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HG Fireside Chat’s 100 Things To Do Before Catching Fire

Just like with the first movie, our friends at HG Fireside Chat posted a list of 100 Things to Do Before Catching Fire. Of course, I had to go through the list and pick out my favorites and some of the ones I’ve actually done!

3. Visit your local bakery and ask if Peeta’s working that day.

There’s a blond teenage boy that works at a bakery near my work, and in my head I call him Peeta. Maybe I’ll actually do this… and confuse the heck out of everyone that works there.

22. Sing Alexander Ludwig’s “Liv It Up” at karaoke.

Oh yes, I already do this. In my own personal karaoke room called my car.

35. Blame the Capitol when something doesn’t work properly.

36. Then credit Beetee when it’s fixed.

I have a lot of electronics, and they quite often give me trouble so this one is a snap. And of course I’ll credit Beetee the day my Blu-ray player decides it wants to connect to my wifi.

42. Put a “Victor’s Village” sign on your door.


68. Get your picture taken next to the first Catching Fire poster you see at your local movie theater.

You bet I’m doing this. And I’m still holding out hope for my huge Sunset Blvd advertisements.

76. Search everywhere for a purple robe with a fur-trimmed collar for when you become Head Gamemaker.

…Doesn’t everyone do this?

No luck still, but I’m keeping an eye out!

80. Watch a Phillip Seymour Hoffman film in which he has a full head of hair.

I have quite a few of his older movies on DVD, but I’ve always got a special place in my heart for Dusty.


90. Buy a friend a Hunger Games-themed creation on Etsy.

I’ve done this! Got my lovely friend Courtney from Welcome to District 12 a Katniss Everdeen devotional candle from Banana Leviathan for Christmas. Also got myself one too. (Sorry, she’s out of them.)

Check out the full list at in video and non-video form!

How many can you do?

Hunger Games Fireside Chat Appreciation Post!

We’ve been planning on posting the same article for about a week now, but we’re holding off again because Hunger Games Fireside Chat just celebrated its 100th episode and WE FEEL ALL THE FEELS!

We’ve talked about our love of Hunger Games Fireside Chat before, even created a way for you to booze along, but it’s one of those things that’s worth multiple mentions. Also, tonight the show gave me my newest, dearest fictional friend, Harry Candlestickmaker. Listen to the episode and you’ll understand!

Thank you, James Franco!

Thank you, James Franco!

This may sound geeky, but we were kind of starsturck when we were first asked to be on the show. It was like Cady Heron being asked to sit with The Plastics at lunch, though we assure you that Savanna and Adam are not Mean Girls! We were outwardly cool and collected, but only because on the inside we were shouting “BE COOL, DAMMIT! BE COOL!”

My first episode was in July of 2011, about a week after Victor’s Village opened, and I’m fairly certain I said about two words. Could you imagine any of us being too shy to say much?! As you can see, it was an occasion to be remembered!

For some reason, they asked me (and Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, once they joined up!) to continue to come on board after that. It got us way more involved in The Hunger Games fandom than we already were– more analysis, more games, more charity and more talking in general. In a roundabout way, the podcast is hugely responsible for the continued existence of Victor’s Village. Writing out these posts can be work sometimes, y’all! Without completely immersing ourselves in the fandom and knowing we have some awesome fandom friends who are just as crazy as we are, this ship would have sunk like a million years ago. For reals!

So I guess what we want to say is… Thanks. To the hosts. To the fans who listen in and give feedback. To the other panelists who are way funnier than us. We love the silly moments, the live on-air antics, the occasional monologue and the more than occasional debate that eats up half a show but lives in infamy for ages afterward.

We Get By With A Little Help from Our Friends,
The Girl With The Pearl


So many casting announcements, so little time!

It’s almost a shock to the system, going from no casting announcements to once a week to HOLY MOLY FIVE IN A ROW!

With every announcement, there’s the initial excitement, the Ooh! Who are they? moment, the looking up on IMDb, the frantic YouTube-ing and Google Image Searching so that you’re somehow experts on all their work, and we do it all again the next day.

And we’re betting we’re getting more in the coming days. On tonight’s Hunger Games Fireside Chat, we even went around to guess just who will be announced tomorrow. Just like last year with the casting of The Hunger Games, there just comes a point where it’s an announcement every day. And at some points it was two a day, since the Tributes were announced as pairs.

So do you think with the lesser Victor-Tributes like from 5, 9, and 10, we’ll get them in pairs like the good old days? Even the morphlings from 6 feel like it would only be fitting if they were announced as a pair. is a lot fuller than it was the last time we checked, and there are still quite a few spots to be filled. So sit back, and just let the casting announcements roll in! Like Savanna New from HGFiresideChat, it’s like Christmas. We go to bed wondering just who will be cast next!

I voted Cecilia

Victor’s Village First Anniversary and Hunger Games Giveaway!


It was on June 13, 2011 that The Girl With The Pearl officially launched Victor’s Village with this post. She did so after zero luck while applying to other fansites, with only one affiliate (The Hob) and no idea what the site would grow into (though I’m not going lie– I secretly hoped to be “Internet famous”, which would pretty much put us on par with a D-list celebrity).

But I didn’t get to one year all by myself, despite that being my original plan. There are a lot of people I need to dedicate this first year to, so HERE GOES NOTHIN’:

  • To the “writers” who originally agreed to work on Victor’s Village, then stopped responding to my e-mail a week before launch.

  • To Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, two amazingly fantastic writers who came on board in September and do not suck at life like the previously mentioned “writers”.

  • To Savanna and Adam of Hunger Games Fireside Chat, who put us on the map in The Hunger Games community by inviting us into their little family. Also, for our domain name, because technically they own it!

  • To the other amazing fansite friends we’ve made, especially those who joined us at the premiere of The Hunger Games.

  • To all the readers who leave smart, hilarious, insightful comments and rebuttals that make our lives a little better with each one.

  • To the readers who ONLY comment when they want to give us shit. You bastards know who you are… Just kidding! Sort of.

  • To the pervy fans who only stumbled across our site while looking for Hunger Games-related smut.

  • To all the Hunger Games fans who don’t realize there’s an apostrophe in “Victor’s”. LOOK IT UP.

  • To the actors who have read and responded to our articles. In our minds, everyone has read our blog. In reality, we can only confirm Jackie Emerson, Armie Hammer, and Daniel “my fake cousin directed me here to defend myself” Newman.

  • To The Fandom, Welcome to District 12, and Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair, for keeping the three of us busy and sane outside of Victor’s Village.

  • To The Hunger Games Hob, especially Tess from Tanglethorne, for providing us with amazing prizes for contests.

  • To the actors, filmmakers, and all the other people behind The Hunger Games, for providing a constant source of inspiration.

  • To the media sources covering The Hunger Games, for providing constant fodder for us to facepalm about.

  • To Suzanne Collins, the Mac Daddy to end all Mac Daddies

And YOU. No matter where you fall in that line of dedications, if you’re reading this right now… Thanks.

Now it’s time for us to give something back to you!

Entering is simple: Leave a comment on this post discussing favorite Victor’s Village post and why you love it (and INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, otherwise we can’t contact you) and you’ll be entered to win some brilliant prizes!


One poster signed by Willow Shields (Prim) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove) from the Los Angeles premiere of The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games Willow Shields Isabelle FuhrmanThe Hunger Games Willow Shields Isabelle Fuhrman

First Prize

Your choice of one Hunger Games propaganda/District 12 business poster from Blueleaf Creative!

Blueleaf Creative Propo postersBlueleaf Creative The Hob Mellark Bakery posters

Second Prize

Mockingjay pocket watch from Sevinoma

Mockingjay pocket watch necklace

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. This giveaway is open to ALL readers, including the international ones! You must enter by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, June 17! Winners will be chosen by numbering the comments, then choosing three numbers on! Mays the odds be… nevermind, that’s overused like crazy.

1, 2, 3, GO!

Only we would invent a contest in which the only real qualification is to flatter us,
The Girl With The Pearl

P.S. We don’t mean to sound like big ol’ jerks, but…
1) If you sound totally disingenuous and name some random post surrounding this one, we reserve the right to delete your entry.
2) If you try to put in multiple entries using different names, we will delete BOTH.

Celebuzz Strikes Again!

For Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games’ 100th Day, they invited me back along with Adam Spunberg from the Hunger Games Fireside Chat to share our immediate reactions to seeing The Hunger Games movie with Taryn Ryder.

Check it out, we made this 12 hours after we’d seen the movie. 

Yes, yes, we posted our collective reactions to the movie, but that was after I had a chance to simmer with everything that had gone on for a couple of weeks AND after a second viewing. I highly encourage people to see the movie at least a second time; you may notice things you hadn’t or make observations that wouldn’t have occurred to you.

I know you’re sick of looking at my face

Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game

It’s Monday, y’all! You know what that means!


We don’t know about you, but we get pretty psyched for the show. Before last week’s special Saturday episode, some hilarious listeners started naming some conditions for a drinking game based on the show. And because we take everything way too far…

Victor’s Village presents…
The Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game!

Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)
One regular glass
One shot glass
An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp…
Every time someone goes completely off-topic

Every time someone makes a comparison to Harry Potter or Twilight

Every time someone misses their cue when asked to give an opinion

We expect your cup o' booze to be THAT BIG.

Every time Mary from Down With The Capitol is mentioned in conjunction with Haymitch

Every time Kait shows up late and Princess Buttercup’s theme awkwardly cuts someone off, making her feel kind of bad even though she loves the sound effect

Every time Adam gives a random shout out or makes a joke no one else gets

Every time Savanna mentions how much time is left in the show because it’s reeeeally close to being cut off

Down the glass…
Every time somebody following the #HGFiresidechat tag says something so awesome that a panelist repeats it on air

Every time someone’s phone gets disconnected and they have to call back

Every time someone forgets to mute their phone before having an off-air conversation

Take a shot…
Every time Adam and Savanna have a moment of debate that makes you think “Mom and Dad are fighting again!”

Every time a panelist agrees with everyone else, but decides to play devil’s advocate just because

Every time someone suggests they will marry one of the actors in the film

Every time someone suggests they’ll somehow interact with a fictional character (outside of Cave, Marry, Kill segments)

There it is ladies and gents! HG Fireside Chat is already super fun, but this will make it a little more interesting, especially for the 21+ crowd!

Let us add that this game is NOT ENDORSED by the hosts of HGFC! They’d probably shake their heads somewhat amusedly at this, but then remind everyone that they do not encourage anyone to partake in excessive drinking. ‘Cause they’re responsible like that. We’re not.

Happy Drinking Games!
The Girl With The Pearl

Good Vibes By The Hunger Games Fireside

We totally wrote this post thinking this week was the 25th episode of Hunger Games Fireside Chat… actually, it’s the 24th. Still, we had a decent portion of this written soooo we’re gonna go with it!

There’s a new website for Hunger Games Fireside Chat. The web address is and we suggest to go there because it’s fabulous. Seriously.. we could spend hours doing nothing but scrolling over those panels linking to the newest episodes! Panels

Seriously.. go scroll over the panels!

Anyhow, the site also has an awesome episode index with links to every show. We admit, we didn’t catch on to Fireside Chat until Episode 9 or 10. So we spent some time catching up on the Pilot episode.

While it’s amazing how far the show has come, it’s also really cool to see who was in on it from the beginning. Four fantastic fansites made an appearance as well as a few individual members of the fandom with BIG influence. Since then, the show has grown into the funniest on-air source for all things Hunger Games.

So without further ado..

An Unspecified Amount of Things (aka 16) We Love About Hunger Games Fireside Chat (in no particular order)

The New Website – Again, HGFIRESIDECHAT.COM! You can catch up on old episodes with us, comment on them, get the low down on the hosts, and find links to all the guests. What more could you want?!

The Fansite Reps – We love that almost every Hunger Games fansite has had a representative on at least once or twice. There’s variety. These people KNOW their Hunger Games and really get you into the show!

Healthy Debate – Thank. goodness. for. this! Seriously! Most fandom debates devolve into “I DON’T AGREE WITH YOU SO I’M GONNA RIP YOUR FACE OFF!” Thankfully, these people are tame enough to have a really solid debate without turning into the fangirls from hell.

Cave, Marry, Kill – Because who doesn’t want to decide what characters they want to bang, spend their life with, or brutally murder?! We wish they did it more often!

Equal Opportunity Promotion – Are you an absolute nobody who occasionally talks about The Hunger Games and has good intentions in doing so? You’re in luck! The Fireside Chat lets every get involved, no matter how small. This site was a mere speck on the radar of the fandom when we were asked to get involved (though we’re still fairly speck-y), yet they still consider us, which is really effing cool.

Support for Great Causes –, and The HP Alliance are among the awesome fan-based charities advertised and supported on the site. We’ve donated to both causes and love seeing such a prominent fan destination do the same!

Contests – Mini-Posters, tote bags, box sets, mockingjay pins and magazines have all been dished out to fans via various contests ranging from trivia to rewarding for donating to charity. If only we had such powers!

The Special Guests – Find out about a crazy new Hunger Games topic Monday morning? There’s an expert there to talk about it Monday night. Not to mention that they’re mostly insightful, funny people!

Making Our Unhealthy Obsessions Seem Normal – Specifically, Entertainment Weekly photos and the SECOND BY SECOND TRAILER BREAKDOWN. If not for this show, we’d have to be obsessive all on our lonesome! It’s not nearly as satisfying.

Katniss Everdeen’s Orange Backpack – Certified truth: Our Backpack Gate 2011 post is the highest ranked post on Victor’s Village. Backpack Gate, of course, started on HG Fireside Chat, then turned into a phenomenon all its own.

Live Shows – There’s no cookie cutter packaging here. Sometimes, people interrupt each other or a phone breaks up, but the ultimate result is a completely spontaneous environment that makes it fun! Comments and reactions are real, unedited, and instantaneous.

Crackpot Theories – Zombie Apocalypse? Gale and Madge getting it on? Prim being set up for The Hunger Games? YES PLEASE.

Hunger Games Fireside chat Logo

It's on fiyahhhh!

The Sense of Community – People from all over the world take part in or listen to the show. It’s not just five Americans blathering on. It’s a worldwide event hosted by an independent source that brings all the fans together instead of breaking us up into a million different Hunger Games podcasts from a million different Hunger Games fansites.

Lionsgate Love – We have our qualms with Lionsgate on occasion, but we can’t help admit how impressive it is that they endorse a fan run project regularly.

The Hosts – Savanna and Adam, Adam and Savanna (in no particular order!) are awesome. The show would be complete chaos were it not for their expert hosting skillz. We could never do it.. we’d end up killing a fool. Fo’ real.

That Damn Twitter Hashtag – In the craziest wave of fan involvement for Hunger Games fans thus far, people regularly tweet their reactions to the show, usually as it airs. Sometimes they’re hysterical, sometimes they’re poignant. Either way, we love them.

Happy 25th Episode in a Week and a Day, Guys!
The Girl With The Pearl