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Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Every holiday season, Victor’s Village searches the joys of the Internet to find new Hunger Games holiday favorites. We realize that it’s already the last night of Hanukkah, but there’s never a bad thing to window shop with us!

Every Hunger Games fan is different, but if you or someone you know gets as obsessed as we do, maybe something on this list will excite!



Starting off a little simple, but the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack is a must-have! Like the first soundtrack, there are so many songs that connect specifically to the books to form a beautiful, emotional reference. What’s new this time around is the mixing of genres, so fans can hum along, air guitar, belt it out, and break it down all in the course of one album!



When it comes to Hunger Games fandom related decorations, we’ve always appreciated the more subtle nods like this clock with the Catching Fire Arena obstacles painted on the hour they go into effect! Available in black or white, it’s one way to test newcomers to your home on their Hunger Games knowledge!



Know someone who’s got skillz in the kitchen? Make ’em an honorary member of the finest bakery in District 12 with a charming and super functional apron! Yup, the Mellark Bakery CAN be rep’d without a reference to Peeta’s buns. Who knew?!



We tried to keep this list mostly gender neutral, but we like shiny things. Not to mention that this handpainted cuff bracelet, featuring the literal Katniss and Primrose plants, tells the story of an epic family bond without being too in-your-face. There are pretty of more obvious Hunger Games options out there, but the elegance of this one has got us hooked!



The comfort of District 12 has a rustic feel to it and so does this HOPE tumblr created by ceramics artist Blaine Atwood. With a hot beverage inside and a good book by your side, this looks like the perfect companion on a cold wintry night.



Katniss’ cowl wrap in District 12 has been making fans fall in love since Catching Fire was released. There are several versions on Etsy varying in style and price (not the mention knitting patterns!), but this one by theLOVEstitch appears to be one of the more accurate looking designs. The downside? This is the most expensive item in this post BY FAR. Be prepared to fork over the dough!


by SoCool Designs


Decals are kind of a classic way to show off things you love, whether it be on your laptop, your car, or somewhere around the house. And at only a four inches, you can fit these Mockingjay ones along decals from your other favorite fandoms and rest assured they’re not going to consume your whole living/driving space.



Were we sucked in by the cute factor? ABSOLUTELY. Charms are a totally flexible type of fun. They can be used for cell phone charms, necklaces, (really big) earrings, or kept as collectibles. We may be inclined to take them out and about to snap pictures with them in funny situations. Because that’s what grown ups do!

That’s our list. As you may know, this list is a precursor to our annual holiday contests! We see awesome Hunger Games prizes in your future! Will one of these awesome items make the list? Keep checking back to find out!

P.S. Looking for books or movies that interest a huge Hunger Games fan? Check out our recommendations page!

Win a Catching Fire Soundtrack and Poster Package!

Victor’s Village is offering one lucky fan the opportunity to win The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack and a movie poster featuring YOUR name!


As we’ve mentioned before, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack is looking pretty amazing and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! Now you can get the best of the best with this Soundtrack and Poster bundle.

Winner will receive:

  • 1 CD
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To enter, comment on this post and tell us about your favorite artist on the soundtrack and why you love them by 9am PST on October 27th! All comments will be numbered and one lucky winner will be chosen via The winner will be contacted via email.

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Best of Luck, Tributes!


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tickets On Sale Now!

It’s Midnight on the East Coast, which means THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE tickets are officially on sale in at least part of the US and ticket pre-sale will be sweeping across the nation!

Pre-order your tickets from Fandango or and you’ll all get a free download of Phantogram’s “Lights”, part of the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack! Fandango is also offering fans up to 17,000 other prizes ranging from more movie tickets to a trip to Turtle Bay Resort, where a scene from the movie was filmed!

Click the poster below to pre-order tickets:

On top of the free Phantogram song, fans can now purchase two other songs from the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack– Christina Aguilera’s “We Remain” and Sia feat. Diplo & The Weeknd’s “Elastic Heart”!

Remember, showings start as early as 8:00pm on Thursday, November 21. Many early showings are in fact double features of both THE HUNGER GAMES and CATCHING FIRE, but we’re sure those will sell out quick. Get your tickets early!

#TICKTOCK9: Catching Fire Gets Musical

#TICKTOCK9 happened!

Things are getting fiery!

Things are getting fiery!

We know that we love our music here at Victor’s Village, so when we saw that the soundtrack listing was FINALLY HERE, we were pretty psyched!

We thought we had an idea what the soundtrack would be like, having listened to Alexandra Patsavas’ other movie soundtracks, but this is totally different. It doesn’t have a very indie feel like the Twilight soundtracks or sappy inspirational like Grey’s Anatomy. It doesn’t have a theme, like Songs from District 12 did for The Hunger Games with its Appalachian influences.

Without further ado, zee soundtrack listing:

1.   “Atlas” – Coldplay
2.   “Silhouettes” – Of Monsters and Men
3.   “Elastic Heart” – Sia (ft. The Weeknd & Diplo)
4.   “Lean” – The National
5.   “We Remain” – Christina Aguilera
6.   “Devil May Cry” – The Weeknd
7.   “Who We Are” – Imagine Dragons
8.   “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – Lorde
9.   “Gale Song” – The Lumineers
10.  “Mirror” – Ellie Goulding
11.  “Capital Letter” – Patti Smith
12.  “Shooting Arrows At The Sky” – Santigold
13.  “Place For Us” – Mikky Ekko
14.  “Lights” – Phantogram
15.  “Angel On Fire” – Antony & The Johnsons

We also got a 90-second preview of the Christina Aguilera song, “We Remain”. Listen in!

We have to admit, we’re not in love with this song as we are Coldplay’s “Atlas”. Christina has got PIPES! Some of the best in the industry. But her music and singing style sound very much the same in every song she’s done recently, and this seems to be no exception. Maybe hearing more of the song will eventually do it some justice?

We are very excited about some other bits, though! Of Monsters and Men! Sia! Imagine Dragons! The Lumineers! Lorde! PATTI FUCKING SMITH! All amazing artists, all of whom bring something totally different and original to the table.

There’s also a mix of artists we admittedly don’t know, like Phantogram, Antony & The Johnsons, and The Weeknd. We just barely know The National, Santigold, and Mikky Ekko (aka Rhianna’s barely-credited collaborator on “Stay”). But we’re ready and willing to get to know their music!

What’s most interesting here is the mix of genres, there’s pop, alternative, folk, and indie music. Experimental R&B and Hip-hop featured alongside the Godmother of Punk. The Catching Fire soundtrack is not going to let us settle down into one genre and enjoy. It’ll be a rollercoaster, but hopefully the music’s arrangement on the soundtrack will allow us all to enjoy its flow.

The Lumineers Named Their Track “Gale Song” and Our Hearts Are ALREADY BROKEN,
The Girl With The Pearl

Catching Fire Soundtrack Shenanigans

Alexandra Patsavas is a very talented, well-known music director, so we have faith that she’s going to make The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack awesome, but that doesn’t mean we’ll love everything on there.


You have stiff competition from the first soundtrack!

While Coldplay seemed like a smart choice to get the soundtrack awards recognition and please a wide range of audiences, two recent revelations regarding the soundtrack have got us pretty freaked out.

First, Ed Sheeran submitted THREE songs for the Catching Fire soundtrack, all of which were rejected. While some of you may know him only as that guy touring with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran is a soulful singer-songwriter whose music brings the feels. There’s something so genuine and raw in his music that we think he’d be a great addition to the Catching Fire soundtrack. Given that Sheeran has pitched to Catching Fire and the Twilight series soundtracks, all of which was manned by Alexandra Patsavas, it seems she disagrees. Maybe none of the songs were up to par, maybe they were. Still, we could see his songs representing so many moments and emotions in the series and the news is disappointing, especially considering that…

Ellie Goulding let it slip that she may be featured on the Catching Fire soundtrack, though it hasn’t been confirmed:


HUH? We’re not hating on Ellie or her music, but given her typical sound and general reliance on a techno beat, we cannot picture her on the soundtrack. Unless she’s representing the Capitol. And let’s just get this out of the way now– If the soundtrack is Capitol themed, we are going to puke… and not buy the soundtrack.

Maybe she’ll pull what T. Swift did in her turn on The Hunger Games soundtrack and bust out something totally different from her usual sound. Or perhaps her song will play the same role that Kid Cudi’s “The Ruler and The Killer” did: The out of place song that everyone kinda hates at first, but then learns to love. We’ll bite our nails and worry until we know for sure.

Alexandra, you’re a professional. We trust you. I mean, people who hate Twilight still love the Twilight soundtracks (admittedly, I’m partial to New Moon’s soundtrack). Just don’t let the hype get you. Allow us to get Mother Hen on and ask you this: Just MAKE GOOD CHOICES, okay?

We Worry As If These Songs Are Actually In The Movie,
The Girl With The Pearl

Carry Your Woooooorllllld!

Sometimes you ask for guest posts, sometimes they fall into your lap as a gift from devoted readers! The following falls in the latter category, brought to us by the ever enthusiastic mse! Enjoy!

Still prettier than my own handwriting

Still prettier than my own handwriting

I’m a huge Coldplay geek in addition to being an enthusiastic Tribute, and I know I’m not alone. I’m not gonna use words like ‘OMG I’m the biggest fan of the band ever’ because yeah, I don’t even have an authentic lyric sheet handwritten by Chris Martin and we all know that that’s the only sign of a true fan – well that and the ability to rotate air. Alas as it turns out you can become one now by entering this contest here, so good luck! Tell me when you learned how to ventilate so I can give you a call on a warmer than usual autumn day.

Back to our topic, as you can guess I was obviously very excited when I learned that Coldplay is going to contribute to the Catching Fire soundtrack, and was eagerly anticipating the release of the song. By that time we already had the lyrics Chris shared via Twitter and we all brushed up on our Greek mythology and knew that the title ‘Atlas’ referred to the Titan who was sentenced to literally carry the world on his shoulders. But we still needed the song itself to truly appreciate the power of that metaphor , and as it turns out, we also needed a beautifully designed lyrics video to get fully obsessed.

I know that saying that this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is a gross overreaction but guys, THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THAT I’VE SEEN. EVER.

Okay, so let’s first talk about the song itself. Now, this is probably going to be a subjective opinion, but I totally had a flashback of the Coldplay’s first album, Parachutes while listening to it. For those of you who are not as obsessed with the band as the rest of us, here’s some recap:

Coldplay had 5 big studio albums out in the last 13 years, and while they all had a very Coldplay-ish sound, they also had their distinguished characteristics that made the songs on a specific album stand out and separate them from the music on any of the others.

For example A Rush Of Blood To The Head had this very clean, sleek sound with lots of piano. That album probably also has the most memorable melodies, because the songs were just simply great – the intro to Clocks is possibly the most recognizable Coldplay melody ever, even though it really is nothing special from a musical stand point (although it might make your hands pretty sore by the end if you attempt to actually play it on your piano at home, especially if you have such a horrible wrist movement like me). On the other hand, Viva la Vida or Death and All Of His Friends was this epic journey that I personally like to refer to as the “Coldplay opera” . There’s a very complex sonority to it, the songs don’t always follow a typical structure, and this is that one album that you feel like you just have to listen to from beginning to end.

Atlas however… Atlas feels like modern day Coldplay Parachutes song to me. There’s a bit of back to basic feel to it, yes, but that’s not just it. Parachutes was a very early album for the band, they didn’t use a whole lot of fancy electronic stuff back then, but there was also some naivety and some interesting dissonant melodies which you might notice in Atlas as well. Basically: Parachutes is the angsty teenager of Coldplay albums. Or at least as angsty and teenagery as Coldplay can get.

Seriously, even the art work looks like a frickin atlas

Seriously, even the art work looks like a frickin atlas!

Now, I’m not saying that Atlas is a definite addition to that album, and there’s a lot of maturity and a more modern sound in this song. Actually I’d say that it’s more like a blend between Parachutes and Viva la Vida, which also had a revolutionary theme beside all the things I mentioned before. And now that I think about it, it might actually be more of a Viva la Vida song after all. But the dissonance in that piano melody gives it a sense of unrest, there’s a clear underlying anxiety – until the chorus resolves it all by promising that it’ll ‘carry your world’ and also ‘all your hurt’.

I also think that this structure, the way the song makes a translation from angsty to something more hopeful and uplifting, makes Atlas a perfect first credits song. I’m mentioning this not just because the choice of a first credits song is important in the sense that it contributes to the whole impression a movie has left on you – but because in addition to being a Coldplay geek and a Hunger Games fan I’m also someone who’s very interested in movie awards and Oscars and all that jazz.

Of course you might ask now, what does this all has to do with the Oscars? Here’s the thing: some of the most prestigious film award ceremonies have a category called “Original Song” to them, however the definition of what can be considered part of that is kind of fuzzy. The Globes are more flexible with all this as you can expect, however the Oscars have this crazy rule that only songs that were playing during the movie or as a first credit song can contend. RUDE! That means if I put 51 songs at the end of my movie only one of those will be considered. Pfft! (This is also the reason why Safe & Sound was never going to get an Original Song nomination at the Oscars, in case you didn’t know.)

So yep, Atlas being the first credits song and the song of a universally well-liked popular band and this being their first ever contribution to a movie’s soundtrack increases the chances for an Academy Award shout out about 500%.

“But… why do we always have to bring up the Oscars?” I’m sorry, but this is what happens when your lead actor is an effing double Oscar nominee and a fresh Best Actress winner. People are probably gonna talk about the movie’s Oscar chances in costumes and hair and make-up and visuals and music and all that as we approach award season, so get used to it. And wouldn’t it be just plain cool to read the words “Nominated for X Oscars” on Catching Fire’s IMDb page? Don’t lie to me, you wanna see that just as much as I do.

I gasped.

I gasped.

Before I’d finish this up, we need to talk about that lyrics video though. Because that is just abso-freaking-lutely STUNNING. That’s not just a lyrics video guys, that qualifies as an actual music video if you ask me, and those animations… Wow. It’s simple but effective, and the whole constellation concept is really clever, because obviously there’s no cooler archery symbol than the Sagittarius itself, but it also gives off a sort of mythologic vibe which is obviously a reference to the lyrics themselves and the inspiration behind them.

I also spent a lot of time thinking about the meaning behind the 7 lines that start off and finish the video, and I’m kind of convinced that it refers to the 7 members of Peeta and Katniss’ alliance: Finnick, Mags, Beetee, Wiress, Johanna and Katniss and Peeta themselves. Of course that doesn’t include people like Woof or even the morphlings who were obviously supposed to have been part of that alliance but I stand by my theory.

Now excuse me, but I gotta get back to listening to this song for the 1002th time,

Playing it Cold

The musical stylings of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are almost upon us! Well, one song, at least!

On August 26, the first song on the soundtrack will be released: “Atlas” by Coldplay.


Check em out!

Our first thought was “Hmmm… Coldplay.” That’s usually how we think of the band. We find their songs agreeable, don’t change their station when they come on, and we might even sing along a bit. We don’t know of they’re quite the musical revolutionaries that they’re sometimes heralded to be, but they’ve got a unique take on pop.

The lyrics for the song were tweeted out the lyrics to the song shortly after the announcement. Lyrics in mind, “Atlas” is referring to the disgraced Titan from Greek mythology who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, used in comparison to the emotional weight Katniss carries after realizing that she’s become a symbol of the rebellion. The lyrics are pretty simple, but poignant. We’re seeing it as a supporting character offering Katniss not only a political but emotional alliance.

What does this say for the soundtrack? T. Bone Burnett created Songs From District 12 for the first film with a very Appalachian feel that thrilled fansites. But Toto, we are NOT in District 12 anymore! Alexandra Patsavas seems to go for more of an electric, overall feel for her movie soundtracks other than a specific theme. We may scratch the surface of District 12, but if we’re starting off with a band that has a sound that can’t quite be pinned down, we imagine this soundtrack will take us allllll around Panem!

“Safe and Sound”, the first single off The Hunger Games soundtrack, was the first time in a while that we weren’t disappointed in Taylor Swift (and we’ve pretty much been ever since), so we’re curious to see how “Atlas” compares.

Can We Call Coldplay Fans Cold Playas? Please?
The Girl With The Pearl

He’s Retiring

TBoneBurnett_bpEarlier this week some sad news was quietly released. T Bone Burnett is retiring as a music producer, and therefore he is not coming back to produce the soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, otherwise known as Soundtrack 2.0. Well, here it’s known as that anyway. I’m sad, and I hope I’m not alone in feeling that way, because while Mr. Burnett is in no way leaving the music industry, the fact that he will no longer be guiding musicians and performers in the same manner anymore, it’s just sad– okay? Hate to say it, ’cause it’s completely clichéd, but we’re not strangers to using those on this site, but– it’s the end of an era. Burnett, if you don’t know already, is an executive producer on the ABC drama Nashville, and that’s taking up pretty much all of his time, and energy as of late. I can’t fault a man for finding a new passion, and it’s also endearing to know that Nashville is a joint project with his wife, which kind of brings a smile to my face. Sorry, married couples who can stay married, and work together, I think cdcover-300they’re pretty special. The questions crashing around my head now, after I stop smiling over how functional Burnett’s relationship with his wife is, is who’s going to take over as the music supervisor/ soundtrack producer on Catching Fire, and is there even going to still be a companion album and/or soundtrack? I’m not a big soundtrack connoisseur, but taking the reigns from someone like T Bone Burnett is probably going to be a head trip for whom ever has the tenacity to take the gig. I can think of only a handful of people who might be able to do the job, and one of them I really hope isn’t being considered.

That person is Alexandra Patsavas, AKA the lady who produced all the soundtracks for The Twilight Saga, The OC, Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the new Nick Hoult film, Warm Bodies. I’m not saying she’s not good at her job, but I seriously fear that if she takes over for T Bone Burnett, the soundtrack will be balls to the walls super feel-y breathy voiced men and 0007673280392_300X300women, and pop bands who use too many lasers in their live shows. Also, I really truly believe that severing The Hunger Games franchise from anything and all things Twilight related is a good thing. Burnett already set a tone with Songs From District 12 and Beyond, and I don’t think messing with the formula is a grand idea. Not saying that branching out isn’t a good idea, but– yeah, I have trepidations. Here’s an even sadder tid-bit, all the best soundtracks that I can think of that have come out within the last decade or more– they were produced, or compiled by the director of the films, or the people who produced the albums have moved on. Those soundtracks include Garden State (Zach Braff), Juno (Jason Reitman) Reality Bites, Pump Up The Volume, Trainspotting, and even  Romeo & Juliet from 1996, which I believe was also produced by Baz Lurhmann the director, and had two soundtracks. My take on this unexpected new direction this hopeful soundtrack is going to have to take is this, perhaps they should find a record producer who produces singular records for bands and artists, not a compiler of existing music– who then gets one or two songs written or sub-let for a film’s soundtrack.

I have no idea where this project is going, and not knowing is seemingly the default setting here in Hunger Games fan-world.

Them There Eyes

Live From New York!

Last year, or maybe a little more than a year — or less — I can’t recall (time is my enemy), I was on an episode of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat, and every panelist was asked what they hoped would happen in promotion for The Hunger Games? I said I hoped that Jennifer Lawrence would host Saturday Night Live either before or after The Hunger Games premiered, and in promotion for it. Well, that didn’t happen, but tonight it was announced that Jennifer will be hosting SNL January 19th, 2013, unless of course the530312_10151371237701303_1263190789_n world ends. So, yeah… she’s totally hosting in promotion for Silver Linings Playbook, and not only that but the musical guest is none other than The Lumineers, and if you’ve been paying attention you should know that The Lumineers is Josh Hutcherson’s (Peeta), new favorite thing. My guess is not only will Jen be hosting (yes, we’re on a nick-name basis in my head), but Josh will be backstage fan-boying it up whilst also being a supportive friend to his future fake fiancée. Perhaps if we’re lucky the writers on the show will take advantage of having “Katniss Everdeen” there, and write a ridiculous Hunger Games themed sketch. If not that, could they please get Bradley Cooper to just walk on, and stand there– that would make my night. Better yet, have a sketch where magically Josh Hutcherson AND Bradley Cooper are there, and they’re fighting over Jennifer’s on screen love and affection– in a dance-off.

Come to think of it, it’s sort of a god-send that Jennifer’s schedule freed up in January, ’cause only a matter of weeks ago news broke that the next X-Men film filming date was pushed back to April (Jen’s part of the cast of X-Men), when it had been stated numerous times that it was happening in January. Can I just say, kismet!? Without X-Men being pushed back, Jennifer would not have been available for this fantastic opportunity, which frankly is something she was born to take on. I mean, have you seen this girl in interviews, she’s a natural at comedy! Too many exclamation points are happening here, but I think it also has to be said that it feels very cosmic that she’s going to be hosting this program that’s seemingly reserved for highly acclaimed, and hopefuls for the awards season. She’s winning something this coming year, but to us– I think she’s already won. Speaking of cosmic, as I write this article I’m listening to The Lumineers, and I without any qualms think they’re more than perfect for Soundtrack 2.0. So, T-Bone Burnett, if you’re paying attention, and you’re magically on for producing Soundtrack 2.0, The Lumineers is a name you should keep in the forefront of your mind.

Take a listen, you might start to fan-out just like Mr. Hutcherson, I know I’m getting there.

Them There Eyes



Take Two: Soundtrack 2.0

Sometimes the ideas I have for this franchise come up unwitting, just like how I have my itunes almost perpetually on shuffle, so I never know what I’m going to get next. It could go from a 1920s jaunt, to a song that came out last year, to something written probably before the radio was even an inkling in some poor sods head– yes, that’s how odd my music collection is. So, when a song shuffles on, and it somehow reminds me of The Hunger Games in one way or another, and the song is from an artist or band who for one thing aren’t dead or retired, but are still alive, kicking, and making music– frankly I’m amazed.

Does the name Ryan Adams mean anything to any of you? And please, if you say “isn’t he the guy who sings ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You?'” The answer is a resounding no, that’s Bryan Adams. Ryan Adams is a rock/country artist who’s been in the music business for over a decade, he’s 37 years old (doesn’t look it at all by the way), and he’s what I’m going to call a volatile genius. Meaning, he’s left several successful bands (Whiskeytown, and The Cardinals), taken breaks from music for extended periods of time, but (there’s always a but), he always, and I mean always comes back with something more than noteworthy. Anyway, I’m just going to say it– Ryan Adams is the perfect kind of artist to take part in Soundtrack 2.0. The other day I was wasting time, music on shuffle, headphones on, and one of his songs came up, it was this song, the song linked to below.

The 2004 cover of Oasis’ “Wonderwall”, and probably one of the most dissonant, Jeff Buckley-esque renditions of a ’90s anthem I have ever heard. It’s perfection in 4 point 9 seconds of a song to me, honestly. Normally a song like “Wonderwall” is kind of dreamy, comforting really, and not really all that emotionally invoking, sure it kind of makes you hanker for days gone, the cello may be to blame for that– but Ryan Adams’ rendition is heart-wrenching, bare bones, and like I said above– dissonant. I listen to this song and others of his, and Catching Fire scenes start playing in my head. His style fits the status quo established with T-Bone Burnett’s Songs from District 12 and Beyond as well, folk-y, independently minded, and simply someone with great song writing skills.

Sadly, Adams has a reputation of shirking others expectations, therefore there’s the heady likelihood of him not being asked to take part in a commercial venture like Catching Fire’s soundtrack. Also, as if the music supervisor (we don’t even know if it’s T-Bone anymore), is going to listen to me! Um, please listen to me?

Girl can dream, and she continues to dream big– ’cause she’s not near done!

Them There Eyes