The Part 2 Swerve Possibilities

Today, Lionsgate made what we can only describe as an “awkward turtle” move with its other ongoing franchise, the Divergent series.

They long ago made the decision to (unnecessarily) split the final book into two movies. They were the formulaic The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 1 and The Divergent Series: Allegiant Part 2– UNTIL TODAY. Today, they became The Divergent Series: Allegiant and The Divergent Series: Ascendant. They also announced they’d be building up the world more, a statement so nerve-wracking after the creative license taken in Insurgent that even the author’s outwardly supportive response seems hesitant as hell.

AllegiantAscendantRealistically, this is probably because of “Part 1” title backlash. The critics were quick to hate on Mockingjay Part 1 simply because it was a Part 1. A couple of the major reviewers fixated on that fact, accusing the movie studio of exploiting the popularity of the franchise. And even though it did very well, it didn’t do as well as its predecessor– possibly because the not-so-die-hards are willing to wait rather than watch half of the final story.

And so the name change happens. For the record, we think it’s kinda ridiculous. You may hate the Part 1 / Part 2 thing, but we dodged a bullet! Can you imagine if Lionsgate had split up with last book and gave the 4th film a new of their own invention?

We imagine we’d get a glorious final film name along the lines of these:








We could go on, but we think you get the point. The two-part split may not be ideal– we personally doesn’t mind it for THG but hate it for some other series, but at least we’re calling a spade, a spade when it comes to what we’re getting. No one’s pretending that these are two distinctive stories within the overall arc, mainly because almost everyone knows it’s from the same book.

What Does “Ascendant” Mean In Relation To That Series Anyway?!
The Girl With The Pearl

*Suggestion courtesy of Crystal from Jabberjays.net

Cross-Promotion Fun

Did you know #Finnick has a new movie out today? It’s called The Quiet Ones, and it has nothing to do with the Hunger Games movies. But #Finnick is in it, and you love him!


But why stop there?  There’s also Divergent. It doesn’t have #Finnick in it unfortunately, but it’s based on a YA dystopian novel with a kickass teenaged heroine, so you’ll like it. I’m sure there have been focus groups to prove this. So after you see #Finnick in The Quiet Ones, be sure to see Divergent (again) too!



You see, it’s not the right time to mention ANYTHING ABOUT MOCKINGJAY in Hunger Games land. Why waste time talking about something months away when you could be spending your money on other things right now! Sure, Mockingjay Part 1 is the main thing you actually care about. But that’s not important because you can’t spend your money on that movie or the merchandise yet.

So here’s some other things we can do while we wait to buy Mockingjay Part 1 tickets:

  1. See Draft Day and watch a modern day #reaping starring Kevin Costner. Only instead of being reaped to an almost certain death, you get almost certain injuries and brain damage for your trouble. #Peeta
  2. If you have a cable subscription with AMC, watch Mad Men. Sally Draper is a surly teenager like #Katniss. You’ll like her. You can also buy 6 seasons of Mad Men on DVD and watch it on Netflix!
  3. While you’re online, check out the Netflix-exclusive Orange is the New Black. It’s about women in prison. Just like #Katniss is a prisoner of President #Snow’s manipulation.
  4. Make sure you have a subscription to Showtime too so you can watch Nurse Jackie. She’s ALSO surly and battled an addiction to #morphling.
  5. Sure, the #HungerGames are life-or-death but the country music business is tough too. Watch Nashville on ABC and you’ll see. Pretty much equal amounts of struggle going on.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the M-word. It’s just not the right time.



The Inevitable Final Book Movie Split

When it was announced that Mockingjay would be split into 2 movies, it was a met with controversy. No one was really surprised – the precedent had been set with Harry Potter and Twilight. For big movie franchises, it gives the opportunity for all involved to make more money. It can be a very good business decision. And for fans, when it’s done well, it’s great too. More of the stuff that you love.

Mockingjay, you're painful, but you have solid content for 2 movies

Mockingjay, you’re painful, but you have solid content for 2 movies

As I remember it, people who were against Mockingjay being split into two complained that 1) it was a blatant money grab and 2) Mockingjay is too dark of a book to run for two movies.  And, yes, a big complaint of Mockingjay is that you’re stuck in Katniss’s head the entire time, and Katniss is in a very dark place. Because she’s mentally ill, it can be a tough read emotionally. But the story itself is solid. The world building is solid. The brilliant thing about a movie adaptation is that the perspective can be broadened. In the movie adaptations of Mockingjay we’ll be able to see beyond what Katniss sees, to the decisions made behind closed doors in 13,  the other districts, and the Capitol.  We get to go deeper into this world, so all of this is exciting. And after Catching Fire, we’re confident that Francis Lawrence will be able to execute this in spades. Lionsgate gets a big thumbs up on the making of Mockingjay 1 and 2. Party till it’s November 2015!

But what happens after November 2015? Today came the announcement that the Divergent movie franchise would be following this same pattern of splitting the final book into 2 movies. The pattern continues, and the collective snark about this decision is strong. I know we’re not a Divergent site, but the movies are being made by a Lionsgate company and as Hunger Games fans, we are the bullseye target market for these films. ALSO WE ARE GETTING NO MOCKINGJAY NEWS TO TALK ABOUT, SO

Another movie gives more opportunity for merch and longer shots of Tobias's back tats?

Another movie gives more opportunity for merch and longer shots of Tobias’s back tats?

I just had to laugh, because no, it’s not exactly a blatant cash grab. It’s a very risky attempt at a cash grab. The decision to split HP, Twilight, and THG came after these movies became mega-successes so it was clear the extra movie would make huge money. I don’t think that assumption can be made here yet. And the odds are even more against if because it’s doubtful that this particular book can support two solid movies or 4 hours of collective screen time.

Allegiant is a very divisive book. The most passionate of fans love Allegiant, but beyond that group, Allegiant is negatively viewed and not just because of the ending. For me, everything I had liked about the first 2 books came crashing down with Allegiant.  I was uncertain about seeing the Allegiant movie at all because I felt so burned by the book. But 2 movies? It’s adding insult to injury.

The negative perception of the book isn’t news to Summit/Lionsgate, so for the sake of their stock price, they better have one hell of a plan to make this work. Best case scenario – maybe some of the elements that are criticized – the uneven characterization, the world building, the plot – can be improved with a good screenwriter and director to create enjoyable and entertaining movies. The movies also won’t be burdened by chapter by chapter POV switching between Tris and Tobias. However, that’s a dicey situation, because if you change the story, your core fans who love the book are going to be angry and may not support it (or just go see it once, which is damning for the profitability of these movies). And you can’t draw in those who read the book and didn’t like it unless there’s been big changes. Major doubts on this decision. Massively huge doubts.

Good luck to all involved, because it was always going to be a challenge to adapt Allegiant, and now you’ve given yourself twice the job.


Hunger Games Fans: Stop Drinking the Media Wars Kool-Aid

Ah, the media! Every now and then, there’s a kernel of real depth and knowledge in there, but not nearly as often as you think. (Unfortunately, I realized this mid-way through a Journalism degree, so on top of no longer wanting to work for the media, I’m in massive debt!) Mostly, it’s about getting people to pay attention to what you’re saying and make them think it’s important, even though it’s usually not. This is especially true of entertainment media.

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where's the downside, again?

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where’s the downside, again?

So let us repeat a sentiment we’ve stated before. One more time with feeling!

There is no real fandom war between The Hunger Games and Divergent. Or between The Hunger Games and any other franchise, for that matter. Quit drinking the media wars Kool-aid. Seriously.

Them There Eyes already covered that EW pulled a seriously dick move by trying to deflate The Hunger Games series to up Divergent. Surely, other media sites have done it as well. Entertainment Weekly, especially, has stock in the success of the Divergent series. Note that they have stock in the success of THG as well, but it’s already a proven success so they don’t have to coddle it anymore, just cover it. Hence the clueless “Katniss is from District 9 and Victors are reaped in every Quarter Quell” review Catching Fire got. Successful fandom-centric franchises are huge readership draws. And Lionsgate? They don’t care which one you like better because they are both owned by Lionsgate. Though it should be noted that a lot of THG fan outrage is hypocrisy, given that most people seem perfectly okay with people deflating Divergent in favor of The Hunger Games. It shouldn’t be either way.

Of course, The Hunger Games/Divergent media wars have the desired effect. Everyone has preferences. We rush into the conversation to pick a side. Fans run out to say “I think Series A is better and anyone who thinks Series B is better is an idiot!” and vice versa.

Even we sip the Kool-aid a bit without realizing it. Them There Eyes was quick to call the movie mediocre based solely off critical reviews. When someone commented on one media post about how Mockingjay was awful and Allegiant was great, I was quick to respond with the inverse opinion. And I REALLY LIKE BOTH FRANCHISES. Not in love with the last Divergent book, but I still like both on the whole. Plus, we believe everyone should read and decide for themselves.

A beautiful little reminder.

A beautiful little reminder. Same for their adaptations.

People like what they like. Some like The Hunger Games. Some like Divergent. Many, many people like both. And that’s fine! Don’t let the media make you think otherwise! Critics are not gods. While they make valid observations about film now and again, they’re often self-important jackwads. A movie isn’t good or bad or special or fun because a conglomerate of cynics tells you so. Seriously, that takes all the fun out of moviegoing. If you’ve ever had to stop asking a friend to go to the movies because they shot down everything you suggest based on critics, you know. So don’t let them push you around, m’kay?

This is not a war and nobody needs to pick sides. When the next potential franchise comes out, the media will do the same damn thing because people will STILL get hyped up over it. IGNORE THEEEEEMMMM. Have your preferences, have your personal tastes, but cutting down someone else’s fandom just to up yours, whether you’re Owen Gleiberman or just some random person on Tumblr, just makes you look like a petty ass.

Again: The Kool-Aid. STOP DRINKING IT.

The Girl With The Pearl

Being Paid To Be a Dick

Yeah, I said it– and I’ll say it loudly! Owen Gleiberman was probably paid a nominal fee to tear down The Hunger Games franchise, and tout Divergent as better, more perfect, more– whatever than The Hunger Games times a billion zillion! In the grand scheme of things, and also in the tiny scheme of things, Gleiberman’s opinions are a moot point. Some people just have varying tastes, some people think that pickles and ice cream is yummy times a thousand, and also not when pregnant– as popular culture has deemed that food combination to be appropriate when a lady person’s hormones are going every which way, and therefore she craves crazy-ass combos, like ice cream and pickles. Weird food combinations aside, I know people who rant and rave about how great Divergent is! Me though? I’ve never read the books, and I’m not going to see the movie, because yep– I’m a movie snob, and if a film is not fresh rated on Rotten Tomatoes, I’m not going to waste my hard earned money on it. Just my stance on my fun-money, no wasting it on mediocrity. So, let’s talk about some different films for a second, because that’s where in a better world, you’d be spending your money, and maybe having a better time.

I’ve seen some good films lately, and none of them are part of any huge flashy franchises. I tend to see smaller films anyway, it’s just how I roll. So if you’re more inclined to skip the box office monsters in the next few weeks, or just want to stay home and jammy-pants it whilst watching NetFlix, by all means read on.

Tim’s Vermeer: It’s a documentary, but made by one of the most unlikely documenterians ever, Penn of Penn and Teller fame, followed the process of his good friend

Tim being amazing

Tim being amazing

Tim, a genius in his own right, attempting to prove that Johannes Vermeer used lenses, or camera obscura, as well as mirrors to achieve his masterful true to life paintings. The painstaking process Tim goes through is daunting, and fascinating, and if you like art, classic art, nerds being nerds, and science– watch this movie as soon as you possibly can!

About Time: It’s by the same team that brought us to tears with Love Actually as well as Four Weddings and a Funeral. It’s classic Brit humor, quiet, sweet, thought-provoking, and well acted. It stars Domhnall Gleeson, best known for portraying Bill Weasley in The Harry Potter franchise. The story is odd, a young man is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that all the men in their family possess the power to go backwards in time, however only within the confines of their own personal lifetimes. Time travel, I know!? Crazy, weird idea! But this is a much less science fiction-y way of doing time travel, it’s more about letting a person become the person they always had the potential to be by allowing him (Domhnall) to get to do do-overs. It’s how he meets his wife, it’s how he can say good-bye to his father in the sweetest way possible, it’s how he saves his sisters life. It’s wonderful, and if you’re not into soft, quiet films– stay the fuck away.

That’s all folks! Go watch movies!

Them There Eyes

YA Books to Read Before They’re Movies

We’ve always had a thing for book-to-movie adaptations, particularly in YA. Not all of the adaptations are stellar, but there’s something inexplicably interesting about them. Then again, I don’t consider myself a very critical moviegoer. I recognize the flaws in many adaptations, but I don’t care.

Everyone’s making a huge deal about young adult novels being turned into movies, but really it’s NO DIFFERENT than any other type of adaptation in the sense that things have to be judged on a case by case basis. They’re different stories and visions. But that doesn’t mean they offer no value to the generations. There are people out there who wax poetic about Molly Ringwald movies, then call enjoying current YA adaptations immature. And worn out action movies flop all the time, but nobody’s railing against them. Holy hypocrisy, Batman!

In that spirit, we’re going to talk about YA books we love that will become (in some cases, hopefully become) movies. They range from dystopian to contemporary to fantasy, from “coming out next week” to “recently optioned for film”.

DIVERGENT trilogy by Veronica Roth (Dystopian)


Not gonna lie. We really, really, really did not like the last book in the Divergent trilogy. After reading, I actually referred to screwing up the last book in the series as “pulling an Allegiant”. But we fell in love with the first novel and so far, the clips have looked interesting, bar the occasional hokey line. The first book is fast-paced, emotional, and really intense at times. Our butts will be in the seats next week!

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green (Contemporary)


The following sentence requires a lot of commitment, but I’m going there: TFIOS, as fans lovingly abbreviate it, is my favorite standalone book of all time. At least at this point in my life. Yes, it’s about a terminally ill teen whose quiet existence is turned around after meeting someone who’s willing to connect with her despite it all. Everyone goes “Urgh! Cancer kid novel!” But it’s SO MUCH MORE than that. John Green is one of the most phenomenal writers in existence. TFIOS is smart, honest, and brave. It’s the kind of book that tears you apart and puts you back together again. And the trailer was so freaking good! We expect to laugh and cry and then do it all over again.

THE MAZE RUNNER trilogy by James Dashner (Dystopian)


There’s a lot of back and forth about The Maze Runner, coming out in September, for two reasons:
1) The industry seems to have high hopes for it.
2) There’s a male lead and all but one co-star is also male. Some people believe that this is the reason the industry has high hopes for it.
We call shenanigans! The Maze Runner is a dystopian series, but it’s also a mystery series. You never know what’s going to happen next. Details trickle out only as they’re needed and you can’t help but want more. But you need to know. If the movie keeps that up, we’d certainly forgive the gender discrepancy.

DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE trilogy by Laini Taylor (Fantasy)


DOSAB is in the very, very early stages. It’s only got a director, as of right now. The books are worth it anyway. Laini Taylor has this lyrical quality about her writing that makes it easy to flit between modern day Prague and another realm with Karou, a seemingly normal girl who just happens to serve as a currier for otherworldly creatures. The films are going to require some serious CGI, so let’s hope for an amazing technical team!

SHADOW AND BONE (Grisha) trilogy by Leigh Bardugo (Fantasy)


This project was optioned by producer David Heyman of Harry Potter fame and it’s easy to see why. This series is BADASS! Leigh Bardugo has such a creative take on her world and a keen skill for molding stunning characters. The books are quite dark and intense, but there’s some amazing moments of levity in there too. They take on both whimsical and gothic elements of fantasy so effortlessly. If translated onto screen well, the films will be stellar!

PANIC by Lauren Oliver (Contemporary)


Panic came out last week, but it was optioned by Universal months ago. You’ve probably heard people say it sounds exactly like The Hunger Games, but other than the competition element, these people are full of it. Panic is a contemporary based in the impoverished fictional small town of Carp, New York, where students pay into a pot throughout high school and after graduation, they can choose to compete in a deadly competition of dares to win the money. There are two narrators: Heather enters because she’s trying to outrun herself– she thinks she could be a better, more likable, even prettier person if she could just leave Carp– and Dodge desperately wants revenge, even if it means murder. Important note: THEY DO NOT FALL IN LOVE. THX.

Hopefully, this list will do you some good if you’re adaptation junkies like us!
The Girl With The Pearl

Mockingjay/Divergent Marketing Mayhem

Dear Hunger Games fans…
Y’all are dramalicious.

Not ALL of you, of course. But some of us like to see things. To create issues what no real issues exist.

Case in point: The Mockingjay/ Divergent marketing “scandal”.


Fiery friends

As you may remember, Lionsgate ate merged with Summit Entertainment recently. Given this, many of their marketing efforts are intertwined. Lionsgate owns The Hunger Games and Summit owns Divergent. So far in their partnership, the merge hasn’t blatantly meant any unprecedented delays in marketing, but someone out in the Internet whispered (probably on the cesspool that is tumblr) “There hasn’t been much Mockingjay Part 1 promotion yet because of Divergent’s promotion.” And just like that, complaints and worries took off.

Suddenly, a portion of the internet dissolves into feisty grandmas watching their soap operas:
“That new slut Divergent thinks she’s gonna just come in and steal Mockingjay’s man! To hell with that hooker!”

You gotta calm down there, Chuck.

Yes, at this time last year, we had the new poster reveal and a couple images of Victory Tour promo featuring Katniss and Peeta. Contrary to popular internet belief, we did NOT have the Capitol Portraits yet. Those came in March.

So really, we’re on par for what we had for Catching Fire at this time last year. Yet everyone’s looking to another YA movie to blame for that. HUH?

At least we've had tabloid leaks

At least we’ve had tabloid leaks

First off, we forget that Mockingjay Part II is still being filmed and the studio could very well be waiting until the focus is off filming before they worry about promotion for Part 1. It’s going to make a killing at the box office either way. Even so, The Hunger Games and Divergent are still marketed by two different teams, so it’s not as if promotion for one negates the other. Lionsgate and Summit marketing have been known to work together in the past, not cockblock each other. And frankly, there’s no way in hell anything happening in November is going to affect a movie coming out in March. If people want to see Divergent, they’ll go see it regardless of whether or not Mockingjay character portraits show up in the meantime.

Secondly, can’t YA fandoms all just get along? YA fandoms like to get elitist, judge each other, and in this case, blame each other for their problems. Hunger Games fans want more stuff and they’re not getting it, so they look to blame Divergent. There’s already so many people out there trying to discredit and undermine the young adult adaptations out there (including the ones that will forever hate on The Hunger Games, even if it won all the awards) that we should support each other instead of running around hating on each other. Capice?

Stop Being Jealous When Another Pretty Girl Gets Attention, Wannabe Prom Queens,
The Girl With The Pearl

Katniss the Badass

Katniss Everdeen is a badass. Sorry we’re not sorry!

See, it all started with a recent article on Divergent, which included a line from Shailene Woodley about her character, Tris Prior:

“What I like about Tris is that she isn’t perfect. She’s not a super-hero — she’s not Katniss. She doesn’t know how to shoot a bow and arrow, she’s not a badass by nature.”

We read the article and didn’t even blink twice at this quote. Come to find out, it became A BIG FREAKING DEAL at some point because fangirls are sensitive lil’ snowflakes.

Can we get a "Hellllllll Yeahhhhh"?!

Can we get a “Hellllllll Yeahhhhh”?!

Let’s break it down: First, we don’t believe Shailene was trying to insult Katniss Everdeen. She auditioned for the role of Katniss Everdeen and has talked about her love for the series regularly. Nor do we think she was calling Katniss “perfect” or “a superhero”. In journalism, we know so because of that dash: “She’s not a superhero — she’s not Katniss”. Zee dash typically represents one of two things: 1) Someone getting caught up in their thoughts mid-sentence and altering things. She was probably trying to think of a good contrast and eventually stumbled upon Katniss after saying those first couple things. Or 2) A piece of a quote that the writer chose to omit, usually because they think it’s irrelevant or too similar to what’s already been quoted.

Anyone who has read both books should actually be able to see what Shailene is talking about. Katniss IS badass and there is zero shame in it! She knows how to hunt (and effectively kill), she’s got survival skills, and she’s a quick learner who’s able to win hearts. She’s mature and hardened by her difficult upbringing. She’s fully aware of what it means to be in The Hunger Games and faces that head-on. Being badass in such a way doesn’t make her a Xena-style archetype. She’s still vulnerable and scared and fucked up in many ways, despite her badassery. The worst thing for us is the fans arguing that Katniss isn’t as badass as she is to try to make her seem less like a stereotype. She’s super kickass! She’s just other things too!

Tris, on the other hand, is a clean slate at the beginning of her story. She essentially joins the military without knowing what the military is about. No weapons training, no special skills, no endurance, little social skills, and the… emotional squishiness of your average 16-year-old girl. While Katniss has some grit to her, Tris is building that grit up from scratch and in many cases, failing miserably. Realistically, we’re all more Tris than Katniss in this sense (unless you’re a Doomsday prepper or an outdoor survival enthusiast!) And no, we’re not dissing Katniss when we say that.

When an actress says something regarding The Hunger Games other than “OMG I love it (though I don’t plan to be in it)”, the fandom then turns around and tries to EAT THAT ACTRESS, Walking Dead style. Shailene Woodley seems to be a popular target because The Secret Life of An American Teenager was that bad of a show, which wasn’t all her fault, and maybe 3% of the fandom has seen her Golden Globe-nominated performance in The Descendants.

Clearly, Theo is disgruntled with the comparison as well!

Clearly, Theo is disgruntled with the comparison as well!

Is Shailene justified in explaining ways she believes Tris and Katniss are different? Absolutely! After all, the Entertainment Weekly cover read DIVERGENT: IS THIS THE NEXT HUNGER GAMES? She’ll have to explain over and over that there are a lot of differences between Divergent and The Hunger Games in the same way that The Hunger Games actors were constantly explaining that their movie wasn’t anything like Twilight. And everyone who understands fandom better than the media will let out a collective sigh of frustration every time.<

But let’s get this straight: Nobody’s turning this into a rivalry between The Hunger Games and Divergent or whatever-the-hell-else dystopia/fantasy comes out in the next few years. WE REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE. It wouldn’t be controversial had another actress called Katniss “a badass by nature”. We might even love them for it. It’s all about the context. Because Shailene says she likes Tris for not being badass, we assume she doesn’t like Katniss for being so when she probably only meant to say she loves how Tris overcomes a more drastic state of unpreparedness.

Written word is a bitch, y’all! Everyone assumes you’ve got a hidden meaning or a snide remark behind a sentence that was said without a bit of malice. EW was smart in using that fact to their advantage and highlighting that quote, thus leaving it up for fan interpretation. Hell, maybe Shailene Woodley DID have the intention of starting fandom wars, because lord knows that’s what multi-million dollar actresses in their 20s apparently like to do in their spare time! … But we’re doubting it.

Take a few breaths, punch a pillow, untwist your panties, and QUIT YA BITCHIN’,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Road to Victory Tour

Hold on to your hats, kiddos! This upcoming weekend is when lovers of The Hunger Games and YA other favorites come together to take it to a new level!

It’s Victory Tour 2013, June 22 – 23!

Yup, Victory Tour was originally a Hunger Games only convention, but it had to be shifted for legal purposes. Thus it became an awesome YA book convention! (Sadly, some people can’t read between the lines on the for legal purposes bit, as if the people behind Victory Tour randomly chose to switch up the theme and upset a bunch of fans just for the hell of it, so they’re still sourpusses. Really?!) To us, this makes the convention EVEN BETTER, as we’re fans of books in general.

Salute your fandom!

Salute your fandom!

We know what you usually think of with conventions: Location, location, location! This is different! Victory Tour is an online convention, so you can participate no matter where you live, assuming you can stream stuff on your computer without it exploding!

For instance, both V. Arrow, author of the research-based book The Panem Companion will be there, juxtaposed by the hilarity of Mark Oshiro from Mark Reads The Hunger Games. And if that doesn’t fill your appetite for dystopia, how about some interviews with Lauren Oliver, author of the Delirium trilogy, and Ally Condie, author of the Matched trilogy? There’s also programming based around all of these books, as well as Divergent, soon to be a major motion picture featuring this guy. *swoon* All are very popular dystopians and if fans of The Hunger Games have branched out in the genre, they’re likely to know and love these books too!

Victory Tour will also be talking to fans who participate in their love for The Hunger Games a little differently, like “Rockingjays” Alex Boyd, Alex Carpenter, Sam Cushion, Steph Anderson, and Hello the Future! Of course, each of them will be playing their original songs based on the books!

If that isn’t musical enough for you, check out From Nightmares to Nightlock, a hilarious musical parody which will premiere during the convention. That’s right, you can find funny things about The Hunger Games SOMEWHERE ELSE too! We ain’t even mad!

Oh, and did we mention that THE COOLEST CATS IN TOWN will be there?! That’s right: FANSITE REPS (INCLUDING ME!) will be on hand to discuss how to be badass via Internet and other such things on Sunday at 4pm!

It’s Not Too Late To Register Here!
The Girl With The Pearl

Bread By Any Other Name

Helloooooo, spontaneous guest post!

This was supposed to go up yesterday, but we had a blonde moment! Thankfully, Twiffidy is off being a cool kid (or perhaps working extra hard) today, which gives us a chance to spotlight HGBC’s fabulous talk about the importance of Peeta being sooo.. well… bread-y? Enjoy!


Gimme a cheese bun, Peeta!

Gimme a cheese bun, Peeta!

Shakespeare’s Juliet famously asks,
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Roses are sweet, but fresh-baked bread evokes a different sensory experience – one of warmth, intimacy around the hearth, and simple sustenance. Author Suzanne Collins not only gives Peeta of The Hunger Games the occupation of baking bread, but makes a word play with his first name and then gives him the nickname “Boy with the Bread” – referring to the memory of Peeta throwing a starving eleven year old Katniss some loaves of bread that he burned on purpose.

The strong smouldering look...

The strong smouldering look…

But a name is not enough to describe a character that comes to life in our minds. Collins’ portrays Peeta’s hands “as solid and warm as those loaves of bread” (THG, pg 33). Later, Katniss is “comforted by a full belly and the steady warmth of Peeta beside [her]” (THG, pg 309). There are all these references to Peeta’s steady, solid, strong, warm, genuine, comforting, and kind nature – the emotional equivalent to the simple sustaining nature of bread.

...vs. the I-could-kill-you-with-a-flick-of-my-wrist look.

…vs. the I-could-kill-you-with-a-flick-of-my-wrist look.

Let’s take a little trip over to another popular YA dystopian novel for a little contrast… indulge me, please!? Veronica Roth has created another memorable male character by the name of “Four”, referring to the fact that he only has four fears. Four is not a very comforting guy. In fact, he’s downright scary to most of the people who initially interact with him in the story. He doesn’t coddle; he throws knives at people. Roth frequently describes Four by painting a picture of his physical attributes: his long arms with the muscles tautly defined and long tapered fingers. He’s strong, but not in the same way as Peeta. Four is strong in a dangerously smart way, not a comforting makes-you-feel-safe kind of way.

If Peeta is bread, Four is titanium.
Hunger Games Bookclub