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Victor’s Village Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2015

The final Hunger Games movie is out, but our hunger for cool Hunger Games merch is far from over. As in previous years, we’re back with our holiday gift guide with ideas for The Hunger Games lovers in your life… or to add to your own wish list!

The Hunger Games Funko POP! Figures

Funko POP! figures are our favorite collectibles of all the collectibles out there, so we’re in love with The Hunger Games collection! It covers all of Katniss’ major moments in four different figurines, plus Peeta, Effie, and President Snow! Was there ever a better desk decoration?


Minimalist Poster Print by GreaterGeek

Besides having an excellent shop name, GreaterGeek also has stellar minimalist posters. This “Hope” poster offers up style, a favorite quote, and a pop of color!


Peeta’s Necklace

Mockingjay symbols are thrown around all willy-nilly these days. Peeta’s necklace is an adorable choice for people who sometimes have to be a little quieter about their love for the series in everyday life. Fellow fans will get it and love it, but your strict boss will just think it’s a cute pendant.


THG Color Changing Mug by MugDesignStudio

We’re a sucker for these color changing mugs. They’re deceptive: Plan black with a cold beverage, but revealing a great design with your morning coffee or tea to perk up the day!


Mrs. Mellark Apron

We will forever associate The Boy With The Bread with our baking projects, though ours are way more haphazard. Now that the whole world knows the canon Katniss/Peeta ending (sorry not sorry, Team Gale!), why not celebrate your love for the character WHILE baking?!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 score

We recognize that we live in a Wild Wild West in which nobody buys music anymore, but this isn’t any old music. The Mockingjay Part 2 score is lovely, intense, and emotional. It will help fans through their major ending feels. Plus, it’s got that original version of ‘Deep In The Meadow’ that we all covet!


Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Every holiday season, Victor’s Village searches the joys of the Internet to find new Hunger Games holiday favorites. We realize that it’s already the last night of Hanukkah, but there’s never a bad thing to window shop with us!

Every Hunger Games fan is different, but if you or someone you know gets as obsessed as we do, maybe something on this list will excite!



Starting off a little simple, but the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack is a must-have! Like the first soundtrack, there are so many songs that connect specifically to the books to form a beautiful, emotional reference. What’s new this time around is the mixing of genres, so fans can hum along, air guitar, belt it out, and break it down all in the course of one album!



When it comes to Hunger Games fandom related decorations, we’ve always appreciated the more subtle nods like this clock with the Catching Fire Arena obstacles painted on the hour they go into effect! Available in black or white, it’s one way to test newcomers to your home on their Hunger Games knowledge!



Know someone who’s got skillz in the kitchen? Make ’em an honorary member of the finest bakery in District 12 with a charming and super functional apron! Yup, the Mellark Bakery CAN be rep’d without a reference to Peeta’s buns. Who knew?!



We tried to keep this list mostly gender neutral, but we like shiny things. Not to mention that this handpainted cuff bracelet, featuring the literal Katniss and Primrose plants, tells the story of an epic family bond without being too in-your-face. There are pretty of more obvious Hunger Games options out there, but the elegance of this one has got us hooked!



The comfort of District 12 has a rustic feel to it and so does this HOPE tumblr created by ceramics artist Blaine Atwood. With a hot beverage inside and a good book by your side, this looks like the perfect companion on a cold wintry night.



Katniss’ cowl wrap in District 12 has been making fans fall in love since Catching Fire was released. There are several versions on Etsy varying in style and price (not the mention knitting patterns!), but this one by theLOVEstitch appears to be one of the more accurate looking designs. The downside? This is the most expensive item in this post BY FAR. Be prepared to fork over the dough!


by SoCool Designs


Decals are kind of a classic way to show off things you love, whether it be on your laptop, your car, or somewhere around the house. And at only a four inches, you can fit these Mockingjay ones along decals from your other favorite fandoms and rest assured they’re not going to consume your whole living/driving space.



Were we sucked in by the cute factor? ABSOLUTELY. Charms are a totally flexible type of fun. They can be used for cell phone charms, necklaces, (really big) earrings, or kept as collectibles. We may be inclined to take them out and about to snap pictures with them in funny situations. Because that’s what grown ups do!

That’s our list. As you may know, this list is a precursor to our annual holiday contests! We see awesome Hunger Games prizes in your future! Will one of these awesome items make the list? Keep checking back to find out!

P.S. Looking for books or movies that interest a huge Hunger Games fan? Check out our recommendations page!

A Hunger Games Haul

Because of people going out of town, I’ve already exchanged Christmas gifts with all of my friends. Though I had read The Hunger Games last year, this was the year I’d gotten involved with various HG sites (including this one!) and converted all of my friends to HG fans, so I shouldn’t have been surprised by all the Hunger Games gifts I got.

There are Christmas card messages that totally made me smile when I opened them:

A pretty awesome hand-painted Mockingjay tree ornament:

A “Down With The Capitol” Mockingjay journal:

This year, one of my friends started making headbands with interchangeable felt designs for herself, usually with a fandom theme, and she made me this one:

Have you gotten anything Hunger Games related for any holiday yet? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

My friends know me too well

Victor’s Village Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide

Congratulations! You’ve successfully converted your friends into Hunger Games addicts (or made friends with other Hunger Games addicts)! Now we move onto step two: Feeding the addiction.

Luckily, the holidays are the perfect time to schmooze with the rest of the fandom via Hunger Games gifts! After all, what say “neutral holiday lovin’” quite like presents based on a series about political struggle and death! And since Victor’s Village isn’t really a fan of ridiculous merchandise or mass consumerism, we promise that these products will appreciated by MOST Hunger Games fans!

With the Hunger Games Movie Companions not due out until February, we’ve come up with a fun mix of the Hunger Games items we’d like to unwrap!

The Mockingjay Pin
This may seem too obvious, but do you realize how many Hunger Games fans don’t own a Mockingjay pin?! Not all of us we lucky enough to grace the halls of Comic Con, so there’s plenty demand for this movie replica brooch. That way, we can all have Katniss’ shiny pin on opening night. It’s only fair, really!


The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook
If we’re going to stand behind ANY unofficial Hunger Games book, you better believe it will involve food! Now we can translate Suzanne Collins’ delicious food porn into real life! Who doesn’t want to try their hand at cooking up recipes straight from the series?


Clothespin Doll Christmas Ornaments
These super cute and original hand-painted ornaments let you share the holiday love with Katniss, Peeta, and Gale! Also, because they’re not in holiday outfits, you can keep them around the house all year long. Looking for another character? You can get an ornament customized too!


Steampunk Mockingjay Token
There is nothing better than uber creative handmade jewelry. This steampunk style necklace is inspired by The Hunger Games, but you can still wear it out on a Saturday night and most people would be none the wiser. They’d just know you had really good taste in jewelry!


The Hunger Games Collector’s Edition
We know, we know.. We’ve already posted about the reasons why we personally wouldn’t buy this, but we’re not everyone. It turns out a lot of fans actually love their books gently, keep them organized and safe, and have a fond place in their hearts for Collector’s Editions. If you know someone like that, this will make their day! And if they collect film memorabilia too, how about some Hunger Games Posters?


Quotable Hunger Games Pillows
The Colorado Comfort Etsy shop has got loads of colorful pillows with some of our favorite quotes from the series along with some really cool Hunger Games related designs! Whether you want to remind friends to “Stay Alive” or wish they could frost someone to death, these will definitely put a smile on their faces!


Mellark Bakery T-Shirt
There are tons of awesome Hunger Games tees out there, but this quirky advertisement for Mellark Bakery is our favorite (though the Everdeen/Mellark campaign t-shirt comes in close second)! Red Bubble also lets you customize the color and fit, so you can get your design exactly how you like it!


Hunger Games Book Handbag
Herein lies our deep, personal coveting of items we can never afford. Once you get past the sacrilege that is ripping the cover off a hardcover copy of The Hunger Games, this purse is just about the best thing we’ve ever seen! We’d be toting it around just about everywhere, especially to fandom events.


Katniss Knee Socks
It comes down to this: If you are female and you wouldn’t enjoy secretly wearing knee socks with Katniss’ name and a Mockingjay pin sewn into them under your pants while at work or the grocery store, you have no soul.


Pocket Watch Necklace
Victorian design meets the Catching Fire clock arena in this vintage piece of badass-ery! In case the hand wound brass pocket watch with a glass back isn’t enough, there’s also a pearl, a bird, an arrow, and a key, representing some of our favorite things in the series!


Got any other favorite Hunger Games items you’d like to get as a holiday gift? Let us know what they are in the comments!

Also, if you like what you see here, stay tuned to see which of these items we be a prize in our upcoming holiday contest!

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