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Hunger Games Halloween, Catching Fire Style

It’s only a few short weeks from Halloween! If you’re going as a Catching Fire character, now is the time to prep! We all know looking your best isn’t always an easy thing, but here’s some tips to help you out!

First off, let’s talk the Catching Fire Arena look. Arena and training gear is the CLASSIC representation of the series, so those who know the series will definitely know what you’re going for!

Depending on your comfort level with spandex, there’s a couple different options here!

First, the more comfy, unisex pants and t-shirt combo:
Catching Fire Hunger Games Cosplay RimThis one also comes with a sweater option for children, which is nice if you’ve ever experienced Halloween in a region where autumn happens (ICYMI– it’s usually effing freezing.) You can also grab just the shirt.

For the less weary, there’s also the “Hunter Jumpsuit”, as the company trying not to break copyright laws refers to it:


From there, you can customize your character with their weapon of choice!

And if your hair is too short to be hers, there’s always that lovely Katniss “Arena Girl” Wig. Yup, still around!

Want that “burning up the atmosphere” look?


There’s also Cosplay Katniss and Peeta shirts that can be dressed up with some dark pants, though it’s not quite the same effect (and hilariously, the female model is WEARING IT BACKWARDS.)

catching fire hunger games katniss on fire cosplaycatching fire hunger games peeta on fire cosplay

Unfortunately, there’s one main element to all these things: They’re kinda, sorta, REALLY EXPENSIVE. Which may be fine with you, if you’re big into cosplay or Halloween in general.

For the rest of us.. Believe it or not, it might be easier to be a Capitol citizen. Elizabeth Banks may be in Alexander McQueen, but a big part of Capitol style is that there is no continuity and you can basically make it whatever you want. Go all thrift shop on Halloween’s ass! Get yourself some fabric butterflies and a lavender wig, if you’re crafty! Guys, find yourself an outrageous suit, tack on that glitter fabric paint, grab a blue wig and call yourself Caesar Flickerman!

Really, the possibilities are endless! If you like dressing up for Halloween, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Chins up, smiles on!

May The Sizes Be Ever in Your Favor!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Best of Hunger Games Halloween

First thing first! Welcome to our newly designed site! We decided it was time for a change, a new look that added some funky fresh levity around these parts– we are a humor site, after all– and something that doesn’t make you nauseous if you’re on the site too long! Kudos to TFGeekGirl for the design!

But there is some bad news– Sadly, one of our favorite nights of the year, Halloween, has come to pass. It’s the only night when it’s perfectly okay to dress up like a huge fangirly geek and act like a total fool in a large crowd of people! We miss it so!

Therefore, we have found some of the best Hunger Games Halloween garb from this year and years past for your viewing pleasure, a few of which came from the official Hunger Games Facebook!

Let’s just start with the Overall Winner, shall we?
Little boy Caesar Flickerman costume The Hunger Games
*Over the continuous chorus of ‘Awwwwww’s* Oh little one! Perhaps your best Halloween has occurred before you’ve even developed a long-term memory, which is a shame! We don’t know where your mommy even managed to scrounge up a shiny blue suit that fit a toddler, but we would like to give her the highest of fives for this achievement. Let’s just hope you don’t develop a costume complex in the future!

Onto an oldie but a goodie, Best Handmade Design!
The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire costume
There’s probably somebody out there who now seriously regrets bringing their old wedding dress to that thrift shop, but we cannot feel sympathy for them because the end result is too fantastic: Katniss, mid-transformation between the Capitol wedding dress and Cinna’s Mockingjay dress. Even though it’s only the bottom of the dress, it looks like making that would be a bit painstaking to put together! 10 cookies from Mellark bakery to the lady behind this getup!

When you’re not really sure what you’re doing, just go for the Best False Confidence!
Katniss Everdeen Finnick Odair Halloween Costumes
It takes a lot of cojones to dress up like Panem’s equivalent of the sexist man alive, Finnick Odair, especially with those sandals and the guyliner and the awkwardly burned seaform shorts. But this guy looks like he’s got a rousing chorus of “I’m Sexy and I Know It” pumping through his head as he stands next to Katniss. We don’t know anyone else who could pull that off! Bravo, good sir!

Want to get wild? Check out the Best Take on Capitol Citizens!
The Hunger Games Capitol Citizen Halloween Costumes
Clearly, the girls were WAY more in this than their male companion, who just kind of looks like Willy Wonka. All the same, it’s pretty hardcore to see the Prep Team out and about. People from the Capitol other than Effie need love too! All the points to the woman who was gutsy enough to paint a large portion of her skin green, despite the fact that most people wouldn’t get the reference!

Last but not least, the Best Use of Sports Equipment!
The Hunger Games Child Peacekeeper Costume
Football pads? Baseball helmets? If you’ve ever played sports or know someone who has, you know these things don’t always come cheap, so why not fashion them into pure, unfiltered badassery in your spare time to save extra money?! Add some white clothes and it’s super simple, yet effective! You don’t always have to go crazy to make an impression, after all.

You may have noticed that we didn’t showcase any Effies! It’s not because none of them were great, it’s because this year was a veritable EFFIE EXPLOSION and too many of them were great. Just search “Effie Trinket costume” to see what we mean. Seriously, we could dedicate several posts to that hotness, but then you all may start to judge us.

Until Next Year, Shine On You Crazy Diamonds,
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Halloween, Part 2: The Capitol

We’re back with Part 2 of our tips for how to get your Hunger Games on this Halloween!

Katniss, Peeta, and the other tributes way be the most common stars of the show this All Hallows Eve, but if you want to show off your love for The Hunger Games and your hella wicked mad creative skillz this year, taking on the role of a Capitol citizen might be for you!

We’ll get into the specifics later, but let’s start off with some generalities–

The Capitol Look

COLOR! Lots of color! Bright, vibrant colors that make you stand out, but put together in a matching, cohesive fashion that doesn’t make it look like a magical glitter unicorn puked all over you!

Unfortunately, there’s no “Capitol citizen” costume laid out for you, so you’re going to have to get creative!

Step One: Get thrifty! Thrift/consignment stores can be an absolute goldmine when you’re searching for something out of the ordinary and even a bit outlandish. That neon green suit with puffy sleeves collecting dust in the back? Effie Trinket’s BIFFLE. That blue snakeskin blazer? Caesar Flickerman’s top style.

Step Two: Do it up! The hair must be outrageous or President Snow just would not approve!

(If you go this route, it’s also good to pick up a wig cap, because they make life a whole lot easier.)

You can use your natural hair color too, but if so, you better do it up more like this:

Except in a way that’s possible for normal humans to achieve.

Step Three: Accessorize! The Capitol is not bland! Search for some stunning Hunger Games themed jewelry on Etsy or do you nails with Capitol Colors nail polish to achieve that Panem et Circenses shine!

Of course, there’s one member of the Capitol that all the ladies really want to be!

Effie Trinket

Step one: Effie’s hairstyle is all her own, but thankfully there’s a generic “Chaperone wig” made by an unlicensed company!

Is that first one not your style? Try a Marie Antoinette wig!

Or perhaps a Lady Gaga wig!

Customize the wigs color to best match your outfit with either some spray on hair color or– believe it or not– food coloring powder!

Step Two: Heels to High Heaven! Elizabeth Banks said she sometimes had trouble walking around on set. If she can do it for several days, you can do it for a few hours! Any tall, bright, decorative pair will do, but here’s a few ideas:

What about the guys who want to show their Capitol side, you ask? Never fear! Caesar is here!

Caesar Flickerman

Step One: Assuming you don’t have enough hair to dye it blue, put in a bump-it, and make a neat ponytail out of it all, there’s a solution on the Internet! A Caesar wig AND eyebrows!

Step Two: We covered the snazzy thrift suit look already, so to complete the look, all you need is a really shiny pair of dress shoes! …And some teeth whitener, but don’t do overboard!

There’s also the Seneca Crane option, which requires a simple plain black suit and incorporates some facial hair madness! Thankfully you can grow that yourself, free of charge. Try not to hurt yourself carving it out with a razorblade!

We’re Down With The Capitol Style!
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Halloween, Part 1: The Tributes

Okay, now we’re talking about those types of costumes!

Too early, you say? FALSE. We’ve found that a good costume requires time and careful planning! A penchant toward showiness is welcome but not required, because it’s Halloween, when grown adults eat candy and drink at a friend’s house IN COSTUME!

There are A LOT of options for Hunger Games costumes out there. To be fair to them all, we’ll be covering them bit by bit, starting off with the most obvious option:


Let’s start with Training Outfits, shall we?

Step One: NECA, who has an official license to all things Hunger Games, sells a movie replica District 12 training shirt:

It’s a great shirt, but therein lies two problems. One – The shirt is specifically for D12, so if you’re dressing as one of the other tributes, you’re mislabeled. Two – It runs between $49.99 and $163.99, depending on your size. Possible solution:
The Hunger Games District 12 Training Shirt at Hot Topic is only $36.

The movie tributes have matching pants, but as far as our research has told us, they do not exist on the Internet! So…

Step Two: Bust out those black Dickies, skinny jeans, or if you’re really adventurous, spandex pants! Also, a pair of kickass, shiny black boots!

On to Arena Outfits!

There’s a little more flexibility here because everyone wears the same thing.

Step One: Black or dark green t-shirt (depending on your preference to either the movie or book). Khaki cargo pants. Available in pretty much any store in existence.

Step Two: Arena Jacket!

The Arena Jacket also has the “official merchandise” problem: It runs between $68.99 and $119.99. The jacket has pretty positive reviews, so it’s totally cool if you’re willing to invest the cash! We just know that some people aren’t that dedicated the Halloween (and then a really freaking awesome autumn jacket!) There’s not any other option out there for jacket replicas, unless you have a black, hooded nylon jacket you’re willing to play with… or, ya know… going without the jacket.

Want to represent your District of choice while in arena garb AND have a nifty place to sneak all that booze into your friend’s dorm keep your stuff? Snag a nylon District bag like this one, available for every district:

Note on these: District 12 bags are MORE THAN DOUBLE the cost of any other district! Yikes!

What if being a tribute isn’t enough? What if you need to be KATNISS FREAKING EVERDEEN?! We got you covered for that too!

Step One: Assuming you don’t have easily braid-able dark flowing locks of hair, there’s a wig for that! Of course, it’s not officially license by Lionsgate and is thus only known (somewhat hilariously) as the “Arena Girl” wig!

Step Two: Get yourself a Mockingjay pin! Otherwise, you’re just some random tribute with braided brown hair!

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin

Step Three: Pick up a (fake!) bow!

Yes, there is indeed an official replica of Katniss’ hunting bow from the beginning of the film:

The Hunger Games Katniss Hunting Bow

And it’ll only set you back $80! *cough* … Or you could just cheat across fandoms and snag a Adult Legolas Bow and Arrow Set for $15! If your friends notice the difference, we applaud your friends!

Step Four: Swap your booze stuff from those nylon bags to THE ORANGE BACKPACK!

Or its mini-equivalents for 1/4 the price!

That’s all for this round, but we’ll be back with more Hunger Games related costume designs soon!

We Are Masters of Disguise (Which is Why Everyone Knows Our Real Names, Obviously!),
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