We have a lot of favorite things! Some of them are Hunger Games related, some are based on other fandoms or just personal guilty pleasures. Either way, sharing is caring so we are sharing them with YOU!

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  1. I love a book called Scorpio Races! So good! Look it up! And by the way I love that you have Harry Potter books and movies! Just love everything about this! Thanks for some ideas of new books to read…I needed to stop rereading The Hunger Games

  2. Loved the Scorpio Races as well, also by her is Shiver, Linger, Forever they are really good as well, Girl in the Arena, Blood Red Road, Delirium, Pandemonium and Before I Fall are all awesome too.

  3. tomorrow when the war began is great by John Marsden it’s about Australia being invaded and these teens have to try and hide from the enemy and fight them and stuff

  4. I can not get I myself to read the Divergent Series. I have enveloped so much of my life into the Hunger Games, and im so closely related to it, im scared persae to read the series because i dont want it to ruin the hunger games for me and i dont want to ruin it because all i can think of is the hunger games. So many people have told me you must read you must read it, but here i am going um well maybe. I also have seen so may people and websites saying that its so much better then THG and one divergent facebooj page went as far as to say that you might as well throw the hunger games books away once you have read divergent. I just dont want to get tied up into another fandom when the 2 fandoms are all claws at each other. Maybe I will read divergent eventually but for now im just gonna stay in the cosy fandom i know.

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