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The Unofficial Mockingjay Part 1 Drinking Game

Now that we’ve all likely got our hands on a copy of Mockingjay Part 1, it’s time to return to an old tradition!

We realized today that we never did one of these for Catching Fire (Here’s The Hunger Game version), which is an utter shame because we really would have loved a complete set! Still, it’s time to grab your DVD or Digital HD copy and prepare foooorrrr…


The way it's meant to be!

The way it’s meant to be!


Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)

One regular glass

One shot glass

An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp when…

Someone references “The Mockingjay”

Boggs escorts Katniss or alerts her that she needs to be somewhere

Prim gives Katniss sympathetic doe eyes

Katniss totally loses it over Peeta

Someone talks about Beetee breaking through the Capitol’s systems

President Snow has a shiny new scene

Cressida’s role is much bigger than it was in the books

Tears glisten in a character’s eyes

Buttercup is more endearing than the humans in the scene



Down the glass or bottle when…

Gale gets indignant on behalf of the rebellion

Something blows up. ANYTHING.

Sam Claflin’s British accent breaks through a bit

Take a shot when…

Coin gives a speech and you think “I can see right through your act, bitch!”

In your opinion, the scene in question could have totally been traded out for one of the deleted scenes


Got your own brilliant suggestion for The Hunger Games movie drinking game? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add in our favorites!


The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game

A nor’easter of epic proportions has started in my neck of the country, so if this is the last time I shall ever write for Victor’s Village (or more likely, if I lose my Internet connection for several days), I’m going out WITH A BANG!

Therefore, Victor’s Village presents something we’ve meant to do for a while now:

The Unofficial Hunger Games Movie Drinking Game


Seneca Crane's beard knows where it's at!

Seneca Crane’s beard knows where it’s at!


Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)

One regular glass

One shot glass

An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp when…

Whenever ANY of the characters drink

Prim or Rue let out that “little girl scream of terror” that awakens every parental instinct you’ve ever had

There’s a shot of Emo!Gale after Katniss enters the arena

A tribute death is announced off-screen

Katniss climbs a tree

Peeta stares at Katniss longingly

Katniss shoots an arrow

Ceasar Flickerman says the name of a tribute

Or for you classier folks...

Or for you classier folks…

Down the glass or bottle when…

A tribute dies on-screen

There is excessive use of over-exaggerated PANIC!faces

A relationship between Cato and Glimmer is implied

The shaky cam hits critical mass

Take a shot when…

A character goes out of their way to explain something that was part of Katniss’ inner monologue in the books

A character who is supposed to disturb you makes you giggle instead

There’s a montage

Got your own brilliant suggestion for The Hunger Games movie drinking game? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add in our favorites!

Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game

It’s Monday, y’all! You know what that means!


We don’t know about you, but we get pretty psyched for the show. Before last week’s special Saturday episode, some hilarious listeners started naming some conditions for a drinking game based on the show. And because we take everything way too far…

Victor’s Village presents…
The Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game!

Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)
One regular glass
One shot glass
An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp…
Every time someone goes completely off-topic

Every time someone makes a comparison to Harry Potter or Twilight

Every time someone misses their cue when asked to give an opinion

We expect your cup o' booze to be THAT BIG.

Every time Mary from Down With The Capitol is mentioned in conjunction with Haymitch

Every time Kait shows up late and Princess Buttercup’s theme awkwardly cuts someone off, making her feel kind of bad even though she loves the sound effect

Every time Adam gives a random shout out or makes a joke no one else gets

Every time Savanna mentions how much time is left in the show because it’s reeeeally close to being cut off

Down the glass…
Every time somebody following the #HGFiresidechat tag says something so awesome that a panelist repeats it on air

Every time someone’s phone gets disconnected and they have to call back

Every time someone forgets to mute their phone before having an off-air conversation

Take a shot…
Every time Adam and Savanna have a moment of debate that makes you think “Mom and Dad are fighting again!”

Every time a panelist agrees with everyone else, but decides to play devil’s advocate just because

Every time someone suggests they will marry one of the actors in the film

Every time someone suggests they’ll somehow interact with a fictional character (outside of Cave, Marry, Kill segments)

There it is ladies and gents! HG Fireside Chat is already super fun, but this will make it a little more interesting, especially for the 21+ crowd!

Let us add that this game is NOT ENDORSED by the hosts of HGFC! They’d probably shake their heads somewhat amusedly at this, but then remind everyone that they do not encourage anyone to partake in excessive drinking. ‘Cause they’re responsible like that. We’re not.

Happy Drinking Games!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Press Tour Haymitch Game

With all the trailer rumors floating around, the Lionsgate marketing news and the movie release date fast approaching (The Hunger Games comes out 5 months to the day!), it struck us that pretty soon the cast will most likely be properly reunited for a press tour. Which will mean interviews, interviews, interviews!

If you’re like us, when something you love is coming out, you watch a lot of interviews. And no offense to journalists (ok, some offense because come on we like originality), but they often ask pretty predictable questions. And actors are often coached on ways to answer these predictable questions (whether or not they actually give canned answers is up to the actor’s personality and the tone of the interview). So we’re going to start calling it now, 5 months early. And we’ve decided to do it in the form of a Haymitch (drinking) Game*!

The Hunger Games Press Tour Haymitch Game

Warning: Haymitch Games can be bad news

For all the actors:

  • If they talk about their hair, drink.
  • If they mention being a fan of the series, drink.
  • If they say or confirm that something is true to the books, drink twice.
  • If they say the word “excited”, drink.
  • If they say “Suzanne Collins”, drink.
  • If they say “Gary Ross”, drink.
  • If they say “badass”, drink.
  • If they say something along the lines of “We’re all friends”, drink.
For the interviewers/writers/journalists:
  • If they ask about a romantic relationship drink twice.
  • If they bring up Twilight or Harry Potter, drink.
  • If they say “dystopia”, drink.
  • If they get something from The Hunger Games books wrong (e.g. calling a character the wrong name), down the glass because they have no idea what they’re talking about. If whoever they’re interviewing corrects them, make yourself a new glass and take a drink. Take another drink, if the actor seems to be judging the interviewer.
  • If they ask about diet and exercise, drink.
  • If they ask about the love triangle, drink. If they bring up “Teams”, drink again.
Special rules that are in addition to or, if they’re similar, supercede the above rules:
For Jennifer Lawrence:
  • If she mentions shooting arrows, drink. If she calls it awesome, drink again.
  • If she mentions Rue, spill a little in her honor and then drink.
  • If she brings up a weird Hollywood anecdote, drink.
  • If she brings up being from the South, drink. If she says something very Southern, drink.
  • If she reacts negatively to a Twilight comparison (e.g. “We don’t drink blood, that’s sick.”), drink twice, one for you and one that you’re “buying” her.
  • If she brings up her indie films, drink.
  • If she says something hilarious yet mildly inappropriate, down the glass.
For Josh Hutcherson:
  • If he seems far too excited about being interviewed, drink twice.
  • If he brings up an acting gig he did before he was 16, drink.
  • If he brings up working out for the role, drink.
  • If he brings up being friends with Liam, drink twice (for each of the guys). If “Red Dawn” comes up, drink.
  • If he brings up being from the South, drink. If he says something very Southern, drink.
  • If he mentions how like Peeta he is, down the glass.
For Liam Hemsworth:
  • If he brings up being one of the older members of the cast, drink twice (one for you and one for him because it’s legal).
  • If he mentions his brother, drink once and then ANOTHER! (don’t smash your glass)
  • If he alludes to Miley Cyrus or her family, drink (The Last Song mentions count).
  • If he brings up working out for the role, drink.
  • If he brings up being friends with Josh, drink twice (for each of the guys). If “Red Dawn” comes up, drink.
  • If he says something very Australian, down the glass.
For the members of the cast playing adults (Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, etc.) only:
  • If they refer to a younger actor as “kid”, or to them collectively as “kids”, drink.
  • If they seem impressed with a younger actor, drink.
  • If they mention or allude to being a fan of the books, drink twice.
Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

These guys know what I'm talking about

Wishing we were Haymitched right now


*We are actually not recommending this. This is just a fun way to list trite things that go on in interviews. If you must, use apple juice. Please drink responsibly.