Awards Season and The Grateful Scale

According to a recent article in some random tabloid that claims to be business related, Jennifer Lawrence is totally ungrateful for her Best Supporting Actress nominations this awards season.

Let's face it--- This scenario would distract anyone.

Let’s face it— This scenario would distract anyone.

Why? Because she been working instead of sitting around obsessing over them. No, really! Here’s what Jen told Deadline:

“I didn’t remember that the BAFTAs were happening that day. I certainly did not think I was going to win one so I put it out of my mind. So there I was, in the middle of being painted blue, and someone said, ‘You just won the BAFTA!’ And I said, ‘Oh, go f*ck yourself!’ And then it turned out they were serious.”

This combined with a quote in which she said she was glad to be away from the pressure of awards season, according to International Business Times, is a surefire sign that she is totally ungrateful for her awards and nominations.

To which we say… WHAT FUCKERY IS THIS? Have you ever been invited to an event that you know you can’t attend, then you get busy about things and forget about it? Hell, we get busy and forget about events we plan to attend! So why is it a shock that as she bounces back and forth between two movies, Jennifer Lawrence might have lost track of the date of the BAFTAs?

We have to laugh, because as much as David O. Russell wants to make snarky comments about the Mockingjay films enslaving Jen, she was on the X-Men set when she missed this event. But otherwise, it’s just RIDIC. The alternative is Jen obsessively forcing someone else to constantly update her on the BAFTAs as she’s supposed to be focused on her current job, running around set like “I’m nominated for an award! People are busy talking about me and I couldn’t be there! Wah!” Thankfully, Jen is not like that, which is why we don’t feel the desire to punch her in the face.

And let’s face it, folks: As much as WE love the glitz and glamour, we get to enjoy it from our homes in our snuggies. Yes, I have a snuggie. It has the Hogwarts house crests on it. STOP JUDGING ME.

She also mentioned still being devastated by this moment

She also mentioned still being devastated by this moment

We get why Jen feels relieved because she missed out on some of the pressure of awards seasons. For stars, it goes a little something like this:
1) Be pressured by your team of a bazillion people to look better than you’ve ever looked before, which is not an easy task. Meetings, dieting, fittings, and lots of stressing.
2) Go on the red carpet with said great look, have many critics and fans tear it apart.
3) Get interviewed about everything under the sun, including things you probably don’t want to share with the world. Get judged by millions based on the few sentences you say.
4) Worry for several hours about the chances of winning, your facial expressions, tripping, any presenting duties, and the chances you’ll have to stand up on front of an outrageously sized audience and spill your guts.
5) Get interviewed again about previous winning or losing. Get judged some more based on reaction.

Yes, it’s fun for us. Stars do get perks like wearing beautiful gowns, holding shiny statues, and getting some extra time in the spotlight that may open up the opportunity for new roles. But they’ve also got a salivating audience just waiting for them to reveal their flaws and embarrass themselves. As a star, you have to be a strange combination of perfectionist and attention whore to enjoy the awards season without any qualms. Hence why the ones who are always like “OMG I LIVE FOR THIS!” are usually the ones who seem to live in an alternate dimension of entitlement.

Look, not every word an actress says will ever be perfect, but let’s not go looking for excuses to tear it apart. Jennifer Lawrence has been astoundingly down-to-Earth about the awards season and other media endeavors meant to swell up an actor’s ago til it’s nice and obese, ignoring the hype and focusing on actually acting. And frankly, if that’s being “ungrateful,” we wish more stars were ungrateful.

We’ll Can That Universe Entitlementia! Lots Of Pretty People Hang There.
The Girl With The Pearl

The Catching Fire Oscar Snub

We always have high apple pie in the sky hopes for The Hunger Games franchise, but we know that Catching Fire wasn’t going to get a shot at anything but technical awards, thanks to that “We don’t recognize anything that’s popular with the peasants” Academy attitude we’ve discussed before.

So you can imagine our reaction as we read down that list of nominees…

*scanning the acting categories*



Admission: We haven’t actual seen American Hustle yet. We’ve heard from others that Jen was fantastic, though the movie on the whole was a bit overrated. So YAY J-LAW!

We knew it would be the coldest day in hell when the Academy considered any actor for their role in a fantasy blockbuster aimed at young adults, even ones they love like Jen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Stanley Tucci. Thus we’ll take little victories like actors we love getting nominated for other things.

And then…
*scanning the technical categories*

Bad Grandpa? The Lone RangerTWICE?! We don’t know what Disney is putting in that Academy kool-aid but DAMN, it must be powerful! But wait… No Catching Fire?!


What the actual fuck?

Let’s talk costumes. Many media outlets have repeatedly discussed the possibility of Catching Fire winning the Academy Award in this category as if the nomination itself was a no-brainer. And they’re right! Trish Summerville created a showcase of brilliantly crafted designs that not only looked spectacular on film, but told the story of each individual character. The intricate detail is honestly some of the most impressive costume design we’ve ever seen. Instead, pretty but same-y era movies got the recognition instead.

How about makeup and hairstyling? Are they really giving a nomination to The Lone Ranger for throwing sloppy face paint on Johnny Depp and Jackass for making Johnny Knoxville look geriatric? Yet the outrageous Capitol hair and makeup is totally overlooked! Then again, these are the same people who said the makeup that made Meryl Streep look like Margaret Thatcher was more award-worthy than the hundreds of intricate, unique designs found in the seventh Harry Potter film.

A small part of me wonders if Capitol Couture marketing hype, including the push into clothing and makeup sales (even going back to the nail polish line for the first film) , put a bad taste in the mouths of prominent Hollywood voters. Or maybe they don’t like that the style kinda mocks them. Who knows?

Don’t even get us started on visual effects! We’re glad Peter Jackson’s WETA got nominated for Desolation of Smaug, their work alongside the rest of the FX team on Catching Fire should also get recognition over most of the films actually nominated, which probably featured MORE special effects, but not necessarily effects of the same quality.

Alas, we should just accept that we’re talking about a bunch of old white guys making picks based off studio politics and this year, there was even less variety than usual. They stuck to their faves and they stuck to them HARD. Too bad it makes them look like total asses.

OH OH OH OH OH and MUSIC! Coldplay practically tailored ‘Altas’ specifically for the Academy. Plus, they tend to get attention of awards circuits in general. Now NOTHING? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Go Home, Academy. You’re Drunk.
The Girl With The Pearl

All the Awards

Hi – it’s JJ. I’ve written a couple posts on here (and here) before and it seems like you’ll be seeing them from me more often now. Try to contain your excitement, please.

The Golden Globes were last night – one of my favorite nights of the year. I love Awards Season. It’s the little bright spot in the middle of the dark, frozen gloom of January and February. And fortunately, with so much talent in the Hunger Games franchise, our favorite actors, writers, etc. are often nominated or sometimes even win… for work they do outside the franchise. I mean, last year’s Jennifer Lawrence Awards Bonanza was sweet. I loved watching every minute of it. And last night, she did it again with her Best Supporting Actress win in American Hustle! It’s amazing that she is getting recognized two years in a row.

Sorry, but I'm going to pretend this award is for her work in Catching Fire (JEFF VESPA/WIREIMAGE)

Sorry, but I’m going to pretend this award is for her work in Catching Fire (JEFF VESPA/WIREIMAGE)

Still, in my excitement for this year’s awards season, I get a little twinge of annoyance.  The Girl With the Pearl wrote about the two different types of awards; ones selected by people within the entertainment industry, and the awards from fans voting obsessively over and over again on the internet.  The fan awards will likely give Catching Fire some love, but I have to agree with her and Them There Eyes that the industry ones are probably going to be few and far between for our beloved movie.

Catching Fire got lots of well-deserved critical praise when it premiered and may get awards recognition in the music, makeup, and costume categories. It was a fantastic movie on all counts and is breaking records at the box office. I should be satisfied and happy with this. But I’m not.

I want the acting to be recognized too.  While Jennifer Lawrence gave a fantastic performance in American Hustle, it seems odd to be talking about this role when I think many of us would argue it’s not her top performance of the year.  It was her role as Katniss. The emotional range she goes through in Catching Fire and the authenticity she brings to the role is stellar. She OWNS this role. This is the role that should be standing out for her this year, shouldn’t it?

Listen, I know how the awards process works.  And Catching Fire is a sci-fi blockbuster movie with a female lead. The odds of Catching Fire and Jen’s performance as Katniss getting recognition with the highbrow industry awards set were never in their favor. And I’m happy she’s getting such praise for her work in other films. At least the Critics’ Choice Awards are kind enough to have a “Best Action Movie” and “Best Actress in an Action Movie” category. So look out for that on January 16.

And yes, it’s a good thing to spread around the award season love to smaller films and other actors. I get it.

The movie-going public certainly voted for Catching Fire with their wallets, so I guess that should be enough.

But nah, STILL NOT ENOUGH. All the awards of my heart to Catching Fire.


Catching Fire’s Awards Season Conundrum

Tis the season for awards! Now the question is this… Which type of award would mean the most for The Hunger Games franchise and its actors?

There are two basic types of award shows:
1) The “We’re Too Prestigious for Whatever These Peasants Find ‘Popular'” kind like The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes
2) The Magical Internet Pony voting-based kind like The People’s Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards

Award Show Option #1...

Award Show Option #1…

Both definitely have their faults. For instance, The Academy Awards are sometimes considered Hollywood politics that aren’t really based on the actor’s/director’s worthiness in one particular film. The MTV Movie Awards is based on whose crazed fans are more inclined the vote over and over again and not necessarily on the quality of the work. But in both cases, doesn’t just being nominated mean you’re doing SOMETHING right?!

Catching Fire has already snagged Golden Globe nominations for music, Coldplay’s “Atlas”, and Jennifer Lawrence is up for Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle. Both noms are expected to carry over to The Oscars, with additional Catching Fire nominations for Hair, Makeup, and Costumes. Of course, the movie and its team are expected to be nominated for a whole slew of voter based awards and just picked up a People’s Choice Award last night.

.. VS Option #2

.. VS Option #2

But what makes the Golden Globes and Academy Awards prestigious? Because critics and people in the movie industry so? And what about those Magical Internet Pony awards? Are they important because the fangirls pump up the adrenaline to support movie that are typically already successful? CAN WE GET A HAPPY MEDIUM?

We’re competitive. When Catching Fire or the actors get nominated, we want to WIN ALL THE THINGS! And we do tend to put more stock in the snooty award shows, maybe because they’re not also rewarding Britney Spears and that Beauty and the Beast sci-fi show. But even so, we’re trying to understand the appeal of both.

As long as Team Hunger Games beats out all those other bitches. Yup!

“It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated”… LIES!

The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Fans Are Cheaters… AKA Kids At Heart

Let’s all stop and admit to something: We are a bunch of big, dirty cheating cheaters!

It’s not our fault! When you’re swimming with sharks or running with wolves or existing alongside some vicious creature (aka other fandoms!), you do what you gotta do to come out on top!


It least it looks cooler than an Oscar!

How did this revelation come about, you ask?
Today was a big day for me on a personal level, as I managed to pull off my sister’s bridal shower without murdering anyone in the process. But even in the middle of playing party hostess extraordinaire, The Hunger Games still worked its way into the day… because everyone knows I’m a huge fandom geek.

This time, it was a cousin who has children in the appropriate Kids Choice Awards age range. To paraphrase…
Her: “We were watching The Kids Choice Awards last night. The Hunger Games won a bunch of stuff! I was kind of surprised, given the age range.”
Me: “Oh, the Internet knows no age range. Maybe 10 percent of the people voting for The Hunger Games were actually age appropriate. When voting is all online, an 80-year-old could vote for the Kids Choice and no one would be the wiser. Kids voted, I’m sure, but I guarantee you there were way more adults. Hell, I bet some cleared their cookies and voted multiple times.”
Her: “Don’t grown adults have better things to do with their time?”
Me: “Sadly, no.”

From there, I tried to point out Alexander Ludwig’s heinous comb-over. She didn’t recall, but SERIOUSLY, WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?!

Anyhow, clearly there’s a large chunk of cheaters among us! Not to say that there aren’t kids who have read or seen The Hunger Games– we’re under the firm belief that it’s up to parents to decide when their children can watch certain books or read certain books– but we wouldn’t guess that the majority of kids are totally saavy on books and movies heavy on death and political turmoil. Plus, WE KNOW about the cheating because we helped facilitate it through our social networks! Because if The Hunger Games is nominated, WE BETTER WIN, DAMMIT!

Willow's elbows FTW!

Willow’s elbows FTW!

We’re not the only ones, of course! Kristen Stewart won not one but two awards. Plus Johnny Depp took home the award for Best Actor for Dark Shadows, which was a great movie… said no kid ever. They seem a little out of place among the wins for Selena Gomez and One Direction and Spongebob Squarepants. That’s because they are! They were put there for the fandoms and the fandoms ensured the win, regardless of supposed “age restrictions”.

For the record, it was totally worth it, simply for that moment we realized that Willow Shields is both adorable AND double jointed in her elbows!

We All Know We Have the Maturity Level of a Ten Year-Old Anyway,
The Girl With The Pearl



Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Academy Awards 2013 red carpet

And looked FABULOUS doing it!

*cough* We mean, not that we’re that surprised. We explained our high hopes after seeing Silver Linings Playbook and her steady string of wins beforehand, but nothing is guaranteed until it happens and IT DID. If ever you stumble across this in an alternate universe where you find yourself on Hunger Games humor blogs: CONGRATULATIONS, JENNIFER!

Also, before the fandom snobs come out to say “So what? She didn’t win for The Hunger Games. Why is the fandom making a big deal out of it?” Just leave the party (aka this blog) NOW. You are uninvited, because you clearly don’t get it, man! Jennifer is the core of the films and we support her in all her endeavors because she’s whip smart, grounded, and doing all she can to make great films… We even forgive her for House at the End of the Street!

But before the Oscar was even won, fans were all a-Twitter about what could happen if she did…


Yes, the curse in which talented actors win an Academy Award and then go on to take a professional cliff dive into ridiculously bad film choices that make audiences wince, with the occasional decent but not-very-worthwhile role thrown in there. Halle Berry, Marisa Tomei, Adrien Brody, and Cuba Gooding Jr. are popular examples of the phenomenon at work. Will Jennifer Lawrence be next?

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Academy Awards 2013 trip fall


To help riddle this out, we’ve created a list of what could happen to Jen’s career:
1. Catching Fire, Mockingjay: Part 1, and Mockingjay: Part 2 could all bomb critically despite intense popularity, thus truly making it the next Twilight.
2. Beloved Hollywood directing icon in the making, David O. Russell, could turn Jennifer’s other upcoming films, The Ends of the Earth and an untitled Abscam film, into utter disasters.
3. After receiving almost every script she qualifies for a role in, she picks all the most tired, oldest concepts and roles that she can easily phone in.
4. She quits acting to pursue a career in crab fishing or cattle ranching, never to be seen in Hollywood again.
5. She makes her upcoming films. They are released and most likely get good receptions from both audiences and critics. She makes more movies, some of which probably miss the mark, but she tries to make smart film choices and acts the hell out of them either way. She gets plenty more opportunity for recognition over the next several years.

We might be straight up craaaaaaazy, but we’re gonna go with #5!

For every “Oscar curse” recipient, there are others who have won in multiple occasions or even been well-received throughout their careers without a slew of extra nominations. Daniel Day-Lewis won his third Lead Actor award tonight and it’s not coincidence– the man has talent and he took on challenging, risky roles that paid off over the course of a long career. He’s astounding but he’s not superhuman, so why should we expect other winners like Jennifer to fail?

We Trip Every Day! Talk About Us Instead, Media!
The Girl With The Pearl

Oscar Hopes

oscars1-feb23The Oscars are just hours away now, and as Jennifer Lawrence is up for Best Actress for a second time, I’ve just gotta cross my fingers for her. I’ve been rooting for Jennifer and the film itself since I first saw it last November (I’ve seen it at least 4 times since, the latest was a trip to the movies last night), and a lot has happened since then.

Silver Linings Playbook and Jennifer have since achieved several awards and nominations, Jennifer having most recently won an Independent Spirit Award. Jennifer has also won a Golden Globe, which the acceptance speech for it got her some negative attention from people who didn’t get the joke (still judging you if you took that seriously, just saying), and she appeared on Saturday Night Live to mixed reviews. Toss in bouts of the flu and pneumonia and more Catching Fire filming, and it’s evident it’s been a crazy couple of months for her.

I’ve seen several of the Oscar movies since and have felt that Jennifer’s performance still wins it for me. Do the Oscar voters agree with me? We’ll see Sunday night. And remember, it’s okay if she doesn’t win. Seriously, no need to be sore if it isn’t Jennifer who wins. I mean, we don’t want to see anyone bad-mouthing a 9 year old for winning. I know it’s cliche, but it really is an honor just to be nominated. And remember to ignore those pesky catfight rumors. But hey, we’ve still got high hopes.

High apple-pie-in-the-sky hopes


Vanity Fair HollywoodThe other day, I read an article where Jessica Chastain denied on her Facebook page that there was a feud between her and our dear Jennifer Lawrence. To which, I went, Hold up, people actually think they’re feuding?! And it’s a big enough problem where Ms. Chastain actually had to address it?

In fact, this was courtesy of the ever reliable source, ShowBiz Spy. Gross.

Sure, they’re in about every best actress race there is during this prestige season, and they’re always mentioned as the two frontrunners to boot. But so are several nominees in other categories. That actually tends to be the case, the same people, plus or minus an Affleck, tend to get nominated in the same categories for each award. It doesn’t mean everyone is feuding.

In fact, during awards season, the nominees tend to hang out with each other a lot during press events and what not and they always seem to have great camaraderie among them. Didn’t Jennifer say Sally Field joked they should carpool? And one of my favorite best actress moments ever – and let’s face it top 5 for awards show moments just in general at least – was during the 2011 Emmys in the comedy category when the lovely female nominees stood together on stage in support and genuine fondness of each other.

But no, two highly lauded, successful actresses MUST be feuding. If the media were to be believed, every actress must hate Jennifer, from Kristen Stewart to Angelina Jolie and now Jessica Chastain. Each story just seems more ludicrous than the next.

From Jessica’s statement:

“Please don’t allow the media to perpetuate the myth that women aren’t supportive of each other. Every time an actress is celebrated for her great work, I cheer. For the more brilliant their performance, the more the audience demands stories about women. With support and encouragement, we help to inspire this industry to create opportunities for women. And as we all know: a great year for women in film, is just a great year for film.”

So can we please put this one to rest?

The only ‘catfight’ Jennifer should be involved in is with Buttercup

Buttercup Hiss


We Beat Meryl Streep

The First Wives Club isn’t a movie that most people in my generation memorize. We’ve seen it, but it was mostly something that we watched when they played it a lot on basic cable television when we were little. It was appreciated a bit then mostly forgotten by most of us. Then again, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the same as most of our generation.



In her Golden Globes acceptance speech, it became clear that Jennifer Lawrence has memorized The First Wives Club when, despite a 104 degree fever, she spouted out several jokes including a cheeky “I beat Meryl Streep!”

Let’s get say that I haven’t seen the movie in AT LEAST 10 years and I recognized the quote as said by Bette Midler, mainly because Bette Midler has a way of saying things that makes it hard to forget!

Hollywood exploded, because Hollywood is full of oversensitive idiots. The charge has been led by Lindsay Lohan, who– OH, IT’S JUST TOO EASY! Let’s just remind you that we did once suggest her for the female morphling role and we seriously doubt she’s watched enough decent cinema.

Even for those of us who didn’t recognize the quote, Jennifer quotes it in the same tone as Bette Midler, which is clearly not serious. Jennifer is giddy, she’s unpredictable, but she’s also really, really friendly. You think one big award win and she’s going to start spitting on America’s sweethearts? Really?! This was the Best Actress in a Comedy category and we can’t crack jokes?!

Hollywood has a collective stick shoved up an uncomfortable place from which it should be removed. A trophy shaped stick.

One of the only people who hasn’t spoken out about this ridiculous so called “controversy” is Meryl Streep, who was probably smart enough to 1) get the joke and 2) not be an arrogant diva who talks about it all over the media. It’s sad that she’ll probably have to address it some other time. we bet she’s rolling her eyes just thinking about it, sighing at all of the people too silly to take a joke.

Meryl is Rolling in Her Millions and Not Really Worrying About It,
The Girl With The Pearl

Comedy or Error?

Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Silver Linings Playbook

There are smiles…

As predicted, awards season nominations have been very good to Jennifer Lawrence and her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Deservedly so, seeing as fans and critics alike have raved about her intelligent take on Tiffany, an unpredictable widower who joins forces with Bradley Cooper’s character to overcome their fears and illnesses together.

There’s just one thing that has got us worried: The Golden Globes has made the dubious decision to list Silver Linings Playbook as a comedy, thus pinning both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley’s Coopers performances in the “Comedy or Musical” category.

... But things are dramatic!

… But things are dramatic!

Silver Linings Playbook is the type of movie known as a dramedy, in which the story has dark, dramatic undertones but, since the characters in the film are doing everything they can NOT to drown in their own sorrows, there are moments of comedic lightness. It’s a hard film to categorize, but we really, really wish it had gone into the opposite category. Here’s the catch: The Golden Globes, while not directly affiliated with the Academy Awards, is a major precursor to Oscar night. And when Oscar narrows things down into neat little categories like “Best Actress”, it’s the comedic nominees that usually lose their place in the lineup because they’re not taken quite so seriously. (Recently, this is not true of musical side of the category, nor do we think Les Miserables will be shunned, because it’s freaking LES MIZ.)

We’re pretty confident that Jennifer’s amazing performance will be recognized enough to survive the category subsidization shuffle, Hollywood is a bureaucratic beast. It’s hard to imagine why the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would pin her performance as comedic when there was so much pain and depth in her character, even during many of the times she made you laugh. Was there just too many actors or actresses they wanted to include in the dramatic category, so tossing Silver Linings Playbook into comedy worked for everyone? Only time will tell.

Better Make It Up To Jen With A Win, GGs!
The Girl With The Pearl