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Fandom Fakers

Comic-ConComic-Con sounds like a fandom members dream come true, for some people it might even be termed Nerd Heaven. But as always there’s an underbelly to all things bright, shiny, fluffy, and good– and I don’t just mean the ass end of your sweet, unassuming pet cat, I mean something else entirely. I feel like the conversation should start like this, “cool story bro, my cousin went down to Comic-Con in San Diego last week or so, and came back with all this free Hunger Games shit…, he even got some of the cast of the sequel to sign stuff for him!” And the person this person is talking to says, “ah, that’s cool man, I bought all that stuff off ebay two days ago.” Aye, there’s the rub– the exploitative, and shady nature of it all. I mean we knew it would happen, it was as they say, inevitable. But it still stings, y’know?

Right now there are four pages worth of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire merchandise that was exclusive to Comic-Con 2013, up on ebay. I know this because I just looked over them all. It’s not news to those of you who regularly read our stuff here at Victor’s Village, but I am not a merchandise kind of person, unless it’s an original Macintosh chair from the late 19th century, which no one can afford– including me. I do however realize that there are people out there who love all that stuff, all that Mockingjay laden, orange fire detailed, poster-y stuff. Some of you would even call your selves collectors, and some of you are going to be willing to fork over $10 to $30 for a Mockingjay pin that was procured at Comic-Con. What I can’t fathom though is this: There were, or actually are people who willingly stood in line for hours, put up with the screaming, pushing, and pulling hoards, as in the hoards that were disbanded three times by the Fire Marshall, to get their hands on a pin made out of cheap metal, and are now exploiting the fervor for the symbolism behind that measly little pin off on willing and likely a little bit ignorant Hunger Games fans. I say ignorant, because in all likelihood the pin will be made available in a matter of weeks or months to everyone, and buying it off ebay will have made you, well… a sucker.

So we covered that people in those long-ass, noisy, and reckless lines were not all Hunger Games fans. At least that’s the assumption that I’ve made as evidenced by such prized merchandise being put up for profit on an online auction site. I said there are four pages worth of merchandise, right? Well, this is the worst bit, or at least what I personally think is the worst. Remember how certain cast members were on hand for part of the festivities, and that they signed a Mac truck load of posters, books, and possibly babies, for people? Yeah, well some of those posters have made their way online to ebay. This means that

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

Bruno Gunn signing a poster for a fan, or at least we hope he was a fan.

some of those people who stood in those lines, and took time and space away for people who would actually keep, and prize those posters, and those pins, and those minutes with the cast– went and turned around and exploited the time and energy that people like Meta Golding, Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Jena Malone, Jeffrey Wright, and Willow Shields put in– and are attempting to make money off of them. Essentially they’ve been used, and it was without their immediate knowledge, or their permission. Think about it, they probably looked those people in the eye, smiled, exchanged hellos, maybe even had brief conversations with them– and now those experiences have been for all intents and purposes tainted for the cast members who participated. Currently a combo pack of three posters signed by Bruno Gunn, Meta Golding, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund, along with a Catching Fire Mockingjay pin is (sorry, was— bidding ended, and no one bid), going for $99.00 US. Don’t do it kids, save your money, ask cast members via Twitter if they have fan mail P.O. boxes, get your posters signed without having to go through a middle man who just wants your money. Or, wait until after the premiere in November, we’ll likely have prizes for you all if you participate in one of our many content based contests. You have to win of course.

Winning is half the battle, and not just a catch phrase of Charlie Sheen’s.

Them There Eyes


The Days Before Trailer Day

88dfada702bd9c8078bd8ad092857d36The last week has been a whirlwind of activity, actually the last two days have been– but who’s counting! Yesterday three fourths of the Careers showed up on the Comic-Con floor to sign large scraps of paper (posters), books, perhaps body parts, for a clamoring audience of thousands. I’m speaking of course about Meta Golding, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, and Bruno Gunn– Alan Ritchson is I’m assuming still shooting the Ninja Turtle movie, therefore he couldn’t make it. That’s right, our Cashmere, our Brutus, and our Enobaria braved the throngs, and finally got their first in person taste of just how crazy Hunger Games fans can be. Yep, because only a few hours before they hit the floor, but were in the city proper, the San Diego Fire Marshall shut down the Lionsgate booth, because the fervor for Catching Fire Mockingjay pins was so thick, that they deemed the area unsafe. How’s that for an introduction to our special breed of crazy, yeah– and all for a few measly scraps of metal? They seemed to have taken it in stride though, and eventually the craze seemed to die down to a more manageable level. At least that’s what I’m hoping. That was only day one of Comic-Con though, and while day two didn’t have as much of a Catching Fire presence, those who are still in attendance at the Con are possibly just eking by on the anticipation for the main event happening tomorrow. That or they’re still high off of the Veronica Mars panel, The Games of Thrones panel, The Walking Dead panel, the Orphan Black panel, and of course The City of Bones panel. Damn, that’s a lot of panels, hope they’re all well hydrated.

Trailer Day 4.0 is nearly upon us, and I’m calling it 4.0 because this would be the 4th

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Trailer Day on record for this fandom. I think we’re a little excited for it, and I’m pretty sure those who are camping out in the line for Hall H right now as I type, would be counted in the crowd as “excited”. Some of our dear friends are in that line braving sleeping in shifts on the ground, urban camping you might say, and holding their pee in for hours most likely. All I got to say about that is, I hope none of them come out of this experience with a bladder infection, have things like laptops, iPads, DSLR Cameras, or Smartphones stolen– because sidewalk sleeping even at Comic-Con isn’t the safest place in the world. Yes, even if Joss Whedon of Dear-God-Where-Have-You-Been-I-Shouldn’t-Have-To-Tell-You-Who-He-Is, is known to stop by at 3 am, and give campers cupcakes– true story.

Our Twiffidy is in that throng of sidewalk sleepers, so to that I say– you’re a braver woman than me, good-night, and good luck, I wish you dreams of Finnick Odair in only a strategically placed fishing net.

Them There Eyes

Tributes, Tributes Everywhere!

the-hunger-games-catching-fire-posterCouple of days ago a blurry shot of Katniss and Caesar Flickerman on a stage together was leaked over the Internets. And then The Hunger Games fandom went crazy, or if you prefer, the fandom went apoplectic, and then spent an exorbitant amount of time squinting at their iPhone screens, computer screens, or digital pad’s screens, and not necessarily to get a glimpse of Katniss and Caesar. Nope, it was to feast their eyes upon the myriad of Tributes standing in the background of said blurry photo. It was quite literally a scramble of putting the blurry image through photo editing software as to get a better look, or going it old school, and getting out a real magnifying glass. I think the common phrase being uttered during those first few hours was, “I see Tributes, I see Tributes!” Face it, we’re all kind of starved for Hunger Games: Catching Fire news that’s more tangible than a blurb in an entertainment news blog, or a flip 140 or less answer in a Twitter Q & A put on by a cast member. A picture though, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, and also shows us pretty much every Tribute in all their blurry, hair, makeup, and costumed glory.

Today Entertainment Weekly, the magazine gifted the joy of releasing the fully fledged digitalized higher quality version of the photo, finally graced us with said high quality version. And, you guessed it– the crowd went wild. Or, the crowd let out a proverbial sigh, snicker, or woop of joy. For me, it was the latter, because if you’re a regular reader of ours here at Victor’s Village, you know how much I take costume design seriously. And, woo-boy, this new version of the photo is boosting the previous vote of confidence I had where it came to Trish Summerville, the head costume designer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. First off, you should take a gander at the new version of the photo-still, and then come back and read this. I don’t want you to read about what you can simply look at with your own eyes, okay? All right, hopefully you’ve laid your eyes upon the still by now, so I can continue without much of a fuss. Okay, I’ll fuss maybe a little bit!

Here’s what I noticed first: Katniss is the only female Tribute wearing a skirt, other than Cashmere on the far left hand-side, who appears to be wearing what look to be mile high plat-form heels, and a mini-dress. Oh wait, technically Finnick is wearing a skirt as well! But, still– Katniss, for all intents and purposes, is the only female Tribute adorned in an elegantly fashioned feminine gown, all others are in rather androgynous looking suits, tunics, jackets, and fitted trousers to match. Please don’t get me wrong, because I think the looks are working really well. Now for the men: Um, guys– I think Brutus might be wearing a belly-shirt? That or someone with either a pink pointy-ish head, or a monstrous head-piece is standing right in front of him. Belly-shirt, half-shirt, shirt with an oddly shaped swath missing, whatever– we all know by now that Bruno Gunn (Brutus), takes good care of him self, so if anyone in that lot of people is going to go around with half their top missing, let it be him– I doubt anyone Victors-600x376will kick up a fuss. What else about the men? Well, like their female counter parts, I see copious amounts of leather, shiny fabric, and a lot of carefully chosen suit combinations. I see Gloss next to his sister, and he’s wearing the shiniest slate gray coat I have ever seen in all my years, and his hair looks like it’s got a little lift to it thanks to some generously applied hair product. Beetee is towards the center of the group, and he’s in his Capitol Portrait suit, the one that us fan-sites were allowed to debut for you all. There’s one male Tribute who’s missing however, and that’s Peeta. Where’s Peeta? I’m just going to say it now, so it’s out of the way– I think “Where’s Peeta?” should be a slogan for the up coming Mockingjay films. Peeta’s there I have no doubt about that, but I bet he’s just off-stage waiting for Caesar to call him up. Yes, to stand next to his fake fiancee. As for the others that my eyes are getting trapped on, I think Johanna is to the right, clad in leather, and looking mighty tough. I approve, I approve ten times over. To quote one of my favorite films of all time where it comes to the costume designs of this film, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” Damn straight, Dorothy! Damn straight.

Patiently awaiting anything else they want to lay on us that features the Tributes.

Them There Eyes

They’ve Been Facebooked!

There’s a lot to be said about social media, “it’s a fad,” “it’s totally necessary,” “it’s a waste of time,” “no one cares what you had for breakfast, stop tweeting!” Yep, all of that and a few other choice phrases have probably been thrown out where it comes to that big bad thing called social media. Me though, I think it’s great, but today is not about me, nope not at all, today is about several people who just happen to be part of The Hunger Games family, who have either just joined a new aspect of the social media phenomena, or have stepped up and reaffirmed their apparent affection for it. First up, I cannot believe she finally caved, but it is our own Mockingjay her self, Jennifer Lawrence! That’s right, around the same time that HungerGamesExplorer officially launched, Jennifer launched an official Facebook page, and according to the page the lady’s been on Facebook since 2008. Not even kidding, scroll down on her page, and you’ll see it plain as the nose on my face, she’s

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

had a Facebook since 2008, just like the rest of us! I find this telling, especially since she’s said in interviews that she finds social media to be kind of ridiculous, which I can agree with on some level, and disagree with on an entirely different one. social media is simply something that cannot be ignored in this day and age, connectedness is just something we do now, and those who are in the public sphere who embrace this, let’s face it, not new development tend to be liked more by the public. Okay, unless you’re Chris Brown, or Kanye West. In Jennifer’s case though, she’s barely dipped her toes into the water, because her Facebook is kind of empty at this point, and in desperate need of some TLC where it comes to Inter-web-y interaction. Perhaps her team will pick up on this need in a few weeks, until this imagined revelation though expect it to remain pretty sparse.

Now, Ms. Lawrence isn’t the only top billing cast member who has embraced the social media draw, and succumbed to its power, because Josh Hutcherson even has a Facebook dedicated specifically to all things a fan of his needs to know! Or wants to know? I’m not exactly sure on this, but I think Josh might be the person in charge of this page, because all posts seems to be written from his P.O.V, which I think is awesome– because it gives it a more personal touch. Josh is clearly no stranger to the need for using social media, and he seems to have picked a favorite tool, which is Facebook. True, he has a Twitter, but he uses it sparingly, which I can respect, but still not so secretly wish he used it a tiny bit more– ’cause honing your Twitter skills is almost becoming an art form in and of its self.

Not surprising in the least, many other members of The Hunger Games family have Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, most recently however two members of the Catching Fire cast launched official Facebook pages. Bruno Gunn launched his in the last 559045_190552361093648_84713779_nweek or so, and he’s planning to use it much like Josh Hutcherson uses his Facebook, in other words to post on current and up coming career projects, I’d also wholly expect some Catching Fire behind the scenes photos to pop up once the film is released. Bruno previously had an other Facebook page, and if you followed that one, you know he’s pretty deft with the social media interaction, sadly that account has been put to bed, and the new one will in time take its place in a more actively professional capacity. However, If you’re hankering for more social media Inter-web-y action from Bruno, he also launched a WhoSay account recently, and he’s been using it frequently lately, so go follow him there if you so will, and as always he’s an active Twitter and Instagram user.  Last but not least Stephanie Leigh Schlund, AKA our volatile, and sexy Cashmere launched an official Facebook just this week as well.

Have at it y’all, it’s a veritable feast of social media goodness out there! And also, if you didn’t know it already, Victor’s Village has a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Pinterest, and of course a Tumblr.

Them There Eyes

Capitol Portraits: The Minor Issue

If you’re reading this, you probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about The Hunger Games… or you’re looking for photos of Jennifer Lawrence naked or fictional character porn (those are still among some of our most popular search terms, so now we can’t stop making fun of people for it, which leads more people looking for these things here. It’s a vicious cycle!) We’ve read the books. And re-read. And re-read probably several other times. We remember all the tiny details. We analyze it all. WE REGRET NOTHING.

Naturally, we want the Hunger Games movies, as well as the advertising campaigns behind them, to be as thorough as possible. We want all the things. Sadly, fans need to realize something really, really important if we want to keep our sanity: We won’t get everything we want!

We get it! We like looking at pretty people too!

We get it! We like looking at pretty people too!

When the Capitol Portraits were released this past week, There was a bit of an outrage when President Snow turned out to be the last one. What about Enobaria? What about Blight? Where are the morphlings?

We can’t wait to see these characters in the movie too, but let’s all calm our ovaries here. These aren’t the tribute headshots released for the first film, which were probably from hair, makeup, and costume test shots. The Capitol portraits are elaborate, filled with drama, fashion, nuance, and high caliber chairs! We’re also guessing they ain’t cheap!

Most importantly, the Capitol Portraits tell a story about each character. In one snap we see who they are, where they came from, and why they’re important to the books. Every character is important in their own way (which is kind of like when your elementary school teacher explains that everyone is special), but some are not as important as we want them to be.

Hilarious, but not quite the same!

Hilarious, but not quite the same!

Bruno Gunn, for example, is our homeslice. He already reads our posts and tweets us pretty regularly. We do a happy dance every time while outwardly pretending it’s no big deal (HI BRUNO!) Naturally, we’d love to see him get a Capitol Portrait, but the thing is that it’s not HIS portrait, it’s his character’s. Brutus is a big ol’ Capitol lackey from District 2. He’s a not-so-centralized part of the pre-Games events, then he causes some chaos in the arena, then PEETA KILLS HIM. That’s about all we got. It’s not much to go on. What would his outfit be and what would it say about him? What would his chair allude to? How would his alliances be depicted?

As much as we wonder about Wiress and Cashmere and Gloss’ studly shoulders, there’s something to be noted about these characters. They are MINOR characters, ones that don’t even make it to Mockingjay. You can love them (we do!) but Lionsgate isn’t going to concern themselves with getting new fans to fall in love with them.

When Catching Fire comes around, those minor characters you’ve been waiting to see will still be there. By November, we bet you’ll even be glad that all of their details weren’t given out in the very first advertisements (disappointingly early release of the wedding dress, anyone?!)

Take It Down A Notch! They’ll Still Be In The Movie!

The Girl With The Pearl

Let’s Go To The Aquarium!

Before all the Internets was abuzz with spoiler laden photos of The Gruesome Threesome in Hawaii in full on Arena wears, and other stuff that I won’t be talking about, because they are in fact spoilers, and I respect people’s choices not to view said spoiler laden photos. By the way you should very much so be reading the word spoilers, how I do in my head. Yes– like a tiny girl whispering “witches…” all conspiratorial and creepy like, or– how The Albino in The Princess Bride first uttered “The Depths of Despair…” take your pick, both work for me. A couple of weeks ago though, or maybe less than that, the cool place to go for the cast of Catching Fire, and not in a beautifully, and thoughtfully designed costume by Trisha Summerville, was The Georgia Aquarium! The cast for the most part have left Georgia however, and the cool place for the new shooting location has yet to be determined (I’m hoping it’s a Shave Ice place). The Aquarium by my count though was visited by more than half the cast, including the charming and quirky Ms. Lawrence, the equally charming and eloquent Josh Hutcherson, and the ever enthusiastic and positive thinker– Mr. Bruno Gunn. Basically, some of those fair water-dwelling creatures were ogled by some famous humans, some were even touched by them, but not inappropriately.

The last time I went to an aquarium was probably more than a decade ago, I do personally live in a coastal state in the US that boasts a healthy fishing industry– in fact I live in what will eventually be District 4, you know if the world goes the way Suzanne Collins wrote. I’m no more than an hour away from the ocean, that’s if you don’t stop for ice cream, or jerky at one of those fruit stands that seem to always dot and line touristy highways all over the US and Canada. What I remember about the aquarium in my world though, is what I see in photos of the Georgia Aquarium. Large vista rich enclosures that span over peoples heads as they walk through tunnels made of glass. I don’t recall how long it took to get through my aquarium, but I’ve been told that the Georgia Aquarium is a speedy walk-through of about 90 minutes– but if you’re like me, you’ll get stuck in front of the jelly fish exhibit, and marvel at how a spineless prehistoric creature can be so mesmerizing, and down right comforting to watch. The Georgia Aquarium is top notch in comparison to the two that I’ve visited in my life, which if you’re curious are The Oregon Coast Aquarium, where Keiko the Orca (Free Willy), lived before he was partially set free in the North Atlantic, and The Monterey Bay Aquarium right off Cannery Row, which was immortalized in the stunning novella by John Steinbeck– Cannery Row.

I have to tell you all though, mermaids don’t exist.

Them There Eyes

The… Wait, What?

After last weeks rampage of paparazzi shots of our fair cast, there’s been almost a complete and utter stoppage of all that. Okay, maybe there’s been some, but unlike your average monkey, I don’t click on every picture link that pops up in my in-box, or in my Twitter-feed. Yep, apparently I have self control, which frankly is an amazing thing to realize about yourself, right? The lull though, what does it mean? Yes, you should all picture a crazed lady holding her head saying “what does it all mean!” when you read that sentence, or you could just read over it with a completely innocuous ere, and move on with your lives. But, yes… what does it mean?

Like everyone else who’s overly involved in the process of these books being made into a

Who are you!?

films, I follow all the cast members who have Twitter accounts, and while they can’t say anything specific about production in their feeds, if you’re paying attention, things slip out that tell you kinda sorta what’s going down. The paparazzi shots last week, yep– those may not have been the beginning of filming for many of the people in the shots. Why do I say that? Because, seemingly half the cast are no longer in Atlanta, also a few have pared down on tweeting almost altogether, and it’s starting to look more and more like those precious digital markers of “OMG IT’S HAPPENING!“, were not people milling about between scenes, they’re looking more and more like people milling about, and shooting the shit between promo shots, and costume fittings. That in mind, the leads are definitely working their butts off, it’s the Tributes who are off elsewhere.

Meh, at least Bruno Gunn tweets photos of his dog, and Stephanie Schlund tweets photos of rainbows.

Them There Eyes

The Newly Crowned Clown

Sometimes there are unexpected gems unearthed in the slowly being erected foundations of this wonderful thing called The Cast of Catching Fire, and those gems are not only the über class some of these people bring to the table, acting talent wise that is. However, after careful examination there are a few real diamonds in the rough, and some of those diamonds are members of the cast who’ve deemed the wonderful place known as Twitter, as a playground for their aimless, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes ridiculous thoughts. Last summer when the cast of The Hunger Games was established, and then almost all the Tributes’ Twitter handles were revealed– most of us went along and followed them. I always felt a bit strange following a bevy of teenagers personally, but I sucked it up and followed the boys and the girls from District 1 to District 11 (Josh Hutcherson didn’t start using Twitter again until 2012.), thankfully the boy from District 11 was, and is very legal– so, I didn’t feel completely weird about following him at 23-24 years of age. Others though, I just don’t think I can ever feel truly comfortable following someone who’s not old enough to get a drivers license. Although, I’ve made the exception for Willow Shields, and Amandla Stenberg.

For me, and maybe for some of you out there, one of the more appealing things about the cast of Catching Fire, is the fact that everyone who’s been cast so far is an adult, and we no longer have to avert our eyes when they do or say something questionable– wait, I personally still have to do that, ’cause I still follow some of last years Tributes. This time though, or this summer– no one in the new cast has done, or said anything too off kilter, and like I said above– some of them have turned out to be gems. Not that it’s a contest or anything, but some of these people are better at using Twitter than others, and in that sense– I guess there sort of is a contest going on, but maybe we shouldn’t tell them. So, without further ado, I bring you a comprehensive list of who’s best/better at using Twitter in the cast of Catching Fire!

She Sings, she acts– she’d rather use Facebook!

 Coming in last place is unfortunately Ms. Maria Howell, aka @MariaSingsActs. Maria’s Twitter timeline for the most part is tweets asking people to go like her Facebook page– which defeats the purpose of having a Twitter, doesn’t it? Does for me, but I don’t matter– do I, do I? Perhaps the limitation of 140 characters to express her self has proven too daunting, I know I didn’t get a hang of it for a while. Time will tell if Maria’s tweeting skills advance over the span of the next year, ’cause being part of this project is likely to change her life, and possibly her Twitter habits.

Next up is another lady, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, aka

Gym shoes!

@1StephanieLeigh! I’m sure she’s a sweetheart, and she’s very thankful for the complimentary tweets she’s received from fans after being cast, and judging by her tweets of the last day or so, she really loves her sister. However, and this is going to sound awful, all she’s tweeted lately are glamorous Instagram’s of herself. Survey says, I need more substance than tweeting about finding her gym shoes, her appreciation for the congratulations on being cast in what’s sure to be one of the biggest money making films November after next. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, especially since it looks like she took a break from the Twitter-sphere somewhat recently, and just got back into it.

Brutus Brutally Loves Hash-tags

I’m happy to announce that Bruno Gunn aka @BrunoGunn is a laugh, and I’m not pulling anyone’s invisible tail when I say that. He’s probably the most enthusiastic Tribute to be added to the roster, and man does he love a hash-tag! Bruno’s a fan of not only hash-tags, he’s also a fan of replying to fans, and also– the man likes puns.

Running ahead of Mr. Gunn is of course our

He knows how to waste time on Le Twitter like the best of ’em!

dear, and newly crowned Finnick Odair– Sam Claflin aka @samclaflin. Sam’s Twitter avatar pretty much says it all, he’s jocular, and yep– he knows how to carry on an almost hour-long Twitter-wide conversation about combining different words into drunkenly hysterical matings. Also, he’s apparently not afraid to start singing to himself in public when he’s bored, alone, and did I mention bored… whilst at the airport. Sam gets a very shiny, completely non-existent silver medal for knowing how to use 140 characters, and use them well.

Don’t be fooled by the jawline, he’ll make you laugh your face off.

Which brings us to the winner of this non-contest! But here it is, or he is– Mr. Alan Ritchson aka @alanritchson. Alan is kind of a master at tweeting, perhaps it’s his song-writing skills being put to use, or the training he received whilst being part of a comedy television show– but damn-it-he’s-just-fuckin’-funny! Personally, I was not expecting him to be the winner of this non-contest, but he so is, because he goes and says things like, “all the training I’ve been doing has rendered the lower 98% of my body useless. I’m thirsty, I’ll drag myself to the sink by my face now.” Or this glittering jewel of hilarity he tweeted just today, I warn you now to read the caption first. Okay, and not only is he hilarious, but he’s also an expectant father who tweets about putting up animal decals in his unborn child’s room, which of course makes anyone with a soul let out an “awwwwwe”. So, there you have it– Ritchson wins the shiny, shiny gold! I cannot wait ’til he makes me despise his character like Xander Ludwig did last March, thus making me admire him for not only being funny, but being a talented actor — Alan I mean. Okay, Xander as well, can’t forget good ol’ Xander!

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Them There Eyes aka @Rebekahdg

They’ll Cut You

Within the last several weeks we’ve got not quite a deluge of casting confirmations for our beloved Catching Fire, but a good healthy sprinkling or two or three. Last two days we finally got our Enobaria, in the remarkably attractive Meta Golding, and our Brutus is now a Bruno,

Brutus is a Bruno

and he looks a might Italian, and it turns out– he totally is (other name is Gioiello, Gunn’s a stage-name). I don’t know why I find this appropriate? No, wait, I do– ’cause the original Brutus, the Roman figure actually, he was refined, deceitful, bit of a mama’s boy some people have interpreted, also conflicted (but who isn’t when you’re plotting to murder the leader of an empire?), also Rome’s in Italy, so there’s that. Personally, I always pictured both Enobaria and Brutus to look ethnic, and having a woman who’s Haitian, and a square jawed Italian guy from Ohio, well– works with my head canon like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s kind of astounding really how the supporting cast is jelling, so to speak, and that the people they’re pulling from the ranks are very much so filling the pictures many already had had in their minds for years. Take Lynn Cohen for instance– who I think I can say no one has anything bad to say about, except she’s not Betty White, right? It has to be addressed though, to those who wanted Betty White, that was never going to happen, she makes a living off of being Betty White, not being an actress– and the role of Mags requires someone who’s known for her acting chops, not her public persona. So, if you’re sad that Mags will be embodied by a respected actress, instead of a public figure, I don’t know, go watch re-runs of The Golden Girls? Lynn Cohen though, she’s the real deal– and we should be satisfied that they chose her, ’nuff said. 

Which brings me to the sad and somewhat disconcerting realization that some characters

Lynn Cohen

won’t even make the cut. Enobaria, Brutus, Mags, and all of the other tributes/victors, they’re going to make it, we know this from viewing innumerable times. But, there are secondary characters who aren’t victors who don’t have a name plate and an empty spot on that virtual board: I’m speaking of characters like Darius, Cray, Thread, Hazelle Hawthorne, all the Hawthornes really, Leevy, Bonnie, Twill, and possibly even Annie Cresta. Thread may make the cut, because we’ve seen rumblings just this week about Sons of Anarchy’s Patrick St. Esprit being in talks, but rumors are rumors, and we can’t believe them as far as we can throw our computer monitors. All of these characters are subject to being either cut down, or cut out of the story entirely, just like Madge Undersee, Lavinia, Mr. Mellark, and Greasy Sae were cut out of The Hunger Games. All of these characters serve, or served a purpose in the story, Madge’s purpose was replaced by a merchant in The Hob and a concerned look on the

Thread is that you?

woman’s face, Sae was maybe just someone in the background, and Mr. Mellark, well– he just doesn’t exist in Gary Ross’ version of the story, which makes me more sad than I thought I would be, because his scene with Katniss was extremely moving in the novel, and it would have given a bit more depth to both Katniss and to Peeta if they’d kept him in. From what we know about Catching Fire and the vision behind the film its self, is semi reassuring though, for the fact that we’ve repeatedly heard from actors, and from the director that the screenplay is the book, and they want to make the film the book. But is this a watered down, chopped up version of the book, where characters like Darius won’t see the light of day, because his actions, and humor can be replaced, or ignored? Will they omit Hazelle Hawthorne, and not give Gale the depth of having a face and a voice to embody a huge part of his family, and thus in a way ignore that his family is why he pretty much does EVERYTHING. I don’t know, all I know is– there are a few things I can see within reason removing or omitting from the story, but in many cases omitting secondary characters will do a disservice to the humanity, the expanse, and the diversity of the story as a whole.

Also, I like gingers.

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