Greasy Sae

The Bootlegger and the Inventive Chef

While we weren’t looking, or were preoccupied with banner reveals, and casting news for the Mockingjay films, two Catching Fire cast members went unnoticed on the IMDb page for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. If you’ve guessed who they are by the title of this article, smart cookie, ’cause they’re none other than Ripper and Greasy Sae. Ripper is, if you remember, the one armed woman who made, and sold white liquor at The Hob. And Greasy Sae is the inventive chef who sold food, also like Ripper, at The Hob.

Over the last few months I’ve covered several secondary cast member reveals here at Victor’s Village, including the reveal of Patrick St. Esprit being part of the cast as Romulus Thread. At the time of that particular reveal however, nothing was official, as even I know, and you know that IMDb pages can be altered by anyone with an IMDb Pro account. Patrick St. Esprit since then has shown his angular face in both the Catching Fire teaser trailer, and the first official full length trailer. So, that casting is official, full stop.

In the case of Greasy Sae, I’m a little more than confident that her casting is the real-deal, as, I wish I could have a drum roll here, but alas, the actress who’s listed with her name next to Sae’s, is the same actress who traded Katniss_the_hobKatniss’ Mockingjay pin to her in Gary Ross’ adaptation of The Hunger Games. Yep, it’s none other than Sandra Ellis Lafferty. To me this bodes well for the threads of continuity some people may be a little bit apprehensive about since this time around we have a new director, and a whole slew of new people taking part behind the scenes. I mean, yeah, Sae may now be simply a merchant who deals in buttons, trinkets, and other bits and bobs, but who’s to say that perhaps in Catching Fire they’ve wholly embraced her character background from the books, and made her the inventive chef we all love and remember her to be. Maybe we’ll even get a line from Gale or Katniss about how, “so you sell food now?” I’m cautiously optimistic, and I encourage others to be as well, because film-wise the Catching Fire team has yet to roll out any red flags that say “we messed up!”

As for Ripper, she’s being played by an actress who I’m gathering was found in the Atlanta area. She may only get a miniscule scene in the beginning of the film I’m also gathering, but if adhering to the books is Francis Lawrence’s true method, Taylor St. Clair will also show up in the Mockingjay films, one arm missing, and probably apologetically looking at Woody Harrelson as he pretends to go through The Shakes.

Sadly, Peeta’s brother whom I wrote about months ago, has not shown up on the IMDb cast list, and neither have many of the very expressive young hopeful actresses whose audition tapes showed up along with Issac King’s.


Here’s hoping Peeta gets a family this time!

Them There Eyes


District Twelve Ads

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the stunning new Capitol ads campaign that Lionsgate has rolled out on major media sites. The quirky animated ads for Cinna’s Liquid Skyliner, Seneca Crane’s Cutting Edge Beard Trimmer and Caesar Flickerman’s Smile Away Toothpaste are brilliant! Only in the Capitol could ads like this exist!

Which gets us to thinking… How does District 12 advertise?

Certainly it’s not all flashy and animated. We assume that, much like us, they use some broken down old version of Paintbrush and can barely manage even that. Therefore, we’re taking the liberty of advertising some of the businesses we’d expect to see in District 12!

Ripper The Hunger Games White Liquor


Greasy Sae Soup The Hob


Gale Hawthorne The Hunger Games Hunting Snares


Katniss Primrose Everdeen Family The Hunger Games


Peeta Mellark Bakery Buns The Hunger Games


Consider us sold!
The Girl With The Pearl