Blacksparrow Auctions

Costumes Galore

Blacksparrow Auctions are taking the costumes from the first Hunger Games movie on a nationwide tour and then auctioning them off. ALL of the costumes. So what do you need to know?

Well, they’ve announced some dates all over the US where they would be taking the costumes. If you want to see them, now is your chance because after they’re done, the costumes will be sold to the highest bidders. They will be choosing from all the costumes so who knows what will and displaying different sets of outfits at each location.

And this auction is not just for the rich and stupidly wealthy. There should be some for more modest price ranges too.

I must say that if you can make your way to a stop on the costume tour, you should go. I’ve gotten to see them up close, and they are great. Seeing the costumes in person is a whole lot different from seeing them in the movie. You get to appreciate the detail put into the costumes, like how Katniss’s hunter shirt is so raggedy looking up close. Imagine being able to size yourself up next to one of Effie’s outfits

They have announced these dates so far:

Seattle, WA – Emerald City Comic Con – March 1-3
Chicago, IL – C2E2 – April 26-28
New York – New York Comic Con – October 10-1

But keep an eye out because more dates may be added. We’ve just gotten wind that they may be at FIDM in Los Angeles. If you’re in the LA area and didn’t get to see them at The Hollywood Show, you still might just get your chance.

So check them out if you can! There are pics of me doing just that after the cut.

I wish they could auction off Seneca Crane’s beard