The Con Circuit Conundrum

The Hunger Games trilogy is barely off the ground and we’re already biting our nails on behalf of some hot young stars.

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In all fairness, we heard this was awesome.

No, not Jennifer, Josh, and Liam! We’re talking about the true newbies, mainly the tributes. See, there’s something that comes with small roles in epic series like The Hunger Games. It’s a temptation to join a dark, dangerous world.

That’s right: The never-ending, all-encompassing Con Circuit.

San Diego Comic Con is not the only Con that allows fans access to their favorite stars (and their more obscure co-stars who don’t actually have a line or more than a few seconds screen time, but fans love them anyway because they’re that obsessed.) There are cons all over the world at all times of year, toting celeb and not-so-celeb favorites for all tastes, allowing them to be praised by adoring fans.

But this Con Circuit is a dangerous, almost mythical place: Some obscure stars enter, never to return to real show business.

Right now, The Hunger Games is still new enough that the tributes are acceptable members of the Con community. Recently, cast members have attended Florida Supercon, OZ Comic Con, and Fiction 2 Film, with San Diego Comic Con and likely Dragon*Con in the near future. Every time we see stars, especially the ones without previous career experience at a convention, part of us smiles while the other part screams “RUN, BITCH, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

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Also, cosplay happens!

Maybe it’s the money or the praise or the really fun atmosphere that comes with cons, but it baffles us how many actors are willing to basically give up their chances at real careers to travel the Con Circuit for way. too. long., as if it were an eternal summer. Like we said, this doesn’t really apply to the Hunger Games cast this early on, but there’s always potential that it could. Imagine District 8 girl or District 3 boy sitting at little tables signing autographs forever. FOR-EV-ER.

Every time we see that one of the newer actors has landed a new role, we fall to our knees and thank the almighty Cornucopia that there is still hope for them yet. We nearly shed tears of joy when we heard about Jackie Emerson’s new project, Son of South or Dayo Okeniyi’s upcoming television role. Because the actors we love deserve to be more than signing machines at our local Con. They deserve long, diverse careers. And after a while, that will mean moving on from The Hunger Games.

So let’s enjoy our time with The Hunger Games stars on the Con Circuit while we can.. then let’s hope they get the hell out of there, eventually.

Though We Will Still Find A Way To Leg Hitch Jackie Emerson,
The Girl With The Pearl