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San Diego Comic Con 2014 is in full swing, and the Internet is a buzz with all things Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel, Hobbit-y, Game of Thrones-y and oh yeah– Lionsgate-y. I’m one of the sad few who is not attending the convention, and frankly will probably never attend, because crowds of that magnitude give me the heebie-jeebies, and trust me when I say this– you don’t want to be around me when I have the heebie-jeebies. Anywho, Comic-Con is a place of fandom-wide fun and excitement, and just all out nerd-gasmic heaven.

Y’all like cupcakes, right? I betcha do! Why not, they’re delicious, and fluffy, and if they’re made right they are moist (not in the naughty way), and light, and put a smile on your face with their fondant, and they’re butter cream goodness. Lionsgate apparently likes cupcakes too, or baked goods if we’re speaking in broad terms. I know this because this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, part of the fun and festivities are baked goods, including cupcakes. That’s right folks, they have a sleek-looking, Capitol-esque bakery set up on display for the burgeoning public to ooh and ah over. This is awesome for all intents and purposes, ’cause everyone and their glutton tolerant aunt likes some free baked goods every now and again. The only fly in the ointment of this sweet, little gesture is the slightly glaring fact that who ever, or whatever marketing firm chose the designs for some of these goods, well– stole them.

That’s right folks, I just used the S word, and it’s not the shit kind. Nope, I call foul on who ever, or whatever person, or group of people who decided stealing other people’s ideas is an acceptable business practice!

Crystal Watanabe has been a staple in this fandom for years, she’s involved more than a random fan as well– and on top of that she’s got more than a life outside of her endeavors involving The Hunger Games. Crystal used to pretty much run, now she’s the founder, and head at Crystal is a master at bento, as well as artisan baking. Which brings me to the previously used S word. Crystal’s designs for two Effie Trinket themed cupcakes are being used without her permission right now at one of the biggest entertainment themed conventions in the world, and all of this is going down without what’s probably most important— credit where credit is due.

I’m just going to say it, but this is not cool! I know that the big guys on top of the money-making machines that supposedly dictate our lives, wholly believe that taking a “little persons” ideas and shilling them as their own, is acceptable. But damn it all to hell– it’s not! I know they’re just cupcakes, but even cupcake designs are things that deserve to be credited to the originator, the designer– who in this case is Crystal Watanabe.

So Hunger Games fandom, if you think it’s cool to steal other people’s ideas– by all means eat up. But if you don’t– say something, that’s what the Internet is for– other than porn of course. This credit issue could be easily remedied with a simple piece of card stock going up on display in that bakery set up. Simple, concise and easy, because this is potential revenue lost to an artist.

Effie Trinket cupcakes designed by Crystal Watanabe of

Them There Eyes

Come On Comic-Con: Part 3

Lionsgate BoothSo I am back and finally well rested! San Diego Comic-Con 2013 for me was an extended weekend full of hanging with fellow fansite runners (shout out to the staff in particular, it was a blast rooming with you guys!) and nerding out about my favorite fandoms, The Hunger Games included, with fellow fans.

It started Thursday morning. After making a beeline for Comic-Con exclusives, we finally made it to the Lionsgate booth, and they were already out of the posters. Womp womp. We would come back again later in the day to try for Catching Fire pins. When we got there again, there was a huge crowd surrounding the Lionsgate booth, waiting for pins to be handed out. It eventually got broken up, and the pins weren’t given out.


Fandom Fakers

Comic-ConComic-Con sounds like a fandom members dream come true, for some people it might even be termed Nerd Heaven. But as always there’s an underbelly to all things bright, shiny, fluffy, and good– and I don’t just mean the ass end of your sweet, unassuming pet cat, I mean something else entirely. I feel like the conversation should start like this, “cool story bro, my cousin went down to Comic-Con in San Diego last week or so, and came back with all this free Hunger Games shit…, he even got some of the cast of the sequel to sign stuff for him!” And the person this person is talking to says, “ah, that’s cool man, I bought all that stuff off ebay two days ago.” Aye, there’s the rub– the exploitative, and shady nature of it all. I mean we knew it would happen, it was as they say, inevitable. But it still stings, y’know?

Right now there are four pages worth of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire merchandise that was exclusive to Comic-Con 2013, up on ebay. I know this because I just looked over them all. It’s not news to those of you who regularly read our stuff here at Victor’s Village, but I am not a merchandise kind of person, unless it’s an original Macintosh chair from the late 19th century, which no one can afford– including me. I do however realize that there are people out there who love all that stuff, all that Mockingjay laden, orange fire detailed, poster-y stuff. Some of you would even call your selves collectors, and some of you are going to be willing to fork over $10 to $30 for a Mockingjay pin that was procured at Comic-Con. What I can’t fathom though is this: There were, or actually are people who willingly stood in line for hours, put up with the screaming, pushing, and pulling hoards, as in the hoards that were disbanded three times by the Fire Marshall, to get their hands on a pin made out of cheap metal, and are now exploiting the fervor for the symbolism behind that measly little pin off on willing and likely a little bit ignorant Hunger Games fans. I say ignorant, because in all likelihood the pin will be made available in a matter of weeks or months to everyone, and buying it off ebay will have made you, well… a sucker.

So we covered that people in those long-ass, noisy, and reckless lines were not all Hunger Games fans. At least that’s the assumption that I’ve made as evidenced by such prized merchandise being put up for profit on an online auction site. I said there are four pages worth of merchandise, right? Well, this is the worst bit, or at least what I personally think is the worst. Remember how certain cast members were on hand for part of the festivities, and that they signed a Mac truck load of posters, books, and possibly babies, for people? Yeah, well some of those posters have made their way online to ebay. This means that

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

some of those people who stood in those lines, and took time and space away for people who would actually keep, and prize those posters, and those pins, and those minutes with the cast– went and turned around and exploited the time and energy that people like Meta Golding, Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Jena Malone, Jeffrey Wright, and Willow Shields put in– and are attempting to make money off of them. Essentially they’ve been used, and it was without their immediate knowledge, or their permission. Think about it, they probably looked those people in the eye, smiled, exchanged hellos, maybe even had brief conversations with them– and now those experiences have been for all intents and purposes tainted for the cast members who participated. Currently a combo pack of three posters signed by Bruno Gunn, Meta Golding, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund, along with a Catching Fire Mockingjay pin is (sorry, was— bidding ended, and no one bid), going for $99.00 US. Don’t do it kids, save your money, ask cast members via Twitter if they have fan mail P.O. boxes, get your posters signed without having to go through a middle man who just wants your money. Or, wait until after the premiere in November, we’ll likely have prizes for you all if you participate in one of our many content based contests. You have to win of course.

Winning is half the battle, and not just a catch phrase of Charlie Sheen’s.

Them There Eyes


Fashion Gaps

6e1505e0cebdca31176d43851a5fd063I’ve noticed this odd, but wholly predictable trend happening amongst the cast of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire– and it’s a fashion gap. This isn’t a big reveal-y topic mind you, it’s just a silly little observation, but there is definite favoritism where it comes to fashion and fashionable amongst the cast, and it’s seemingly split decisively down the middle between the males, and the females. I noticed it over the last few days, and mostly because members of the cast were very visible at the recently concluded Comic-Con 2013– the ladies were dressed to impress, but the men were dressed for comfort.

The Casual Vs. The Painfully Planned. There is no doubt about it that Jennifer Lawrence has stepped up to the fashion plate over the last couple of years. She’s had some hits, and she’s had some misses, but I think she’s come into her own– and knows what to say no, and what to say yes to. Last Saturday (July 20th), she showed up in the press-line preceding The Catching Fire panel at Comic-Con in a well planned, and fashionable out-fit. The color scheme was on trend (black and white), actually everything was, all the way Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchersondown to her lace detailed opened toed black heels. She even stayed on trend later that day when she changed into a fitted white ruched dress for The X-Men: Days of Future Past panel. However, when you stood Jennifer next to her co-star, and good friend Josh Hutcherson, there was a fashion disconnect happening– and mostly on his part. True, Josh gets points for trying to color scheme his clothing (gray), but in all honesty he looks like he could be going out to hang out with his buddies, not network, and promote one of the biggest franchises in the modern world. I think this says less about Josh than it does about our own society though, because it’s simply right there for the taking. Women are expected to be on point at all times, have their hair coiffed, lipstick in place, and not a nipple out of place– but men, at least from an image stand point can show up to one of the biggest entertainment industry events of the year, and just seemingly not care what they look like at all.

The Unfairness of Fashion. It’s screamingly true that there is an uncomfortable unfairness happening in fashion, actually it’s an unfairness that seems to have been here since the dawn of fashion. The corset for example: Horrible thing that it is– it’s been around for centuries, and guess what, it’s still around, it’s still glamorized, and they’re built into prom dresses across the planet! It’s a perpetuated myth that women are supposed to be shaped a certain way, when frankly not one woman is shaped exactly alike. Uniqueness is also a contradictory trait that’s bombarded at every fashion conscious human being on this world, and I say contradictory, because we’re all told to be shaped a certain way, but also have something special about us, something enticing. So what happens? Easy, the same shade of lipstick, or same colored top, or shoes, or watch, or wallet, or sunglasses, or hair color is shoved down our collective throats– because that’s what will make us unique, yes– having the exact same lunchbox as your best friend in grade school is still the basic need we have in life. Well, at least according to the mass media. What does this have to do with The Hunger Games though? Simple– Suzanne Collins and the women in charge of visualizing the fashion styles she envisioned in the made up world of Panem, pulled from our own reality.

Unless you’re Lenny Kravitz.

Them There Eyes

New The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer!

We don’t have a post today, but we’ll be coming to you with our trailer reaction and Comic Con breakdown SOON! In the meantime…



The Days Before Trailer Day

88dfada702bd9c8078bd8ad092857d36The last week has been a whirlwind of activity, actually the last two days have been– but who’s counting! Yesterday three fourths of the Careers showed up on the Comic-Con floor to sign large scraps of paper (posters), books, perhaps body parts, for a clamoring audience of thousands. I’m speaking of course about Meta Golding, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, and Bruno Gunn– Alan Ritchson is I’m assuming still shooting the Ninja Turtle movie, therefore he couldn’t make it. That’s right, our Cashmere, our Brutus, and our Enobaria braved the throngs, and finally got their first in person taste of just how crazy Hunger Games fans can be. Yep, because only a few hours before they hit the floor, but were in the city proper, the San Diego Fire Marshall shut down the Lionsgate booth, because the fervor for Catching Fire Mockingjay pins was so thick, that they deemed the area unsafe. How’s that for an introduction to our special breed of crazy, yeah– and all for a few measly scraps of metal? They seemed to have taken it in stride though, and eventually the craze seemed to die down to a more manageable level. At least that’s what I’m hoping. That was only day one of Comic-Con though, and while day two didn’t have as much of a Catching Fire presence, those who are still in attendance at the Con are possibly just eking by on the anticipation for the main event happening tomorrow. That or they’re still high off of the Veronica Mars panel, The Games of Thrones panel, The Walking Dead panel, the Orphan Black panel, and of course The City of Bones panel. Damn, that’s a lot of panels, hope they’re all well hydrated.

Trailer Day 4.0 is nearly upon us, and I’m calling it 4.0 because this would be the 4th

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Trailer Day on record for this fandom. I think we’re a little excited for it, and I’m pretty sure those who are camping out in the line for Hall H right now as I type, would be counted in the crowd as “excited”. Some of our dear friends are in that line braving sleeping in shifts on the ground, urban camping you might say, and holding their pee in for hours most likely. All I got to say about that is, I hope none of them come out of this experience with a bladder infection, have things like laptops, iPads, DSLR Cameras, or Smartphones stolen– because sidewalk sleeping even at Comic-Con isn’t the safest place in the world. Yes, even if Joss Whedon of Dear-God-Where-Have-You-Been-I-Shouldn’t-Have-To-Tell-You-Who-He-Is, is known to stop by at 3 am, and give campers cupcakes– true story.

Our Twiffidy is in that throng of sidewalk sleepers, so to that I say– you’re a braver woman than me, good-night, and good luck, I wish you dreams of Finnick Odair in only a strategically placed fishing net.

Them There Eyes

Victor’s Village’s Catching Fire Comic Con Trailer

In two days, we will have a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire presented during a panel with the stars at Comic-Con! After going so long with only intermittent Catching Fire news, these last couple weeks are almost enough to make us SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST! …Though, if we predict the combustion, how spontaneous is it, really?

We’ve already got a couple great new stills to get our blood flowing, but the trailer will be the real deal, but there are still some things we haven’t seen yet that could make this trailer beyond awesome! Therefore, we present…


We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

We need the Catching Fire equivalent of THIS. plzkthx.

Katniss vs. President Snow – Though we’re struck with the fear that the Snow and Plutarch scenes from the first trailer will replace the Katniss / Snow showdown that kicks off the Catching Fire books, we’re still hoping to see a scene of confrontation where we learn that this isn’t just politics. It’s personal!

Wedding Fever and Horror – It would take about 10 seconds of trailer time to juxtaposed The Capitol’s wedding fever with the reality of what’s being pushed upon Katniss and Peeta. And it would be a helluva emotional 10 seconds. Wedding mentions without both side of the coin just will not cut it on our book.

Danger in the Arena – That’s right. None of this “Save the arena for later” business! Lionsgate had already “announced” The Quarter Quell. ARENA SCENES FOR ALL! They can be quick little flashes, but we better see the ocean pedestals or crazed monkeys or nerve gas fog or arrows getting shot at force fields. We know the danger of the arena, now we need to feel it!



Introduction of the other Victors, particularly Finnick and Johanna – We’ve seen pictures of the other Victors, now how bout some footage? Let’s see the movie’s take on what Finnick and Johanna are all about! As much as the audience loves Katniss and Peeta, we’re going to need more characters to root for. This will be the perfect chance to make us do just that!

Peeta – APPEASE THE FANGIRLS so that they calm down already! Most of us realize that Peeta will be a major part of at least half the movie whether we see that in the trailer or not, but some of us need a little reassurance. Give it to em! Close-up shots of Josh Hutcherson’s jawline preferable, but not required.

Gale’s New Scene – Anything new that’s specifically added in for character development is always intriguing to us. We want a glimpse of new goodness to come! Then maybe the fans can see and hopefully appreciate why they added it in.

What about you, fellow Tributes? Want do you want… Nay! NEED to see in the new trailer?

The Girl With The Pearl

Come On, Comic-Con: Part 2

Comic-ConYes, this is Part 2. Remember back in February when I bragged wrote about getting my badge for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con? Well, Comic-Con is upon us this week and guess what! I was right. Yes, I not only predicted a panel for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but I even said we were going to get a trailer debut. Hot diggity, I was on fire!

So what do we know about Comic-Con this year so far concerning The Hunger Games? We’ve got a panel on Saturday with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright, Willow Shields, Jena Malone and Francis Lawrence expected to attend. Now, there are a couple of names here that we kind of feel like we’re missing, I’m sure due to availability. But am I a little bummed that Sam Claflin isn’t on the docket? You betcha. Considering Finnick is the fan favorite and his casting was such a contentious matter, it seemed a highly likely and would’ve resulted in some great quotes from the ever gracious Sam Claflin. Then again, I was secretly just wishing to see the Josh Hutcherson/Sam Claflin bromance in person. This is all we ask for!

And then there’s the issue of a trailer debut. As soon as it airs in Hall H, Yahoo! Movies is going to have it up online for everyone to play over and over again. Ever since the debut of the rather lengthy teaser trailer, we’ve all been wondering, “Well, if that’s the teaser, what the heck are they going to put in the actual theatrical trailer?” Soon this question will be answered. I expect to come home to gifs upon gifs of the new trailer, don’t let me down!

Not to mention that there is bound to be autograph opportunities from some members of the cast. No official word yet, but that’s about how it goes. Oh and let’s not forget about the pins! We’ve got a brand new Catching Fire mockingjay pin that Lionsgate is giving out at their booth, and we hope to be lucky enough to snag one. We’re just hoping not too many jerks grab them to stick on eBay for some exorbitant amount of money.

And to round it out, check out a great Hunger Games Fan Guide put together by Welcome to District 12, featuring newbie advice from yours truly.

You all are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (@twiffidy) in case there are any updates from me, Hunger Games related or otherwise. I’m also planning to post about my experience when I get back so look out for that.

See you all on the other side

Seeing Double

The media world is ramping up for San Diego Comic-Con, and droves of Hunger Games fans will be descending upon that medium-sized city wanting for anything, and everything Hunger Games related– also any number of other fandoms they happen to be a part of as well. Or scratch that– better yet, anything and everything The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and possibly The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Two related, yeah and those other fandoms. Unfortunately I will not be one of those droving fans, sadly like our fair ring leader The Girl With The Pearl, I am unable to attend, do not fret however, because our lovely Twiffidy will be in attendance. As someone not attending the festivities down in So-Cal, I’m not all that concerned about the prizes, meaning the piles upon piles of fan-ish merchandise that Comic-Con is known for, which as I can tell seems to be a huge draw for many many people. In reality I’m more concerned with what will be presented to the world at large having to do with Catching Fire, and hopefully The Mockingjay films, ’cause I really can’t do much with a lanyard imprinted with Josh Hutcherson’s visage.

You’d think I’d be all rabid, and twitchy in need for Catching Fire info, wouldn’t you? Wrong,

Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux

because for some unholy reason I’m actually quite calm about the film, mostly because it’s already pretty much in the proverbial can, and I don’t see the purpose in worrying about something that’s already more than half way to being complete. The Mockingjay films though, yeah– those ones I’m all fidgety over. I’m big into casting, have you noticed that? So, it’ll be no surprise to you when I bring up the conundrum of four of the characters that are hopefully going to grace us with their presence in said films. And those characters are Leeg 1, Leeg 2, as well as Castor, and his Avox identical twin brother Pollux. See, the conundrum is this: Two sets of twins are hard to find, or– two sets of twins who are all actors is really really hard to find. I can think of three sets of twins who are all actors, and none of them are either all available, still willing to even still speak to each other, or yeah– the last bit is a huge hindrance on pretty much everything.

In a better world two sets of twins with acting talent, and wide open schedules for almost a

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

year, will come out of the woodwork, and amaze the pants off Debra Zane (casting director), and her crew. However, in reality I see three things possibly happening: 1. They cut the characters from the films completely, thus eliminating the next to impossible task of finding two sets of twins to fulfill the roles. 2. They change the roles from twins to just siblings. 3. They Winklevoss that shit, i.e. they pull a David Fincher and cast only two people to play the sets of twins, and then cast stand-ins/ body doubles to appear as well, then digitally replace their faces with the actors faces, just like what happened with Armie Hammer in The Social Network.

I vote for 2 or 3, because I’d like The Mockingjay films to be as close to the book as humanly possible. Not that I have a vote in the hypothetical mess I’ve conjured. 

Them There Eyes

Come On, Comic-Con

cci_logoThis morning, I got up nice and early – on a Saturday – to finally participate in the annual free-for-all known as San Diego Comic-Con Badge Sale Day. After the error message fiasco and a friend who saved the day, I’ll have a badge with my name on it come July. I’ve been pretty determined to go this year, and a lot of it has to do with The Hunger Games.

Now, the schedule for Comic-Con doesn’t come out until much later, and we don’t know that there will be a Catching Fire panel. But considering that The Hunger Games has quite a fan following and other franchises like Twilight has set a precedent (which, let’s face it, marketing for The Hunger Games is more or less modeled after it), it’s a good chance there will be one.

It’s been a long time coming for a Hunger Games panel. In 2011, they were filming The Hunger Games so a panel wouldn’t have been possible, and in 2012, there wouldn’t have been much to hype up since they hadn’t started filming Catching Fire yet. But this year would actually be great timing for a panel. Four months before the release of Catching Fire would be the prime time to kickoff promoting the movie. Imagine, a trailer debut or even (dare we say?) a clip being shown in Hall H.

Like I said, we won’t know whether or not Catching Fire will have a panel until much later, but I’m not taking any chances. And I’m gonna get my nerd on at Comic-Con this year so it’ll be a win no matter what.

If you’re going, make sure to say Hi!