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Missing from the Mockingjay Part 1 Cast Pictures

Early this week wrapped up the 8 days of exclusive picture releases on Instagram, which make up the Mockingjay Part 1 Cast & Crew page on Hunger Games Explorer. And, in light of no other news right now, I’m going to speculate like crazy about why some pictures are missing.

We're missing a few cast pictures but this one of Katniss kind of makes up for it.

We’re missing a few cast pictures but this one of Katniss kind of makes up for it.

First, the obvious. Delly’s not there. Delly never had a casting announcement. Delly has definitely gone the way of Madge into book/movie re-writes.  I argued ages ago that this can be a really good thing for the movie because it can allow Prim’s character to become more substantial. Any Delly remaining believers can hold onto the tiniest shred of hope that Part 1 ends with Peeta just getting to 13 so her part wouldn’t have happened yet I suppose. But nah, it’s looking quite clear that she’s gone.

Then onto someone who had a casting announcement and made us go HUH WHO IS ANTONIUS AND HOW DID I MISS THAT IN THE BOOK? Yes, the new character of Antonius, to be played by Robert Knepper. His character is supposed to be some deputy of President Snow. The actor and role were worthy of a casting announcement, so why doesn’t he merit placement here? Did the size of the role get reduced? Is it more of a Part 2 role? Or is Lionsgate holding everything back about him because, as a new character, he can be a complete surprise?

We're sad because there was no Annie picture, but here's Peeta. Let's cry.

We’re sad because there was no Annie picture, but here’s Peeta. Let’s cry.

In the same vein as trying to keep the surprise, Jena Malone is the only cast member to not get a new still in this section. It looks like a grab from the Capitol’s propaganda poster. They’re keeping the Capitol torture under wraps for now. If Antonius is involved in the torture/hijacking plot, which I believe he is, not having him pictured makes some kind of sense. But I wonder why they couldn’t be able to capture some kind of non-spoilery still of him from the movie? Is it all just too terrible???

Maybe I’m reading more into this than necessary, but Paula Malcolmson isn’t pictured either. We know she’s in the movie – she’s in the trailer. She was pictured on the Catching Fire movie page, but not The Hunger Games. I’m going to say that her exclusion here hints that her role will be minimal, but let’s face it, Mrs. Everdeen’s role in her daughter’s life, even sharing a compartment in District 13, is minimal.

Finally, I know people were hoping to see Annie Cresta, but she’s also a no show. I think this is partly because she will get very little screen time in Part 1. But I also think it’s a little bit of Lionsgate trying to keep whatever they can secret for as long as possible. At least we no longer have to wait too long.

Next month we actually get the movie!





Sorry Delly, But Prim Needs You

In the many Mockingjay casting announcements last year, one character has been left out that makes people worried– Delly. So, are they leaving her out or just keeping her a secret?  It seems likely to me at this point that she’s not in the movies. There’s no reason to keep her casting a secret. Well, other than inspiring this post. So I guess I should be thanking Lionsgate for the mystery of it all.

Them There Eyes has shared her displeasure with the possibility of cutting Delly back in September.  I agree that Delly has an important place in Peeta’s recovery so if not including her is sending the signal that they’re going to gloss over Peeta’s journey, then I don’t like it. But, my hunch is that this isn’t the case. Mockingjay is split into two moves, so cutting story for time is less of an issue. No, I think they’re cutting Delly in order to build up Prim.

What do those Mockingjay scripts have in store for you, Prim?

What do those Mockingjay scripts have in store for you, Prim?

See, I always feel bad about this, but I was never really invested in Prim. Katniss certainly thinks the world of her, and tells us over and over again how great Prim is. But it’s during the scenes with Prim that I’m the most bored. And I always feel bad when Katniss compares herself negatively to Prim. After all the amazing things Katniss does for her family and friends, I just can’t abide by the comparison. This is in no way Prim’s fault, since it’s Katniss narrating the story and making these comparisons.  I love the character of Katniss with all my heart, but Katniss is never able to convince me to love Prim. So when Prim dies, I mourn for her mostly because it destroys Katniss, not for the actual loss of the character.

One of the fabulous things about the Catching Fire movie is that I found myself warming to Prim. Credit to Francis Lawrence, Michael Arndt, Willow Shields, whoever had a hand in it, but this movie gave us hope that Prim’s character could be something more than it is in the books.

So returning back to Mockingjay – We have 13 year old Prim training at the hospital in District 13. And she’s AMAZING. GUYS SHE’S JUST THE BEST MEDICAL TRAINEE EVER. (*Rolls eyes* Come on, Katniss, she can’t be that good. But you love her and that’s nice). When Peeta is rescued, Prim fights for him and helps in his recovery. She even comes up with a reverse hijacking treatment idea. (Again, the 13 year-old trainee thinks of this and not any of the doctors/scientists?) Ok, realistic or not, when she is trying to help Peeta, I really like her. Especially when she says things like,

 Well, you’re going to try, aren’t you?” Prim persists. “You’re not just going to lock him up in some padded room and leave him to suffer?

And when she tells Katniss,

There’s a chance that the old Peeta, the one who loves you, is still inside. Trying to get back to you. Don’t give up on him.


Now, Them There Eyes also pointed out one really big problem with transferring Delly’s role in Peeta’s recovery to Prim. Delly has a past with Peeta that is not connected to Katniss. That’s why she is so helpful in grounding him. Katniss is his trigger, so how is having his trigger’s sister more involved in the treatment going to affect the recovery storyline? My thought is that they will have to reduce the importance of “any connection to Katniss” being a trigger and just make Katniss herself the major thing that sets him off. Peeta won’t freak out over Prim herself. Or maybe she and Peeta will have major issues at first, and she will find some way to break through to him. Maybe Movie!Prim finally lives up to Katniss’s esteem for her!

This is all complete speculation. Delly could end up being in the films. But after all, this whole journey began because of Prim. In Mockingjay Part 2, her death MUST have an emotional impact on more than just Katniss and her mother. For this movie to have done its job, the audience needs to feel the pain of her loss more acutely. And Delly may be sacrificed for us to have a stronger connection to Prim.

I’m sorry for it Delly, but this story just requires A LOT of sacrifice.


Keeping Homes But Cutting Cartwright

Some characters get cut, some characters stay the course, get filled out, and become something else entirely. This is what happens in the process of adapting a novel into a screenplay, things just, well– change.

Over the last several days we’ve all hopefully been witness to the casting announcements of characters like Commander Lyme, Boggs, Castor, Pollux, and now most recently Homes. Most won’t remember Homes, I’ll even admit that when I saw that the character was officially cast, that I thought the character was originally female, and that they had made a creative decision to gender swap “her”. However, I’m pretty sure now that I was probably mixing him up with Jackson, the only other female Squad 451 member besides Leeg 1, Leeg 2, and of course Katniss Everdeen. So, they kept Homes, I won’t be the first to say this, but I’m surprised. And the reason I’m surprised is that in the grand scheme of thing, or at least the grand scheme from my point of view, Homes is one of the more superfluous mockingjay-homes-casting-omid-abtahicharacters in the novel. Now, that’s not my saying that he doesn’t serve a purpose, because he does– everyone in that Squad has a specific talent that’s needed to fill a certain quota, or role if you will, and Homes is one of the squads long distance sharpshooters, like Mitchell and Jackson. I’m just taken off guard that characters that are somewhat forgettable are being kept, whereas characters from The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire were summarily cut seemingly for time, and alleged fluidity purposes. Examples: Peeta’s father, Lavinia the Avox, Darius the Peacekeeper, and Madge Underseee.

I won’t lie, I’m still a bit miffed that those four characters I just named were cut, which brings me to this– I hope they don’t cut Delly Cartwright. Look, I know to some of you she’s just as superfluous as Homes, but it cannot be denied that she’s an integral part of Peeta’s storyline in Mockingjay, and I personally see her character being wholly cut from the film franchise as a major disservice to the rounding out of Peeta as a fully realized character. I know that Delly’s character could be spliced and combined with say, Prim fairly easily, but that just seems counter intuitive as Delly is the only person in the whole of District 13 who has a past with Peeta that is not connected directly to Katniss– and Prim is directly connected to Katniss, who we all know is Peeta’s trigger. Disaster in the making in my mind if Delly is left on the cutting room floor like Lavinia was in The Hunger Games.

Here’s to hoping we get a casting announcement soon for some young actress filling the shoes of Delly– the most optimistic person in the entire series.


Them There Eyes