The Cresta and Capitol Casting

When we made that joke that we needed Annie Cresta to be cast on Sunday night, we had no idea that they’d be announcing the casting the next day… But still, we can’t help but think “Damn, we’re good!”



Our Annie is Stef Dawson, an Australian actress who only needed one audition to land the role. Stef is STRIKING. All of her features just scream LOOK AT MY FACE! LOOK AT IT!

It may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, but let’s face it: As much as we want Annie to be this big, really involved character like she is in our fanfic dreams, it will likely be a fairly minor role. So if nothing else, Annie will be powerful because audiences will remember. that. face. Of course, Stef is already talking about how she connects to Annie as a survivor and the character’s vulnerability, so we know she’s going to make whatever lines she has count.

The response from fans was immediate. Most were quite pleased, though others were disappointed because Stef Dawson isn’t the Hollywood starlet they had in mind, to which we say “SERIOUSLY?!” We haven’t seen anything that Stef Dawson has been in (besides tiny clips from her showreel), so we can’t possibly compare her performances to others. But we don’t think she was given the job because the Mockingjay casting director got tired and just picked someone at random. “PICK AN ACTRESS, ANY ACTRESS!” No! There were probably hundreds of women who auditioned and Stef Dawson got it because she clearly earned it.

This. Because the picture Lionsgate posted is SEVERAL years old.

This. Because the picture Lionsgate posted is SEVERAL years old.

And all of you whining because Book!Annie has brown hair… We’ve talked about your type before. YOU NEVER LEARN. You make the collective fandom IQ drop 10 points. Just.. ugh!

Of course, Stef wasn’t the only announcement this week. The Hunger Games fandom now has its Messalla, Cressida’s lovely assistant, in the form of Evan Ross! Yup, THE Diana Ross’ son! Besides an unfortunate stint on the new 90210, Evan’s career is filled with lots of interesting indie films, including a boatload of projects in the works quite recently. It’s nice to see that he’s got quite the range, because Messalla is full Capitol and thus a little too eccentric for Katniss (and probably audiences) to fully appreciate. It’s another minor role, but it’s one that can make a memorable impression with a few well-delivered looks and lines. There will also be a major physical transformation involved, so it’ll be interesting to see how this 25-year-old who still has a bit of a baby face will bloom into a frantic Capitol citizen.

Messalla also has what’s arguably the most horrific / fascinating death of any character in the entire series, so as long as that makes it into the script, Evan has won already!

Boggs Next, PLZKTHX!
The Girl With The Pearl


The Hunger Games’ New Dormer

Forget whatever the hell is supposed to be going on with Catching Fire right now! Our slight case of ADHD has temporarily moved on to real, honest to goodness NEWS! Mockingjay news! Casting news!

Natalie Dormer has been cast as Cressida in Mockingjay: Part 1 and 2. As you can see, it’s kind of a big deal to us.

by nikola nickart

by nikola nickart

You may be tempted to say that Cressida casting is not THAT big of a deal because it’s a relatively small role, but consider this: Stanley Tucci is Caesar Flickerman and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is Plutarch Heavensbee, both relatively minor roles that would’ve been played by some random Joe and Jack Schmoe actors if there wasn’t a special caliber of acting expected for every role in this film. This has us thinking that Natalie Dormer is kinda sorta special.

We must admit, we don’t know a lot about Natalie Dormer. She’s well-loved as Margaery Tyrell on “Game of Thrones”, played Anne Boleyn on the popular television “The Tudors”, recently did the movie Rush with Liam Hemsworth’s brother Chris, and is currently filming the movie Posh with Sam Claflin. The resume isn’t massive, but she’s a young actress and what we see is really promising.

Cressida and her team are a great example of the difference between Capitol perceptions and the harsh reality. We see them lose their trademark naivety as they realize the horrors of war. By the time we hit Capitol Square, Cressida is the Capitol citizen (actually, Capitol defector) closest to getting on Katniss’ level. She’ll probably have a crazy unique look, which is why it’s kind of irrelevant to say she doesn’t look the way you’d expect Cressida to, but an even more unique personality. We seriously doubt Lionsgate would give such a role to just anybody. It requires range, people!

Her casting also gives us hints about when things will likely be filmed, as she’s currently filming with Sam Claflin, which likely means that neither of them will be needed when filming begins in late September (unless Posh finishes up in the next few weeks.) Perhaps filming will start off with District 8 or 2 visits, the bunker scene with Prim, or the book’s opening scenes dealing with Katniss’ depression, but it doesn’t seem like war and propo mode will be the first thing out of the gate!

Casting news doesn’t always feel like good news, but this one to giving Mockingjay a positive start.

Really, we’re more worried that she will be Sam Claflin’s love interest in Posh, which will somehow lead to us weirdly shipping Finnick/Cressida.

After That Last Thought, We Seriously Need Some Annie Casting News,
The Girl With The Pearl

Seeing Double

The media world is ramping up for San Diego Comic-Con, and droves of Hunger Games fans will be descending upon that medium-sized city wanting for anything, and everything Hunger Games related– also any number of other fandoms they happen to be a part of as well. Or scratch that– better yet, anything and everything The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and possibly The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Two related, yeah and those other fandoms. Unfortunately I will not be one of those droving fans, sadly like our fair ring leader The Girl With The Pearl, I am unable to attend, do not fret however, because our lovely Twiffidy will be in attendance. As someone not attending the festivities down in So-Cal, I’m not all that concerned about the prizes, meaning the piles upon piles of fan-ish merchandise that Comic-Con is known for, which as I can tell seems to be a huge draw for many many people. In reality I’m more concerned with what will be presented to the world at large having to do with Catching Fire, and hopefully The Mockingjay films, ’cause I really can’t do much with a lanyard imprinted with Josh Hutcherson’s visage.

You’d think I’d be all rabid, and twitchy in need for Catching Fire info, wouldn’t you? Wrong,

Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux

because for some unholy reason I’m actually quite calm about the film, mostly because it’s already pretty much in the proverbial can, and I don’t see the purpose in worrying about something that’s already more than half way to being complete. The Mockingjay films though, yeah– those ones I’m all fidgety over. I’m big into casting, have you noticed that? So, it’ll be no surprise to you when I bring up the conundrum of four of the characters that are hopefully going to grace us with their presence in said films. And those characters are Leeg 1, Leeg 2, as well as Castor, and his Avox identical twin brother Pollux. See, the conundrum is this: Two sets of twins are hard to find, or– two sets of twins who are all actors is really really hard to find. I can think of three sets of twins who are all actors, and none of them are either all available, still willing to even still speak to each other, or yeah– the last bit is a huge hindrance on pretty much everything.

In a better world two sets of twins with acting talent, and wide open schedules for almost a

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

year, will come out of the woodwork, and amaze the pants off Debra Zane (casting director), and her crew. However, in reality I see three things possibly happening: 1. They cut the characters from the films completely, thus eliminating the next to impossible task of finding two sets of twins to fulfill the roles. 2. They change the roles from twins to just siblings. 3. They Winklevoss that shit, i.e. they pull a David Fincher and cast only two people to play the sets of twins, and then cast stand-ins/ body doubles to appear as well, then digitally replace their faces with the actors faces, just like what happened with Armie Hammer in The Social Network.

I vote for 2 or 3, because I’d like The Mockingjay films to be as close to the book as humanly possible. Not that I have a vote in the hypothetical mess I’ve conjured. 

Them There Eyes

Nail On The Head

julianne mooreUnless you’ve been living under a rock, the last week or so, the talk of the Hunger Games fandom has been mostly focused on one thing: the Julianne Moore rumor. Thursday, Deadline reported a rumor that Julianne Moore was being looked at to play President Alma Coin, and later in the day, The Hollywood Reporter went a step further and confirmed she’s been in early talks.  Both Deadline and THR have been known to be fairly reliable sources regarding casting news so all the fansites have been abuzz and several entertainment media outlets have run with the story. But there’s one thing…

Just two days prior, the fansites had done a Campaigning for Coin post on Julianne Moore. It seemed like such strange and incredibly coincidental timing. Did the fansites just predict casting out of the blue? That would be a first. Here are the two possible ways it could’ve gone. A) The fansites inadvertently started a rumor and all the entertainment media sites just ran with it or B) We are really just that good.gw154-timing_is_everything

As per usual, the media sites have been talking about the casting rumor as if it were fact, and some who clearly know nothing about the series seem rather confused about there being another president in THG. We however are a little more reserved since no one can forget the lesson we learned from the John C. Reilly rumor/fiasco.

But here’s a little lesson to take from all this. Maybe, just maybe, your favorite fansites know what we’re talking about.

For the record, we’d be very much delighted if this came true

The Mockingjay Beckons!

Can we panic now?!

It seems like only yesterday that we were all getting clammy while waiting for Finnick to be cast, but guess what? It was ALMOST A YEAR AGO.


In case you missed it!

Catching Fire, the movie that seemed like it would take an eternity to be made, is done. Now all that’s left is the Mockingjay films. And it’s starting!

Catrett Locke casting, who cast all the extras for Catching Fire, recently put out a call for Mockingjay. They don’t specifically mention the series names in the hopes of avoiding a massive flux of applications, but everyone knows what they’re rattling on about! Abstract, unique runway outfits? Capitol citizens, bitches! Too bad they forget to mention that you’ll be expected to run for your life while smoke bombs and the like go off all around while in said runway outfits. Those heels are gonna hurt ya!

If that wasn’t enough, Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment was a little more blunt in the hopes of finding solid crew members.

CREW CALL: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” is accepting resumes for all crew positions. Please email your resume to

They can be obvious with the crew since you actually had to have some education or background experience to be hired. Though it cracks me up that these companies run everything via good ol’ GMail!

Either way, all this is certain sign of something: THE END IS NEAR.

by shadowsgallery

by shadowsgallery

And despite all these location rumors (Bristol! Paris! Detroit?!) all of this is still out of Georgia, meaning that at least some of the filming is going down there once again. Consider it the only location confirmation we’ve got so far!

But it’ll all be over before we know it! By this time next year, filming for both parts of Mockingjay will be donezo (or thereabouts). By the time promo begins for Part II, the cast will start answering every question with “We filmed it so long ago, but I remember…” These next few casting calls will be the last round of casting for the series! The last search for crew members is upon us! This will be the last round of discussions about new additions to the series.

We’re getting there, folks. Let’s take a second to absorb it all.

Perhaps We’ll Have Suzanne Collins’ New Book To Console Us When The End Comes,
The Girl With The Pearl

Spare News

mockingjayMockingjay casting news is just, spare. So, when even some paper I’ve personally never heard of prints a tiny article stating that such and such, or so and so, is in talks with Lionsgate about a role in Mockingjay— I sadly pay attention. Actually, I kind of have to, it’s that or I write a retrospective on why I wish Taylor Swift hadn’t been included on The Hunger Games soundtrack. And who the hell wants that?! I surely don’t. Here’s the deal, so far only two people have been rumored to have had supposed conversations with the Mockingjay films’ casting department, that I can remember, and they are Rebel Wilson— and the weirdest rumor yet, William Levy

You read me right, and if you’re at all like me, you’re doing a little um, well “what the fuck!”-ing, right now. Yes, with arm movements, jerky ones, perhaps you’ve dislocated your shoulders in this process, maybe you’ve fallen off your chair, or your sofa, maybe you’ve gravely frightened some people on public transit who are sitting near to you? I

Shhh, don't say a word William.

Stuff and other stuff, eyes.

dunno, I’m not you, I am me– and I think the idea of William Levy, Spanish language soap opera star, Dancing With the Stars contestant, and also the guy who hits on a giant brown M & M in a commercial, allegedly being in talks to take a role in Mockingjay is the weirdest thing I’ve heard since a friend of mine told me she likes Velveeta. Yes, because this just makes the most sense ever, the guy who people thought would make a good Finnick, even though he’s clearly very much so over 30, (he’s 33), is a shoe in for some role none of us ever thought of him for, because we’re brain dead, or dead already. Guys, am I dead?

Okay, melodramatics aside, this is all just a rumor, unsubstantiated by a paper I had never heard of until yesterday afternoon. So, I’m not going to get ahead of myself entirely, I’m going to say this: If there’s any truth to this rumor at all, he’s clearly a better actor than I thought he was. However, I can’t help but go further and flail over the fact that there are simply no logical roles for him to be up for, at least not when examining the roster of characters initially. I mean, there’s Boggs, who’s middle aged, there’s Doctor Aurelius, who yeah– that’s not working, and then there’s characters like Pollux, Castor, and Messalla. If I was Debra Zane, which clearly I am not, Levy would be up for a role of someone from the Capitol, ’cause he’s a very aesthetically pleasing man person, and factoring in that the man has a thick Cuban accent that he cannot put off, my money’s on Pollux. Why? Because he doesn’t speak… at all. But who’s gonna play Castor!?

Guys, I really don’t like that Taylor Swift was on The Hunger Games soundtrack.

Them There Eyes

Campaigning for Coin: Tilda Swinton

It’s that time again, the time in which we examine yet another actress potentially in the role of the multidimensional President Alma Coin. This week the lady in question is none other than a Victor’s Village favorite, Miss Tilda Swinton of London, England!

2-1Them There Eyes aka Rebekah: When I read Mockingjay the first time it was in the throws of needing to know what happens next above anything else, sometimes that included water, so when I was picturing the characters, like Alma Coin—all I saw was a woman with sharp features, cutting eyes, silver bobbed hair, a slender build, and a presence that screamed intelligence, cunning, and fortitude. It wasn’t until the second time I read that book that I realized I was picturing Tilda Swinton, or a version of her, the whole time. So, now I can say it without any qualms, I think Tilda Swinton is ideal for the role of President Alma Coin. She’s a fine actress who’s made a name for herself as a character actress above the need for fame, in fact most of her work has been supporting roles, like her work in The Beach, The Deep End, Vanilla Sky, Adaptation, Young Adam (one of my favorites), Constantine, Broken Flowers, Michael Clayton, Burn After ReadingThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the impacting independent film We Need to Talk About Kevin, and most recently the critically acclaimed Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom. She’s of course most famous for her work in the blockbuster Narnia series as the White Witch, so obviously she knows how to play a quietly menacing character, but she’s not the kind of actress that people will go see a film just to see her, she’s an ensemble actress, the kind who thrives off the work, and the people she’s collaborating with. And to me she’s pleasant surprise to see when she shows up in films, even if sometimes her characters are not the most warm and fuzzy types. That’s another thing about Tilda, she never picks boring parts, and she never adhere’s to one genre, she’s open, and she always, and I mean always delivers. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s already worked with Francis Lawrence on Constantine, and her schedule, according to her IMDb page, is wide open. Debra Zane, casting director extraordinaire, please hear my shouts, call Tilda’s people ASAP!

Courtney/Tiffany from Welcome to District 12: Tilda Swinton is a top choice. Again, she often plays a position of power and her physical structure (specifically in her face) are straight edges. This goes very well with Coin’s description of her hair which is very precise. Those straight lines in her face says cold and calculating, making her a great choice for Coin. Let’s also not forget that she would go well with the other adult actors being an Oscar winner. We have no doubts about her acting ability, and her physical looks seals the deal. The only possible downer we could see in Tilda is that you’re not supposed to suspect what kind of person Coin REALLY is. What will newcomer’s opinion be of Tilda Swinton in this role? Will the audience assume she is not what she seems because Tilda Swinton is playing her? Much like the book, Coin’s “”alignment”” should be ambiguous to the audience.

Emily from Down With the Capitol: Tilda Swinton would be a brilliant casting choice for our President Coin. I am a huge Narnia fan and she wowed me with her performance as the White Witch in the franchise. It’s obvious to me that she would be able to pull off cold hearted and power hungry Coin. I have also seen her in Constantine (which Francis Lawrence directed) and thought she was great. She really has a knack for Tilda_swinton_12twisted, calculating characters—which Coin definitely is. In my mind, she looks the part. She’s the right age, has very unique, fierce looking features and definitely has those “eyes that could burn straight through you”. One of my biggest issues with this casting is that I want a seasoned actor, but not someone who would be too recognizable or would not be detachable from their previous roles. To me, Tilda Swinton fits the bill perfectly. My only concern is that she’s done the mega-hit book to movie franchise before and I don’t know if she’d want or need to do it again, but my fingers are crossed that Francis Lawrence is able to give her a call.

Adam from HG Fireside Chat: Tilda Swinton has always walked that tight rope between benevolent and menacing, whether it be in The Beach or — in what was a masterful performance — Michael Clayton. Coin embodies both of those characteristics, at first seeming to be the savior of Panem, but later, a ruthless commander with great ambition and chipped-away morals. Swinton possesses the acting chops, the look, and the complexity to deliver. She would be a mighty fine choice, capable of bringing a potent element to the Mockingjay films and, more specifically, to the ascetic stylizing of District 13.

Amie from HG Girl On Fire: If you’ve seen The Chronicles of Narnia then you know that Tilda Swinton has the rare and perfect ability to be insatiably evil while you can’t take your eyes off her every move. She was oddly comforting to Lucy Pevensie as she welcomed her into her cold arms, while have plans that would only benefit herself while being the end of Lucy and her brothers. She was the driving force of the Narnia film, bringing the white witch to life like never before on screen. This is an important quality the actress who plays Coin must have, while she is not considered evil, she has

Tilda as the White Witch

Tilda as the White Witch

lost the ability to have human compassion like many other victims of the Capitol Dictatorship, which causes her to have little boundaries to how she chooses to he run her regime in District 13. Tilda had a calm yet unsettling demeanor, no matter how honest she is or how much she has your back, you know there is much more where it comes from and you are a afraid of what you must do to earn such loyalty from her. I can see her every move as Coin already, and that makes me nervous, because Coin is eerily predictable, a replica of a certain Capitol leader Katniss thinks is her real enemy, and soon realizes she has been mistaken. As far as Tilda Swinton’s look, her interestingly plain face and minor facial expressions remind me perfectly of Katniss’s description of her as “slush that you wish would melt away”. Tilda is beyond talented as an actress, and very simple like Coin. She can hide her true intentions behind her cold eyes with perfect grace, and Tilda Swinton would be my pick for our Coin for Mockingjay P1 and P2.

Carla from I don’t think there’s any doubt as to why Tilda Swinton is part of this list; most people would recognize her from playing characters that are in positions of power and demand attention– from Archangel Gabriel to the White Witch– and out of her impressive repertoire, her antagonist roles particularly stand out to me. Even her real life traits, her appearance, facial features and tone of voice inspire one to think of a serious, highly intelligent and sofisticated mind. I have no doubt she can pull off a great President Coin if she’s cast. My only doubt is: would it be too much of a good thing? Coin would do anything for power, certainly; she was a

Tilda Swinton as Karen Crowder in Michael Clayton

Tilda Swinton as Karen Crowder in Michael Clayton

woman without scruples and we’ve seen Swinton play roles like that memorably. But I don’t want her to seem TOO calculating, TOO manipulative. To me, Coin has to have a certain appeal to the people as well; she wasn’t a good person, but she was a competent president, as far as the people of Thirteen were concerned. So in my head, Coin has to straddle the line between shady antagonist and straight-out villain, much like Donald Sutherland does as President Snow. And I think Tilda Swinton might come across as too unapproachable for that. I wouldn’t mind if she’s chosen, personally, because I do think she’s amazingly talented, but I think there are actresses out there who would portray this duality in a much more natural manner.

Jacqui from My Hunger Games: Tilda Swinton is mesmerizing.  She’s fascinating.  She’s avante garde and I love her.  I love her for her work on David Bowie’s video for The Stars (are out tonight) and I love her because she slept in a box at the MoMa as part of an art installation. Tilda is a gender bender and she plays luminious, ambiguous characters to perfection.  In her career she has played the archangel Gabriel in the oddball comic book movie Constantine, the White Witch of Narnia, an Italian housewife, a  woman who watches men age backward in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button while sipping tea with them, the   mother of a teenage boy who commits a high school massacre and a Virginia Woolf character. She’s also the new face of Chanel, is about to star in the sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer, then follow up with a vampire romance called Only Lovers Left Alive.  There’s nothinig this woman can’t do and she could certainly pull off a President Coin that looks like a legitimate face of the revolution, while harboring cruel intent.  She would be perfect and a huge coup for the franchise.

Lee from The Hob: Tilda Swinton would make a very interesting President Coin.  Her acting range is vast – playing an Archangel in Constantine, to the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia films, and contemporary fare such as her work in Michael Clayton – giving viewers confidence that any role she takes will be striking.  Ms. Swinton becomes totally subsumed by the role she is portraying; cold, remote, and powerful. She always leverages the actors’ tools of physical and vocal attributes.  Her President Coin would be frightening and riveting to watch.

Campaigning for Coin

1626_1glenn_close155109We’re starting a new series, and it’s called Campaigning for Coin! Over the next several weeks fan-site reps from all The Hunger Games fan-sites will weigh in on different actresses in the role of President Alma Coin of District 13. Starting off the series we have the silver haired Miss Glenn Close, a fan-favorite to some. Read on and see what everyone thinks of the idea of Glenn Close as Alma Coin.

Them There Eyes aka Rebekah: I’ll be blunt, Glenn Close is far from my favorite choice for Alma Coin, but is she the worst choice out there? Far from it. Glenn brings everything to the table that would be required of an actress in a role like Alma Coin, but to me it would be flat out type casting. See, Glenn is known for playing tough ladies (Damages), scary ladies (Cruella de Vil), and oh yeah– creepy and/or weird/crazy ladies (The World According to Garp, Fatal Attraction, Stepford Wives). I’d even say she’s made a career of it. Personally I think taking on a role like Alma Coin wouldn’t be challenging for her at all, and if I was Glenn– I’d want to play a character that’s not something I’ve technically done before. Aside from that, logistics get in the way as well, as she’s just signed on for another franchise just this week, Guardians of the Galaxy. So, I’d go so far as to say that adding The Hunger Games franchise on top of that would be incredibly taxing on a lady who’s over 15 years older than Alma Coin is supposed to be, and if you’re a regular reader of my work on Victor’s Village, you would know I’m not a proponent of casting an older actress in this role. Glenn Close? I’ll say it loud, and clear, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Next!

Arianna from Down With the Capitol: Honestly I’m all in for Glenn Close as Coin. I never thought of her until her name was brought up for this project. She could most definitely play the part as Coin aka an evil woman in power, especially after playing parts in movies cruella-clawssuch as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and her role as VP in Air Force One. She also has the perfect Coin look which is a bonus. Glenn would only add amazingness to the already stellar cast we have.

Amanda from HG Girl On Fire: This is actually a hard call for me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what so ever that Glenn Close could pull this role off. I think she could, and she would extremely well. I think she has proven her acting chops time and again especially with this type of role. One of the things I think is very important for the role of President Coin is that the actress not be too likeable, and be able to pull off being the “bad guy.” I want to be happy when we get to the end, and (spoiler alert) Katniss murders Coin, which in this scenario I don’t think would be a problem, especially when I picture that scene in Fatal Attractions where she’s boiling the pet rabbit. My one and only problem is that Glenn Close does not fit the mental picture I have of Coin. I pictured her as being younger with darker hair, but with that being said I think with hair and makeup that would be and easy fix, and I’d rather see someone who could play the role very well, and not concentrate on looks so much.

Savanna from The HG Fireside Chat: I adore Glenn Close and think she’s immensely talented, though I haven’t seen much of her recent work. I loved her as Queen Gertrude in the 1990 film adaption of Hamlet, and her performance as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard is just…magnificent. To say the least. But for some reason, I’m not too into the idea of Close as Coin. Maybe it’s because she’s too big of a name and too recognizable. Honestly, I’d rather see a lesser-known actress have a chance to take on the character and have it become a career-defining role. That being said, Glenn Close can do absolutely anything, and if she were to be cast as Coin, there’s no doubt in my mind that she would be phenomenal. She does the cold, hard, calculating thing very well and would certainly be a believable leader. The best thing she has going for her, in my opinion, is her powerful, almost magnetic presence; whether she’s onscreen or onstage, it’s impossible to not be drawn to her.

Crystal from I’m not the biggest fan of Glenn Close. I know, I know, she’s got a stack of Oscar nominations, but that doesn’t mean I think she’s consistently a great actress. I’ve already seen her play an executive office role in Air Force One and for those of you that haven’t seen it, she was pretty awful while I thought Harrison Ford, Halle Berry, and Gary Oldman carried off their silly cliche action roles off rather well. I need someone who makes me feel like withering into the floor and an actress who has been in Mars Attacks! is just hard for me to take seriously. She’s got the hard look, but for some reason I’m just not confident she’d pull it off with the right amount of cold Coin swagger.

Kristen from Obviously, Glenn Close has had quite a bit of commercial success in family movies, including her hysterical take on Cruella De Vil in Disney’s live-action version of 101 Dalmatians—but let’s not forget the role that really made her a star: Alex Forrest in the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. If you haven’t seen this movie (and if you’re old enough to watch R-rated films) stop reading right now and go watch it. I guarantee you will never see a creepier interpretation of the sociopathic “woman scorned” character on film. In the interest of keeping spoilers to a minimum, let’s just say that Glenn Close plays a manipulative nut-job so well, she’ll make your skin crawl. That being said, I would absolutely LOVE to see Glenn Close as the ruthless, power-hungry Alma Coin. I think she has amazing range, and is beyond capable of convincingly portraying the cunning, unscrupulous leader of District 13.

Angie from When I think of actresses that could portray our infamous

Air Force One

Air Force One

President Coin, Glenn Close does seem to fit the generic Coin mold. Glenn is a little older than President Coin, but I still think she could pull off the character. She possesses the “look” that President Coin should have: shoulder length gray hair, eyes that could bore into any soul, and a serious stature. What sets Glenn apart from the rest in my opinion is her previous role as Cruella de Vil in the 101 & 102 Dalmations movies. Glenn shows that she can play the role of a ruthless, selfish villain that truly only has one main objective. The characters are alike considering in both films they are willing to do or kill whatever or whomever they need to get their way – whether its puppies or medics or children.

Courtney/Tiffany from Welcome to District 12 : Glenn Close for Alma Coin is something we never knew we wanted until it was first suggested. She quite often plays a woman in power, like the Vice President in Air Force One, and can play a great villain, like Cruella De Vil in the live action 101 Dalmations movies. Some may argue that Glenn Close is too old, but we think that’s silly since the casting in The Hunger Games has not limited actors for their age. For example, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland are WAY older than the characters they play, yet they are fabulous additions to the franchise. We’re more concerned with the actor themselves than the age, provided that they are not on the extremes of the age scale. More than anything, it would be nice to round out The Hunger Games cast with yet another critically acclaimed actor. While never having won an Oscar, she has been nominated several times and has won everything else under the sun. We think Glenn Close has the look as well as the range to play good, evil, and a woman in power: All necessary traits to play Alma Coin.

Betcha can’t wait to see who’s up next!

As Yet To Be Cast

153192824794970296_Je6NYy9v_bThat time again folks, yes, the time in which there’s nothing to report on having to do with our dear, beloved, wonderful, fantastic (how many more adjectives can I slip in here?), stupendous, shiny, franchise. And that means one thing for little ol’ me– fan-casting. I think I’ve said it before, but I’m never going to stop fan-casting this franchise, and truth be told, I’ll probably continue to fan-cast the series until they do a remake in about 15 to 20 years. In that case, I’ll say it now, Jake Gyllenhaal would be a fantastic Haymitch or Boggs in about 15 to 20 years, ’cause I don’t see that man losing his acting chops, or his ability to look good in a uniform for about 50 more years. Therefore, that inevitable zombie apocalypse better not happen. You hear me super germs? Gyllenhaal has to play one of those two roles in the remakes, throw in Maggie for good measure as well, she’d make an awesome President Coin! In reality though, or at least the portions of my mind that come up with all of this magic, there are only a few actors who are eligible to portray the remaining cast in this current go at The Hunger Games.

Role call of who is left to be cast! Captain (he doesn’t have a first name, because Suzanne Collins likes to leave that up to actors 80% of the time, apparently), Boggs, President Alma Coin, Annie Cresta, Fulvia Cardew, Doctor Aurelius, Tigris, Cressida, Leeg 1, and Leeg 2, Lyme, Pollux, and Castor. I know with all my intellectual capacity that when these roles are cast officially, that they’ll likely surpass our expectations, but until then we speculate, or I speculate–over, and over again. When I started this practice though, things we’re a bit different, i.e. the cast figurehead is now an Academy Award winner, and then there’s the whole Phillip Seymour Hoffman thing. All that tied up neat with a little bow is a pretty package, but who’s going to fill the gun hand of Captain Boggs, who’s going to fill the severe bob of President Coin, whose plump cheeks tattooed with silver vines will sit, and smirk in a judgmental manner at Katniss Everdeen all whilst in character as Fulvia Cardew? I have no clue, but man do I like to imagine some amazing people in those roles.

I’ve been thinking about putting this actors name into the hat for years, but I’ve kind of southland+jan+2011+michael+cudlitz+3liked keeping it to myself, sort of as a little mental treat. His name is Michael Cudlitz, and he’s one of the stars of one of the best dramas on TV (at least in my opinion), Southland. I’ve watched his work for years, and I don’t just mean on Southland, I mean going back all the way to Band Of Brothers, or the first time I saw him– Six Feet Under. Don’t mind me though, I have a mind that picks up on people who were in one episode of a long time favorite series, see them 15 years later on something I watch regularly now, and end up flailing on the couch going “I know them, I know them!” However with Michael Cudlitz I was more than pleased to see him pop up on series’ like Nip/Tuck, Prison Break, and might I add that his performance on Prison Break was something I still think about today, and it happened over 5 years ago! He’s also had guest spots on Lost, Bones, and now finally he’s one of the stars of Southland. Southland has afforded him ample material for him to metaphorically sink his teeth into. About Cudlitz’s character, he’s a veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, a beat-cop who is content to remain a beat-cop until he retires. His character is layered, like one of those insane bean dips I’ve only ever heard about, or if you prefer– deep dish pizza. Maybe I should tell you his name while I’m at it, Officer John Cooper, I don’t even know where to start with this guy: For one, he’s a recovering addict (pain killers), he’s a training officer, or was– so he’s had to be an authority figure to those outside the squad car, and the poor sod sitting next to him in the squad car, he can be a massive dick, or basically the epitome of a-typical masculinity, and then turn a corner and be the most gentle soul since Babe all whilst consoling, or engaging an injured woman stuck under a tour bus, or a mentally impaired lady confused about where her husband has gone off to, oh, and he’s a closeted gay man. Everything Michael Cudlitz has had to do as"SOUTHLAND" "Unit" / Ep 405 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun Cooper, is like Jennifer Lawrence’s extended audition tape, aka Winter’s Bone. John Cooper isn’t Boggs though, much like how Ree Dolly isn’t Katniss Everdeen, but aspects of their character arcs, and personalities can be seen in Jennifer’s portrayal of Katniss, or for Cudlitz, be seen in his potential portrayal of Boggs. Physically Cudlitz is what Suzanne Collins described, tall, impeccable posture, blue eyes, middle-aged. People who have read the series have later tacked on that they imagined Boggs to be muscular as well, which I tend to agree with, luckily Cudlitz foots the bill in that manner. However, then there’s the matter of availability, which is frankly getting ahead of ourselves– fortunately I know that Southland just wrapped its 5th season, so he’s wide open until the next, or until he takes a role in something else during the hiatus.

There we go! Michael Cudlitz, number 8, or something, of over 100 people on my list for Boggs. It’s going be a long few months, prepare yourselves.


It’s an odd day in Hunger Games franchise news-dome, and all because there’s no Liam Hemsworth tidbits to relate! There’s other ridiculousness however, which either tickles you greatly, or makes you scratch your head and say, “what?” Today something resembling news broke, and it is that the comedienne Rebel Wilson allegedly has had a meeting with Lionsgate about her taking a role in Mockingjay. There are all kinds of questions behind this so-called development in the much awaited, and anticipated casting of Mockingjay, and the first question that crossed my proverbial lips was “are you serious?” Let me be crystal clear on one thing, I like Rebel Wilson, I’ve seen Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, and Bachelorette, and I think she’s an apt comedienne, a talented singer, and savvy lady person– but do I think she fits in the array of actors that already make up the existing cast of The Hunger Games franchise? Not so much.


Rebel, all dolled up and ready for a fight– to prove herself?

Friends of mine, and fellow fans as well, have speculated that if there’s any legitimacy to Rebel’s statements, she’s only “right” for a very small number of roles. Aside from the Capitol citizen with the sausage, and going by her statement that the role is a Capitol citizen, she could be up for the role of Cressida: The rebel Capitol citizen who’s the director of all those notorious propos made to be broadcast to the districts, and later hacked onto the air in the Capitol. She’s described as a young woman with a shaved head, and green vine tattoos. So, for all intents and purposes her physical description is as vague as basically every other secondary character invented by Suzanne Collins. Next we have Fulvia Cardew, aka Plutarch Heavensbee’s uptight assistant. Fulvia’s physical description is vague, (I know– such a surprise), plump cheeks, and silver tattoos gracing said plump cheeks. Rebel’s no Skinny Minnie, we know this, and I don’t begrudge her her size– she’s what I like to call normal, and it’s a welcome sight to those of us who haven’t worn single digit sized jeans in almost a decade. Fulvia is the only character I can realistically see her being up for, but I’m still extremely wary of the thought as I would initially see her casting as a gimmick. All that being said some of the best actors out there make their bread and butter with comedic roles and projects, whilst interspersing or finally being offered dramatic opportunities, and more often than not they do fantastic jobs. Think Robin Williams, Jamie Foxx, Billy Crystal, Albert Brooks, Steve Martin, Jack Lemmon, Danny DeVito, Whoopie Goldberg, Jim Carrey, Mo’nique, Bill Murray, and Patton Oswalt. So, while I’m all twisty and worried, I know that if Rebel is anything like her more seasoned counterparts, she’s probably more than capable of doing a sobbingly moving job in serious work, because comedians are the worlds best observers, and interpreters of human behavior, and the human condition.

You literally have just witnessed my coming to terms with, and being okay with Rebel Wilson being possibly cast in Mockingjay. But only if she’s Fulvia.

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