The Mockingjay Extras Edge


*cough* Sorry. We get really excited about the little things during slow news periods. But you probably want to know what we’re talking about soooo moving on…


These guys!

We all know that Catrett Locke Casting is responsible for all Hunger Games extras casting. It’s supposed to be semi-secret, but at this point everyone’s figured out who to email for their shot at roughly two seconds of on-screen immortalization (which my friend Max managed AGAIN in Catching Fire and I am super jealous, but that is another post). Even CLC’s calls are essentially like “Yeah, we’re fucking awesome because we’re working on Mockingjay! Try your luck, suckaaaaahs!”

Just recently, they put up a new call for a few things. The first is obviously Peacekeepers, as the advertise for tall, very muscular who like to “keep the peace.” See last sentence of previous paragraph.

The next is a little more confusing. They’re looking for a blonde haired, blue eyed woman. Which is to say a bleached haired, blue eyed woman, because no adult blonde is really THAT blonde. Will you take a dirty blonde haired, gray/green eyed short chick, CLC? If so, I’M YOUR GIRL. But what is this for, again? Why do we need a random blonde woman? Why are her blondness and blueness important? We cannot compute! The production is probably in need of District 13 extras and some fleeing Capitol citizens, but that wouldn’t require a specific look. Chances are you’re looking for someone with striking features, but do they really have to be those features? Will we even know why said look was chosen when the movie comes out? So many questions!

Futuristic council meets in... No wait, this is a concept sketch for a new UN building!

Futuristic council meets in… No wait, this is a concept sketch for a new UN building!

Then there’s our “council members” call. They’re either Capitol or District 13 council, though we’re guessing District 13 since the call specifically states that anyone applying should be pale. They ask that everyone be Caucasian as well, which we don’t love. But it makes us wonder if the film is trying to give this council a creepy Aryan sort of feel.

The last call also asks for “character faces”, which kills us every time. They try to make it sound like a compliment. Let’s just be honest! Say the company wants people who look a little offbeat, so they’ll stick out in a crowd. It’s like when we used to watch America’s Next Top Model way back in the day and Tyra Banks told contestants “You have such an interesting face! Such big eyes and such awkward angles!” Uhhhh… what?

We knew there would be some additions with Mockingjay being split in two, so at least this is gives us a better idea. Now create an extra role we would be good for, dammit!

CLC Probably Has Us On A Special Super Secret Blacklist,
The Girl With The Pearl


The Hunger Games “Celebrities”

What does it take to be a Hunger Games celebrity? Well, we get it depends on where you’re from… and your definition of “celebrity”!

For instance, when you see an article out of Georgia about a “Local Hunger Games celeb”, who do you assume it is? A tribute? E. Roger Mitchell, aka Chaff, lives in Georgia, and our female morphling, Megan Hayes, is a native. Dayo Okeniyi has lived there and is currently filming in the state. Or a major behind the scenes player, perhaps? It’s got to be something like that!

Nope. This guy.

BFFLs with Captain Crunch and Captain Planet

BFFLs with Captain Crunch and Captain Planet

He goes by *cough* Captain Chris. He is a firebreather. According to the local newspaper, he is a Hunger Games celebrity because he is the only firebreather featured in the Catching Fire trailer. We mean, it lasts almost a full second and you can’t see any defining features of the person behind it, but IT’S HIM!

We’re not saying that what el capitan doesn’t have some respectably dangerous flair to it, despite his ridiculous stage name. Firebreathing is awe-inspiring, especially considering that I’m still trying to overcome a fear of lit candles in my mid-twenties. But let’s not jump straight to “celebrity”! The shot made it into the trailer, but as fans who pay close attention to trailers often realize, not everything in the trailer makes it into the movie. If it does, it’ll likely be that same shot– two seconds from a distance.

Pretty much the only extra we noticed. Still not a celebrity!

Pretty much the only extra we noticed. Still not a celebrity!

It’s not that he isn’t great and we don’t appreciate his rare talent! He’s just nawt exactly someone that Hunger Games fans stand in the rain for three days for a chance to meet. They might might grab his autograph at a fair, if they’re already planning on attending for other reasons, the autograph is free, and they’re waiting for friends to finish up on that ride that always gets them sick.

We understand your pride in realizing that one of your own is in The Hunger Games, Douglasville Patch– I practically flipped when I realized my buddy made it into the first movie as an extra (that you can only really see when you pause the movie juuuuust right)– but slow your roll with the “celebrity” jargon!

Everyone involved in The Hunger Games is a talent. Some of them are daredevils, prodigies, artists, or gurus. They all deserve recognition, though most of their work goes unnoticed, sadly. But let’s not confuse talent with celebrity, especially in a world where most celebrities would much rather be recognized for their talent!

Now This Is Stuck In My Head! Damn You, Douglasville Patch!
The Girl With The Pearl

Mission Improbable

Just when you thought politely asking Jennifer Lawrence if we could stalk her on the set of her new Abscam movie was bad, we’re taking it to a whole. new. level.

Breaking news! The Hunger Games: Mockingjay will be filming in Atlanta and…

Even though returning to Boston may give J-Law terrible flashbacks to THIS.

Even though returning to Boston may give J-Law terrible flashbacks to THIS.

“Boston? BOSTON?! I LIVE THERE!!!!!”

That exact response escaped my lips when I read the news earlier tonight (and my mother, who I was with at the time, swiftly mocked my outburst with a reply of “SANTA?! I KNOW HIM!” from Elf.)

My mind went to a million places at once. We know that the news only said Part 1, but the actors have mentioned that Parts 1 and 2 will be filmed at the same time. So it could be anything.

Where will they film? Will the Star Squad storm through the streets of the financial district as the Capitol, the famous buildings looming ominously in the background even though that would totally go against canon? Will they run from mutts in the Red Line subway tunnel? Will Katniss and Gale take down hovercrafts from the rooftops of the Back Bay? Will the run-down exterior of District 13 make its home in Southie?

Either way, I don’t think anyone’s going to just let me stroll on set. Therefore… I need a plan!

I’ll certainly try to make it on board as an extra, but I know I won’t be. See, the only person I know who has been an extra in The Hunger Games (and Catching Fire, for that matter!) is an actual model. Meanwhile, I’m 5’2″, average weight, and still suffer from the occasional breakout despite being in my mid-twenties. So when the falls through, I’ve come up with some back-up plans.

Admit it: It's pretty from the right angles!

Admit it: It’s pretty from the right angles!

1) Make fake credentials and pretend to be a reporter from Entertainment Weekly, because the are allowed on every set in existence.

2) Ask Crystal of Mockingjay.net and Fictional Food to send me some really stellar Hunger Games-themed cupcakes, which I will place on a tray, then beat down a member of the catering crew and steal their uniform. Creep through the corridors, smiling like a crazed fool.

3) Pretend to be a hysterical mother who lost her small child while walking by the set. Take a cute photo of one of my friend’s adorable munchkins as heart-melting proof. Once security starts looking around, book it onto the set!

4) Find the secret location of Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Shadows (all totally real, right? RIGHT?!) so they can teach me to become a true ninja. Quietly slip in and watch the filming while hanging in a shadowy corner of the roof of some crazy shit like that. Judo chop anyone that gets in my way.

That’s all I’ve got so far. It should only result in minor jail time if I’m caught… and frankly, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Boston is Hollywood East… In The Minds of Bostonians,
The Girl With The Pearl

Geek Alert: We Know Someone in The Hunger Games Movie!

We like to think we’re actually best friends with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and the rest of The Hunger Games cast, but as much as we talk about The Hunger Games, we don’t really know anyone who was in it… until now!

Once upon a time, I went to the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 with some friends from RupertGrint.net. Also attending was Max, a friend of a friend who was fun and hilarious and also a model. Not the I’m going to post half a dozen pictures on Facebook and call myself a model, but an actual I’m signed on with an agency and do tons of photoshoots and get my face published in magazines because I’m a model. Knowing this, it was no surprise to hear that Max and some of his attractive model friends were cast as extras in The Hunger Games.

I’ve watched the film more than I’d like to admit and, much to my disappointment, I didn’t see Max. Turns out I couldn’t brag about knowing someone in the film if they weren’t actually in the film.

Here’s the thing: Max was in the film. I thought he was part of the District 11 riot scene, but it turns out he was a Capitol extra. Since my vision is pretty gnarly, it would have basically been the world’s most difficult game of Where’s Waldo? However, thanks to the joys of DVD, Max was kind enough to screencap his adventures in Extraland, therefore…

The Girl With The Pearl Presents…
Someone Who Breathed The Same Air As Jennifer Lawrence and Also Knows Me
(That doesn’t sound too much like a psychotic stalker, does it?)

The Hunger Games Extras Max

Okay, so things may be a little zoomed in and blurry, therefore being kind of ridiculous to get so excited about. But you know what? I am still geeking out!

And because these pictures are unfairly unclear, here’s what Max actually looks like:


Now My Buddies Must Become Extras in Catching Fire,
The Girl With The Pearl