Buttercup Watch 2011: And The Winner Is..

We have seen a lot of cats around Victor’s Village lately. A LOT OF CATS. But only one could be named the supreme victor of all badass cats: our very own fancast Buttercup!

After three preliminary rounds, one final voting round and tons of campaigning in between, the winner of our Buttercup contest is…

Are you ready?!



After walking away with over 50% of the vote, Sponge and his owner, Christine, have won a Custom Knit Amigurumi Buttercup and Hunger Games Charm Bracelet from ColdHandsWarmArt, a Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Heated Mat and bragging rights!

Custom Knit Amigurumi Buttercup by ColdHandsWarmArt Etsy
Hunger Games Katniss Charm Bracelet ColdHandsWarmArt Etsy
Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Heated Mat


And a massive thank you to all the amazing fans who sent in entries to our first ever contest! All of your cats were amazing and we wish we could reward them all! In that spirit, we’ve got some honorable mentions after the cut!


Buttercup Watch 2011: The Finals

We’re down to the finals round, ladies and gents! One of these rights cats will be named the greatest fancasted Buttercup choice in all the land!

Look at your choices carefully, choose your favorite, and we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, November 2!









Buttercup Watch 2011: Voting Round #3!

Our final qualifying round for our Buttercup Watch 2011 contest is here!

You can find the rules and previous winners listed on our pages for Round #1 and Round #2!

We will announce the Buttercup hopefuls that have advanced to the final round tomorrow, after which a four day voting extravaganza will begin!


Buttercup Watch 2011: Voting Round #2!

We’re back for another Buttercup Watch voting round! We’ve got another batch of brilliantly adorable cats owned by Hunger Games fans all vying to be named the best Buttercup!

In case you missed the rules, check out Round #1!

Record levels of adorableness and some stiff competition await you behind the cut!


Buttercup Watch 2011: Voting Round #1!

Yup.. you read that right. Round 1!

We received nearly 100 entries to our Buttercup contest. All of them were adorable and fabulous, but there IS such thing as kitty overload! How could you choose just one favorite with 100 photos listed in one post?!

To ease the pain, we’re improvising 3 one-day rounds. There are three separate polls in each post, one of every 10 cats. The top three from each round will be entered in the final round for the prize!

Because this post has the potential to blow up many a computer with either cuteness or the terror of a bazillion pictures trying to load at once, voting starts behind the cut!



We ALL know who the best character in The Hunger Games is! He’s smart, funny, crazy and heartwarming all at once. We’d love to feed him some good food and maybe even give him a scratch behind the ears! Oh, and we subscribe to the rumor that he’s immortal. He’s got some horcruxes lying around or something.


You're just lucky this guy's ineligible!

Buttercup is badass. And every cat in the world wants to be him!

There may have been a cat trainer hired for The Hunger Games, but until we see an official picture of THE Buttercup, we’ve decided that the fans need to cast their own!

Who are the candidates? Your cats, of course!

Welcome to Buttercup Watch 2011!


1. Send a photo of your cat, along with both your name and the cat’s name to ButtercupWatch@gmail.com by October 25!

2. Your cat does NOT need to be orange to be entered! Cats of all colors are welcome. But if you feel like photoshopping your cat orange.. go to town!

3. If you own multiple cats, feel free to enter them all (unless you’re a crazy cat lady with 28 of them)! However, please only enter your own cats, as one of the prizes will be for the kitty too!

4. After the submission period ends, we will display the list of competitors and hold a week-long vote to decide who makes the best Buttercup!

Custom Knit Amigurumi Buttercup by ColdHandsWarmArt

Custom Knit Amigurumi Buttercup by ColdHandsWarmArt Etsy


Hunger Games Katniss Charm Bracelet by ColdHandsWarmArt

Hunger Games Katniss Charm Bracelet ColdHandsWarmArt Etsy


Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Heated Mat

Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Heated Mat

Great for kitty cuddling AND wrestling!

What are you waiting for? Get some nice photos of your cat looking all Hollywood and see if he or she has what it takes to be the victor! Again, that e-mail address is ButtercupWatch@gmail.com!



We all love The Hunger Games so damn much that any sort of criticism of it makes us go into kamikaze fan defense mode. This post points out some odd lines people have found in the series that make us tilt our heads and say “Huh?”

Just realize that this is not a serious critique of Suzanne Collins or the Hunger Games in general. This blog exists because this series of one of the best out there. We would never truly knock Suzanne Collins because writing something worth reading is really, really hard (to the 10th power) and she has done so BEAUTIFULLY.

So in the words of Conan O’Brien: BE COOL, MY BABIES!

Hunger Games Awkward Moment


Every now and then in every piece of literature, you just get an awkward line. The author has the best of intentions, but your brain still has to backpedal. It momentarily breaks you away from the story while you try to figure out who the hell would say that in real life. The Hunger Games trilogy is no exception. For instance:

“Probably the drawers hold any number of nightgowns, but I just strip off my shirt and pants and climb into bed in my underwear.”

Say that first part aloud. “Probably the drawers hold any number of nightgowns”. Do you know anyone that talks like this? It’s awkward central. How about “It’s likely there are plenty of nightgowns in the drawers”?

PK9 put this one up on the Mockingjay.net forum. I never caught this one, but apparently a lot of other people did.

“She comes back with a damp cloth and wipes my face gently then cleans the blood from a broken plate off my hands.”

Damn those blood-infused plates! They always make a huge mess when you break them!

Then there are descriptions that shouldn’t be awkward, but I make them awkward because I’m a bad person:

“The small white bird tinged in pink dives down, buries her claws in my chest, and tries to keep me afloat. ‘No, Katniss! You can’t go!'”

Any normal person would be struggling with the deep emotional trauma caused by an unexpected death and Katniss’ own life/death limbo… yet all I can do is visualize a talking Prim-bird.

Lonely Island T-Pain I'm on a Boat


But this, above all, is our personal favorite. District Thirteen. Annie and Finnick’s wedding. Peeta’s immaculately frosted cake is brought out. Haymitch tells Katniss that Peeta would like to see her. Her reaction?

“I’m on a frosting sailboat, tossed around by blue-green waves, the deck shifting beneath my feet.”

We kid you not. That is EXACTLY what popped into our minds, probably yours too. Don’t deny it!

But if you’re looking to find out which quote from the trilogy wins the grand prize for awkwardness held out over the longest stretch, click that “Read More” button!