can only confirm Jackie Emerson, Armie Hammer, and Daniel “my fake cousin directed me here to defend myself” Newman.

  • To The Fandom, Welcome to District 12, and Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair, for keeping the three of us busy and sane outside of Victor’s Village.

  • To The Hunger Games Hob, especially Tess from Tanglethorne, for providing us with amazing prizes for contests.

  • To the actors, filmmakers, and all the other people behind The Hunger Games, for providing a constant source of inspiration.

  • To the media sources covering The Hunger Games, for providing constant fodder for us to facepalm about.

  • To Suzanne Collins, the Mac Daddy to end all Mac Daddies

And YOU. No matter where you fall in that line of dedications, if you’re reading this right now… Thanks.

Now it’s time for us to give something back to you!

Entering is simple: Leave a comment on this post discussing favorite Victor’s Village post and why you love it (and INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, otherwise we can’t contact you) and you’ll be entered to win some brilliant prizes!


One poster signed by Willow Shields (Prim) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) from the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games Willow Shields Isabelle FuhrmanThe Hunger Games Willow Shields Isabelle Fuhrman

First Prize

Your choice of one Hunger Games propaganda/District 12 business poster from Blueleaf Creative!

Blueleaf Creative Propo postersBlueleaf Creative The Hob Mellark Bakery posters

Second Prize

Mockingjay pocket watch from Sevinoma

Mockingjay pocket watch necklace sevinoma.etsy.com

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. This giveaway is open to ALL readers, including the international ones! You must enter by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, June 17! Winners will be chosen by numbering the comments, then choosing three numbers on random.org! Mays the odds be… nevermind, that’s overused like crazy.

1, 2, 3, GO!

Only we would invent a contest in which the only real qualification is to flatter us,
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. We don’t mean to sound like big ol’ jerks, but…
1) If you sound totally disingenuous and name some random post surrounding this one, we reserve the right to delete your entry.
2) If you try to put in multiple entries using different names, we will delete BOTH.

Jackie Emerson and the Fandom ‘Phobes

It’s prom season, ladies and gents! Most of us are already looking back on our prom, either fondly or not so fondly. But for some lucky folks, the joy and allure of prom is still a new thing. Jackie Emerson is one of those people.

Jackie went to her prom on Friday and she was so excited, she very graciously shared that experience with us via Twitter. Included in that experience was a funny, charming “awkward prom photo” with a friend.

Jackie Emerson Awkward Prom Photo The Hunger Games Foxface

Jackie and her equally adorable friend

The immediate response? People calling Jackie gay.

The meltdown starts in 3… 2.. 1!

Really? REALLY?! Is this what we’ve come to as a society? A celebrity mocks prom pictures with a friend of the same gender and her “fans” turn around and either infer that she is a lesbian or flat out tell her that she is one? Can we not accept that some people just like to hug each other?!

Because Jackie has proven herself to be one of the sweetest people on Earth, she very quietly addressed the situation on her Tumblr by saying that she “was not offended by this in the least” and finds it interesting that people feel the need to label two girls hugging as something more.

Even if she were a lesbian, which she says she’s not as of this point in her life (bless her!), should Jackie need to label all of her pictures explaining whether the person she’s hugging is a platonic friend or not? No! Frankly, it’s none of our damn business who she hugs.

It kills me that Jackie Emerson, who did nothing but share one of the pivotal moments her life with fans, got homophobic backlash while my friends and I do things like this without a single peep from the peanut gallery:


No, this is NOT from an actual strip club (and I’m the one in blue).

Maybe it’s the penis tiara my friend wore that’s keeping the ‘phobes at bay. ANYWAY…

Jackie is right: People who aren’t taught to be tolerant of others from a young age feel this need to label others the second something starts to look or feel different from the norm. She handled the whole situation so amazingly well. The 17-year-old version of me would not have tried to explain the intricacies of platonic love and the world’s sociological tendencies toward affection between people of the same sex. I would have called you a bigot and told you to go to hell. Even these days, we feel a little indignant on Jackie’s behalf, even though she clearly doesn’t need defending.

So let’s fight the hate by giving the whole world ALL THE HUGS, no matter what the other person’s gender, race, or sexuality. Because hugs solve pretty much everything… besides political issues.

New Goal in Life: Leg Hitch Photo with Jackie Emerson,
The Girl With The Pearl

Jackie Emerson Appreciation Day!

We’re not gonna lie. We’ve got some biases when it comes to The Hunger Games cast. We love them all! We just love some more than others! We’ve kind of got a list going on in our heads and you know you’ve got one too.

Today we’re going to talk about Jackie Emerson, who very high on our list.

“Why?” You ask. We’ve never even seen Jackie act! How could we like her so much?

Because Jackie is the type that has conversations with fans on Twitter, who hosts TWO AND A HALF HOUR streaming chats with them, who always has the widest smile in every photo that’s ever hit the internet. She’s got tons of friendly charm without seeming self-serving or cheesy.

Last week, Jackie released her first music video for the song “Peter Pan”. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, here you go:

As you can see, the song is a cute little ditty about not growing up too fast.. but not growing up too slowly either. The lyrics kind of go back and forth on that. Either way, it’s pretty catchy.

With the video being hyped up for so long, we’d expected to see a little more than Jackie singing and playing the piano, but you know what the weird thing is? We sat there and watched Jackie singing and playing the piano the whole time. When she tilted her head back and laughed in the beginning of the video, our brains went “OMG SHE IS THE ADORABLE LITTLE SIBLING WE NEVER HAD! Cannot look away!”

Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi


Also, given all the comparison tomfoolery surrounding the Vanity Fair photo shoot, we didn’t have much time to express how much we actually ENJOYED that cast photo. We especially enjoyed this little section to your right:

It’s official. Between the video chat and this piece of the cast photo, Jackie Emerson and Dayo Okeniyi are the two most adorable friends ever. We’re sure they’re just that, friends, but we wouldn’t completely object to the idea of them running off to Las Vegas eloping.. you know, when they’re both old enough to actually do that.

Or at the very least, they should consider having an illegitimate child in ten years or so. That way, no matter who either of them end up with after the fact, their parents are guaranteed at least ONE beautiful grandchild. Juuuust sayin’!

It takes a lot to melt our cold, steely hearts, but somehow Jackie has done it. And for that we declare today Jackie Emerson Appreciation Day! Feel free to share your thoughts and gifs in the comments!


The Girl With The Pearl

Follower Blackmail: You’ve Been Warned!

Welcome to another Follow Friday!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Follow Friday is a term used on Twitter. Each Friday, users suggest great Twitter account to follow to their current followers. It can get a clog up your dashboard a bit, but it’s usually a great tool for promotion and forming friendships.

Blackmail twitter


Then there’s its other purposes: FOLLOWER BLACKMAIL!

This phenomena is something usually seen among celebrities like The Hunger Games tributes and the occasional fansite. In a nut shell, it occurs when someone says:

It happens quite often in The Hunger Games fandom. While filming, Alexander Ludwig promised fans a Ustream chat almost every other week, if only they could get him to a certain number of followers before then. Jackie Emerson offered up her music video once she reached 5,000 followers. Fansites offer prizes if they can get to a certain number of followers– not that we’re against prizes, but we feel they should be announced once the follower number has been attained and not as a way to actually attain it.

The fallout from this is a mass amount of crazed fans begging their friends to follow someone they probably already follow and the celebrity which the #FF is about retweeting far too many of them.

It’s not cute. In fact, it’s one of the most annoying things about Twitter. And that goes for ALL fangirls, not just Ludwig’s.

Twitter Follow Friday

The Fail Whale ensnares all the little Tweeters!

After all that, of course, the celebrities barely ever come through for most fans. Alexander Ludwig’s chat has “technical difficulties” or he can’t get to computer until 11pm PST when most of the people who fangirl him are asleep (because they’re all 14.) His chats happened about half the time they were promised.

Though we can’t really blame for her for it because she’s not the one editing the thing, Jackie Emerson’s video wasn’t ready when she reached 5,000 fans. We love Jackie. She’s super friendly and funny, but we hope she learned the moral of the this tale: NEVER underestimate the power of Twitter and hyped up Hunger Games fans!

Let’s all be friends and follow each other on Twitter. But let’s do it out of mutual respect and love for The Hunger Games, NOT because we’re offered a reward.

Now Follow Us Simply Because You Love Us!
The Girl With The Pearl

Tribute Lightning Round

Dayo Okeniyi, Thresh in The Hunger Games

Unintentionally making us sad since June 14

Dayo Okeniyi, our Thresh in the upcoming Hunger Games film, had a birthday last week. While we were sending him a quick tweet to congratulate him, we were struck by a sad, sad revelation.

Ready for it?

By the time Dayo has his next birthday, he will be completely done with The Hunger Games. We’re talking filming, promotion, premieres.. the whole sha-bang.

Because no matter what other ways The Hunger Games may be considered sci-fi fantasy, there’s no coming back from the dead. Thresh suffers a mysterious death at the hands of Cato and POOF! We never see him again.

And then we get to thinking.. all but two of the actors playing tributes will have moved on from The Hunger Games by this time next year! We realize our Rue (Amandla Stenberg), Foxface (Jacqueline Emerson), Clove (Isabelle Fuhrman), Cato (Alexander Ludwig), Glimmer (Leven Rambin) and Marvel (Jack Quaid) will all have gone on to the next project along with Dayo.

Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream

The Only Cure for The Hunger Games Blues

Then we eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream and cry ourselves to sleep.

In a geektastic way, the fans have become connected to the actors/stuntmen playing the tributes. They’re the ones who reply to fans, talk about the filming basics and hanging out, and take photos while out and about in North Carolina.

Obviously, we think Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth think they’re way too cool to communicate with fans. It’s not like they’re super busy running around a forest or something. Oh wait..

Then we come to a stunning realization about the people we’ve got a new found attachment to.