Armie Hammer

Accepting Sam: Seriously Just Do It Already

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been released all over the world for a couple of weeks now, and that means that the world at large’s head vision of Finnick Odair should be transforming into one Sam Claflin for the most part, right? Wrong! Sadly as the person who was the mouthpiece behind the totally-defunct-dead-as-a-door-nail-dead-dead-dead campaign to have Armie Hammer cast as Finnick– I’ve unfortunately been privy to people just not fucking giving up and not accepting the very talented, the totally worthy, and the super nice person that is Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair. As of yesterday the Tumblr titled Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair was still 4f6a9f1fe56cc1309c438e222df39ecein existence, but that doesn’t mean it had been updated for over a year– and get this, I was daily getting multiple follower alerts for it. Not only was I getting them daily mind you, they actually, and dumb-foundingly started increasing once The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released. Pretty weird, huh? I think so.

Guess what I did yesterday!? G’head, guess? Yep, I deleted that floundering sucker! Why? Because as I said above, it hadn’t been updated in probably about a year, and also I think it was kind of sad that people were still following it. Yeah, I said it– sad. I honestly thought that once Sam was cast that people would give up, that people would fall away, that the campaign would just out quietly, and that my dears is exactly why I lazed and didn’t delete the stupid, silly thing. Erm, also I had relinquished control of it to PeetaToast over on Tumblr sometime towards the end of the initial campaign, and thought maybe she would eventually step up and say or suggest, “shall I delete this very dead thing?” But that never happened, and the follow alerts kept pouring in to my inbox, and well– annoying me. Yeah, you could say I deleted the thing because it was more annoying than painful to be reminded that who I wanted to be cast was in fact not? But, well– yes, that is the case. Annoyance thy name is silly, sad people who cannot accept Sam Claflin as Finnick Ordair, ’cause, damn it all to hell people– I sure as hell have, and I don’t know why you bloody have not!

Hey you guys! You annoyed me enough to make me delete something I didn’t care about anymore! Now to ditch the Facebook page as well!


Them There Eyes


PS. I’m still a fan of Armie Hammer’s.

Seeing Double

The media world is ramping up for San Diego Comic-Con, and droves of Hunger Games fans will be descending upon that medium-sized city wanting for anything, and everything Hunger Games related– also any number of other fandoms they happen to be a part of as well. Or scratch that– better yet, anything and everything The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and possibly The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One and Two related, yeah and those other fandoms. Unfortunately I will not be one of those droving fans, sadly like our fair ring leader The Girl With The Pearl, I am unable to attend, do not fret however, because our lovely Twiffidy will be in attendance. As someone not attending the festivities down in So-Cal, I’m not all that concerned about the prizes, meaning the piles upon piles of fan-ish merchandise that Comic-Con is known for, which as I can tell seems to be a huge draw for many many people. In reality I’m more concerned with what will be presented to the world at large having to do with Catching Fire, and hopefully The Mockingjay films, ’cause I really can’t do much with a lanyard imprinted with Josh Hutcherson’s visage.

You’d think I’d be all rabid, and twitchy in need for Catching Fire info, wouldn’t you? Wrong,

Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux

because for some unholy reason I’m actually quite calm about the film, mostly because it’s already pretty much in the proverbial can, and I don’t see the purpose in worrying about something that’s already more than half way to being complete. The Mockingjay films though, yeah– those ones I’m all fidgety over. I’m big into casting, have you noticed that? So, it’ll be no surprise to you when I bring up the conundrum of four of the characters that are hopefully going to grace us with their presence in said films. And those characters are Leeg 1, Leeg 2, as well as Castor, and his Avox identical twin brother Pollux. See, the conundrum is this: Two sets of twins are hard to find, or– two sets of twins who are all actors is really really hard to find. I can think of three sets of twins who are all actors, and none of them are either all available, still willing to even still speak to each other, or yeah– the last bit is a huge hindrance on pretty much everything.

In a better world two sets of twins with acting talent, and wide open schedules for almost a

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

Josh Pence, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie Hammer, and Cameron Winklevoss

year, will come out of the woodwork, and amaze the pants off Debra Zane (casting director), and her crew. However, in reality I see three things possibly happening: 1. They cut the characters from the films completely, thus eliminating the next to impossible task of finding two sets of twins to fulfill the roles. 2. They change the roles from twins to just siblings. 3. They Winklevoss that shit, i.e. they pull a David Fincher and cast only two people to play the sets of twins, and then cast stand-ins/ body doubles to appear as well, then digitally replace their faces with the actors faces, just like what happened with Armie Hammer in The Social Network.

I vote for 2 or 3, because I’d like The Mockingjay films to be as close to the book as humanly possible. Not that I have a vote in the hypothetical mess I’ve conjured. 

Them There Eyes

Trending the Night Away

Today was a rather lack-luster day where it comes to actual Hunger Games related news. What can I say, this week so far has spoiled us rotten, what with getting the Philip Seymour Hoffman news Monday, and then Tuesday learning that Mockingjay is officially going to be split into two films. Personally, I already thought that the Mockingjay news was old news, like a year old, and pretty much gospel for this here fandom, but I guess I was wrong. So, unfortunately my reaction was a little, well… meh. Also, you’re not going to see me debate where they’re likely going to split the story in two (when Peeta chokes a bitch. Fade to black.), or if splitting it is just a ploy to make more money (it’s not… entirely, the story deserves more than an hour and forty minutes. Also what the fuck is wrong with more Finnick, people!? Stop being Negative Nancies!), and that’s all she wrote! Okay, maybe it’s not.

While today may have been a day where watching tumbleweeds go by may have possibly seemed more enticing than constantly refreshing Twitter, or the Catching Fire casting page, just to see if anything new popped up magically (so magical). Nope, today I attempted to make my own fandom news. Yep, I tried to attack the trending board on Twitter with my (what feels like years), long passion for attempting to get Armie Hammer noticed for the role of Finnick. I know some of you are rolling your eyes right now, and

Who can deny that dog’s star quality!?

possibly saying “just give it up, girl!” But, um– I only listen to myself when I know things are hopeless, and I’ll never think the idea of casting Armie is hopeless until I literally see or hear otherwise from his representation, or I am hit in the face by Armie himself (somehow doubt he’d ever hit me though), whilst he yells at me repeatedly to “leave it alone, for god’s sake!” I’m not delusional, believe you me– I’m wholly aware of the chances, and what he has staked against him, which may actually include himself, the studio, scheduling, and quite possibly even his dog. Okay, the dog probably has nothing to do with anything, except perhaps sleep depriving him and his wife by waking them up at 3 am, ’cause he’s got to take a piss, but what of it– that dog is super cute anyway. Honestly, sometimes I think I like his dog more than Armie, and the dog can’t even talk.

Where was I? Oh, yes! So today I took it upon myself to abate/alleviate my casting boredom, and somehow got probably a few hundred people to tweet #ArmieHammer, #Armie4Finnick, and #FarmieOhammer from 3 pm PST to about 4 pm PST. Sadly, it didn’t work, it was a long shot for sure– but it was worth a try. Also, Mitt Romney did something kind of annoying today, so the world was bitching about that, and it gobbled up the board like a bunch of rabid teeny-boppers screaming about Bieber’s ass. Anyway, I only gave people about an hours notice of this feat we were attempting, so now I’m going to continue to stand on my soap-box and implore people to join us tomorrow July 12th, 2012 at 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST, and 1 am GMT, to try and get that silly, tall, talented, and handsome man on the trending board using probably the hashtag, #Armie4Finnick, or just #ArmieHammer.  Also, if you suck at converting time zones, here’s a useful tool for the international, or math disinclined. But anyway, just think, if he trends Thursday, and he does end up being cast later this month– it’ll be like we were psychic or something.

Long shot or not, it’s July, and do we really have anything better to do? Don’t answer that. Stepping off my soap-box now.

Them There Eyes

Two Princes

This is going to come as a big, giant, flashing ball of shocking news to you all, but I am fully on board with the idea of Sam Claflin getting the role of Finnick Odair. No, I am in no way shape or form jumping off the Armie Hammer train, ’cause frankly if I jumped off that speeding train of madness, I’d probably break both my ankles, and my heart in the process. However, I am a realistic person, and I know I have to prepare myself for the possibility that Armie will not be cast, he may not even audition for the role. But, according to rumors Sam has auditioned, and that puts him one step closer to being cast than Armie, unless of course he has auditioned and it’s amazingly flown under all those little media weasels noses (a feat in and of its self, really). Therefore, part of my hopes and desires are being put on poor, handsome, talented, 5’11, 25 year-old (he’ll be 26 on the 27th of this month, I looked it up— not stalking!), Sam Claflin. Pick your jaws off the floor, please, it isn’t classy.

I’ve seen Sam’s work, not the new Snow White (anyone else think it’s weird that I’m semi replacing one “Prince Charming” for another, let alone that two of the supposed top contenders for the role both played Snow White’s prince?), but everything else, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (don’t make me watch it again, not even Depp could save that one), Pillars of the Earth, Every Human Heart, United, and White Heat. And, I know he’s more than capable of taking on every aspect the role of Finnick requires. This includes the emotional fortitude to portray someone who puts on a façade of charm, and sexuality to get through life, but underneath it all he’s just a really emotionally fucked up kid in a man suit. Finnick, think about it, his biggest life trauma happened at the age of 14, therefore Finnick is perpetually 14, not to be confused with him actually being 14, because I have seen an influx out there in the ethers making noise about their unfounded belief that Finnick should be portrayed by the dejour tween heart-throb number 5 or 62, whatever. I don’t think Sam could pass for 14 even when he was 15, but that’s just a guess. I don’t know, ask his buddies from Ipswich, which is where he’s from– or ask him, he has a Twitter account that he actively uses.

Look, for me it’s always come down to talent, not just the look (this goes for all characters who have been cast, and are going to be as well), and I know without a doubt that Sam has that talent, not only in his acting skills, but his press skills as well, which is extremely important to have with a franchise like this one. Truth be told, one of the main things that’s always bothered me about one the other top fan-casts for Finnick, is his lack of ability to do press well. Frankly, if you’re reading between the lines, you know who I am talking about, and you know comparatively to the other people who are already part of The Hunger Games family, his press personality is not up to snuff with them— and if you really think about it, his dossier is not up to the caliber of even Sam’s, who’s only done two feature films so far. I mean, hello the older version of one of his characters was played by Jim Broadbent (Every Human Heart), and he won a BAFTA for said role, they don’t just hand those things out to every old man who walks in the bloody room. Watch the mini series, guys– you won’t be sorry, Darcy’s in it too– as in Matthew Macfadyen. Google’s your friend if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

That being said, Sam may not have awards under his belt, but the pieces he’s been in have acclaim and awards to their names, and everyone should know that Every Human Heart, and Pillars of the Earth (wow, Macfadyen’s in that too!) would be nothing without the people who were cast, including Sam as demanding, loyal, and brave Richard, and Sam as young, naive, idealistic, and romantic Logan. Oh, also– I think having a degree from LAMDA puts him a foot above a lot of the people who may be, may have, or are gracing the casting offices the production team of Catching Fire are occupying.

What can I say, I’m a drama school snob? Let’s dance around to some classic ’90s alternative rock, shall we?

Them There Eyes

Our Last Ditch Effort — An Open Letter to Francis Lawrence

If you listen to Savanna New and Adam Spunbergs’ weekly podcast, The HG Fireside Chat, you know that I am a semi regular panelist, as are Twiffidy and The Girl With the Pearl. Last night it was my turn on the show, and I announced that Shylah from Down With the Capitol and I have jointly authored a letter to Francis Lawrence about the almost all encompassing desire a large portion of The Hunger Games fandom has for Armie Hammer being cast in the role of Finnick Odair. We decided to write the letter, which you can read below, because we’d heard back from Armie’s wife that while there are many factors going into him considering the role, scheduling is the biggest one. The only person who can sway Armie at this point now is Francis Lawrence we decided. So, please if you support the idea of Armie portraying Finnick, write a comment below as this letter will hopefully be seen by him as we’re sending it off to his representation. Read on!

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

Hi there. You don’t know us, and we don’t know you-  which is kind of awkward since we’re going to be in a long term relationship for the next eighteen months or so while you direct Catching Fire. See, we just got out of a really intense year long affair with another director, one who brought us Jennifer Lawrence and Woody Harrelson, and Donald Sutherland- not to mention three dozen other parts that were damn near impeccably cast. All joking aside: In most franchises casting would be just about done once you hit the second film; unfortunately for you, Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins killed three quarters of the characters in the first film. So here you are, casting another two dozen plus roles.

Rumor has it you’re off to a good start.

If the rumblings that you’re courting Philip Seymour Hoffman are to be believed (and, trust us, our little fan-girl hearts are all a flutter at this news); then you’re taking the casting process for Catching Fire just as seriously as we were all hoping you would. To get such an incredible actor for a role that, at least in the book, wasn’t very substantial is absolutely fantastic. We hope he accepts.

But we need to talk to you about Finnick, and we’ve got a lot to say on the matter, so please bear with us for a couple of pages.

We know you know who Finnick is. We know you know all about his tragic past: the horrors of his Hunger Games, the forced prostitution at the hands of the Capitol, his incredibly sweet and gentle relationship with Annie Cresta. We know you’ve got that down, and that all signs are pointing toward you making a well thought out casting choice based more on an actor’s talent and less on his abs.

We also know- or at least have heard- that you would like Armie Hammer in the role.

Made by Courtney of Welcome to District 12

Francis, we like Armie too. A lot. Honestly, for a significant amount of the Hunger Games community, Armie is the clear choice, the top choice even, for the role and not because of simply the way he looks, which is almost spot-on to the way Finnick was described in the books, but because of numerous factors: One almost cosmic one being that he has a skilled hobby of tying knots just like Finnick. When most Hunger Games fans who are interested in the casting of Finnick find out that Armie has this skill, most jump on the Armie for Finnick train, because this is a skill not many people are going to come to the table with, and he comes with it, and he enjoys it. And then of course there’s the range and depth of his acting abilities which he’s already displayed in his previous work. Not only his work, actually but as himself. We know performance is key, acting ability is key, but there’s one other thing that’s key from many people’s points of views: the ability to do press, and do it well.

Armie’s incredible in interviews, this is another reason why people have gotten on the Armie for Finnick train, ‘cause as himself he’s charming, he’s intelligent, he’s funny, engaging, and attentive. There’s no doubt that Catching Fire is going to be one of the biggest films to drop November, 2013– and the thing that always goes with big movies is an insane amount of press. Armie’s your man in that category, because for the many interviews done during  previous press junkets he’s participated in, he never lets up, he never seems bored, tired, annoyed, frustrated, or fed up. We know, and you know that being able to put on a good performance on set is not where the job ends, the job ends when the people who have never heard of the film see the actors promoting it on TV, in magazines, on the radio, and see something they like, hear it, whatever– but those mad bouts of press are a huge part of the job, and Armie’s really, really good at all aspects.

Made by Rebekah aka Them There Eyes

Which now leads us to this fact: Armie is very aware of support he has from fans, and most fans are aware that Armie is aware, and everyone just wants to know that you are aware. If, like the rumors say, you’re in the same boat as us, trying to persuade Armie to pick up a trident and join the fun; then we NEED to work together.

As fans, we can’t do a whole lot to influence Hollywood. We know that. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t tried. There’s a Facebook group showering Armie with support, and it has over a thousand members, actually to date it has 1,377, which compared to other Facebook’s dedicated to an actor getting a role in a film is huge, and it’s growing everyday. Not only have we utilized Facebook to get Armie’s attention, but we’ve also written two open letters to him- that he’s definitely read. We’ve voted for him in online polls, photoshopped images of him holding tridents, and we’ve made enough noise for the mainstream media to stop suggesting people like Alex Pettyfer in the role, and start suggesting Armie instead. But, with all of the power of the Internet we can’t influence the Catching Fire schedule; and that is what appears to be holding Armie back from taking the role.

We can’t do much about any of this, but Francis, you can.

If you want Armie to play Finnick like we want Armie to play Finnick, we need you to fight for him. Fight for him like we’ll fight for you in the coming months when the media starts with the Catching Fire coverage, and they’re not going to be nice, we know this from experiencing the coverage of The Hunger Games. Casting Armie would be a giant vote of confidence toward your dedication to this franchise– and, truthfully, we’ve come to expect our director to fight for his vision. That’s how we got Jennifer Lawrence, that’s how we got Woody Harrelson, that’s how we avoided 3D. Because, for The Hunger Games, Gary Ross fought for what he knew the material and this franchise needed to succeed, and it succeeded in spades, surpassing the artistic expectations and the financial expectations so many people had for it.

We don’t mean to compare you to Gary Ross, but he’s the only director this on going project has had, and

now you’re the man in charge, and now we need you to fight for us, because you have weapons we could

only dream of. You have the phone numbers of people who matter, the clout in Hollywood, and the ability to actually speak with Armie about the role and why you NEED him for it- why we all NEED him for it. Believe us, if we were you and had the financial backing, we’d be on a plane to New Mexico, or Colorado, or Arizona, where ever Armie is shooting The Lone Ranger currently, and we’d do our damndest to convince him to consider this role. That is how serious we are, but we can’t do that. We can only imagine that you’d go that far, but we know people have done it in the past with other people, and other roles. Push comes to shove, it would make a great story at cocktail parties, especially if he says yes.

We don’t know where you are in the casting process, but it seems like no offers have been made yet for Finnick. If it’s true that you want Armie, don’t let him slip away. Don’t let scheduling dictate this cast. We don’t want just any Finnick, we want your Finnick– the actors who when you got this job initially and started brain-storming who you could see embodying the uncast characters, if one of those people was in fact Armie like it’s grown to be for so many people, anyone less than that is not enough for this franchise. We know Nina Jacobson has stated to the LA Times that listening to the fans is all well and good, but you also have to ignore our ideas as well– but we’ll never fully believe that, because Armie is perfect for this role. There’s no doubt in our minds that he is, and if it is scheduling that’s getting in the way– in the words of Tim Gunn “make it work.” That’s all we ask, just try to make it work.

Here in the Hunger Games fan community, we do our best to fight for what’s right. Now that you’re one of us, we need you to try to fight, as well.

If you’ve made it to the end of this letter, you deserve a prize! Thank you for reading nonetheless, this letter will be up on Victor’ where you can view comments from Hunger Games fans from all over the world regarding Armie Hammer in the role of Finnick Odair.

Best of luck,

Them There Eyes and JediShywalker

There you have it folks, our last ditch effort, comment away, please! Oh, just for kicks, we’re leaving you all with what I’m going to dub as the Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair theme song!


Another Open Letter — To Armie Hammer

We’re doing it again guys, we’re meaning me actually– yep, writin’ another open letter to Mr. Armie Hammer.

Dear Armie,

So, we’re back here again– you potentially reading this, me hoping you’re reading this, it’s a cycle I’d really really like to break. All right then, I’m just going to lay it all out there, and if it moves you to feel or do anything, this is my hope. There’s only one thing I’ve ever been able to convince anyone of in my life, and that is that you are the perfect actor to take on the role of Finnick Odair, and I’ve been able to convince over thirteen hundred people of this. Thirteen hundred, and as of tonight (6/15/2012), when I am writing this letter, three hundred sixty-five. Let me say that again, 1,365. That’s more people than who graduated in my high school class eleven long years ago, yep– that’s right I am in fact older than you. I feel kind of wary, or better yet horrible for attempting to do this again when I know you’re neck-deep in shooting a film, but the casting buzz for this role so many people want to see you in is getting very very very loud. Thankfully, or perhaps not thankfully from your point of view (I have no idea), your name keeps popping up. Like in this article.

I assume that your agent or manager has told you that the director of Catching Fire allegedly wants you for the role. I say allegedly, because the reports that are filtering in are coming from an entertainment news gossip site, and everyone knows that what those sites say should be taken with about as much clout as a snake oil salesman. Unfortunately, that same site is also reporting that you supposedly have not reacted well to Mr. Lawrence’s desire to work with you. Again though, I can’t really believe any of these reports, especially since they are all coming from one site, and the author seems to favor another actor in the role as well. The politics of fantasy casting is brutal if you haven’t gathered that by now.

I have to get this out– I read an interview that you did a few months back in In Style, and I had a visceral reaction to a confession you made to the journalist, it was your penchant for knot-tying. I have no idea if you’ve read the books, I hope you have, but if you haven’t there’s a habit of Finnick’s that I would like to think would perk your ears up. He has the same hobby, in fact he spends half of the third book tying knots as a way to cope with his traumas. Traumas like: Being forced to enter a competition to fight to the death at the of age 14, killing people, killing children really, and then having to watch his girlfriend do the same several years later, and then having to compete all over again when he thought he was safe, oh and also some other stuff you have to read the books to find out about just like everyone else.  Anyway, when I read that you have the same hobby though, like I said, I had an involuntary reaction– I put my hands over my face and swore like a fucking sailor. Kind of like that actually, and note: I was in a public library when this happened. Look, I know this is weird, and this is also all borderline bullshit, but wouldn’t it be great to sit around for hours on end tying knots and getting paid to do so while also acting? Wouldn’t it? It’s also been suggested to me that you may not be interested in the role because Finnick could be seen as someone similar to Prince Alcott, but Finnick is no “prince,” he’s not even particularly refined, he’s just a fisherman’s son, he is charming though.

I know that the media has been toting that The Hunger Games series is for teenage girls, which I have to refute constantly, and I’m also now imagining that the thought of making a film for teenagers isn’t exactly enticing to you.  I am not a teenage girl though, and most of the people I know who have read the series, and emphatically admit that they love it as well, are all over the age of 25, some of them are even men in their 50s. So, rest assured, if you had any assumption that the audience you’d only be seen by are a bevy of screaming girls, that’s just simply not the case, because The Hunger Games has been read and seen by everyone from grandmas, to single fathers in their 20s, to 12 year-old boys.

I have no sway over anyone of importance, let alone you, and I know you’re extremely busy with work, and life, and frankly even I would find my self annoying, but honestly does it mean nothing that more than a thousand people (and I’m sure there are more, they just don’t all have Facebook accounts), and that supposedly the director of the project, wants you to consider taking on this role? I’ve never been sought out for anything anyone thought I was perfect for in my life, I have to think that it feels pretty fabulous, but I’m not you, and I can’t pretend to know what it’s like. All I know is, I hope you don’t think this is ridiculous, and pointless, and stupid, and any number of adjectives. I know you tend to take on projects because of the material, and the people you’ll be working with, so… Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of the most talented young actresses of her generation, and Josh Hutcherson he’s no one to laugh at where it comes to the longevity of his career, his acting performances, and the people he’s worked with over the years. Stanley Tucci, who you would absolutely have a scene with, he’s practically a Doric column in the supporting actor category, and he’s never played the same character twice, except here he will of course. Woody Harrelson, no one can deny that he’s a force to be reckoned with when he does drama, and his comedic timing is spectacular. And Elizabeth Banks, she’s just an extremely talented actress, who also comes off as a genuinely solid person in real life. And then there’s Donald Sutherland who I don’t even know what to say about Donald Sutherland, other than he’s been around forever, and rarely disappoints, also he himself pursued the role he is playing.

Other names have been surfacing as well, actors who may be potentially playing the newly introduced characters. Names like Philip Seymour Hoffman (Oscar winner), Cicely Tyson (Oscar nominated), and Catalina Sandino Moreno (Oscar nominated). Tyson is supposedly up for the character who is essentially Finnick’s surrogate grandmother, and if you’re familiar with her work, you know she’s extremely giving in her performances, and damn she’s been working a long time. The script as well boasts talented and well known names, Simon Beaufoy who wrote the screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire, and 127 Hours, he wrote the original screenplay, and now the second going over is supposedly being done by the man who wrote Little Miss Sunshine, Michael Arndt.  And then Francis Lawrence, he only does good work, and this project may be the first one that could be considered great, and that’s because of the story, and the people already on board. Also, they may be shooting the bulk of the scenes Finnick is featured in in Hawaii, and that has to be a little bit of a draw, right? So, Armie– please don’t write off this community of fans, and please don’t write off this project, and please don’t write off Finnick– he’s someone amazing in many people’s eyes, and if you decide to pursue portraying him, you will be seen that way as well. I guess the begging and the flattery stops here for now.

Best of luck finishing Lone Ranger, but lastly to your wife, Elizabeth, who I know will probably read this before you do, thank you.

All right boys and girls, that’s a wrap, go fold up your faces, and move it on out, I’m gonna go watch an old movie and pretend this never happened until something horrible or wonderful occurs!

Them There Eyes

Victor’s Village First Anniversary and Hunger Games Giveaway!


It was on June 13, 2011 that The Girl With The Pearl officially launched Victor’s Village with this post. She did so after zero luck while applying to other fansites, with only one affiliate (The Hob) and no idea what the site would grow into (though I’m not going lie– I secretly hoped to be “Internet famous”, which would pretty much put us on par with a D-list celebrity).

But I didn’t get to one year all by myself, despite that being my original plan. There are a lot of people I need to dedicate this first year to, so HERE GOES NOTHIN’:

  • To the “writers” who originally agreed to work on Victor’s Village, then stopped responding to my e-mail a week before launch.

  • To Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, two amazingly fantastic writers who came on board in September and do not suck at life like the previously mentioned “writers”.

  • To Savanna and Adam of Hunger Games Fireside Chat, who put us on the map in The Hunger Games community by inviting us into their little family. Also, for our domain name, because technically they own it!

  • To the other amazing fansite friends we’ve made, especially those who joined us at the premiere of The Hunger Games.

  • To all the readers who leave smart, hilarious, insightful comments and rebuttals that make our lives a little better with each one.

  • To the readers who ONLY comment when they want to give us shit. You bastards know who you are… Just kidding! Sort of.

  • To the pervy fans who only stumbled across our site while looking for Hunger Games-related smut.

  • To all the Hunger Games fans who don’t realize there’s an apostrophe in “Victor’s”. LOOK IT UP.

  • To the actors who have read and responded to our articles. In our minds, everyone has read our blog. In reality, we can only confirm Jackie Emerson, Armie Hammer, and Daniel “my fake cousin directed me here to defend myself” Newman.

  • To The Fandom, Welcome to District 12, and Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair, for keeping the three of us busy and sane outside of Victor’s Village.

  • To The Hunger Games Hob, especially Tess from Tanglethorne, for providing us with amazing prizes for contests.

  • To the actors, filmmakers, and all the other people behind The Hunger Games, for providing a constant source of inspiration.

  • To the media sources covering The Hunger Games, for providing constant fodder for us to facepalm about.

  • To Suzanne Collins, the Mac Daddy to end all Mac Daddies

And YOU. No matter where you fall in that line of dedications, if you’re reading this right now… Thanks.

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While It Lasted

Yesterday was a strange day, it started out slow, then it just picked up speed like a 16 year-old who’s just got their license and is out joyriding in the family station wagon. People still drive those, right? Yesterday, of course, was all about Finnick, or three Finnick’s if you will, and then some dude who simply doesn’t have a name yet, but could possibly be called Finnick too, who the hell knows. Yep, I’ve been going on about, if you haven’t guessed it yet, the Short-List rumors. Got to be said, I’m really getting tired of all the news I write on being based solely on rumors, I need some official information soon, or I’m going to do something stupid, really really stupid– like read a best-seller that’s not The Hunger Games.

I detest rumors, but I think I liked this one the best out of all the ones that have surfaced throughout my tenure of being an obsessed fan of this silly, yet wonderful series. I mean, what’s not to like, my favorite actor for Finnick was at the top of the list for the role, and two other guys I can tolerate were there too, and could

Our life blood?

possibly get into them if things go their way. Also, there was  tiny sprinkle of hope that real honest to god official news on the casting of Finnick may actually come out and say hello, however only at the end of the week. But, all that hope was quickly dashed by this afternoon, because the rumor, which it was always reported being, was ripped apart by another site, and thus I cried a thousand non-existent tears, and tried to vlog about it. Yep, I really need to stop doing that, nothing good can come of it, I swear on my dead cats soul.

When did Finnick get a facial tattoo?

The only thing good to come out of this short-lived rumor were two things: News of the audition pieces that will be required of whom ever is deemed Finnick material was released. And they will be: Finnick’s infamous sugar cube scene, and Finnick’s freakout in the arena when he hears the Jabberjay’s mimicking Annie’s voice. Yay! Oh, the other thing, which really isn’t a thing per se, is just knowing that even though the rumor was debunked, the same thing happened when information was slowly trickling in on the casting of The Hunger Games, and about 90% of the people ended up later coming out and saying “I auditioned!” Also, note: None of the people on that list has said a thing to the media about the role, except one of them– who said months ago that he’s not interested. One guess who said that, only one– make it count.

Unsubstantiated rumors are the worst, but at least no one on that list was ever on 90210, Glee, a former English model, or in a Disney musical.

Them There Eyes

Fate Be Told

Sometimes fate throws a photo at you, and you cannot look at it without going “what the…?” This is such a photo, right there to the left of this text. The photo was taken at the 2011 Academy Awards, and as you can see Josh Hutcherson is at the forefront (left bottom), Jennifer Lawrence in the center, and in the left corner almost in profile is Armie Hammer. Now, I know many of you are going to say I’m grasping at straws, but these three people may just be fated to be in each others lives, and this snap shot in time is sort of the beginning of it all. Jennifer and Josh barely knew each other at the point in which this photo was taken, Armie’s probably never spoken to either of them to date, but there Jennifer and Josh are before either of them were officially involved in The Hunger Games, in the same frame– feet from each other. Is it fate? You tell me.

Armie Hammer as many of you know is a top fantasy cast in the role of Finnick Odair, and as you all hopefully know I am a huge advocate for the idea of him taking the role and just embodying Finnick to the point where the world, the media, stops characterizing him as a playboy — but as the multifaceted man/character he truly is. I personally look at that photo at the top of the page and get goosebumps up and down my arms, a shiver runs down my spine, I feel slightly sick to my stomach — and I just stare whilst completely gobsmacked. I’m biased, I know I am — but I cannot help it, especially when I’m not a superstitious person, but then get confronted with freaky and almost creepy feelings like the ones that photo gives to me. I want Armie Hammer to play Finnick Odair, I just do — I think he’d be phenomenal in the role, that being part of an ensemble cast like The Hunger Games franchise will always have, would be a wonderful experience for him — much like it was when he was in The Social Network.

I watch interviews with the guy and I see, and I hear Finnick, I also see and hear an extremely capable, charismatic young man with a bright future, a whip smart brain, and personality that would mesh extremely well with the charming wit Josh Hutcherson has displayed, and the silliness Jennifer Lawrence always seems to exude. I look at factors like; personality, plus talent, plus ability to do press and deal with fans with grace an aplomb, which he has shown he’s more than apt at, as points that just get ticked off on an ever-growing list of WHY-THIS-GUY-SHOULDN’T-BE-DISCOUNTED-JUST-BECAUSE-A-PORTION-OF-THE-HUNGER-GAMES-FANDOM-ARE-BEHIND-HIM. I mean, why should it? Answer me that. I cannot be alone in this thinking, this thinking that just because Gary Ross has moved on, that the way in which Catching Fire will be cast will be completely different from The Hunger Games. I’m of course speaking of the methods Debra Zane (who will probably not be casting Catching Fire), Ross, Collins, and Lionsgate employed, i.e. they had almost everyone who was a fan-cast favorite in for either a meeting, an audition, or had them tape an audition piece and send it in. As far as I know, the casting period for The Hunger Games was not a long drawn out process, and Francis Lawrence (if we ever get official word that he’s signed the dotted line), and whom ever gets hired to be the casting director, have roughly three months to find the rest of the principle cast of Catching Fire. I honestly don’t know why they wouldn’t continue to use the

methods in which The Hunger Games was cast, it’s already been proven that as a fandom we don’t have entirely banal ideas — some of them are questionable at times, but as a whole I think we come up with some pretty interesting choices. I know that Josh Hutcherson was on a couple of people’s lists for Peeta, and Jennifer Lawrence was as well. I know that when I saw her Oscar nominated performance in Winter’s Bone that I wanted her to play Katniss, and no one else. I also know that when all the hype started forming around Josh possibly being cast that I made the effort to watch almost all of his films, and then knew that if he was chosen that it would be a good choice, a great choice even — because Josh is probably one of the most talented actors in his age group and will be for a very long time. For Finnick though, the lists seem to be long or short, sadly all depending upon the age bracket an individual falls into. Sadly, I’ve also seen an over abundance of pretty above talent, where it comes to people’s ideas for Finnick. I think I’m more disheartened by that than anything else, because it shows a lack of forethought, and a lack of understanding of the character– if you will. I think we can all agree here — Finnick is not just a pretty face, and having him being portrayed by someone who has only proven them selves to BE a pretty face is backwards in thinking, and dare I say it — shallow.

Does Armie deserve a meeting, or an audition, I think he does. Would he even take one or the other? I have no idea! I know that he’s rising in notoriety, and that his schedule is pretty full. However, I also know that he’s never taken on a role like Finnick before, and that can prove to be an enticing draw, but I also know that with the combination of roles he has had, and with that knowledge base and the knowledge he’s gaining with working with people like Johnny Depp, he’s more than ready for Finnick.

So I guess I end this article by paraphrasing the plea my friend The Girls With The Pearl used. Please cast talented actors and not just attractive ones! Finnick is more than just a hunky charmer… We need an actor who can portray that accurately.

Hear hear!

Them There Eyes

An Open Letter — To Gary Ross

We’re doing it again guys, crossing into open letter territory! It worked out well for us last time, so why not toss those proverbial dice into the air and hope we get something good again! Today we address someone who’s been written up several times on this site, and always written in a good light I might add, the director of our favorite movie we haven’t seen yet — Mr. Gary Ross!

Dear Mr. Gary Ross,

This letter is being written with a great amount of caution and a great amount of hope. As the director of The Hunger Games, I’d like to just say that so far you’ve been nothing but perfect where it comes to treating this series that so many of us hold very close to our hearts, including my own, with the utmost care and respect. However, this letter is not about The Hunger Games, it’s about Catching Fire, and subsequently Mockingjay; namely it’s about the casting of one of the most pivotal characters introduced in Catching Fire: Finnick Odair.

Out of all the characters in the trilogy, when most people are asked to name their favorite, while the majority say Peeta, Finnick has been running a close second for a good long while now. Those that have been paying attention since the making of The Hunger Games into a film started know how seriously you take the casting, and we know you’ll do the same for Finnick. Recently a small excerpt from the upcoming US Weekly Hunger Games-themed issue was released online, and it put a lot of people into a fervor, or a frenzy, if you will. As you’ve probably guessed it, it was your mentioning that you already have an actor in mind for Finnick. Knowing how the casting went for The Hunger Games, we know you tend to get the people you have in mind — which has worked out very very well so far. With Finnick, though, his casting worries us. Many people, just like you, have a specific actor in mind for the role, and resoundingly the person whose name comes up the most by my assessment is Armie Hammer.

Armie Hammer — yes, The Lone Ranger, Prince Charming (although he despises the character being surmised as that), J. Edgar Hoover’s right-hand man, and the Winklevoss twins. He’s made a reputation for himself as an actor who can hold his own opposite some of the best in the business, as well as not fall over in a heap of nerves at the prospect of working with some of the most respected writers, directors and producers in the business. He’s not a flash in the pan, and so many people want him to be Finnick so very badly that it’s almost ridiculous how much they — we — want it to happen. There’s even a Facebook community page dedicated to the idea, which you can view here. In all honesty, it takes watching less than half an interview with Armie for most people to get on board with the idea of him taking on the role of Finnick. Why? Because for all intents and purposes, he is Finnick, minus the horrible manipulations he endured, and the life threatening situations he was put in repeatedly throughout his life.

Armie grew up in the Cayman Islands, cutting down his lunch from trees with a machete he carried around with him. He’s also an apt fisherman who knows fishing tricks, and he likes the water. And the piece de resistance: Even today, he carries around a piece of rope with him and has an app on his phone specifically about tying knots. That’s right — he has a hobby of tying knots!  Then there’s his personal demeanor: He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s charming, he has one of the best smiles many of us have ever seen. And then there’s his height: 6’5″, a rarity in Hollywood. As you’ve already cast one of the tallest young actors around as Gale (Liam Hemsworth), logically thinking ahead, it makes sense that the actor cast as Finnick should be taller than Hemsworth, since Gale is supposed to be potentially jealous of Finnick. No apple crates would be needed for those shots, no staying away from wide shots — the height would be there already. True, he doesn’t have sea foam green eyes, but then again, I’ve never met anyone with sea foam green eyes. He does happen to have piercingly blue eyes, though. Bronze hair? He’s got that, too, if you envision bronze to be a color somewhere between brown and blond. His speaking voice: A rich, smooth baritone to go with his height. He’s the right age at 25 going on 26, and considering that the principle cast are already playing 4 – 5 years their junior already, having an actor who does look like someone they could look up to physically and emotionally bodes well for believability. Armie is Finnick — I just hope you can see that too. 

Armie’s aware of the role, and we’re not demanding that you cast him; all we ask — all I ask — is that you consider him. Like I said, he’s aware of the role, and he’s let it be known that his interest is piqued. We just hope your interest is piqued by the idea of Armie being Finnick. 

Thank you for reading this. No matter what decision you and your team make, I’m sure you’ll make the right one.

For those of you who are not Gary Ross, please click this link to participate in a big project for the Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair fan-run campaign!

Them There Eyes