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Victor’s Village Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The final Hunger Games movie is out, but our hunger for cool Hunger Games merch is far from over. As in previous years, we’re back with our holiday gift guide with ideas for The Hunger Games lovers in your life… or to add to your own wish list!

The Hunger Games Funko POP! Figures

Funko POP! figures are our favorite collectibles of all the collectibles out there, so we’re in love with The Hunger Games collection! It covers all of Katniss’ major moments in four different figurines, plus Peeta, Effie, and President Snow! Was there ever a better desk decoration?


Minimalist Poster Print by GreaterGeek

Besides having an excellent shop name, GreaterGeek also has stellar minimalist posters. This “Hope” poster offers up style, a favorite quote, and a pop of color!


Peeta’s Necklace

Mockingjay symbols are thrown around all willy-nilly these days. Peeta’s necklace is an adorable choice for people who sometimes have to be a little quieter about their love for the series in everyday life. Fellow fans will get it and love it, but your strict boss will just think it’s a cute pendant.


THG Color Changing Mug by MugDesignStudio

We’re a sucker for these color changing mugs. They’re deceptive: Plan black with a cold beverage, but revealing a great design with your morning coffee or tea to perk up the day!


Mrs. Mellark Apron

We will forever associate The Boy With The Bread with our baking projects, though ours are way more haphazard. Now that the whole world knows the canon Katniss/Peeta ending (sorry not sorry, Team Gale!), why not celebrate your love for the character WHILE baking?!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 score

We recognize that we live in a Wild Wild West in which nobody buys music anymore, but this isn’t any old music. The Mockingjay Part 2 score is lovely, intense, and emotional. It will help fans through their major ending feels. Plus, it’s got that original version of ‘Deep In The Meadow’ that we all covet!


The True Influence of Katniss Everdeen

It’s almost the end of the year! You know what that means… Everyone recapping the year all over the place! Yaaaay! (We’d mock them, but we’ll probably end up doing it too.) Among the recaps so far was TIME’s Most Influential Characters of 2013, which featured the one and only Katniss Everdeen. We’d be excited, but we now realize that we’ve grievously misunderstood this character after seeing what TIME had to say:

The REAL Girl on Fire (Sales)

The REAL Girl on Fire (Sales)

Beyond leading Catching Fire to a gross of $600 million—and counting—the Hunger Games heroine (played by Jennifer Lawrence) is also inspiring several real-world product lines. Among them: the Nerf Rebelle line of guns, quivers and crossbows for girls, Lucas Hugh “Capitol Label” workout clothes, and a makeup line from CoverGirl.

So Katniss Everdeen was influential because Catching Fire made a lot of money and there were a bunch of product lines, most of which were knockoff gimmicks, based on bits of her story? Well, we’ve been wrong all along! See, we thought Katniss Everdeen influenced more than a few shiny new products and a few bucks. Things like literacy, political awareness and advocacy, feminine empowerment, and views on war and violence. Silly us! Jessie J was wrong. It’s all about the price tag!

Just what Katniss was going for, guys!

Just what Katniss was going for, guys!

While she isn’t totally unique, Katniss is pretty special to be considered for her monetary value instead of her many contributions to the way fans think about the world. Most of the characters featured were called out on their ability to make fans think progressively and work to affect change– even the animated dog from Family Guy! But Katniss is way too cool to be recognized for that junk. No matter if her story DOES motivate fans to get involved with charities and community work as well as increase awareness of social issues. Ideals don’t pay the bills!

Personally, we plan to run out and purchase a Nerf Rebelle to atone for our poor judgement. We hope you find your own way to feed the really-not-even-fully-Katniss-related money machine.

If It’s On The Internet, It Must Be So!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Book Murders

We have a confession to make. Despite loving the series, we have thought about becoming accomplices to Hunger Games trilogy book murder. Somebody needs to go all Minority Report on us and stop us before we get started.

It all started off innocently enough. Our site anniversary happens to be next week (More on that later!) and when we get in the Hunger Games giving spirit, we like to turn to Etsy when we can. Which means an unholy amount of time endlessly searching through The Hunger Games listings. WE REGRET NOTHING.

Along the way, we see things like Hollow Books

And Hardcover Purses


And we know that we should be weary, especially after that Lauren Conrad idiocy, but these are actually cute and fun! Plus, we’re pretty sure 90% of the LC backlash is because no one believes she’s actually read a book, let alone wrote one without the poor ghostwriter who was forced to translate her thoughts into cohesive sentences, and there she was, tearing apart classics (not even in order, mind you!)

We know that books, unless whole, are not meant for decoration. They’re meant to be read and loved. They’re meant to hold our dreams and vicarious tendencies, not our petty cash and receipts. The actual content of these books are trashed or turned into something ridiculous like paper flowers that you obviously cannot read so WHAT’S THE POINT?

And yet… The cover art does beg to be displayed. And kitsch is pretty much our middle name. And it’s art, isn’t it? … And we’re kind of bad people, aren’t we?

Where do you stand on “book murder”? Could we possibly be alone in seeing the coolness behind SOME book cover designs or should it all be a traumatic horror show to book lovers like us?

We Have This Internal Argument As If These Are Actually Within Our Budget,
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2012

There so many ways to celebrate this holiday season, but why not share just a touch of Hunger Games cheer with your friends who are also fans?

We’re sharing with readers via our holiday contests, but while scouring the Etsy for some of the amazing prizes up for grabs, we found some other great things! Things we wanted to give away but Dammit! There is a budget! So instead, we’re going to share them with you here so we can all oooooooohhh and ahhhhhhhhhhh over these things together!

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace by NaturalPrettyThings

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace Hunger Games Etsy NaturalPrettyThings
Katniss needed a dandelion in the spring and apparently, we need one from late summer/early fall after seeing this gorgeous design inspired by the series! It might not seem sensible to keep a delicate wisp of a dead dandelion around your neck. But you know what? We are totally in an argument with sensibility right now!

Hunger Games Series Glitter Christmas Ornaments by TreeBaublez

3 pack Hunger Games Christmas Glitter Ornaments by TreeBaublez
This one was not only hard to keep off our prize list, but it was hard not to buy it for ourselves! TreeBaublez makes excellent fandom designs that would make any Christmas tree squee with excitement, if trees could squee!

The Hunger Games Hollow Book Safe with Book Box by HollowBooksCo

Hunger Games Hallow Book Safe by HollowSafeCo
We don’t understand why we love hollowed out books… we just do! And since most fanatics already have a copy of The Hunger Games floating around their home, no one would suspect much of this Collector’s Edition turned really cool hiding spot. Unless you left your hollow book and your actual Collector’s Edition right next to each other!

Shoot, Gurl Tee by theWolfandtheBee

Shoot Gurl Hunger Games t-shirt tee theWolfandtheBee
We love the Hunger Games and archery references with just a pinch of snark in this design from the Wolf and the Bee, with whom you can currently save 10% with the coupon code Christmas2012!

Mockingjay Inspired Drop Necklace by TheForksForest

Mockingay Inspired Drop Necklace by theforksforest hunger games jewlery
It’s not everyday that you see fancy vintage looking jewelry inspired by a dystopian series, but that makes us appreciate this simple but sweet drop necklace, complete with a freshwater pearl! It’s eye-catching yet it alludes to the series without being obnoxious, making it a nice subtle way to fangirl!

Crocheted Hunger Games Characters by LunasCrafts

Crocheted Hunger Games characters by LunasCrafts
Not gonna lie: Realistic characters dolls freak us right the hell out! But this little crocheted family of Hunger Games characters is super cute and great for anyone who could do with some handmade collectibles to give a room a pop of playfulness!

Stay Alive Poster from Blueleaf Creative

Stay Alive Hunger Games Poster Blueleaf Creative Etsy
We’ve already fangirled Blueleaf Creative in the Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide, but we had to do it once more! Want to get your hands on these sassy, colorful prints? There’s a special coupon code for Victor’s Village readers! Just use the code VICTOR10 at checkout through 12/12/12 for 10% off any purchase!

As For AWFUL Hunger Games Stuff We Found On Etsy… That Post Is Coming Soon!
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Holiday Contests!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz! Not everyone celebrates the same winter holidays, but we think it’s safe to say that we’re all hoping for a little extra love and fun this time of year. So we’re here to spread the love and have some fun with not one but TWO holiday contests!

In true Victor’s Village fashion, we’re not going to just give prizes to you. You gotta earn it! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too strenuous and there’s something everyone can participate in (unless you are completely bereft of imagination or humor, in which case there’s really no help for you anywhere!)

We’d like to give a quick shoutout to Tess from Tanglethorne, who was kind enough to donate the mini posters we’ll be giving away to the site!


General Rules: Both contests are international. Please include your name and country of origin in your email to us. You will receive the prizes after Christmas, so re-gifting is not an option!


In silly holiday tradition, snap a picture of yourself in the most obnoxious sweater you can find for a chance at an awesome prize pack! We’ll gather up the photos and let your peers vote on their favorite!

– The sweater does not have to denote a specific holiday (though it can) nor does it have to be Hunger Games related.
– Faces do not have to be included in the photo.
– Photos will be posted on the site for voting. If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t enter!
– All photos must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19! Voting will take place in the two days following.

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 pack of Hunger Games trading cards
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Seneca Crane’s Beard coffee mug OR pint glass (your choice!) from HumerusWares


Write a carol that the people of Panem could sing through the districts for a chance at another sweet prize pack! Get as ridiculous as you want!


Mockingjay headband!

– Carols can be based off existing holiday songs of any origin or they can be completely original. If they’re based off a song, let us know which one!
– There is no word limit. If you’d like to write us an epic carol poem that makes Beowulf look like a limerick, feel free, but you won’t get extra consideration either way!
– Entries must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19, at which time the staff at Victor’s Village will chose their favorite!

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 Hunger Games lanyard
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Handmade felt Mockingjay headband (modeled by Twiffidy on the right!)
1 Katniss Everdeen Devotional Candle from BananaLeviathan


Announcing a runner-up prize for each contest, thanks to the generosity of Leah from Blueleaf Creative! The runner-up in each contest will be allowed to choose one poster from Blueleaf Creative’s collection! Check them out, just in case! 🙂


Special Deal on Hunger Games Merchandise!

As you’ve noticed, we’ve got this new big honkin’ ad over to your right from our new affiliate, Hot Topic!

We’ve teamed up with Hot Topic because they’ve got tons of great Hunger Games merchandise ranging from t-shirts and jewelry to the orange backpack and the new Capitol Colours nail polish line by China Glaze.

The pre-order wait is over! All of these products start shipping TODAY (with the exception of the soundtrack), so if you buy it today, it ships right away!

If you’re looking to buy some awesome merch, we’ve got a code to save you money! You’ll get $5 off any purchase of $50 or more when you enter the code HTAFEB550 at checkout before March 15!

At least you’ll be prepared for your midnight showing, right? Don’t forget to pre-order tickets today!