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Julianne Moore: Officially Alma Coin

It’s official, as in not made up, and totally real– Julianne Moore has been cast as the leader of District 13, also known as President Alma Coin. First off, I’ve kind of been slowly freaking out over this news all day, and it hasn’t been an empty day for me in the slightest, so the information would get forgotten, and then I would remember, and it was like a rush of blood to the head, or a brain freeze. Good times.

Eight months ago I wrote an article titled The Moms Are All Right, where in I fantasy cast both Annette Bening, and Julianne Moore in the role of Alma Coin. Two months previous to that article I had also mentioned in another article that Julianne Moore would be a good choice for Alma Coin. Today the idea, which I had written up twice— came true. You don’t understand, AN IDEA I HAD ALMOST A YEAR AGO CAME TRUE! That doesn’t happen,julianne_moore_ that just doesn’t happen ever. It’s not like I outright campaigned for Julianne either, I’ve known for a long time that that methodology doesn’t work, and in the end just ends up breaking your heart. So, in this castings case, I didn’t pit all my hopes and dreams on one horse, Julianne was not my Pie from National Velvet, she was simply a niggling hope I had at the back of my mind. Like, “it would be kind of awesome if they cast her, ’cause she’s really talented, and pretty, and I wonder how she’d play opposite Jennifer….” It was never, “ohmygodtheyhavetocastherorI’lldie!” Yeah, like so many people demonstrated their crazy after someone else was cast as some other character in another franchise, poor Charlie.

Anyways! After all that back-of-my-mind hoping, I was magically put in charge of the preliminary logistics of the fandom wide Campaigning for Coin series. And this is how it happened: For months, maybe even a year, I’d been gathering photos of actresses who I thought could be potential candidates for Coin on a secret pin-board on Pinterest, Julianne was one of the first women I’d pinned to the board. So, when I was put in charge of the preliminaries for the series, I decided the best way for us to decide the 12 women we’d all write up on, would be to invite everyone involved to view the board, and vote and/or like the photos of the women they wanted to write on. The 13th was decided by you guys, i.e. we all kept track of the actresses who were mentioned the most in the comments on all our separate sites. The voting was a nagging, slightly tiresome two week process, but eventually the list was narrowed down, voted on again, and then officially sealed. Julianne Moore always managed to stay on the board with only a medium amount of votes in comparison to others like Anjelica Huston, amazingly.

Many people don’t take fantasy casting seriously, and you know what– I think they’re right to. But, sometimes the ideas really and truly work, and maybe the people in charge are listening, and paying attention, and thinking they’re good ideas too– that’s what I’m coming away with in this instance anyway. It’s done, it’s awesome, no one in their right mind should be disappointed.

It’s been a long time coming.

Them There Eyes


Validation Thy Name Is Julianne

Yeah, I know it’s a rumor. Yeah, I know it’s all unsubstantiated. And, yeah I know this has been covered about a million-trillion-billion different ways, evidenced by my inbox being flooded with Google alerts of articles, blurbs, and sky writing on the subject, but those millions-trillions-billions of ways are not my ways. Julianne Moore is rumored to be in talks for the coveted role of President Alma Coin, and for me this rumor is validation for all the ideas that have popped into my head, all the ones where I thought “that’ll never happen, Rebekah– go back to your corner, and think other things!” Nope, nuh uh, no sir-y, not this time, because this time an actress I personally fantasy cast in a substantial role, that I did not keep to myself, because I have kept many to myself– may actually get the part. At least that’s what I sacrificed my left toe for last week. Just kidding!

Yes, I know Julianne Moore was featured in a Campaigning for Coin article last week, but I’m gonna lay some behind the scenes info for you, she probably wouldn’t have made the Julianne-Moore-julianne-moore-253330_1280_1024line-up if I hadn’t put her name into the original pool of names that the fan-site contributors voted up or down on. See, I was the organizer of the preliminaries before the on going Campaigning for Coin articles were written up, and went live. I’d been collecting names, and photos, and ages on almost 100 actresses for months, and Julianne Moore was one of those women. And now I shall reveal more, because Julianne wasn’t even one of the most voted on actresses at any stage during the voting process, which lasted about two weeks if you’re at all curious, and Julianne in reality– sort of fell in the middle. Which pained me so, ’cause I’d already gotten on the Julianne Moore Train to District 13 or Bust Tour a long ass time ago! Naturally, I’m talking about that I had written a fan-casting article about Julianne Moore, along with Annette Bening, being a good choices for Coin– seven months ago. Sadly Annette Bening didn’t make the cut in that extensive voting process. Julianne did though, and for that I am grateful, also because many of the people who I also think would make totally kick-ass Alma Coins didn’t make the cut, like– not even slightly. However, many people that I don’t think would make awesome Alma Coins did make the cut, so– Even Steven as is said in some circles, right?

Yeah, I know I’m “tooting my own horn” here, but seriously, how often do fandom members get to do that at all, especially where it comes to something positive, like an Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe winning actress being cast in a role that brings more prestige, and respect to a franchise that’s allegedly geared at a certain base audiencescrabbled-message-word-never that many of us haven’t been a part of for several years? I’ll answer that question easily for you all, because the answer is NEVER. So, what do I say to all this? Just lemme have this one guys, just let it go, let this be a happy thing, a happy rumor, a happy moment for this franchise, let the ragging, and the “she’s not who I pictured… she’s not so and so, or such and such…” No she’s not, she’s Julianne Moore, and she’s one of the top actresses in her age bracket, and face it– in her field. The lady has played every kind of person imaginable; from drug addict, to house wife, to porn star, to performance artist, to painter, to doctor, to the potential vice president of the United States of America. If her dossier doesn’t pique your confidence in her abilities, then I don’t know what will– because the lady is not just the annoying pregnant woman from Nine Months. And, if you see Alma Coin as a crone in her 60s or 70s, then I’d suggest you stop that ASAP, because clearly the casting director, Francis Lawrence, Suzanne Collins, and well– Katniss Everdeen are not on the same page as you. So, get with the fancy times, and envision Alma Coin as a woman in her early 50s, who may possibly be a natural red-head.

Oh, if Lionsgate and/or Debra Zane wants to pull from any of my other casting ideas, Michael Cudlitz is available.

Them There Eyes

The Moms Are All Right

coin-001-watermarked1Not too long ago, or maybe a long time ago if you’re a dog– in 2010 our beloved Josh Hutcherson was in an award winning film with a cast of actors who have with stood the test of time, aka the ’90s. The film was The Kids Are All Right, and it starred Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo, and Mia Waskikowska. Josh played the sensitive younger brother/ son character, Laser– and truth be told it was the first role I’d ever seen him in, because up until 2010 or so, Josh had primarily done films of shall we say, a family nature? The Kids Are All Right is a family drama though, and a very modern one at that, because the nuclear family that Josh is a member of has non-traditional leaders, i.e. he had two moms. The film was ground breaking probably for just this reason, and also because the depiction of this family was so seamless, so very normal, that I believe many people who previously believed that same-sex couples could not raise healthy, well-adjusted kids, were changed by this film… hopefully. The Kids Are All Right is to me at least, one of the best films Josh Hutcherson has ever been a part of, and that is a testament to the writing, the directing, and most definitely to the ensemble cast. Which brings me to this not so far-fetched idea, and or ideas. The two lady’s who lead this cast, Julianne Moore, and Annette Bening should be, and I hope will be, considered for the role of Alma Coin.

I’m really into reaching for the stars on this casting decision, guys– so you’re simply going to have to put up with me plucking up, and naming actresses who are working steadily today, and continue to be recently recognized for their work during the cyclical awards season. But there it is, I’ve said it! Two well-respected, highly awarded/nominated, and extremely talented actresses who are also the right age for the role at 52 (Moore), and 54 (Bening), and could easily fit the physical description with either a wig, or hair-dye– are two of my many, many hopeful picks for the cool, calculating leader of District 13.

I’m probably never going to pick someone out of thin air, who’s best known for something they did in the early ’90s, and hasn’t done anything of real note since then, so just– don’t push me, Coin isn’t a come-back role, she’s a role that deserves someone who’s recognizable for her talent now, not 20 years ago. Bening is probably best known for her role in 1999’s Academy Award winning film American Beauty. She’s been nominated four times by the Academy for her annette-bening_revisedindividual work as well, in fact she was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her work in The Kids Are All Right. Bening is one of my top picks for the role of Alama Coin not only because she’s highly respected, but because I’ve literally never seen her play a similar role twice. Bening is versatile, she can be vulnerable, forthright, bitchy, evil, sweet, hesitant, damaged, deranged, conniving, vicious, sensitive, smart, and powerful. She’s everything that I could hope for in Alma Coin in both her obvious talent, her reputation, her past experience, and yes– also her look. I personally think that Bening is a very attractive woman, and like with Tilda Swinton, I believe that having an attractive person playing the role of the deceptive Coin is the right way to go. I do not however believe that casting an older actress is a good idea, because of one reason only– District 13 does not have a high life expectancy rate. Coin is supposed to be in her early 50s, and it’s my belief that someone in their 50s in that world, is considered lucky to still be alive and healthy. Emphasis on healthy as well, I also think that Coin should be portrayed by an actress who is also known for having a healthy physique. So, if you’re envisioning a 50- 60 something year-old woman who has not taken care of them selves, we are not on the same page.

Julianne Moore isn’t a different story. True, she’s only been nominated at the Oscars three times, unlike her former co-star with four, but in this case I don’t think the numbers julianne-moore-robbedmatter all that much, especially considering if either she or Bening were cast, it would only tip the scales of the many Academy Award nominations the entire Mockingjay cast has received by a very small margin. And, don’t make me do the math, math makes me angry. Julianne Moore, the only difference between her and Bening besides the two years in age, and their over all looks and coloring, is that she’s worked with Danny Strong. i.e. she’s worked with, and mastered Danny Strong’s work, the writer of Mockingjay’s screenplay, and was awarded for it… twice. If you have a problem with Julianne though, take it up with Boogie Nights!

Peace out!

Them There Eyes