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All the Pretty Dresses

CoutureIII was so excited to write this article you guys, but then the rug was pulled out from under me, and now I have to share that the glorious, and in my own personal opinion, best damn rumor about Catching Fire in months– is not true. Or, more like– isn’t allegedly true, because I like to think all this Hollywood stuff is more cloak and dagger than it probably is. Iris van Herpen was rumored yesterday to be the brain tasked with designing Katniss’ infamous wedding dress, i.e. the one that transforms into a Mockingjay and shocks the entire country of Panem, and pisses off President Snow oh so very much. Yeah, according to, it’s not happening. And that’s when I cried all the tears, because I may have just been introduced to this woman’s work yesterday, but I quickly fell in love with it! It’s demented, and weird, and innovative, and so fucking disgustingly Capitol, and I literally started bouncing up and down in my seat when I was perusing photos of her latest Haute Couture collection called Voltage. I’m sad, you guys– because even though I’m giddy over the places I see Trish Summerville taking the costuming in Catching Fire, I think that hiring a Haute Couturier like van Herpen to design Katniss’ most controversial costume is a brilliant, and inspired idea.

Look, it’s no big reveal when I state again that I was very disappointed with the costuming in The Hunger Games, and especially with Katniss’ interview dress. I know that when you see the gown in person it’s stunning, but come on– you and I know that it did not translate to film well, and that we were all expecting not a prom dress, but something deserving of a runway in Paris or Milan. I was expecting a jewel encrusted one of a kind, absolutely

I see a Mockingjay in there somewhere. Sort of.

I see a Mockingjay in there somewhere. Sort of.

staggeringly fantastic gown, we got 1990s prom– and some low budget looking flames. I still don’t know why they decided to add the flames to the dress, and no one try and defend that concept to me, I’m stuck in my ways in my old age. Part of me reads van Herpen’s denial of being involved with the film, as a tactic that the studio asked her to employ. Kind of like staving off the scent, when she’s really already designed the piece, and it’s already on film. Think back a few months to when Catching Fire was filming in Atlanta, and Stanley Tucci was quoted to have improvised during the interview scene, because Jennifer tripped, fell, and flashed the entire room her underwear? Well, I remember that, and no I was not in the room, but it means that the scene in which Katniss dawns the smokey Mockingjay dress is in the can, and that means the gown has already been designed– whom by though? We really may never know the answer to that question.

Oh well, at least no one is dead.

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